V Rising All 51 Bosses: Locations, Rewards & Recipes

Our V Rising Bosses guide entails location of all 51 V Blood Carrier enemies that you need to defeat & unlock unique rewards & recipes.

Bosses in V Rising are the core element of RPG mechanics, as defeating these foul creatures allows you to unlock new vampire powers and structures to build and craft recipes. Each boss has a certain level requirement, and increasing your gear score level to par with the boss will make the encounter a walk in the park. Otherwise, you will be slain again and again if you are under-leveled. That is why we have curated a list of all V Rising bosses or V Blood Carrier enemies entailing their level, location, attack patterns, and rewards in our guide. 

V Rising Bosses List

Boss NameBoss LevelRewards
Alpha WolfLevel 16Power: Wolf form that grants 45% increased movement speed
Keely The Frost ArcherLevel 20- Power: Frost Bat
- Structure: Tannery
- Recipes: Traveller’s Wrap, Empty Canteen, and Leather
Rufus The ForemanLevel 20- Power: Blood Rage
- Structure: Woodworking Bench
- Recipes: Hunter’s Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Sculpted Wood, and Painting Frame.
Errol The StonebreakerLevel 20- Power: Aftershock
- Recipe: Big Stash
Lidia The Chaos ArcherLevel 26- Power: Chaos Volley
- Recipe: The Devourer
Grayson The ArmorerLevel 27- Power: Crimson Aegis
- Structure: Five-Finger Workboards, Longboards
- Recipe: Whetstone
Goreswine The RavagarLevel 27- Power: Corpse Explosion and Veil of Bones
- Structure: Tomb and Nocturne Fences
- Recipes: Skeleton and Ghoul
Putrid RatLevel 30Power: Rat Form which allows you to travel undetected
Clive The FirestarterLevel 30- Power: Veil of Chaos
- Structure: Alchemy Table, Assortment of Enchanted Braziers, and Assortment of Enchanted Torches
- Recipes: Sulphur and Minor Explosive Box
Polora The FeywalkerLevel 34- Power: Spectral Wolf, Veil of Illusion
- Structure: Vampire Waygate and Garden Floors
- Recipes: Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
Ferocious BearLevel 36- Power: Bear Form
- Recipe: Fur Rugs
Nicholaus The FallenLevel 37- Powers: Pestilence and Ward of the Damned
- Structure: Study
Quincy The Bandit KingLevel 37- Power: Chaos Barrier and Merciless Charge
- Structure: Smithy and Tailoring Bench,
- Recipes: Iron Ingot, Iron Weapons, and Hollowfang Battlegear
Beatrice The TailorLevel 38- Power: Human Form
- Structure: Loom
- Recipes: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn
Vincent The FrostbringerLevel 40- Power: Frost Barrier, Veil of Frost
- Structure: Prison Cell
- Recipes: Reinforced Plank
Christina The Sun PriestessLevel 44- Power: Purgatory
- Recipes: Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Blood Rose Potion, and Holy Resistance Potion
Leandra The Shadow PriestessLevel 46- Power: Spectral Assassin
- Structure: Jewelcrafting Table
- Recipes: Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton Priest
Tristian The Vampire HunterLevel 46- Power: Blood Hunger
- Recipes: Greater Blood Essence
Terah The GeomancerLevel 48- Power: Spectral Guardian
- Structure: Gem Cutting Table
- Recipes: Siege Golem Stone, Regular Gems
Meredith The Bright ArcherLevel 52- Power: Sanguine Coil
- Recipes: Wool Thread
Frostmaw The Mountain TerrorLevel 56- Power: Ice Nova
- Recipes: Scroll
Octavian The Militia CaptainLevel 58- Power: Mirror Strike
- Structure: Anvil
- Recipes: Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Weapons
Raziel The ShephardLevel 60- Power: Crimson Beam
- Structure: Athenaeum
- Recipes: Silver Resistance Potion, Corrupted Artefact
Ungora The SpiderLevel 60- Power: Volatile Arachnid
- Recipes: Ghost Yarn, Silk, Spiderling
The Duke Of BalatonLevel 62Power: Toad Form
Jade The Vampire HunterLevel 62- Power: Chaos Barrage
- Recipes: Major Explosive Box, Primal Blood Essence
Foulrot The Soul TakerLevel 62- Power: Mist Trance
- Recipes: Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, Banshee
Willfred The Werewolf ChiefLevel 64- Power: Heart Strike
- Recipes: Holy Resistance Strike
Mairwyn The ElementalistLevel 64- Power: Crystal Lance
- Recipes: Imperial Thread
Morian The Stormwing MatriarchLevel 68- Power: Void
- Recipes: Flawless Gems
Azariel The SunbringerLevel 68- Power: Power Surge
- Recipes: Gold Ingot
Terrorclaw The OgreLevel 68Power: Arctic Leap
Matka The Curse WeaverLevel 72- Power: Unstable Mosquito
- Recipes: Schematic, Mosquito
Nightmarshal Styx The SundererLevel 76Power: Bat Form
Gorecrusher The BehemothLevel 78Power: Wisp Dance
The Winged HorrorLevel 78Power: Frost Vortex
Solarus The ImmaculateLevel 80Power: Summon Fallen Angel

Alpha Wolf

V Rising Boss
Alpha Wolf – location
  • Location: Wolf Den.
  • Unlocked Vampire Power: Wolf Form.

