V Rising Gold Jewelry: How To Get It & Craft Ingots

Our Gold Jewelry entails how to get jewelry in the game that is later used to make gold ingots. Read our guide & learn it all.

Jewelry constitutes many items in V Rising, such as pendants and gems, but we are not interested in any of those items but the end-game ones. The V Rising gold jewelry refers to the golden sparkly chains that occasionally must have dropped for you after defeating a higher-level enemy in the game.

Key Highlights

Jewelry mainly consists of Golden Sparky Chains or Gold Ingots, which empower your vampire character.

Here’s how to obtain and use them:

  1. Defeat higher-level enemies to acquire Gold Ingots.
  2. If your gear level is 62 or above, you can farm jewelry to get Gold Ingots and enhance your weapon’s base damage.
  3. Find jewelry in Silverlight Hills and Dunley Farmlands by defeating enemies.
  4. Unlock crafting recipes for Gold Ingots by defeating Azariel the Sunbringer, a Level 68 V Blood Carrier located in the Brighthaven Cathedral of Azariel the Sunbringer.
  5. Defeat Azariel using melee weapons.
  6. To craft Gold Ingots, you’ll need 8x Sulphur and 8x Jewelry after defeating Azariel.

Using Gold Ingots can significantly boost your vampire’s power.

Jewelry Overview

V Rising Gold Jewelry
Gold jewelry item v rising

Jewelry serves as a crucial raw material in V Rising. It’s used to create Gold Ingots, valuable late-game items that enhance armor resistance and weapon damage. If your gear score is 62 or higher, farming jewelry, obtaining the Gold Ingot recipe from a boss, and smelting it is essential to face late-game challenges.

While not mandatory, acquiring jewelry to craft Gold Ingots significantly boosts your character’s power. Strengthening your vampire character is central to the gameplay, making jewelry farming a worthwhile endeavor.

How To Get Jewelry 

To obtain jewelry in V Rising, you can follow these methods:

  1. Defeat Powerful Humanoid Foes: In the Silverlight Hills location, you will encounter formidable humanoid enemies who drop jewelry when defeated. Look out for Paladins, Wizards, and elite tier enemies, especially around places like Brighthaven Cathedral. Keep in mind that this region is challenging, so make sure your gear score is 60 or higher to handle these foes effectively.
  2. Search Chests: While exploring Dunley Farmlands or Silverlight Hills, you may occasionally find jewelry in chests. However, the chances of obtaining jewelry from chests are relatively low, so it’s not the most reliable method.
  3. Farm Jewelry in Silverlight Hills: Focus your efforts on farming jewelry in Silverlight Hills, particularly at Brighthaven Cathedral. Paladins, Wizards, and elite tier enemies roam this region. Ensure you have a gear score of 60 or higher to stand a chance against these tough enemies. Other locations like Army Outposts, Fortress Of Light, Brighthaven Square, Sacred Silver Mine Harpy Nest, and Emberleaf Grove also host these valuable enemies.
  4. Areas With Holy Sigils: Be cautious of Holy sigils in Silverlight Hills, as they inflict Holy radiation damage. To withstand this status effect, unlock Holy Radiation resistance potions or flasks and equip tier-three armor set pieces. Focus on slaying Paladins, Knights, Wizards, and high-tier enemies for jewelry.
  5. Farming Jewelry in Dunley Farmlands: If Silverlight Hills is too challenging, head to Dunley Farmlands. Defeat V-Blood Carriers in this region to increase your chances of jewelry dropping. Though the chances are not very high, it’s a more manageable option for acquiring jewelry. Don’t forget to check chests in this area as well.
  6. Bosses in Dunley Farmlands: Most bosses in Dunley Farmlands are between levels 40-55. Revisit and defeat these bosses to farm for valuable resources, including jewelry.
  7. Farming Jewelry from Beatrice: Repeatedly defeating Beatrice in Dunley Farmlands can also yield jewelry, though the drop rate is not extremely high. This approach is suitable if you’re not prepared for the challenges in Silverlight Hills.

