V Rising: How To Get Silver Coins? [Uses & More]

V Rising Silver Coins can be hard to understand at the start. But if you build up resistance and follow our tips, you'll know what to do.

When you first encounter Silver Coin in V Rising, you might want to get rid of them to clear up some space. As Vampires are weak against silver early on due to low silver resistance, it might make sense for you to drop them. However, if you hold on to them for a bit, they’ll be extremely useful in the endgame. Hence, let’s find out everything there is to know about the uses of Silver Coins in V Rising and where you can get them from.

Key Takeaways
  • Encountering the Silver Coins in the early stage of V Rising can be dangerous for the Vampires but they can be extremely useful in the endgame.
  • You can find these Silver coins in the Silverlight Hills. Try to earn these silver coins when you are on a higher stage with a large amount of silver resistance.
  • You can buy cosmetics and gems from the merchant located in the Brighthaven slum with your silver coins.
  • You can also buy major explosives which will help you to kill the enemies for 110 coins.

What Are Silver Coins In V Rising?

V Rising Silver Coins
V Rising – Silver Coins

Despite being harmful to the Vampires, the Silver Coins are actually the currency in V Rising. It is most commonly used in the region of Dunley Farmlands. Even though they can cause sickness to your character but they can be used to purchase valuable items from the merchants. To carry Silver Coins with ease players will need to bump up their Silver Resistance.

How To Build Silver Resistance?

If you want to carry large amounts of silver with you, you will need to build up your silver resistance. This is mainly due to the fact that at the start, you will have no silver resistance, and the silver coins will make you weak (if you’ve got them in your inventory), eventually causing you to die. 

The first solution to this is to split the coins amongst your clan members. In fact, this is a technique that you will need to employ even after you’ve got silver resistance. That is because the merchants that trade using silver tend to demand a lot of coins, and it’s not possible for just one player to take them all.

Later in the game, you will come across a level 60 boss named Raziel the Shepard. Defeating it will allow you to get the recipe of Silver Resistance. When you use the recipe, you will get a temporary boost of silver resistance, allowing you to carry more coins.

You can also build up silver resistance by using various gear that comes with silver resistance naturally.

Where To Find Silver Coins?

Although you can find Silver Coins throughout the game, the best place to find them is in Silver Light Hills. Over there, you will run into the Sacred Silver Mine. However, if you’re just starting out, then be careful as the area can be hard to walk around, especially if you have a low-level character.

Therefore, it is advised that you come here at a later stage in the game when you’ve reached a higher rank, gotten one of the best weapons in V Rising, and also build a fair amount of silver resistance.  

Trading With Merchants

V Rising Human Form
V Rising – Human Form Ability

If you’ve got V Rising Silver Coins and also have the resistance needed to carry them, you will now need to find the merchants willing to trade with you. These merchants are humans, so you can’t trade with them directly.

V Rising – Beatrice Boss

However, later in the game, you will get access to a “Human Form”. To get this form, you will need to defeat a level 38 boss named Beatrice the Tailor. After feeding on the boss’ blood, you will get the ability. As long as you’re in the human form, you will be able to interact with the merchants.

Using Silver Coins

You will most likely find the best use of the Silver coins near the end game. There will be a merchant located in the Brighthaven slums. Over there, you can buy cosmetics and gems for a bunch of silver. You can also buy major explosives for 110 coins.

These explosives are strong enough to go through walls and kill enemies’ servants with ease. Additionally, you can get Highland seeds that players can plant in their castles. You can also buy a folk helmet or a crown that cost 550 silver coins. Regardless, there are a bunch of items that you can get with silver coins that are definitely worth holding onto till the end.


Since its release, V Rising has caught the attention of many gamers and streamers. Roaming around the world as a Vampire, you must build your castle and gear up to take on various challenges, such as farming unsullied hearts and scales in V Rising, then online players will give you some hardship on that front. But if you want to gear up, you will have to trade, often with merchants. In V-Rising, the currency that is often used for trading is Silver Coins. 

With that, you know everything about V Rising silver coins. If you want to use them, you will have to build up your silver resistance. But the rewards are equally worth it. 

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