Best Weapons in V Rising – All Types Ranked

This Best Weapons in V Rising guide will showcase sword, axe, mace, crossbow, reaper, slasher, and spear weapons!

In V Rising, players are granted the ability to choose the weapons they like and pick a playstyle that best fits their preferences. In our guide, we will uncover the Best Weapons in V Rising so players can get an idea of what might work and what won’t. You may also read our V Rising Weapons Tier List to get another perspective. 

Key Takeaways
  • All the weapons used in V Rising have different features and abilities that can be used by the players to attack their enemies.
  • There are seven main weapon types that can be chosen by the players in the game.
  • Every weapon has three main combo attack skills.
  • Sword, Axe, Crossbow, and Spear are just some of the best weapon types in V Rising each of which excels in different combat scenarios.

V Rising Weapons Comparison

Weapon TypeBest ForCombo DamageCombo Cast TimeCombo CooldownAbility 1Physical DamageAbility 2Physical Damage
SwordBest Weapon For Close-Range Combat.35% / 35% / 40%0.2 s0.55 sWhirlwind35%Shockwave70%
AxeBest Weapon For High Damage.45% / 45% / 50%0.25 s0.55 sFrenzy100%X-Strike80%
MaceBest Weapon For Crowd Control.55% / 55% / 60%0.35 s0.61 sCrushing Blow150%Smack50%
CrossbowBest Weapon For Ranged Attacks.115%1 s0.55 sRain of Bolts40%Snapshot75%
The ReaperBest Weapon For High DPS.50% / 50% / 55%0.3 s0.6 sTendon Swing125%Howling Reaper20%
SlashersBest Weapon For Swift Enemy Takedowns.27.5% / 27.5% / 35%0.15 s0.63 sElusive Strike70%Camouflage80%
SpearsBest Weapon For Unique Abilities.40% / 40% / 50%0 s0.70 sA Thousand Spears160%Harpoon90%

All Weapon Types In V Rising 

In the massive world offered in V Rising, there are seven main weapon types that players can choose from, and essentially all V Rising Weapons can work pretty well throughout the story content and do not need to be outclassed on top of the others. However, with these seven types available: 

  • Sword 
  • Axes
  • Mace
  • Crossbow
  • Reaper
  • Slasher
  • Spear

Each weapon has a basic attack comprised of three main combo attacks, each increasing damage. It will also have two abilities. One is activated when players reach the Copper unlock stage and another unlocking at the iron stage. While all weapons can get through the main stages, a few are considered the Best Weapons in V Rising and therefore are ranked higher than the others. 

For now, the Sword is considered one of the highest-ranking weapons, while the Spear falls behind, unfortunately. Let’s take a deep dive into all Weapons in V Rising!


Best Weapon For Close-Range Combat.

The first weapon that is ranked the highest is the Sword, a melee weapon that the player can wield, and they can charge forward toward enemies and consistently unleash attacks that will render them useless. The Sword can also attack opponents whether they are on a single target or based on huge crowds. 

The Sword is hands-down number one when mentioning the top-tier Weapons. Its high attack speed, combined with its unique abilities, grants the player the ability to dominate bosses in PvE or against players in a PvP battle. It also has a bonus against Vegetation, which is pretty prevalent in Weapons, as they will have some sort of bonus.

  • Why I Chose This: The exceptional combination it provides of speed, versatility, and effectiveness in combat.
  • Normal Attack: The Sword’s combo consists of three attacks, dealing 35%, 35%, and 40% physical damage respectively, with a cast time of 0.2 seconds per hit.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    Sword Normal Attack
  • Whirlwind: Unlocked at the copper stage, this ability allows players to spin and inflict 35% physical damage every 0.25 seconds for 1.1 seconds, with an 8-second cooldown.
    V Rising Whirlwind
    Whirlwind Skill
  • Shockwave: A powerful ability that deals 70% physical damage and launches enemies into the air for 1.6 seconds. It also allows the player to teleport toward the enemy and deliver three consecutive hits, each dealing 25% melee damage. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.6 seconds.
    V Rising Shockwave
    Shockwave Skill
  • High attack speed.
  • Provides bonus against vegetation.
  • Provides combo abilities.
  • Limited range.


Best Weapon For High Damage.

The Axe is deemed to be a heavier hit weapon that combines the high damage output aspect and overpowered abilities that can make the player a beast when they are on the battlefield trying to kill off tougher enemies or bosses. The Axe itself is not the absolute Best Weapons. However, it is up there with the Sword. 