Remember that jewelry is a valuable resource in V Rising, so it’s worth the effort to farm it through these methods to enhance your vampire’s power and abilities.

Gold Ingots Crafting Recipe 

farming ingots silverlight hills
V-Rising How to get Gold Ingot Recipe

To unlock the crafting recipe for Gold Ingots in V Rising and convert jewelry into Gold Ingots, you must defeat Azariel the Sunbringer, a Level 68 V Blood Carrier boss located in the Brighthaven Cathedral of Silverlight Hills. Here are the steps to unlock and use the Gold Ingot crafting recipe:

Defeating Azariel the Sunbringer:

  1. Prepare for the Fight: Before facing Azariel, make sure you have Holy Resistance Flasks or potions in your inventory. The Brighthaven Cathedral deals Holy damage to your vampire character, and without Holy resistance, you won’t survive the fight.
    azariel sunbringer boss fight
  2. Craft Holy Resistance Flasks: If you don’t have enough Holy Resistance Flasks, defeat Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, a Level 64 V Blood Carrier. This boss will drop the crafting recipe for Holy Resistance Flasks.
  3. Use Healing Ultimates: Equip one of the two healing ultimates, Heart Strike or Sanguine Coil. These ultimates allow you to leech health from enemies and regenerate your health without draining your blood pool. During the boss fight, you won’t have enough space to recover health using a blood pool.
    V Rising Gold Jewelry
    azariel the sunbringer
  4. Deal with Minions: Azariel the Sunbringer summons minions that mimic his attack patterns. Prioritize defeating these minions before focusing on the boss to maintain control over the fight.
  5. Strategy Against Azariel: Azariel primarily uses ranged attacks, making him vulnerable to melee damage. While you can use a crossbow or ranged weapon, melee attacks are more effective. Azariel tends to keep his distance, which provides an opportunity for melee attacks.
  6. Dodge Holy Lightning Pillars: Azariel occasionally summons lightning pillars that spread from his location towards you. Save your travel ability to dodge these attacks effectively.
  7. Avoid Holy Cloud of Destruction: Azariel throws a Holy Cloud of Destruction at your location from a range. Ensure you have Holy Damage Flasks to mitigate the damage. Lack of Holy damage negation can result in significant health loss.
  8. Break Azariel’s Shield: If you deal consecutive damage to Azariel, he will spawn a shield relic that renders him invulnerable. During this phase, wait for your abilities to cool down, as the shield lasts only a few seconds. Once the shield is down, resume your attacks using both basic and ultimate abilities.

How To Craft Gold Ingots

Assuming you have defeated Azariel the Sunbringer and unlocked the gold ingot crafting recipe in V Rising, now you need the raw materials to turn V Rising gold jewelry into gold ingots. So, to make one gold ingot, you will need the following resources:

  • 8x Sulphur 
  • 8x jewelry

We already listed above how to get jewelry in V Rising, and if you want to get access to making Sulphur faster from Sulphur Ore, you will need to defeat Clive, The Firestarter boss in the game.

Once you have defeated him, you will unlock the recipe that can turn sulfur ore into pure Sulphur or sulfur dust that can be used to make many valuable items in the game, such as gold ingots. 

Why Do You Need Gold Ingots 

Acquiring Gold Ingots in V Rising is not a mandatory stage that aids you in story progression. Instead, you get passive buffs on your weapons and increased resistance on your armor set pieces that will eventually be helpful to you when you fight end-game bosses. 

That is why for the sake of an easy progression, you will need to rely on using many gold ingots, and getting the crafting recipe is the easiest way to get an unlimited supply of gold ingots without much hassle. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about getting V Rising gold jewelry and ingots and why these resources are very useful in mid to late games. Did you unlock this crafting recipe yet? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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