V Rising Glass Guide: Uses, Crafting & Quartz Farming

Glass is an essential resource in V rising, and our guide entails some of the best ways to farm quartz & craft glass in the game.

The premise of the V Rising is that you start off at rock bottom as a weak Vampire. Hunting settlements for Blood and journeying on a quest to build your empire. This guide to V rising focuses primarily on Glass and how to farm it in V rising.

You will be scouring the Five different regions of the map in V Rising to rebuild your strength. There are many unknown beings that you will encounter on your conquest. You will be slaying many other vampiric monsters and bosses. As well as exploring every mysterious cave or dungeon located on your map.

But most importantly, gathering materials early on is essential to building your castle in the endgame. The castle is your main base, and resources like glass become scarce as you slowly build the castle towards the late game.

Key Highlights
  • The Glass is used to craft different items in V Rising, especially crafting glass bottles and windows for your castle.
  • For crafting Glass in V Rising, you need to hunt down a V blood carrier to get rewards for overall progression. You can also craft glass by using Furnace. 
  • You need to hunt down the level 44 boss, Christina the Sun Priestess, to obtain glass. You can locate him by Tracking Blood.
  • Collecting the Quartz in the game is not only used for glass but also used in crafting a lot of end-game items. You can get different quartz locations on the map for farming them.

What is Glass in V Rising

V rising Glass
Glass is a key material used in important recipes.

There are various important materials located in the world of V Rising that you need to gather for crafting. However, acquiring these materials can prove to be a minor headache, especially if you are not going out of your way to forge or collect them during exploration.

There are many important resources like Scales and Grave Dust. But you are likely going to need Glass in high abundance the most. It is a valuable item that is one of the most crucial crafting components in the world of V rising. On the subject of Scales, consider reading our scales farming guide.

So let’s take a deeper look at the uses of mirrors, the type of materials you need to craft this resource, and their locations. 

Uses of Glass in V Rising

Before we go into the details of how to farm Glass in V Rising, let’s take a look at its few uses. There is a reason why players in the community of V rising are scavenging to craft this resource vividly. Glass is a prime resource that is used to craft windows for your castle and as well as used to craft glass bottles. 

You definitely need windows for your castle, so you look outside at all times. Since you are building a castle, you will need to craft these windows in several quantities to fit every hall and room. Glass can become very insufficient later on if you keep crafting these windows. So players likely need to start farming early for its materials.

Meanwhile, Glass bottles are also equally important. Glass bottles are primarily used to store different concoctions you may craft in the world. They work similarly to potion bottles from other MMORPGs with the difference that these can store blood and other brews like Mana. 

Unfortunately, glass bottles in V Rising are not reusable items. This aspect is causing some fuss from the player base considering these bottles use high-quality materials to be crafted. For now, let’s check out what materials you need to craft glass and the crafting recipe location.

Glass Crafting Recipe Location and Materials

Glass crafting recipe
The crafting recipe of Glass can be found by hunting a powerful boss

First of all, in order to start crafting glass in V Rising. You will need to hunt down a V Blood Carrier which is basically this game’s version of special bounties. These V blood carriers can provide excellent rewards for players looking to gain an edge in overall progression.

Players need to specifically hunt down Christina the Sun Priestess who is a level 44 boss. By clicking on “Track Blood” players can easily mark her location on the map which is not too far into the game. We advise going after her with caution because players who are under-leveled will no doubt get shredded in only a few hits from her attacks.

However, It is worth pointing out that players can actually start collecting the materials for Glass at the start. You can craft glass using a Furnace. Whether or not you have found the crafting recipe. Regardless of it, you can start collecting the materials before you even grab the recipe.

You can farm these materials on the T2 side of the map which is basically in the central region. These materials are called Quartz. We are going to discuss them briefly and their locations on the map.

Quartz Farming Locations in V Rising

Quartz V Rising
Quartz is a rare material that can be found in the central region

These are the primary elements that you need in order to craft mirrors in V Rising. Most new players assume all materials in this game are found in significant commodities to farm easily. Unfortunately, it is not the same case with Quartz, as it is definitely the rare material in the game. Keeping that in mind, there are only a few picked locations to farm the quartz. There are mostly located in the central region of the map: Dunley Farmlands. 

We highly recommend players farm these materials almost every time they refresh in the world. Because you are going to stockpile them in massive bulks for crafting other important resources in the endgame, too, without further delays, let’s look at the best places to farm Quartz in V Rising.

Quartz Location No.1

Quartz location 1
Location of the first Quartz in V rising

The first location of the quartz is to the West of the Dunley Farmlands. Near this location, players can also find a level 60 V Blood carrier. So we advise early-level players to steer away from his sights if they are out there collecting quartz. Preferably, you want to mine the quartz ore and retreat out of that area entirely.

Quartz Location No.2

Quartz no.2
Location of the second quartz in V rising

This quartz location is located on the Top-left of the first quartz. It is precisely found in the North-West of the Dunley Farmlands. This location also has a gemstone and copper stone outcrop, so you can get even more materials from this area. For a landmark, we found this area had a cave exit built next to it. So players should easily be able to access and make a mental note of this location.

Quartz Location No.3

Quartz No.3
Location of the third Quartz in V rising

The third location of Quartz is also found to be relatively simple. This location is found in the far South-East of Dunley Farmlands. While compared to the previous places we have mentioned, this might seem far off. But worry not, as luckily you should not face too much trouble reaching it.

This location hosts a Militia camp and Cotton farm, so you stock up on some blood and cotton too. With an extra Copper ore outcrop nearby too to mine. So this can be a good place to farm other materials alongside quartz in V Rising.

Quartz Location No.4

Quartz no.4
The location of the fourth and final known Quartz in our guide.

The fourth Quartz is found at the very bottom of the Dunley Farmlands. To the very South-West, to be precise. This location is right on the road, so players do not have to go out of their way to forge it. At the time of this guide, these are the only known locations of Quartz in V Rising. But we will be sure to keep you updated if players in the wild find more Quartz outcroppings.


Glass is a resource you will be using the most to establish your castle. You might also use glass bottles along the way if you ever need them. We suggest every player start collecting the quartz as soon as possible. Because it is a material that is not just used in the glass but in a lot of the late-game item crafting, having tons and tons of quartz on hand when you progress towards the end of the game will prove very beneficial. Doing runs of these locations every hour or so should easily be a great farm for quartz in V Rising.

We hope this guide helped you get a basic idea of the glass resource in V Rising. As well as the materials needed to craft it. We hope you enjoy exploring and building your own vampire kingdom in V Rising. Please feel free to ask any other questions in the comments down below!

V Rising is the latest Top-down style turn-based RPG developed by Stunlock Studios. It is trending on the front pages of the Steam launcher. The game was mainly in early access for the longest time; until it was finally released with a Global Launch on May 17, 2022. The game reached an all-time peak of 100,000 concurrent players during the early access. The game is available to play in both solo and co-op multiplayer.

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