Best Weapons in V Rising – All Types

This Best Weapons in V Rising guide will showcase sword, axe, mace, crossbow, reaper, slasher, and spear weapons!

V Rising has been recently released to the public, and it is a survival open-world game that features the player waking up as a vampire, after which they are to survive in the world, fighting alongside allies in PvE battles, while also being able to take on their friends in a brutal PvP battle. With the main weapon types, players are granted the ability to choose the ones they like and choose a playstyle that best fits their preferences. In our guide, we will uncover the Best Weapons in V Rising so players can get an idea of what might work and what won’t. You may also read our V Rising Weapons Tier List to get another perspective. 

Key Highlights
  • All the weapons used in V Rising have different features and abilities which can be used by the players to attack their enemies.
  • There are seven main weapons types which can be chosen by the players in the game. Every weapon has three main combo attack skills.
  • Sword is considered one of the best and highest ranked weapons in V Rising. It has the skills known as Whirlwind and Shockwave which can easily defeat the enemies.
  • Axe can be used for higher damage outputs. The main two skills of Axe include Frenzy and X-Strike.
  • Mace can cause insane AoE damage to the enemies with its skills of Crushing Blow and Smack.
  • Crossbow is used by the players for the basic attacks. It uses Rain of Bolts and Snapshot skills against the enemies.
  • The Reaper is a melee weapon that allows you to thrust against the opponents with the skills of Tendon Swing and Howling Reaper.
  • Slasher is used to attack the enemies when they are most vulnerable. It has the abilities of Camouflage and Elusive Strike.
  • Spear is the last best weapon which the player uses in combat. It has the abilities of A Thousand Spear and Harpoon.

All Weapon Types In V Rising 

In the massive world offered in V Rising, there are seven main weapon types that players can choose from, and essentially all V Rising Weapons can work pretty well throughout the story content and do not need to be outclassed on top of the others. However, with these seven types available: 

  • Sword 
  • Axes
  • Mace
  • Crossbow
  • Reaper
  • Slasher
  • Spear

Each weapon has a basic attack comprised of three main combo attacks, each increasing damage. It will also have two abilities, one activated when players reach the Copper unlock stage and another unlocking at the iron stage. While all weapons can get through the main stages, a few are considered the Best Weapons in V Rising and therefore are ranked higher than the others. 

For now, the Sword is considered one of the highest-ranking weapons, while the Spear falls behind, unfortunately. Let’s take a deep dive into all Weapons in V Rising!

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The first weapon that is ranked the highest is the Sword, a melee weapon that the player can wield, and they can charge forward towards enemies and consistently unleash attacks that will render them useless. The Sword can also attack opponents whether they are on a single target or based on huge crowds. 

The Sword is hands-down number one when mentioning the top-tier Weapons in V Rising. Its high attack speed, combined with its unique abilities, grants the player the ability to dominate bosses in PvE or against players in a PvP battle. It also has a bonus against Vegetation, which is pretty prevalent in V Rising Weapons, as they will have some sort of bonuses. 

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Normal Attack

V Rising Normal Attack
Sword Normal Attack

Upon casting the normal attacks, anyone using the Sword will have a casting time of 0.2 seconds, allowing them to lunge forth and continuously attack enemies with melee attacks. The first hit will deal a total of 35% attack, while the second combo hit will unleash 35%, and the final impact will hit for 40% overall damage output.

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V Rising Whirlwind
Whirlwind Skill

Whirlwind is one of the first unlocked abilities at the copper stage. Summoning forth whirlwind will allow players to continuously spin on an axis and slice and pierce through enemies in a radius that is closer to them and unleashes 35% total damage output. These hits go out every 0.25 seconds for a total of 1.1 seconds, and they have a cooldown of 8 seconds. This is specifically useful when taking over crowds of enemies that are closer to you. 


V Rising Shockwave
Shockwave Skill

With Shockwave in hand, the Sword lives up to its name as one of the most useful Weapons in V Rising. When it is cast, you will be able to launch out a shockwave that will inflict enemies with 70% physical damage, and it will cause opponents to go airborne for a total of 1.6 seconds. 

Casting the skill again will cause the player to instantly teleport towards the foe and hit them a total of 3 times, consistently obliterating them. Each hit will inflict a total of 25% melee damage output. The cast time for Shockwave is 0.6 seconds, and this Sword weapon skill has a cool time of 8 seconds. 


The Axe deems to be a heavier hit weapon that combines the high damage output aspect and overpowered abilities that can make the player a beast when they are on the battlefield trying to kill off tougher enemies or bosses. The Axe itself is not the absolute Best Weapons in V Rising. However, it is up there with the Sword. 