The Alpha Wolf is the first boss encountered at the Blood Altar in your castle in V Rising. Located in the Wolf Den, southeast of Farbane Woods, this level 16 boss requires a minimum level of 14 for a manageable fight.

Accompanied by a pack, the strategy involves eliminating these smaller wolves first, maintaining distance to avoid the charged attacks that can rapidly drain health. Success in defeating the Alpha Wolf grants the Wolf Form, boosting movement speed by 45%, essential for faster exploration of Vardoran’s open world.

Keely The Frost Archer

V Blood Carrier Keely
Keely the frost archer – location
  • Power: Frost Bat
  • Structure: Tannery
  • Recipes: Traveller’s Wrap, Empty Canteen, and Leather

In V Rising, the second boss, Keely, The Frost Archer, is a level 20 humanoid. You need a gear progression score of at least 18. Find Keely south of Farbane Woods in a bandit camp. You’ll require good armor and weapons, with early-game copper weapons making the battle easy. Keely’s primary attack involves firing three consecutive frost arrows.

During the fight, heavily rely on your travel ability. Dodge her attacks, get close, deliver 3-4 axe or spear slashes, and repeat this process until she’s defeated. You’ll then extract V Blood from Keely, who is accompanied by 4-5 additional enemies due to the bandit camp location. Consider reading our V Rising Weapons Tier List for the best weapons in the game.

Rufus The Foreman

V Rising Boss
Rufus the Foreman – location
  • Power: Blood Rage
  • Structure: Woodworking Bench
  • Recipes: Hunter’s Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Sculpted Wood, and Painting Frame.

Like Keely, Rufus The Foreman will also be another level 20 boss that you must track down using Blood Altar in V Rising. He’s the same level as Keely and hits hard using his bow, so you will need the best weapons in V Rising to take him out without much trouble.

Once you engage with the boss, taking out other enemies will make the overall boss fight an easy task. Otherwise, you will be swarmed by the archer and melee damage-dealing enemies and, on top of that, Rufus the Foreman as well.

Using ranged spells or some of the best abilities in V Rising for this boss fight will prove useful, or having weapons that have secondary abilities will also give you an edge in the boss fight.

Errol The Stonebreaker

Errol V Blood carrier
Errol the Stonebreaker – location
  • Power: Aftershock
  • Recipe: Big Stash

Like Rufus and Keely, Errol The Stonebreaker is a level 20 boss with various deadly attacks. High DPS ranged, or strong melee weapons are essential to defeat this boss. You can find Errol in the center of Farbane Woods inside a copper mine at the lower level, easily located using the Blood Altar.

Errol uses his hammer for melee attacks at close range. Keep your distance and use a ranged weapon to avoid his aftershock ability, dealing chaos magic damage. He is accompanied by miner enemies with melee weapons, so eliminate them first due to his slow movement before focusing on him.

Lidia, The Chaos Archer

V Rising Boss
Lidia The chaos archer – location
  • Power: Chaos Volley
  • Recipe: The Devourer 

Lidia, The Chaos Archer, is a level 26 boss in V Rising. You’ll need a gear score of level 22 or higher to defeat her. Below level 20, she’ll overpower you. Lidia roams the south of Farbane Woods. The Blood Altar helps you locate her, or refer to the provided image above for her location.

With the right level, her boss fight isn’t very challenging. Lidia’s arrows are easily dodged due to their average travel speed. If you approach her, she’ll use chaos bombs with area-of-effect attacks. Since she roams the open world, expect additional challenges from bandits and wolves.

Grayson The Armorer

Grayson V Blood Carrier
Grayson the armorer – location
  • Power: Crimson Aegis
  • Structure: Five-Finger Workboards, Longboards
  • Recipe: Whetstone

Grayson, a level 27 boss in V Rising, proves more challenging due to his powerful hammer strikes and deployed traps. He resides in a bandit camp west of Farbane Woods. The primary threat in the battle isn’t Grayson but the bis traps. Stepping on one depletes your health and hinders your movement, making you vulnerable to attacks from Grayson or archers he summons.

To defeat Grayson easily, ensure you’re at least level 23. Find four armor pieces during the fight, wear them for temporary invulnerability, and trigger traps without harm, allowing you to focus on damaging Grayson.

Goreswine The Ravager

V Rising Boss
Goreswine the Ravager – location
  • Power: Corpse Explosion and Veil of Bones 
  • Structure: Tomb and Nocturne Fences
  • Recipes: Skeleton and Ghoul

Goreswine The Ravager, a level 27 boss in V Rising, inflicts poison-based attacks. Locate him in south Farbane Woods.