With its abilities, it becomes a player’s first choice for higher damage output, but a small drawback is that its attack speed will be a bit slower than the Sword. Its specialty lies in wood.

  • Why I Chose This: The raw power it has on top of the ability to incapacitate enemies.
  • Normal Attack: The Axe’s combo consists of three hits, dealing 45%, 45%, and 55% physical damage respectively, with a cast time of 0.25 seconds per hit.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    Axe Normal Attack
  • Frenzy: This skill allows players to charge forward and deal 100% physical damage, entering “Frenzy mode” afterwards to gain a 30% increase in attack speed and a 25% boost in movement speed. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.35 seconds.
    V Rising Frenzy
    Frenzy Skill
  • X-Strike: Players can unleash two axes in an X-shaped pattern, dealing 80% physical damage per axe and slowing down enemies for 1.5 seconds. If hit at the intersection of the axes, enemies will be incapacitated for 1 second. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.35 seconds.
     V Rising X-strike
    X-strike Skill
  • High damage output and potent abilities.
  • Provides advantage against wood enemies.
  • Limited range.
  • Slow attack speed.


Best Weapon For Crowd Control.

Now, for players who would rather have a Weapon that obliterates enemies, the Mace is the option for them! With it being wielded by the player, they can take advantage of its insane damage output since it is considered ranked amongst the top-performing Weapons when it comes to heavy-hitting weapons. 

It can be held in a way that unleashes devastating hits and ends the foe with insane AoE damage. Players can face the worst enemies and be confident that they will gain victory whenever they are using the Mace. One small side effect is that since it is such a giant weapon, it is very slow.

  • Why I Chose This: The crowd control capability it provides and the overwhelming force it uses to crush enemies.
  • Normal Attack: The Mace’s combo delivers powerful blows, with the first two hits dealing 55% damage each and the final hit dealing 60% damage. The cast time for each hit is 0.35 seconds.
  • Crushing Blow: Unlocked at the copper stage, this ability allows players to thrust the Mace into the ground, dealing 150% physical damage and inflicting a 2-second fading snare. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.7 seconds.
    V Rising Crushing Blow
    Crushing Blow Skill
  • Smack: This skill delivers a powerful blow to enemies, dealing 50% physical damage and incapacitating them for 1.2 seconds with medium-high knockback. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.35 seconds.
    V Rising Smack
    Smack Skill

Despite its slower attack speed due to its size, the Mace’s high damage output and crowd control abilities make it a formidable choice.

  • High damage output and AoE damage.
  • Crowd control capabilities.
  • Slow attack speed.
  • Limited mobility.


Best Weapon For Ranged Attacks.

While all the other weapons are primarily meleed, the Crossbow is the only ranged weapon option that players have, and for that reason alone, it is in the midpoint. Therefore, it is neither ranked in the list of the Best Weapons nor it is the worst weapon in the game. After being used by the player, you can stay safe from enemies and consistently shoot arrows at them. 

These arrows can be charged or used as a normal basic attack are quite deadly when used with precision, and can even deal huge amounts of damage. There isn’t any sort of combo that players can use since there is only one basic attack, load, and charge at your opponents.

  • Why I Chose This: The superiority this weapon provides from range on top of the crowd control capabilities.
  • Normal Attack: The Crossbow’s basic attack allows players to shoot arrows, dealing 115% physical damage. There are no combo attacks; players simply load and shoot at their opponents. The cooldown is 0.55 seconds, with a cast time of 1 second.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    Crossbow Normal Attack
  • Rain of Bolts: This ability launches five arrows into the sky, which then rain down on opponents, dealing 40% physical damage each and inflicting a 1.5-second fading snare. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.4 seconds.
    V Rising Rain of Bolts
    Rain of Bolts Skill
  • Snapshot: With Snapshot, players can target a single opponent and shoot a powerful arrow, dealing 75% physical damage and interrupting their actions. It also applies a 1.5-second fading snare. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.3 seconds.
    V Rising Snapshot
    Snapshot Skill

While the Crossbow lacks the melee versatility of other weapons, its ranged capabilities allow players to stay safe while dealing significant damage to enemies.

  • Great ranged attacks.
  • Precision damage.
  • Crowd control and versatility.
  • Vulnerable to close-range attacks.

The Reaper

Best Weapon For High DPS.