With its abilities, it becomes a player’s first choice for higher damage output, but a small drawback is that its attack speed will be a bit slower than the Sword. Its specialty lies in wood. 

Normal Attack 

V Rising Normal Attack
Axe Normal Attack

With its primary attack after players wield the V Rising Axe Weapon, they can get up close and personal and attack enemies with melee attacks that are amalgamated into three main combo hits. The first hit will unleash a total of 45% damage output, while the second hit will launch out the same 45% attack, and the final attack will increase the damage output to 55%. The cast time for the normal attacks is 0.25 seconds. 


V Rising Frenzy
Frenzy Skill

The first skill, known as Frenzy, grants the player the ability to launch forwards towards the foe and strike them down, which will unleash 100% of the base attack as melee damage. After that, the player will go into “Frenzy mode,” which will increase the overall attack speed by 30%, which easily takes care of the slow attack speed of the Axe. The skill will have a cooldown of 8 seconds, and the cast time is 0.3 seconds. 


 V Rising X-strike
X-strike Skill

Upon summoning forth X-strike, if players want to use the V Rising Axe as their main weapon, they will be able to launch out two axes in an X shape targetted towards the foes, and every hit will unleash 85% overall damage output. It also applies the “Slow” debuff to enemies, allowing the player to go close and kill them off easily. The cooldown for X-strike is 8 seconds, and the cast time is 0.5 seconds. These abilities pull the Axe in the league of the Best Weapons players can get in V Rising


Now, for players who would rather have a V Rising Weapon that obliterates enemies, the Mace is the option for them! With it being wielded by the player, they can take advantage of its insane damage output since it is considered ranked amongst the top performing Weapons in V Rising when it comes to heavy-hitting weapons. 

It can be held in a way that unleashes devastating hits and ends the foe with insane AoE damage. Players can face the worst enemies and be confident that they will gain victory whenever they are using the Mace. one small side effect is that since it is such a giant weapon, it is very slow. 

Normal Attack 

When mentioning the normal attacks for the Mace, it has one of the most potent damage outputs in the game. This particular weapon in V Rising can output a deadly 50% hits aimed toward the opponents in its first and second hit, while the third hit will unleash an even more fatal 60% melee damage output. The cast time for the normal attack is only 0.35 seconds. 

Crushing Blow 

V Rising Crushing Blow
Crushing Blow Skill

Subsequently, the first ability that is achieved after unlocking the copper stage is a crushing blow which allows the player to go towards the enemy and wield your Mace, then thrust it into the depths of the ground. This will deal with 110% physical damage output and apply the “Fading Snare” debuff. The cooldown for Crushing blow is 8 seconds which is pretty good. 


V Rising Smack
Smack Skill

Another useful skill that players can take advantage of is Smack, which is pretty self-explanatory. After casting it, players can simply go up to any opponent and smack them in their face, dealing a 50% melee damage output. It will cause medium-high knockback and will render them useless for 1.2 seconds. There is a 9-second cooldown for this skill, and it is the handier of the two for the Mace weapon.


While all the other weapons are primarily meleed, the Crossbow is the only ranged weapon option that players have, and for that reason alone, it is in the midpoint. Therefore it is neither ranked in the list of the Best Weapons in V Rising, nor it is the worst weapon in the game. After being used by the player, you can stay at a safe distance from enemies and consistently shoot out arrows at them. 

These arrows can be charged or used as a normal basic attack and are quite deadly when used with precision and can even deal huge amounts of damage. There isn’t any sort of combo that players can use since there is only one basic attack, load, and charge at your opponents. 

Normal Attack 

V Rising Normal Attack
Crossbow Normal Attack

As for the normal attack, the Crossbow weapon in V Rising has one basic attack and no consistent combos like the other melee weapons have. With it being in the player’s arsenal, they can unleash arrows that deal 115%, equivalent to the base damage. The cooldown time for the normal attack is 0.55 seconds, and the cast time is 1 second. 

Rain of Bolts 

V Rising Rain of Bolts
Rain of Bolts Skill

One of the main abilities that players will typically use when they are in PvE or PvP is Rain of Bolts, which allows the player to use the Crossbow to launch out 5 arrows aimed at the sky. After reaching a certain height, they will start falling, aimed at the opponents, and deal 40% damage, decimating them with ease. Rain of Bolts has an 8-second cooldown and a cast-time of 0.4 seconds. 


V Rising Snapshot
Snapshot Skill

With Snapshot, players can use the Crossbow in their hands and target one opponent and hit them with a singular arrow that will be imbued with deadly damage output that equates to 75% of the base attack. It will also apply a “Fading Snare” for 2 seconds on the foe, making them more vulnerable to attacks from your side. The cooldown time is the same as the Rain of bolts. If we talk about Best Weapons in V Rising, then the Crossbow is certainly the best range and the only one!

