V Rising Quartz Farming Guide: Best Farming Spots

Quartz is one of many essential resources in V Rising. In this guide we will inform you of the best locations to farm Quartz in V Rising

Materials such as Paper can either be farmed or crafted and obtained from the Paper Press. For this guide, our focus is on the location of Quartz and how to farm Quartz in V Rising.

Key Highlights
  • Quartz in V Rising is one of many crafting materials which is used to craft glass and then glass is required to craft different items for the castle.
  • The best place where you can farm quartz is Dunley Monastery. You can get more than 1000 Quartz in a single run.
  • Craft and drink Holy Resistance potion before entering Dunley Monastery in order to avoid any damage. The player must have a Worker Buff which can make grinding of farming various materials a lot easier.
  • You can also find Quartz in various locations which include northwest of the Dunley Farmlands, west and southeast of Dunley Farmlands, Dawnbreak Village and Mosswick Village.

V Rising features an open world that you can explore either solo or with friends. The game starts with you as a weakened vampire, hunting settlements for blood to gain more power.

V Rising allows you to build the castle you have always fantasized about. But building a castle requires resources, and one of those resources is quartz; therefore, we have prepared the guide to make your journey of building an empire easier.

Before we begin our guide, we should tell you that some of the locations we have listed below have unforgiving enemies. Therefore consider reading our V Rising Best Armor, Best Weapons, and Best Build guides, as they are sure to make your journey through V Rising world easier.

Why Do You Need Quartz 

Quartz is one of many crafting materials in V Rising. Quartz is required to craft glass, and glass is required to craft many resources such as windows for your castle, glass bottles that are used to store different concoctions or potions you may craft, and many more. Basically, Quartz is one of the essential materials in V Rising, and having a steady supply of Quartz is highly recommended. 

Quartz Farm V Rising
Quartz Vein/Ore

There are numerous locations in V Rising where Quartz can be found. We have listed the best location for framing Quartz below.

Best Places To Farm Quartz

The best place we would consider for farming Quartz is Dunley Monastery. From this location, you can get more than 1000 Quartz in a single run alone, and one run usually takes less than 5 minutes. But being the best location for farming Quartz doesn’t come without a cost. 

Quartz Farm
Dunley Monastery

Before entering this location, it is highly recommended that you craft a Holy Resistant potion and drink it. If you don’t drink the Holy Resistant potion, you will constantly receive damage, and your armor will lose its durability as long as you are in the location.

After you have crafted the potion, then the first thing you should do is to kill every enemy in the Dunley Monastery, as it should make your farming easier, and one other plus side is that the enemies have a chance to drop glass. Aside from killing every enemy, do not forget to loot every chest in the area as they may also have Glass and Quartz.

How To Farm Quartz

Now, it’s time for the actual farming. There are 15 Quartz Veins in the Dunely Monastery. Be sure to break every one of them to get the most amount of quartz. After a single run, when you return after 30 minutes or so then, you may see that some of the Quartz Veins have been replaced by Stone Veins. There are 2 Veins/Nodes that can spawn in this location, Quartz or Stones

So If you find a Stone Node, then be sure to destroy it, so there’s a chance for it to respawn as a Quartz Node when you return to the location for another farm run.  

The Worker Buff

The Worker Buff is a must-have if you are doing any type of farming. It can make the grind of farming for materials a lot more bearable. There are five levels of the Workers Buff.

Quartz Farm
The Worker Buff
  • At level 1, the worker buff will increase your resource yield by 10%-30%.  
  • At level 2, It increases your damage against Resource objects by 15%-25%, enabling you to mine the nodes/veins quicker. 
  • Level 3 doesn’t increase your farming capabilities, but it does increase your mount gallop speed by 10%-20%. 
  • At level 4, you get a 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed. It is a great way to speed up the process.
  • And finally, level 5 increases all the buffs you received from the Worker Buff by 30%.

Other Locations To Find Quartz

Aside from the Dunley Monastery, there are numerous locations from where you can find Quartz. Some of these locations are listed below.

Quartz location No.1

Quartz location V Rising
Quartz location

The Quartz is located to the northwest of the Dunley Farmlands. There’s also a cave built next to it, so players should not have much trouble trying to find it. The location also has a copper stone and gemstone outcrop.

Quartz location No.2

Quartz location V Rising
Quartz location

The Quartz is located to the west of the Dunley Farmlands, southeast of the first Quartz location. There is also an LVL 60 V Blood Carrier near this location; therefore, we would recommend either going in prepared or being stealthy and quick, so you can quickly mine the Quartz and run away.

Quartz location No.3

location of quartz
Quartz location

The Quartz is located to the far southwest of the Dunley Farmlands. It is located just beside the road, so players should not have much trouble trying to find it.

Quartz location No.4

location of Quartz
Quartz location

The Quartz is located to the southeast of the Dunely Farmlands. The Quartz is located just beside the road, so players should not have much trouble trying to find it. The location has a militia camp, so go in prepared. It also has a cotton farm, so don’t forget to get some cotton too while you are there.

Aside from this, there are numerous locations such the Dawnbreak Village and Mosswick Village from where you can get Quartz, so always keep an eye out whenever you are exploring the world of V Rising.

Quartz is one of the essential materials; therefore, it is never a bad thing to have too much Quartz. Always keep an eye out for it because it is required for crafting a lot of late-game items. Try doing farm runs every 30 minutes or 1 hour to get the maximum amount of Quartz in the lowest amount of time. We hope this guide helped you out.

That wraps us our guide for V Rising Quartz farm. V Rising is Stunlock Studio’s latest game and is available on PC through Steam. V Rising is constantly sitting in the top seller category on Steam and has recently surpassed the 1.5 million total copies sold mark. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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