The boss summons poisonous pools, causing AoE poison damage while keeping a distance from you. To tackle this, use a ranged weapon like a crossbow and vampire abilities like Chaos Volley for sustained chaos damage. Ensure a gear score of at least 24 and strong damage-dealing weapons. Under-leveled armor will result in significant health loss due to poison damage.

Putrid Rat

V Blood Carrier Putrid Rat
Putrid Rat – location
  • Unlocked Spells: Rat Form.

Unlike most V Blood carriers, V Rising’s Putrid Rat is unique because you can’t track it using the Blood Altar. To find this boss, build the Vermin Nest structure in the Refinement tab under Build options. You can locate the boss north of Farbane Woods.

Despite being a level 30 boss, you can defeat Putrid Rat with a gear score of 25. The boss has limited health and is easily defeated. Beware of rat minions it spawns; clear them first before focusing on Putrid Rat. Defeating Putrid Rat unlocks the Rat form, allowing you to infiltrate locations like bandit camps and settlements without drawing attention. Keep in mind that high-level or high-faith enemies can see through your disguise.

Clive The Firestarter

V Rising Boss
Clive The firestarter – location
  • Power: Veil of Chaos
  • Structure: Alchemy Table, Assortment of Enchanted Braziers, and Assortment of Enchanted Torches
  • Recipes: Sulphur and Minor Explosive Box

Clive, a level 30 boss in V Rising, is an explosives expert who hurls numerous grenades. Find him in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry camp, far southwest of Farbane Woods.

Defeating Clive is straightforward; he’s slow, and his grenades are avoidable. Use ranged weapons or vampire abilities to harm him. Eliminate archer and melee enemies in the camp before concentrating on the boss to prevent difficulty dodging enemies and Clive’s AoE explosives.

Polora The Feywalker

V Rising Boss
Polora The Feywalker – location
  • Power: Spectral Wolf, Veil of Illusion
  • Structure: Vampire Waygate and Garden Floors
  • Recipes: Minor Garlic Resistance Brew 

Polora, a level 34 boss in V Rising, excels at magic ranged damage but is vulnerable to melee attacks. You can find her northwest of Farbane Woods, near the south side of Silverlight Hills in Vardoran. Make sure you have a gear score of at least 30 and a strong melee weapon. Polora summons magical orbs that fire projectiles, creating a challenge.

When you approach her, she casts an AoE attack, forcing your character to flee. From a distance, she constantly summons spectral wolves. To defeat her easily, reserve your travel ability for her Fear AoE attack. Approach the boss and deal melee damage when the opportunity arises. With adequate levels, Polora won’t pose a significant threat.

Ferocious Bear

V Rising Boss
Ferocious Bear – location
  • Power: Bear Form. 
  • Recipe: Fur Rugs.

Ferocious Bear is a level 36 boss in V Rising, and he may seem slow and harmless, but that is not what you will expect once you engage in the fight. Here is an image of the boss’s location, which is far east of Farbane Woods. 

It primarily relies on melee attacks, with a paw swing attack covering a wide area when he gets close, followed by a slam attack causing falling boulders. Even with a gear score of 36, the boss poses a challenge due to his high-damage attacks so stock up on healing and damage buff potions.

Use the vampire travel ability and equip the Blood Rite ability to block the bear’s attacks while recovering a small amount of health with each use.

Nicholaus The Fallen

Nicholaus V Blood Carrier
Nicholaus The Fallen – location
  • Powers: Pestilence and Ward of the Damned
  • Structure: Study

Nicholaus The Fallen is a difficult early-game boss in V Rising, and he is a level 37 boss, so you will need at least a 34-gear score to beat him. There are two reasons you will find this boss fighting hard. One, he summons many skeletons to attack you, and two, he uses poison damage by casting spells that drain health over time.

You can make this boss fight easier by approaching the boss at night time as the undead enemies will not be there in the cemetery. Secondly, you must rely on ranged attacks for the boss and AoE abilities for skeletons that Goreswine The Ravager spawns. We used the Iron Axe, which has excellent attack power and Chaos Barrage ability, to defeat this boss.

Quincy, The Bandit King

V Rising Boss
Quincy The Bandit King – location
  • Power: Chaos Barrier and Merciless Charge 
  • Structure: Smithy and Tailoring Bench, 
  • Recipes: Iron Ingot, Iron Weapons, and Hollowfang Battlegear

Before you reach Quincy’s location, defeat Clive and acquire the Minor Explosive Box recipe. Without it, you can’t access Quincy’s stronghold, as a wooden gate blocks the entrance and must be blown up.

Being a level 37 boss in V Rising, Quincy is not challenging enough, and you should be able to beat the boss if you have a gear score of 32 or above. His attack patterns are very basic, and he is slow, so you can either use a ranged weapon or a melee one; the choice is yours. Quincy will spawn melee minions, so the best strategy is to eliminate them and then refocus back on the boss.

Beatrice The Tailor

V Rising Boss
Beatrice The Tailor – location
  • Power: Human Form 
  • Structure: Loom
  • Recipes: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn

Unlike most V Blood carrier bosses in our V Rising guide, Beatrice The Tailor is just a human NPC who excels at running away. She lacks attack patterns and lives in a village with militia who defend her when she calls for help.

