V Rising Best Builds: Reaper, Slasher, Mace, Axes

This V Rising Best Builds guide will showcase a base, Berserker, Mace, Reaper, Axe, and Slasher build for combat!

V Rising has gained tons of popularity whereby the player will wake up as a vampire and will have to hunt to survive. Additionally, players will also have to build their castle and save it from other players. This PvE and PvP-based survival game is open-world and involves a lot of strategic elements. Players will also gain access to weapons and tons of different builds to try, so we have compiled this compact guide full of V Rising Best Builds. 

Starter Base Build 

The starter Base Build is not so much weapon-based as it is simply for survival for newer players. Every player will need a base that they can survive in, and with this simple base being featured in our V Rising Best Builds, players should look to build their survival base right!

Building The Base 

V Rising Castle Heart
Castle Heart

To get started on building the Base in V Rising, players should always look to build in areas well-hidden and away from sunlight. This way, players will not be able to find your base, and it will stay well protected. After assuring your position, start clearing vegetation, trees, and anything unnecessary. 

With that, place down a Castle Heart, a starter unit without which the V Rising base cannot be built. With that, start placing down borders surrounding the Castle Heart in a 3×3 grid so the Heart itself can have more flooring and a base room. 

Add 3 main walls and one gate surrounding the Heart for extra protection from unwanted intruders so that they can not instantly find your V Rising Castle Heart. After that, start covering the 3×3 grid that you made with more boundary walls. Typically, players will be advised to use palisade boundaries and palisade gates. While you’re at it, consider reading Unsullied Hearts guide.

After getting one main wall of protection down, start covering the main boundaries with more grids and more palisade walls. This is purely done, so players can get reassurance that their base is done in the utmost V Rising Best Builds. 

V Rising Structuring Base
Building The Base

If players so desire, they can create a kind of airlock by clipping the grids and walls to make it even more difficult for conquerors to break into your base. Don’t forget to use a Mist Brazier to add an extra thick fog to disguise your base. With a base, learn more about how to build a castle!

Items To Place 

Now that the main base build is all good to go, the player can start placing down the important items for survival. 

Some of the main things that players will need include: 

  • Wooden Coffin: This is used as a respawn point. Anytime the player dies or is killed while in combat, they will respawn in the coffin and have full health again, and will be able to continue from where they left off. 
  • Storage Boxes: This is self-explanatory; it is simply there to help the V Rising players store loot that they have gathered while exploring. 
  • Sawmill 
  • Refining Stations: A station dedicated to refining their weapons or other items can be vital because the player has the refining resources. 
  • Blood Altar
  • Simple Workbench
  • Research Table 
V Rising Complete Base
Finished Base

Early-Game Berserker Build 

V Rising Gear and Stats
Stats Berserker

When it comes to focusing on the V Rising Best Builds, players that are just starting might instead want a beginner-friendly build. Therefore this Berserker Build in V Rising will carry you throughout the early game content. It has a few basic armor pieces, a weapon selection, and 4-5 main abilities that will help you obliterate enemies even when you are a beginner. If you need more information about armor sets, you might want to read up on our V-Rising Armor guide!

Armor and Weapon 

For players that are absolute newbies, even the starting gear works pretty well as long as they have solid abilities lines up. As for the recommended armor, players can look into wearing the Nightstalker Armor, which will contain the boots, greaves, gauntlets, and a chest piece to complete the look. 

As for items, it is highly recommended to stick to a basic Bone Ring for items, all the while equipping a traveler’s wrap to offer an extra added protection for the V Rising Player. The reason players will use the most basic items is to get through the starting story content and get stronger later on. 

As for the starting weapon, players can look into equipping the Copper Axe at level 9, which will provide them with ample physical damage that they need to get through the starting bosses and enemy raids. Make sure to check out our V Rising Ghost Yarn Guide!


V Rising Berserker Gameplay
Berserker Gameplay

Although the Early-game Berserker Build in V Rising is a beginner build, there are still a few ability recommendations that players can equip to start strong! If you like these abilities, check out our V Rising Abilities guide!

Veil of Blood 

After casting this ability, players will be granted the ability to dash in the general direction of their enemies and attack them for a total of 2.2 seconds. The next attack launched by the player will make the opponents intake 25% additional damage, which will render them useless, and it will also restore a total of 5% max Health Points for the player. 

Chaos Volley 

Another excellent ability players should use for their V Rising Berserker Starter build is Chaos Volley, which allows players to unleash 2 Chaos Bullets. Whenever it reaches the enemies, it will explode, dealing 125% extra damage, and it will also apply the “Chaos Burn” to opponents. 


