4 Best V Rising Scales Farming Methods

Scales are one of many crafting materials in V Rising, and I will inform you about the best ways to farm Scales in V Rising.

Scales are one of the crafting materials in V Rising, and they can be hard to get, but there are multiple ways to get scales in the game. Players can get them from chests, and fishing, and they can even be dropped by enemies. In this V Rising Scales guide, we will explain each of these methods in detail, and I would recommend stockpiling on these scales because they will be very useful in the late game. 

Key Highlights
  • The Scales in V Rising are hard to get, but they can be used for upgrading. 
  • They are the crafting materials in the game. You can get Scales from different methods and can easily farm them.
  • One Of the easiest ways to get Scales is fishing. Just Check the loot drop table before starting fishing.
  • You must defeat the Frog Boss in the Swamp of Greeds to get the scale. 
  • You can also obtain the scales by killing the Earthworms in V Rising. They drop the highest amount of scales for the players.
  • Spider Cave is one of the best areas to farm the scales. Just provoke the spiders, wait for them to explode and you’ll get ten scales.

1. Fishing

V Rising Scales

One of the easiest ways to get Scales right now in the game is through fishing. But there’s no guarantee that you will get scales when you fish; you can get multiple items from fishing, such as recipes.

  • One other thing is that fishing spots are location-based, meaning there’s a chance that you won’t even get scales from some fishing spots.
  • So, I recommend checking the loot drop table before you start fishing on a certain fishing spot.
  • Now, this method can grant you some scales, but I would recommend only using this method if you’re having trouble with the other method.

2. Frogs

Scales are usually dropped from enemies, and The swamp is an ideal place to farm scales in V Rising. It is because enemies such as spiders and frogs drop scales, and both spiders and frogs wander in the swamps. There is also a Frog Boss in the Swamp Of Greeds, which can net you a bunch of scales.  

V Rising Scales Swamp of Greed
Swamp of Greed location

3. Earthworms

The quickest method to earn scales in V Rising is by killing Earthworms. Earthworms give around 80-100 scales when killed. They drop the highest amount of Scales than anything else on this list, and they are relatively easy to kill. But the Earthworms are hard to find; they don’t have a specific place where they spawn. The Earthworms usually pop out of the ground in swamps.

4. Spider Cave

V Rise Spider cave location
Spider cave location

Suppose you find the upper methods tedious and repetitive because of the respawn times and worry about being hunted by the lurkers. In that case, one can consider farming from Spider Caves as the easiest method for getting Scales

  • One thing to consider is that if you are playing on a PvP server, there is a boss in the spider cave, and there will be traffic there.
  • If you are on a PvE server, the Spider Cave can easily be considered one of the best areas to scale farm techniques in V Rising.
  • The way I used to get scales in the spider cave was just to provoke the exploding spiders.
  • Since they will explode anyway, you only need to provoke them to explode and worry about dodging the explosion.
  • You don’t even have to fight these spiders; when they explode, they drop ten scales. 

How To Fish In V Rising

Scales Guide
Woodworking Bench

Fishing is used to collect different materials. Judging by the name, you may be hoping to obtain a fish if you decide to go fishing in V Rising but getting a fish is not always guaranteed. You can get other materials as well during fishing. Fish can be used in other recipes or broken down into fish oils. Fishing is also a great way of obtaining special materials available in the region, such as Scourgestones and Copper Ingots.

Below, I will mention how to Fish in V Rising efficiently.

  • To fish in V Rising, you need a fishing pole crafted using planks, Copper Ingots, and Coarse Thread at the Woodworking Bench.
  • There is only one fishing pole type, and there are no baits. The Woodworking bench is unlocked after drinking the blood of Rufus, The Foreman.
  • The Foreman Rufus is at the Bandit Logging Camp near the Cave Passage.
  • Now that you have your fishing pole, you only need to open your map and go to a body of water.
  • Once you have reached the body of water, look for a puddle.
  • Afterward, equip your fishing pole, place your cursor on the puddle and press the left mouse button.
  • Once the puddle flashes, press your left mouse button again to get your reward.

My Take On Farming Scales in V Rising

These were the strategies I used for farming maximum scales in V Rising. Instead of focusing on only one of these methods, I recommend switching between them occasionally so it does not feel tedious or repetitive. Switching between these methods should make the grind more bearable. If you do all of these Scale farming techniques, you should have ample V Rising Scales to easily upgrade your armours.

That concludes our guide for V Rising Scales. The game is now available as early access on PC through Steam. Let us know what you think about the V Rising in the comment section below.

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