V Rising Research Desk: Technology Recipes & Crafting

V Rising is like any other survival game, but the theme of the game makes it unique. The game V Rising follows a theme where the player plays as a vampire. V Rising requires players to collect different items that players can use to make various items. There are various fun activities that a player can perform in V Rising, and researching is one of them. This guide will discuss the V Rising Research Desk in detail. Also, consider reading V Rising Blood Essence and learn about its uses, types & crafting.

Research feature in the game allows players to unlock new technologies. Other survival games require players to collect specific resources to unlock new crafting recipes. V Rising also gives its players basic research resources, including paper and research books. While you are at it, must read our V Rising Glass Guide.

How to Do Research in V Rising

Research desk in V Rising
V Rising Research Desk

If you want to know how to do research in V Rising, follow the steps mentioned below.

Above all, you need to create a spreadsheet for research. Once you are done making the research spreadsheet, open the research table by either taking 50 Paper or research books. You can research inside this table either a random technology or a crafting recipe. Also, consider reading our V Rising Iron Ore and Whetstone guides.

You will see a discover button at the top of the research table menu. Click this button to use papers. If you want to search for specific recipes, click on the research button at the bottom of the table menu, and you must use a research book for this. One of our guides has covered the best Scales farming methods in V Rising, so make sure you read it.

Unlocking New Technology

You will need to interact with the Research Desk in V Rising to unlock technology recipes. You can unlock technology recipes by following any of the two ways.

A random technology can be discovered by spending 50 Paper; this will lead to unlocking a random item that you can craft. Also, consider reading our V Rising Cotton and Unsullied Hearts guides.

A blueprint will also become available if you have a tome in your inventory. If you click on this, it will fully unlock the recipe, which will automatically consume the tome. 

technology unlock in V Rising
Unlocking Technology in V Rising

Variants of Items

Depending on the technology you have unlocked, you can make new items by checking the workbenches. There is a high chance that you will find the variants of items by following this. The items that you can find are mentioned below.

  • You can find Merciless Copper Sword 12 gear score, which will contain 1 Copper Sword, 2 Crude Sapphire, 8 Whetstone, and 4 Leather.
  • Another thing you can find is Merciless Nightstalker Gloves or Boots, which has 1 Nightstalker Gloves or boots, 4 Leather, 4 Coarse Thread, and 8 Copper Ingots.

How to Create Lookup Table in V Rising

To create the Lookup table in V Rising, you need a few resources, which are mentioned as follows.
You will need 80 boards, 120 animal skins, and 80 stones to create the lookup table. Once you have the resources, you will proceed by opening the build menu in V Rising.

To open this build menu, you will be required to press key B and find the research tab under production. You need to place a search board under this research table, and you will be able to do so by left-clicking below the table. Must read our V Rising best weapons guide and learn the overall ranking of each weapon in the game.

How to Obtain Research Books in V Rising

V Rising Research
Research in V Rising

Players can get Research books in various ways, all of them are listed below, and you can follow any of the mentioned ways.

  • You can get research books by killing enemies.
  • Research books can be obtained by killing any of the bosses. 
  • Another way to get the research books in V Rising is to loot the chests in various locations.

How to Acquire Paper in V Rising

Getting Paper in V Rising requires farming it from different enemies. You can also get a paper on V Rising at different places mentioned below.

Paper can be found at Bandit Logging Camp, which will have enemies to farm for paper, and it may also have chests that sometimes contain paper. Another place to find paper is Bandit Trapper camp; it also has enemies and chests to farm paper from.


V Rising has a lot of options to explore, and researching is an important one. Researching requires a few important steps, which have been mentioned in the guide. If you properly follow the mentioned steps, you will be able to unlock new technology and craft new recipes. 

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