When Shadowbolt is equipped and cast forth by the V Rising player, they will be able to launch a shadow projectile aimed at the general direction whereby the enemies are located. After attacking enemies, it will inflict them with a total of 200% magic damage output, all the while applying the “Fading Snare.” 

Blood Rite 

Last but not least, Blood Rite is another starting ability that players can use. When it is summoned by them, they can block incoming projective as well as melee attacks that are being aimed at them from the opponent’s end. Alongside that, it will also heal a certain amount of HP. 

While the Berserker build is not one of the V Rising Best Builds, it is still vital for starting players!

V Rising Reaper Build 

V Rising Reaper Build
Reaper Build and Gameplay

Subsequently, let’s dive directly into our V Rising Reaper Builds, which entails using one of the useful weapons in the game to the player’s advantage and obliterating enemies. It can be classified into the category of our V Rising Best Builds, as its damage output is hard-hitting that can decimate enemies. If players want to check out which weapons might work best with their playstyle, they might want to read our V Rising Best Weapons guide!

Why Choose Reapers?

One of the main reasons that V Rising players would typically use the Reaper is if they are planning to focus on building mage builds, as the Reaper can deem useful for spell-casting and using Magic abilities to the player’s advantage. The Reaper is also impeccable when being used in PvP battles, simply because it can break through some of the strongest friends in battle and obliterate them. 

It will also enhance the spell damage output, which is again important for mage-based builds. As for which Reaper to go for, the best Reaper in-game is the General’s Soul Reaper, as it is an overpowered option. Our Paper Press guide is a must-read for players!

Weapon Skills 

V Rising Tendon Swing
Tendon Swing
V Rising Howling Reaper
Howling Reaper Skill

As for the Reaper skills in V Rising, players can use two main skills in combat. 

  • Tendon Swing: Upon casting, players can take their Reaper in hand and swing it against opponents, which will deal 125% damage to them, rendering them useless. It will also apply the “Fading Snare” for 2 seconds. The cooldown is 8 seconds. 
  • Howling Reaper: Upon summoning forth this skill, players are granted the ability to take a “howling reaper” and aim it in the general direction of enemies, and when it attacks them, it will deal a total of 20% melee damage for 2.5 seconds. The cast time for this skill is 0.5 seconds. 

Dash Abilities 

Alongside the weapon abilities, below listed are the Dash abilities in Reaper build that players should go for: 

  • Veil of Illusion: With this in hand, head towards your opponents and elude your foes for 2.2 seconds. With that, anytime the player decides to attack. Next, their damage output will be boosted by 25%. 
  • Veil of Chaos: This skill is similar to the other one mentioned before; however, it is more potent and belongs to the Chaos magic school. 

Other Skills To Have 

Lastly, there are two more skills that players are recommended to have in their arsenal: 

  • Chaos Volley: This skill is needed to unleash 2 Chaos Bolts at the enemy, which will deal 125% of total magic damage output and help the V Rising player dominate enemies. 
  • Void: Helps player become stronger in combat. 

V Rising Slashers Build 

V Rising Slasher Build
Slashers Build

Now, whenever players want to go for any other weapons in V Rising combat, they are looking for weapons that will make them insanely fast and be able to dash in and out of the opponent’s side-eye, then surely the V Rising Builds must include the slashers! With the Slashers in V Rising in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to get close enough to enemies to perfect them but then zoom back out of the crime scene without being noticed. 

Why Choose Slashers?

Some players might want to go for Slashers because it can output an insane amount of damage, all the while being able to do it at impeccable speeds. This ensures the V Rising players that their mobility will not be compromised and that they will gain victory, no matter what. 

Extra Gear and Weapon

When mentioning extra gear, players can go for the sapphire pendant at a higher level, and essentially what it will do is that it will be able to provide an 18.5% enhancement of the spell power. With that, players will also experience that their spell crit rate is enhanced by 12%, which is crucial if they want to land critical hits at enemies. 

The Topaz Amulet is also another great piece that players can pair together with their overall build, as it will provide the same amount of spell power which is 18% and 12% crit rate. The winning point of the Topaz Amulet for players in V Rising is that it has been brought up to level 18, then it outshines other pieces of gear. 

As for the main weapon, players are recommended to invest in the Merciless Iron Slashers as it has a solid damage output while being able to pierce through enemies and render them useless. As for gear, make sure to not miss out on our V Rising Gear Progression Guide!

