V Rising Gold Jewelry: How To Get It & Craft Ingots

Our V Rising Gold Jewelry entails how to get jewelry in the game that is later used to make gold ingots. Read our guide & learn it all.

Jewelry constitutes many items in V Rising, such as pendants and gems, but we are not interested in any of those items but the end-game ones. The V Rising gold jewelry refers to the golden sparkly chains that occasionally must have dropped for you after defeating a higher-level enemy in the game.

Key Highlights
  • The Jewelry in V Rising mainly refers to the Golden sparky chains/Gold Ingots, which can give your vampire character more power. The player gets the Gold Ingots after defeating any higher-level enemy.
  • If you are beyond gear 62 or above, you can farm the jewelry, defeat a boss to get the Gold Ingot, and increase the base damage of your weapons.
  • You can get the jewelry at Silverlight Hills and Dunley Farmlands by eliminating the enemies.
  • You need to unlock the crafting recipes for Gold Ingots by defeating the Level 68 V Blood Carrier known as Azariel the Sunbringer.
  • You can find Azariel the Sunbringer in the Brighthaven Cathedral of Azariel the Sunbringer. Use melee weapons to defeat him fast.
  • After defeating Azariel, you need 8x Sulphur and 8x Jewelry to craft the jewelry into Gold Ingots.
V Rising Gold Jewelry
Gold jewelry item v rising

Jewelry is the raw material out of which you can get Gold Ingots, which are very late-game items in the game, and using those allows you to buff the resistance stats of your armor set pieces and increase the base damage of your weapons in V Rising. 

That is why if you are beyond gear score 62 or above, you will need to farm jewelry, defeat a boss to get the Gold Ingot recipe and start the smelting process to buff your stats and face the late-game bosses.

Why Do You Need Jewelry

Sure, jewelry is not a compulsory item to farm or get in V Rising, and you can progress the gameplay or story without it. However, acquiring jewelry for the sake of making Gold Ingots is to take your base armor plus weapon damage stats up a notch.

Since the whole gameplay circles around making your vampire character more powerful than ever before, it would not hurt you to go this route, farm jewelry, and make Gold Ingots. 

How To Get Jewelry in V Rising

Now that you have learned the importance of getting V Rising gold Jewelry and then smelting it to obtain Gold Ingots, you must also know how to acquire it.

Silverlight Hills location is home to some of the powerful humanoid foes you will encounter in V Rising who drop jewelry when killed.

Besides these two methods, the chances of jewelry from chests are rare. You will occasionally get jewelry from chests at Dunley farmlands or Silverlight Hills. Still, we recommend you don’t rely on this method heavily as the chances of jewelry getting from chests are very low. 

Farming Jewelry in Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is one of the two endgame locations in V Rising, and you will find here the toughest humanoid enemies. In order to farm gold in V Rising or increases your chances of getting Gold Ingots faster in the game, you must try to kill Paladins and Wizards that roam this region. 

That is why Brighthaven Cathedral is one of the best spots to farm jewelry in V Rising, as it is home to Paladins, Wizards, and the elite tier enemies. However, even with your fancy vampire ultimate abilities and some of the best powers, you will still feel powerless in this region of the game’s map.

Therefore, you must only visit Silverlight Hills to farm jewelry and get Gold Ingots in V Rising if you have a 60 gear score or above. Otherwise, these high-tier enemies will destroy you with deadly melee and lethal ranged attacks. 

Brighthaven Cathedral

Brighthaven Cathedral is not the only spot to get jewelry in V Rising, and you can visit any other spot in this region where these high-level mob patrols. For starters, the Army Outposts are excellent locations if you want to shake things up and kill every possible human enemy lurking inside these outposts. Besides jewelry, you will get tons of other useful resources, such as Imperial Thread. 

Fortress Of Light

Fortress of Light, Brighthaven Square, Sacred Silver Mine Harpy Nest, and Emberleaf Grove are some more spots where you will likely bump into Paladins and Wizards. So, if you are adequately leveled up in V Rising, do not hesitate to defeat these enemies and get gold jewelry for yourself.

Areas With Holy Sigils

Additionally, you must note that most of the areas in Silverlight Hills will have Holy sigils, and you will take Holy radiation damage if you step into such places or stay inside for a longer duration. That is why you must have unlocked the Holy Radiation resistance potion or flasks in V Rising and some tier-three armor set pieces to stand a chance against this status effect and focus entirely on slaying paladins, Knights, Wizards, and high-tier enemies for jewelry.

This reads like a desperate vampire who seeks only gold. Well, can’t blame it, as gold was the go-to currency in the Age of Enlightenment. 

Farming Jewelry in Dunley Farmlands

If the Silverlight Hills region is overwhelming, go to Dunley Farmlands and farm for V Rising gold jewelry. You can have excellent chances of jewelry dropping after defeating V-Blood Carriers found in Dunley Farmlands. The chests here, too, have a low chance of having jewelry, but you must still try to open every chest you come across and not shy away from it.