The optimal strategy involves relying on your travel ability and using high DPS weapons in V Rising. This allows you to ignore enemies and focus solely on Beatrice.

To find Beatrice, locate the Dawnbreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands region of Vardoran. It’s in the eastern section of the map. This way, you can ignore the enemies and focus only after striking Beatrice The Tailor. Also, consider reading the V Rising Tailor Floor guide.

Vincent The Frostbringer

Vincent V Blood Carrier
Vincent The Frostbringer – location
  • Power: Frost Barrier, Veil of Frost 
  • Structure: Prison Cell
  • Recipes: Reinforced Plank

Vincent, The Frostbringer in V Rising, is a level 40 V Blood carrier in V Rising, and to beat this boss, you will need the appropriate gear score level. If your GS is below 38, avoid fighting with Vincent, as he will destroy you with his frost abilities and heavy melee attacks.

Vincent The Frostbringer can be located at the very center of the Dunley Farmlands region of Vardoran in V Rising. He is a roaming boss, so expect to find him somewhere here, as shown in the image above

Vincent is not found in a single camp, and he can be easily spotted circulating the roads that lead to Haunted Iron Mines. He’d mostly be accompanied by other enemies who also patrol the roads, so you will need to separate Vincent The Frostbringer from them first and then solely focus on him.

Christina, The Sun Priestess

V Rising Boss
Christina The Sun Priestess – location
  • Power: Purgatory 
  • Recipes: Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Blood Rose Potion, and Holy Resistance Potion

Christina, The Sun Priestess, a level 44 V Blood carrier in V Rising, is a roaming boss. Typically, she traverses the roads between Haunted Iron Mines and Dawnbreak Village.

To have a fighting chance, you must possess a gear score of at least 40. She employs healing holy spells, making it frustrating to deplete her health. She summons multiple enemies during the battle, so high DPS weapons are essential to eliminate them quickly and refocus on her. With minimal physical armor, concentrate on melee attacks for quicker health depletion.

Krigg, The Undead General

  • Location: Haunted Iron Mine
  • Unlocked Spells: Ward of the Damned
  • Unlocked Recipes: Skeleton Priest, Reaper.

Krigg, The Undead General, a new V Blood Boss in the Gloomrot update, was formerly a regular enemy in V Rising. You can find him in the Haunted Iron Mine within Farbane Woods. As a Level 44 boss, I don’t recommend facing Krigg in the early game. So ensure your gear is upgraded to at least level 45 before challenging him in his lair.

Krigg has the tendency to summon minions, including melee and archer enemies. He also uses various melee and AoE attacks that can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Bane The Shadowblade

  • Location: Dunley Farmlands
  • Unlocked Spells: Veil of Bones, Human Form
  • Unlocked Recipes: Slashers, Small Coin Purse

Bane The Shadowblade, a Servant of Undeath, wields exceptionally skilled swords. He’s a Level 47 boss, so ensure you’re well-prepped before facing him. Unlike other V Blood Carriers, Bane is found in the open world, making the boss battle tougher. Search the roads in Dunley Farmlands to locate him.

Bane often appears in his human form, making it tricky to spot him. But once attacked, he returns to his true hooded form. The battle is intense due to his speed, but high-level Iron Weapons and a suitable blood type, either Brute or Warrior, will help you defeat him.

Leandra, The Shadow Priestess

V Rising Boss
Leandra The Shadow Priestess – location
  • Power: Spectral Assassin 
  • Structure: Jewelcrafting Table
  • Recipes: Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton Priest

Leandra, The Shadow Priestess in V Rising, is a level 46 V Blood carrier boss, and she is not a big threat if you are at gear score 42 or above. The boss has average move sets, most of which are ranged attacks, allowing you to dodge them easily. Leandra summons minions, but they do not have much health and are also not great in numbers. That is why you must first eliminate them and focus your attention back on Leandra, the shadow priestess.

In order to find Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, you must travel to the Church of the Damned, located Northeast section of Dunley Farmlands. Once you are there, you will find the boss inside the church.

Tristian, The Vampire Hunter

Tristian vampire hunter V Blood Carrier
Tristian The Vampire Hunter – location

Tristan, the Vampire Hunter, a level 46 V Blood carrier in V Rising, requires a gear score of at least 44. You’ll encounter him roaming in the North East to North West region of Farbane Woods. You might have crossed paths with him during the early game when your gear score was lower than 30.

Avoid facing Tristan, the Vampire Hunter, in the early game, as you won’t possess the necessary weapons or armor pieces to survive. Besides top-tier equipment, prepare with healing potions to maintain your vampire’s health, and consider consumable buff items when challenging him. Tristan employs a wide angular sword attack and throws fire-based attacks causing burn damage, which can be lethal, even in the mid-game.

Maja The Dark Savant

  • Location: Forbidden Tower in Dunley Farmlands.
  • Unlocked Spells: Veil of Illusion.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Scroll.
  • Unlocked Structures: Study.