The Reaper 

If any players would again take advantage of hard-hitting but slower weapons, then the V Rising Reaper is for them. It is also a melee weapon. Its main abilities allow it to thrust against opponents, rendering them useless and delivering devastating attacks to them, which will instantly drain their HP bar. 

We can’t exactly decipher that the Reaper is even close to being amongst the high DPS Weapons in V Rising. Still, it is definitely for people who want to get done with enemies on the battlefield and take their sweet time torturing them until they are dead. 

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Normal Attack 

V Rising Normal Attack
Reaper Normal Attack

With the Reaper’s normal attack, players can make the same three combo attacks, getting near their foes in a similar radius and dealing a 50%, 50%, and 55% 3 hit combo, murdering them and winning the battle. This is best for PvE against harder enemies or PvP with friends. The cast time for the primary attack is 0.3 seconds. 

Tendon Swing 

V Rising Tendon Swing
Tendon Swing Skill

With Tendon Swing in the player’s hand, they can take their Reaper in hand and swing it at their foes, which will cause enemies to intake a total of 125% melee damage based on the base attack. It will also cause knockback and apply the same “Fading Snare” for 2 seconds. Tendon Swing has an 8-second cooldown, and players can cast it in 0.2 seconds. 

Howling Reaper 

V Rising Howling Reaper
Howling Reaper Skill

Another useful ability that players can use in the arena is Howling Reaper which is essentially just part of the Reaper in V Rising and can be unlocked after achieving the iron stage. Upon casting it, a reaper that will continue to howl at the foes can be launched out, and it will consistently inflict 20% melee damage for a total of 2.5 seconds. With an 8-second cooldown and 0.5-second cast-time, it is surely a good ability that makes the Reaper a viable option. 


The next important weapon type that players can use is the V Rising slashers weapon, which is one the lower end and therefore does not classify as listed in the Best Weapons in the V Rising category. Nonetheless, it has a fast attack speed. Thus players who use it will have ample mobility while also being able to dodge the opponent’s attack aimed at the player. 

With that, Slasher wielders can sneak up on unaware foes and continuously attack them when they are at their most vulnerable. 

Normal Attack 

V Rising Normal Attack
The Slashers Normal Attack

After using basic attacks, players can go near enemies and perform the 3 hit slashes, which will continue to hit opponents that are unfortunate enough to face the player in the arena. The first hit will unleash a 27.5% damage output, while hits 2 and 3 will load out 27.5% and 35% damage, respectively. The cast time for the normal skill is 0.15 seconds, which is hella fast!


V Rising Camouflage
Camouflage Skill

The first ability that we would like to discuss is Camouflage, probably the best of the two abilities that the V Rising weapon provides. With it in hand, the player goes into camouflage mode and gets enhanced movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds. With that, the next hit that the player launches against enemies will deal 80% melee damage. The cooldown on the skill is 10 seconds which is a bit on the longer side. 

Elusive Strike 

V Rising Elusive Strike
Elusive Strike Skill

With Elusive Strike, players will be granted the ability to continue to dash to and fro against their enemies, continuously attacking them with slashing and piercing attacks and inflicting a total of 60% physical damage output. It also applies the “Slow” debuff on them for 2 seconds. An 8-second cooldown has been placed on Elusive Strike.


Last but not least, the spears are the final weapon type that players can use in combat. However, it is the least popular option. Therefore, it is completely disregarded and can’t even remotely be anywhere close to being the Best Weapons players should use in V Rising. Neither does it have a large hitbox, but it also outputs weaker damage, making the player take a long time to kill off enemies. 

Normal Attack 

V Rising Normal Attack
The Spear Normal Attack

This particular weapon has a lower damage output than its competitors, with a 40%, 40%, and 50% output on its first, second, and third hits. This makes the Spear even more of a weaker weapon and the last resort for players. 

A Thousand Spears 

V Rising A Thousand Spears
A Thousand Spears Skill

Upon casting A Thousand Spears, players can stab the enemy multiple times, each hit landing a total of 30% physical damage output, and the skill can be used again in order to thrust down against the foe, which will unleash a 50% melee attack. The cooldown is 8 seconds as usual. 


Harpoon V Rising
Harpoon Skill

With Harpoon, players are able to wield their Spear in one of their dominant hands and target one enemy, after which they will launch the Spear at them, stabbing them and dealing damage that is equivalent to 70% of the base attack. 

With that, we have completed our V Rising Best Weapons guide. Have you played the game already? Did you get to try all the weapons? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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