If any players would again take advantage of hard-hitting but slower weapons, then the Reaper is for them. It is also a melee weapon. Its main abilities allow it to thrust against opponents, rendering them useless and delivering devastating attacks, which will instantly drain their HP bar. 

We can’t exactly decipher that the Reaper is even close to being amongst the high DPS Weapons in V Rising. Still, it is definitely for people who want to get done with enemies on the battlefield and take their sweet time torturing them until they are dead.

  • Why I Chose This: The flexibility it provides in offense and the high damage crowd control capabilites.
  • Normal Attack: The Reaper’s combo consists of three hits, dealing 50%, 50%, and 55% physical damage respectively, with a cast time of 0.3 seconds per hit.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    Reaper Normal Attack
  • Tendon Swing: This ability allows players to swing the Reaper at enemies, dealing 125% physical damage, causing knockback, and applying a 2-second fading snare. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.2 seconds.
    V Rising Tendon Swing
    Tendon Swing Skill
  • Howling Reaper: Unlocked at the iron stage, this ability launches a reaper that continuously inflicts 20% physical damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.2 seconds. The first projectile hit slows down enemies for 1.5 seconds and deals 50% physical damage. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.2 seconds.
    V Rising Howling Reaper
    Howling Reaper Skill

While not among the highest DPS weapons, the Reaper is effective for players who prefer slower-paced combat and enjoy dealing heavy damage while controlling the battlefield with knockbacks and snares.

  • Heavy damage.
  • Crowd control.
  • Versatile.
  • Slow attack speed.


Best Weapon For Swift Enemy Takedowns.

The next important weapon type that players can use is the slasher weapon, which is on the lower end and, therefore, does not classify as listed in the Best Weapons in the V Rising category. Nonetheless, it has a fast attack speed. Thus, players who use it will have ample mobility while also being able to dodge the opponent’s attack aimed at the player. 

With that, Slasher wielders can sneak up on unaware foes and continuously attack them when they are at their most vulnerable.

  • Why I Chose This: The fast attack speed and high mobility allows for swift combat.
  • Normal Attack: The Slasher’s combo consists of three hits, dealing 27.5%, 27.5%, and 35% physical damage respectively, with a fast cast time of 0.15 seconds per hit.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    The Slashers Normal Attack
  • Camouflage: This ability allows players to enter a camouflaged state, increasing movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds. The next attack deals 80% physical damage and incapacitates enemies for 2 seconds. The cooldown is 10 seconds, with no cast time.
    V Rising Camouflage
    Camouflage Skill
  • Elusive Strike: Players can dash around enemies, continuously attacking with slashing and piercing strikes, dealing 70% physical damage, and applying a 2-second slowdown debuff. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.2 seconds.
    V Rising Elusive Strike
    Elusive Strike Skill

While not classified as one of the best weapons, the Slasher’s fast attack speed and mobility make it effective for players who prefer swift and agile combat tactics, allowing them to quickly dispatch enemies while evading attacks.

  • Fast attack speed.
  • High mobility.
  • Sneak attacks and crowd control.
  • Low damage.


Best Weapon For Unique Abilities.

While Spears are available, they are the least popular option among players due to their lower damage output and smaller hitbox, making them less effective in combat compared to other weapons.

  • Why I Chose This: The different approach it provides compared to other conventional weapons.
  • Normal Attack: The Spear’s combo consists of three hits, dealing 40%, 40%, and 50% physical damage respectively, with no cast time and a cooldown of 0.70 seconds per hit.
    V Rising Normal Attack
    The Spear Normal Attack
  • A Thousand Spears: This ability allows players to stab enemies multiple times, dealing a total of 80% physical damage. Recasting the skill during its effect unleashes a 50% physical damage thrust attack. Each stab stuns enemies. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.35 seconds.
    V Rising A Thousand Spears
    A Thousand Spears Skill
  • Harpoon: Players can launch their Spear at an enemy, dealing 90% physical damage and pulling the enemy towards them. The cooldown is 8 seconds, with a cast time of 0.7 seconds.
    Harpoon V Rising
    Harpoon Skill

Spears may not be among the best weapons, but they offer players unique abilities and playstyles for those who prefer a different approach to combat. However, their weaker damage output and limited effectiveness in battle make them a less popular choice among players.

  • Unique abilities and versatile.
  • Provides stun and crowd control.
  • Low damage output.

With that, we have completed our Weapons guide. Have you played the game already? Did you get to try all the weapons? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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