Maja the Dark Savant, a Level 47 V Blood Carrier, is a crucial boss in V Rising, as defeating her unlocks the Study for discovering new items and weapons. To face her, make sure your gear is at least above 45. You can locate Maja in the Forbidden Tower of Dunley Farmlands, located in the northeastern area.

Maja is a formidable foe with deadly AoE and Ranged attacks. She can also summon demons and heal herself. Precision and swiftness are essential for defeating her; underestimating her is unwise.

Terah The Geomancer

V Rising Boss
Terah The Geomancer – location
  • Power: Spectral Guardian 
  • Structure: Gem Cutting Table
  • Recipes: Siege Golem Stone, Regular Gems

Terah, the Geomancer, is a mid to late-game boss in V Rising and a level 48 V Blood carrier in the game. If you want to find this boss in the game, you will need to go to the northwest section of the Dunley Farmlands and come across a place called Bedrock Pass. You will find Terah The Geomancer there on the top floor.

You must be at least a gear score level 45 or above to defeat Terah, The Geomancer, as she can be a tough opponent. We recommend maintaining a distance from her and using ranged weapons or ranged vampire abilities to damage her easily.

Meredith The Bright Archer

V Rising Boss
Meredith The Bright Archer – location
  • Power: Sanguine Coil 
  • Recipes: Wool Thread

Meredith, The Bright Archer, is a level 52 V Blood carrier in V Rising, and she deals holy damage via her arrows and AoE volley attacks. If you want to find her faster, you must reach inside the Haunter Iron Mines located south of the Dunley Farmlands in Vardoran.

Like most archery bosses in V Rising, the moveset and attack pattern of Meredith, The Bright Archer is more or less the game. Her go-to attack is using a bow and arrow, but she deals holy damage, so expect a good amount of health loss per hit. Also, she is a 50+ level boss, so taking her down isn’t easy.

You will also need to be at least at gear score 48 or above to withstand Meredith The Bright Archer boss fight and emerge victorious. We recommend using melee attacks as, like most archers in V Rising, Meredith is weak against melee attacks. 

Frostmaw The Mountain Terror

frostmaw V Blood Carrier
Frostmaw The Mountain Terror – location
  • Power: Ice Nova 
  • Recipes: Scroll

Frostmaw, The Mountain Terror, a level 56 V Blood carrier in V Rising, demands top-tier weapons, armor, and potions for defeating. Find him in the north Hallowed Mountains region of Vardoran.

Frostmaw offers a more challenging battle than Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods bosses. His high melee damage rapidly depletes your health, so ensure you come prepared with ample healing potions and consumables. Extracting V Blood from Frostmaw grants the Ice Nova ability, a valuable vampire skill useful throughout V Rising, allowing you to freeze enemies and other players in PvP encounters.

Octavian, The Militia Captain

V Rising Boss
Octavian, the Militia Captain – location
  • Power: Mirror Strike 
  • Structure: Anvil
  • Recipes: Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Weapons

Octavian, The militia captain, is a level 58 boss in V Rising who wields a long sword and has a few magic tricks up his sleeve. Defeating this boss is very important, and it unlocks some of the best recipes, power, and structure upgrades in V Rising. In order to find the Octavian, the Militia Captain, you will need to reach the Bastion of Dunley region located northeast of Dunley Farmlands.

Octavian, The Militia Captain, uses his sword for both melee and magic attacks. Dodge his slow-moving swinging blades to avoid significant health loss, as they can also stun you, leaving you vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Raziel The Shephard

Raziel The Shephard – location
  • Power: Crimson Beam 
  • Structure: Athenaeum
  • Recipes: Silver Resistance Potion, Corrupted Artefact

Raziel the Shephard, the level 60 boss and leader of Dunley Monastery, is among the game’s strongest bosses. To engage him, you need holy radiation resistance; otherwise, as soon as you step into Dunley Monastery, your health will start to deplete due to heavy holy radiation damage in V Rising.

Head to northwest Dunley Farmlands for a swift encounter, as shown in the image above. Find Raziel after progressing through the monastery, defeating enemies along the way. Ensure your gear score is at least level 57 to stand a chance against Raziel. Utilize ranged weapons and abilities while maintaining distance from the boss.

Ungora The Spider

V Rising Boss
Ungora The Spider Queen – location
  • Power: Volatile Arachnid 
  • Recipes: Ghost Yarn, Silk, Spiderling

Ungora the Spider, a level 60 boss in V Rising, demands a character level matching or exceeding the boss. In this unique encounter, the boss and its summoned minion spiders substantially damage your vampire character. You can find Ungora in the northeast part of the Cursed Forest, deep inside a spider cave.

The boss fight is challenging when using melee attacks. Employing your best-ranged weapons and vampire abilities to attack Ungora from a distance while using melee attacks on the pursuing minions is advisable.

Domina, The Blade Dancer

  • Location: Rustlock Village in South Gloomrot.
  • Unlocked Spells: Polarity Shift.
  • Unlocked Structures: Castle Teleporter.