Bosses In Dunley Farmlands

Most bosses in Dunley Farmlands are of level 40-55, and this is an excellent mid-game location to farm for valuable resources that will increase your gear score significantly. If you have beaten a boss already in this region, you must know that you can revisit the same boss to kill again after some time and still get a good chance of dropping. 

Farming Jewelry From Beatrice

I believe killing Beatrice repeatedly will let you effectively farm gold from the Dunley Farmlands region of the map. The chances of V Rising gold jewelry dropping are not sky-high, but you do not have many options if you are not leveled up for the challenges in Silverlight Hills. 

Gold Ingots Crafting Recipe in V Rising

farming ingots silverlight hills
V-Rising How to get Gold Ingot Recipe

In order to unlock the crafting recipe for Gold Ingots and increase your supply of receiving basically an unlimited supply of this resource, you will need to fight and defeat Level 68 V Blood Carrier called Azariel the Sunbringer.

He is a late-game boss in the game and can be found in the Brighthaven Cathedral of Silverlight Hills. Once you have defeated this boss, you will unlock the recipe to smelt jewelry into gold ingots, which can be done using the furnace workshop back at your castle. 

Defeating Azariel the Sunbringer

V Rising Gold Jewelry
azariel the sunbringer

Before bringing down Azariel the Sunbringer, you must prepare and stock up on the Holy Resistance Flask or potion. That is because the Brighthaven Cathedral is a place that will deal Holy damage to your vampire character, and without Holy damage radiation, you will not last in the fight longer than a minute. 

Craft Holy Resistance Flast First

If you have not received enough Holy Resistance Flask or potions as random loot drops, you must first defeat Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief. He is a level 64 V Blood carrier, and killing this boss will unlock the crafting recipe of Holy Resistance Flask. 

Even though you have enough holy resistance, you will still deal damage, and your overall health will deplete over time. We recommend equipping one of the two healer ultimates: Heart Strike or Sanguine Coil.

Use Ultimates Properly

Using one of these two ultimates will allow you to leech some of your health from enemies and regenerate your health without draining your blood pool. Besides, you will not have enough space to recover health using a blood pool in the first place during the boss fight.

Deal With Azariel’s Minions First

Additionally, Azariel the Sunbringer also summons minions that duplicate his attack patterns. We recommend defeating those first and then resuming the attacks on the boss. Otherwise, the fight will become overwhelming in no time, and you will not have enough control over the situation. 

Strategy To Deal With Azariel

Azariel mostly uses ranged attacks, and he is weak towards melee damage. You can use a crossbow or ranged weapon against the boss, but you can defeat the boss faster if you rely on melee ones. Besides, the boss likes to maintain distance from you, so all the more reasons to use melee weapons, as he’d be busy running away from you.

Azariel will occasionally summon lighting pillars that spread across from his location toward yours. Dodging these holy lighting pillars will be difficult without the travel ability, so make sure you reserve it for this boss attack. 

azariel sunbringer boss fight

Also, Azariel, the Sunbringer boss, will throw Holy Cloud of Destruction at your location from a range. Consider this a grenade, but one that deals holy damage only. Also, as we mentioned above, you will need Holy Damage Flask, so if you get hit by the boss’s attacks while you’ve not enough holy damage negation, you will deal massive health damage. 

Lastly, if you deal successive damage to Azariel the Sunbringer, he will spawn a relic that will act as a shield. All of your attacks during this stage will not deal damage whatsoever. During this phase, wait out and allow your skills to cool down, as it lasts a few seconds only. Once his shield is down, strike him down using all of your basic and ultimate abilities. 

How To Craft Gold Ingots

Assuming you have defeated Azariel the Sunbringer and unlocked the gold ingot crafting recipe in V Rising, now you need the raw materials to turn V Rising gold jewelry into gold ingots. So, to make one gold ingot, you will need the following resources:

  • 8x Sulphur 
  • 8x jewelry

We already listed above how to get jewelry in V Rising, and if you want to get access to making Sulphur faster from Sulphur Ore, you will need to defeat Clive, The Firestarter boss in the game.

Once you have defeated him, you will unlock the recipe that can turn sulfur ore into pure Sulphur or sulfur dust that can be used to make many valuable items in the game, such as gold ingots. 

Why Do You Need Gold Ingots 

Acquiring Gold Ingots in V Rising is not a mandatory stage that aids you in story progression. Instead, you get passive buffs on your weapons and increased resistance on your armor set pieces that will eventually be helpful to you when you fight end-game bosses. 

That is why for the sake of an easy progression, you will need to rely on using many gold ingots, and getting the crafting recipe is the easiest way to get an unlimited supply of gold ingots without much hassle. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about getting V Rising gold jewelry and ingots and why these resources are very useful in mid to late games. Did you unlock this crafting recipe yet? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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