V Rising Tailor Floor: How To Unlock & Usage

The tailor floor is one of the few customizable aspects that you can unlock and craft for your castle interiors in V Rising.

The open world of V Rising is chock full of activities to do and loot to hunt. But most importantly, you will be able to build your Castle in the game. Managing the different floors and rooms can be overwhelming at first. But not to worry, because today we will look at how to unlock Tailor Floors in V Rising.

Key Takeaways
  • The floors are the most important component in building your own Castle in V Rising. You can craft them via the study table research.
  • The Tailor Floor provides you with a boost to your structure and gives bonuses to your crafted armor pieces.
  • To unlock Tailor Floor, you have to defeat Nicholaus the Fallenand and extract his blood in order to craft Study, which can discover new recipes.
  • The study structure will help you craft various recipes until you finally discover the recipe for the Tailor floor and unlock it.

Tailor Floor In V Rising

V Rising Tailor Floor
The in-game description of Tailor floors In V Rising.

The tailor floors in the game become a must-have item for almost every player. The biggest benefit perhaps of the Tailors flooring lies in the bonuses. Like other floor designs, the tailor floors provide a boost to your structures within the same category.

It primarily allows the Tailor Structures around it to use 25% fewer materials for their functioning. It also reduces the crafting cost of armor made with Tailor-related materials. Most specifically it reduces the material cost of leather and cotton so it has a more significant cost reduction. Crafting the Tailor’s Floor plan requires the following materials:

  • Cloth
  • Plank
  • Blood Essence

We are going to guide you on how to exactly unlock the Tailor floor in V Rising. Being able to access it requires some luck and patience. However, there’s no need to worry as you will be able to acquire all floor plans eventually.

How To Unlock Tailor Floor Recipe

V Rising Study
The Study is important to create floor plans and other aspects of V Rising.

First things first, players will need to start from the basics. You will need to create a Blood Altar that lets you hunt powerful mini-bosses across the world. These mini-bosses are called V Blood Carriers. It is advised that players always check the recommended level before attempting the bounties for these foes.

You can track these foes from your map too so there’s no need to worry about their locations. We also suggest having a suitable arsenal of Abilities to quickly punish them during combat.

There’s a particular V Blood Carrier we need to hunt down amongst the list to craft a Study. The study is a research that structure allows you to discover new recipes or Technology. This structure will also help you create some endgame recipes to use for the Glass and Ghost Yarn materials.

So pretty much everything related to Study becomes a necessity to unlock later on in the game. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the boss we need to hunt for the recipe.

Nicholaus The Fallen Location

Nicholaus The Fallen
The Study recipe can be acquired from Nicholaus The Fallen

The Study recipe can be found by defeating Nicholaus the Fallen. As depicted by the image above, He can be found to the North of the Farbane Woods region. The exact name of the Location is the Forgotten Cemetary. The suggested level to hunt him is Level 37 but just in case we recommend tackling him at Level 40.

According to a recent statistics report done by Stunlock Studios, this boss is notorious for killing over 200,000+ players in V RisingSo caution is highly advised when battling him. Once you defeat him, all you need to do is extract his blood. To make it easier, our combat tips against him are as follows:

  • You want to continuously strafe around him because he will be summoning tons of weak mobs.
  • Having access to ranged spells such as Chaos Volley and Frost Bat makes this fight significantly easier.
  • Travel spells such as Blood Veil Dash can provide excellent maneuverability and damage buffs.
  • Weapons that have wide or Area-of-Effect swings can make this fight less exhausting.
  • Make sure to use the space of the arena and apply pressure on the boss to not get overwhelmed.

How To Obtain Tailor Floor Technology?

Crafting Tailor Floor
The study will allow you to randomly discover technologies like floor plans

Once you have successfully defeated Nicholaus and extracted his Blood. You can craft the Study in your castle which requires the following materials found in the game:

  • 40 Paper.
  • 40 Plank.
  • Copper Ingot.
  • Grave Dust.

Once the Study has finished being built, you can then apply random technologies to be created in it. These technologies can range from armor sets to new building components for your Castle. This research can only be funded with the help of scrolls. These scrolls can be found in a few different ways:

  • They can be farmed from Level 35 enemies or above towards the midgame.
  • You can also find scrolls while destroying objects lying around in Militia Encampments.
  • Lastly, there’s a chance for you to find scrolls in some rare chests found in the T2 region of the map.

As you slowly progress through the Study’s research, you will get closer to discovering the Tailors Floor recipe. Unfortunately, discovering the recipe is entirely luck-based. Some players can manage to obtain it in their first few completed technologies.

While most of the other players will have to complete a variety of research before being rewarded with it. We advise you to keep trying at it and never give up. Most likely as you discover more recipes, it will increase your chances of receiving the Tailors Floor plans.

Building Your Castle & Management

Let’s look at a brief explanation of your Castle. V Rising starts players off as vampires on the brink of death. You are forced to hunt camps and battle deadly beings across the world of Vardoran. Later on your journey, you will be tasked with settling down in a castle.

The Castle acts as your Base of Operations in V Rising. You will need to build it with various important resources like Blood Essence and Unsullied Hearts. The Castle will provide shelter for your character and against PVP Players. But sooner or later, there will be a time when you will want to customize it to your liking. This is where the various flooring plans and room organization aspect comes into play.

When it comes down to decoration, players can choose their personal preferences and the floor of their Castles. There are a variety of visual customization options and they are all highly accessible. For now, let us discuss the process to unlock the Tailor Floor in V Rising.

This wraps up our Tailor’s Floor guide for V Rising. We hope this guide helps you craft these floors without any confusion. If you have questions related to the guide, please feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

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