Facing Domina The Blade Dancer, a Level 60 boss, requires reaching Level 56-58, with Level 60 recommended. Victory grants the Polarity Shift spell and Castle Teleporter. Find Domina in Rustlock Village within Gloomrot South, where she and her minions battle. She wields various attacks, including ranged, melee, and AoE, making dodging essential. Deal with her minions swiftly and master her moves for victory.

Angram The Purifier

  • Location: Pools of Rebirth in Gloomrot South.
  • Unlocked Spells: Chaos Barrier.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Irradiant Gruel, Mutated Rat, Major Explosive Box.

Angram the Purifier, a Level 60 cyborg V Blood Carrier, was revived by Doctor Henry Blackbrew with metal enhancements, including a massive cannon arm. He resides in the perilous Pools of Rebirth within Gloomrot South, protected by numerous minions.

Agility is vital when facing Angram. Despite his size, he can deal substantial damage, especially with the Ignite effect from his projectile attacks. Victory rewards you with the Chaos Barrier spell and multiple recipes.

Ziva The Engineer

  • Location: Trancendum Machine Factory in Gloomrot South.
  • Unlocked Spells: Ball Lightning.
  • Unlocked Structures: Fabricator.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Empty Cannister, Radium Alloy.

Face Ziva, the Engineer, a Level 60 V Blood Carrier in Gloomrot South, near the Trancendum Machine. Ensure your gear is above Level 56 before the battle. She excels in fire-based damage. Prepare with Fire Resistance Brew. Victory grants access to the Fabricator Structure, Ball Lightning Spell, and Radium Alloy and Empty Canisters recipes.

The fight is challenging, with Ziva using a Flamethrower and AoE Ball Lightning spells. Melee weapons like Swords or Axes work best against her.

The Old Wanderer

  • Location: Roads of Cursed Forest.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Shroud of the Forest.

Although Level 62, The Old Wanderer offers a relatively easy boss fight. The challenge lies in the Cursed Forest’s location, where he roams in V Rising. Initially, the Old Wanderer is non-aggressive; you’ll need to initiate the battle. The main challenge comes from other lurking enemies in the Cursed Forest attacking you, so stay vigilant.

He primarily uses defensive spells for damage and debuffs, like slowing your speed, which are easy to dodge. Victory unlocks the Shroud of the Forest recipe.

The Duke Of Balaton

duke of balaton V Blood Carrier
Duke of Balaton – location
  • Location: Swamp of Greed
  • Unlocked Spells: Toad Form
  • Unlocked Recipes: Medium Coin Purse, Goldsun Coin, Silver Coin, Copper Coin.

The Duke of Balaton, a level 64 end-game boss in V Rising, resides in the North Cursed Forest. To reach him quickly, head northwest from the Nest of the Curse Weaver or proceed to the far north end of the Cursed Forest in Vardoran. Engage The Duke of Balaton from a distance using a high DPS crossbow and spam your ranged vampire abilities to drain his health.

Defeating him unlocks the Toad form, allowing higher jumps. However, its strategic advantage is limited compared to other forms like wolf, bat, and bear forms. It’s particularly useful for reaching high cliffs but has limited utility elsewhere.

Jade The Vampire Hunter

Jade V Blood Carrier
Jade the vampire hunter – location
  • Power: Chaos Barrage 
  • Recipes: Major Explosive Box, Primal Blood Essence

Jade the Vampire Hunter, a level 62 boss in V Rising, roams near the Haunted Iron Mines and the road leading to Dunley Monastery. Before facing her, prepare with high DPS end-game gear, armor, healing, and buff potions. Engage from range to defeat surrounding enemies first, as Jade’s dual pistols deal heavy damage, requiring frequent health recovery during the fight.

Foulrot The Soultaker

V Rising Boss
Foulrot the soultaker – location
  • Power: Mist Trance 
  • Recipes: Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, Banshee

Like Jade The Vampire Hunter, Foulrot The Soultaker is another level 62 boss in V Rising that must be defeated for sweet rewards. You can find this boss in the game at the far southeast end of the Cursed Forest of Vardoran. Once you reach the location shown in the image, you will reach an Ancient Village, which will be home to old spirits, and you will find Foulrot The Soultaker at the far end of the village. 

Mist Trance and Phantom’s Veil are the best rewards you will get after killing this boss. The cloak in V Rising gives you a massive stat boost in physical defense, and the vampire power Mist Trance will basically make you invincible against incoming attacks for a few seconds.

Willfred The Werewolf Chief

V Rising Boss
Willfred The Werewolf Chief – location
  • Power: Heart Strike.
  • Recipes: Holy Resistance Strike.

Encounter your archenemy, Willfred, the Werewolf Chief, in V Rising by visiting Gloomgrave Village at night. During the day, he becomes an unkillable NPC. Located near the southern entrance of the Cursed Forest, it’s the nearest spot to Dunley Farmland. Opt for weapons and spells with AoE damage, as Willfred summons humans during the fight, consuming them to regain their health. Quick elimination of these humans prevents his health recovery.

Mairwyn The Elementalist

Mairwyn V Blood carrier
Mairwyn the Elementalist – location
  • Power: Crystal Lance 
  • Recipes: Imperial Thread

Battle the level 64 boss, Mairwyn the Elementalist, in V Rising, found in the southeast Silverlight Hills. Equip your best ultimate spells and abilities to confront her.

Mairwyn employs a range of elemental spells: a fiery AoE attack, freezing ice volleys, and electric orbs. Maintain a mid-distance position and use ranged weapons and abilities to gradually deplete her health, noting that she summons a mirror image when her health drops below 50-60%.

Cyril The Cursed Smith

  • Location: Cursed Village in Cursed Forest.
  • Unlocked Spells: Wraith Spear.
  • Unlocked Structures: Anvil.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Dark Silver Ingot.

Facing Cyril the Cursed Smith, a Level 65 V Blood Carrier, in the deadly Cursed Village within the Cursed Forest is a formidable challenge in V Rising.

Make sure your gear reaches Level 65 for this perilous encounter. In the Cursed Forest, you’ll be under the constant influence of a curse, which can be countered by defeating the Old Wanderer first and using the Shroud of the Forest. Cyril employs various damaging methods, from melee to projectiles and AoE, and summons Banshees during the battle.

Sir Magnus The Overseer

  • Location: Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills.
  • Unlocked Spells: Ice Block.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Phantom’s Veil.

Meet Sir Magnus The Overseer, a Level 66 V Blood Carrier devoted to the Church of Luminance, residing within the Sacred Silver Mine in the Silverlight Hills. Due to formidable foes inside the mine, your gear should be Level 60 or higher. Be prepared for Sir Magnus’s powerful attacks, but defeating him will reward you with the Ice Block spell and Phantom’s Veil recipe.

Sir Magnus wields various attacks, focusing on ice abilities, including one that can heal him. Expect melee and AoE moves as well. Stay vigilant, maximize your damage output, and be on guard.

Morian The Stormwing Matriarch

V Rising Boss
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch – location
  • Power: Void 
  • Recipes: Flawless Gems

Morian, The Stormwing Matriarch, a formidable Level 68 V Blood boss in V Rising, wields chaos bolts and dash attacks dealing chaos damage.

She summons harpy birds to join the fight and eliminate them before targeting the boss. A gear score of 64 or higher ensures victory, thanks to Morian’s slow speed. Use high DPS weapons for this ranged and melee attack-prone boss. After crossing the army post, find her south of Silverlight Hills, near the Harpy Nest.

Azariel The Sunbringer

V Rising Boss
Azariel the Sunbringer – location

Once you have defeated Azariel, The Sunbringer, you will unlock the following rewards:

  • Power: Power Surge 
  • Recipes: Gold Ingot

Azariel the Sunbringer is a level 68, one of the end-game bosses in V Rising, who is very hard to defeat if you do not have items or potions unlocked for resistance against holy radiation.

Head to the Brighhaven Cathedral in the western part of Silverlight Hills. Before the battle, obtain a Holy Radiation resistance flask, earned after defeating Willfred the Werewolf Chief, and craft a cloak using the Foulrot boss’s recipe for holy damage resistance. Azariel uses a spell emitting holy damage in the form of light and summons minions. Eliminate the minions before focusing on the boss for a better chance at success.

Terrorclaw The Ogre

terror claw
Terrorclaw the Ogre – location
  • Power: Arctic Leap

Terrorclaw the Ogre, a level 68 V Blood carrier, is situated in the southeast of the Hallowed Mountain region in Vardoran. Ensure your gear score is at least level 65. Utilize top-tier ranged weapons and spells due to his devastating melee attacks. Stock up on health recovery potions. Unlocking the Arctic Leap ability is recommended, offering a powerful frost-based AoE attack for end-game use in the Cursed Forest.

Baron du Bouchon The Sommelier

  • Location: Brighthaven Vineyards in Silverlight Hills.
  • Unlocked Spells: Sanguine Coil.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Blood Merlot, Barrel Disguise, Blood Merlot Amulet.

Baron du Bouchon, The Sommelier, a Level 70 late-game boss, resides in Brighthaven Vineyards within the Silverlight Hills region. Prioritize gearing up before attempting this battle. A Ranged build is recommended, though proficient melee skills with weapons like swords, axes, and maces can also prove effective.

Baron du Bouchon specializes in Melee moves, and some ranged attacks, such as throwing his cup and rolling barrels. Dodging barrels is crucial to avoid being stunned. In his final phase, he deploys an explosive AoE attack. Defeating him rewards you with the coveted Sanguine Coil, one of V Rising’s best spells.

Matka The Curse Weaver

Matka boss
Matka the Curse Weaver – location
  • Power: Unstable Mosquito 
  • Recipes: Schematic, Mosquito

Matka, The Curse Weaver, a level 72 end-game V Blood Carrier boss, can be found in the Nest of the Curse Weaver, located in the northwest of the Cursed Forest region in Vardoran.

This challenging boss battle is best tackled with a bow. Matka excels in poison-based attacks and spawns explosive poison mosquitos. She can temporarily turn you into a pig with a large AoE spell, but you gain increased speed during this transformation, allowing you to outrun the mosquitos. Keep your distance, maintain your position, and steadily defeat the boss.

Henry Blackbrew The Doctor

  • Location: Trancendum Laboratories in Gloomrot North.
  • Unlocked Spells: Discharge.
  • Unlocked Structures: Athenaeum.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Schematic.

Does the name Henry Blackbrew, The Doctor, ring any bells to you? It should be because other than being one of the highest-level bosses, 74, in V Rising.

You can find the Notorious Doctor boss in the Trancendum Laboratories in Gloomrot North. The area itself is a nightmare for all players. Not only does it hold some high-level enemies, but it also gets struck by frequent lightning, which could damage any player in its path.

So, to take on Henry Blaclbrew the Doctor, it is crucial to be well prepared with some of the best spells and at least 73 Level on your gear. Henry Blackbrew mainly relies on electric attacks, which can even inflict debuffs on the player. It’s recommended to go for Ultimates such as Crimson Beam and Arctic Leap against him.

Voltatia The Power Master

  • Location: Trancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North
  • Unlocked Spells: Lightning Curtain.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Power Core, EMP.

Voltatia, the Power Master, is the caretaker of the electric powerline inside Gloomrot. Other than that, she is also the trusted associate of Henry Blackbrew, the Doctor. Voltatia, the Power Master, is a Level 77 V Blood Carrier Boss; hence, she should not be taken lightly, even by the best players. 

Voltatia can be found in Gloomrot North, Trancendum Power Plant. The areas within Gloomrot North, specifically the Trancendum Power plant, house many high-level enemies. Once you reach the Power Plant, you can take on Voltatia, the Power Master. Defeating her will grant you the Lightning Curtain spell, Power Core, and EMP recipe.

Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer

Styx dracula vampire
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer – location
  • Location: Cursed Forest.
  • Unlocked Spells: Soulburn.
  • Unlocked Vampire Power: Bat Form
  • Unlocked Recipes: Onyx Tear.

Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer is one of the few legendary vampires from the era of Dracula that now lives in the southeast part of the Cursed Forest. He is a level 79 boss in V Rising who is not easy to defeat, so come prepared. 

If you manage to kill the vampire, then you will unlock the bat form in V Rising

Gorecrusher The Behemoth

V Rising Boss
Gorecrusher the behemoth – location
  • Location: Lair of the Behemoth.
  • Unlocked Spells: Wisp Dance.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth is a level 83 boss in the game, and to defeat this one, you will need the best-ranged weapon in V Rising. In order to find this boss, you will need to travel south of the Cursed Forest, and here is an image of the boss’s location. Defeating Gorecrusher the Behemoth will unlock Wisp Dance spell.

The Winged Horror

V Blood Carrier Winger horror
The Winged Horror – location
  • Location: The Dreaded Peak
  • Unlocked Spell: Frost Vortex.

The Winger Horror is another level 83 boss in the game that is challenging to beat even if you are at par with the boss’s level. The boss is located on the far east side of Farbane Woods. You can reach him faster by going north from the Ferocious Bear’s location.

You will unlock Frost Vortex vampire ability after defeating the Winged Horror.

Solarus The Immaculate

Solarus final V Blood Carrier
Solarus The immaculate – location
  • Location: Fortress of Light
  • Unlocked Spells: Summon Fallen Angel.
  • Unlocked Recipes: Blood Key.

At the time of writing, Solarus The Immaculate is the final boss in V Rising, who is also the only one to be of level 80 in the game.

Solarus The Immaculate is located in a temple east of Silverlight Hills in Vardoran. Once you have extracted V Blood from the boss, you will unlock the game’s Summon Fallen Angel vampire power.

Adam The Firstborn

  • Location: Doctor Blackbrew’s Castle in Gloomrot North.
  • Unlocked Spells: Eye of the Storm.
  • Loot: Soul Shard.

Adam, the Firstborn Level 83, is by far the toughest boss in V Rising at the moment. Adam The Firstborn is one of the finest creations of Henry Blackbrew.

To get to Adam the Firstborn, players will need to get through a blocked entrance. They can destroy the blocked gate using EMP (recipe unlocked after defeating Voltatia the Power Master) or Bat Form (unlocked by beating Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer). Once you get through the path, you can face the mighty Adam.

Being Level 83, Adam the Firstborn will give you one of the toughest fights in the game so far, so much so that it’s advised to take him on with a few other players. Adam is extremely rapid and also has all sorts of moves under his belt. With his mutated arm or AoE electric explosions, he can annihilate you within seconds. Defeating Adam, the Firstborn, will allow you to gain the Eye of the Storm spell and a Soul Shard.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about V Rising bosses or V Blood carrier enemies. Which has been the most challenging boss so far for you? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comment section below.

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