Weapon Abilities 

V Rising Camouflage
Camouflage Skill
V Rising Elusive Strike
Elusive Strike Skill

As for the weapon abilities in Slashers, there are two main abilities that players will activate and use to get the most out of their V Rising Builds: 

  • Camouflage: With this skill in hand, players can go into “camouflage mode,” which allows them to gain increased mobility by 25% for 3 seconds. With that, they can also experience an 80% melee damage output whenever they unleash their next attack against enemies. 
  • Another important skill is Elusive Strike, which entails players fashing to and forth against enemies while consistently unleashing slashing and piercing attacks at them. This will deal 60% melee damage and murder them off. 

Magic Abilities 

Below listed are the few magic abilities that players are recommended to equip and use in combat: 

  • Veil of Chaos: The Veil of Chaos is definitely what makes the slasher be in the V Rising Best Builds list. With this, players can head in the main direction of their enemies and continue to attack them for 2.2 seconds. Anytime the players next attack the foes again, they will gain a 25% bonus damage output, allowing them to render more enemies useless. 
  • Veil of Illusion: While the starting effect of the Veil of Illusion is the same, it will continue to spawn a special illusion that will continue to launch out projectiles at the enemies, which will deal a total of 40% damage output as magic damage. After being summoned again, it will teleport players in V Rising to their original area. 
  • Purgatory: Summon forth an energy pillar that will apply the “Slow” status to enemies for a total of 1 second present in its overall radius. And it will continue to heal fellow party members based on 40% of the total spell power. 
  • Unstable Mosquito: Call forth an annoying mosquito that will follow enemies (just like it does in real life). After exploding after one second, it will deal 60% magic damage and apply the “Amplify” debuff. 
  • Heartstrike: Continue to dash towards your foes and strike and pierce through them in a straight line, which will cause them to intake 150% damage output as magic damage and heal allies for 150% of the total spell power. You might find our V Rising Blocked by Border guide an interesting read!

V Rising Axes Build 

V Rising Axe Build
Axe Build

Moving on, the next build that we will be looking at features Axes in V Rising, and this is simply for players that want to obliterate enemies, all the while being able to stay safe themselves. There is a reason why players will consider axes categorized into the V Rising Builds. You might want to check our V Rising Research Desk Building guide!

Why Choose Axes 

The single reason players will want to go for equipping an ax is that it is one of the heaviest hitting weapons in the game. It can output great damage, all the while being able to make the player feel overpowered. The V Rising Axe Build is typically for players who want to dominate PvP and PvE battlegrounds. 

It is also crucial when players are trying to progress through the game faster and want to go for higher levels, which is where the Axe in V Rising comes in. basically, it is needed if players want to solo-grind or self-survive when they are in the middle of a heavy battle. Blood essence is one of the most vital parts of the game, so make sure not to miss out on the V Rising Blood Essence guide!

Weapon and Abilities

V Rising Frenzy
Frenzy Skill

When choosing which ax to go for, many players will be advised to stick to the Dark silver Axes set since it has a solid 23% physical damage output, which is single-handedly enough to obliterate enemies in their wake. Alongside that, players will also be able to use it for their specialty, Wood. Check out where to get whetstone in V Rising!

As for the weapon abilities in V Rising, these two are the ones that will come with every ax kit: 

  • Frenzy: Starting things off with Frenzy, whenever players activate it, they will gain the ability to move quickly towards their foes while being able to strike them, which will make them intake a total of 100% melee damage. They will also gain a 25% increase in movement speed while also getting a 30% increased attack speed. 
  • X-strike: With X-strike in hand, players can unleash their axes in the shape of an X, which deals 85% melee damage output and will also inflict the “Slow” debuff on opponents for a total of 2.5 seconds. It will also apply the “Incapacitate” debuff for 2 seconds on them. 
V Rising X-strike
X-strike Skill

Magic Abilities 

Subsequently, there will be a few magic abilities that players will be advised to use when they are in the middle of combat when using the V Rising Builds. Below listed are those few magic abilities: 

  • Veil of Chaos: The first magic ability in V Rising that players can go for is Veil of Chaos, which will allow the player to move towards their enemies quickly and elude them for a total of 2.2 seconds. Anytime the player attacks the foe. Next, it will cause the enemies to take 25% extra damage. 
  • Purgatory: Another excellent skill that players can choose to equip and use is purgatory, and it is known to be one of the overpowered skills. When summoning it, players will be granted the ability to summon forth a full of energy pillar, and it will cause enemies to slow down for a total of 1 second. It will also heal fellow team members for 40% of the total spell power that the player possesses. 
  • Sanguine Coil: Next up, players can activate Sanguine Coil, which allows them to unleash a projectile that will have magic imbued into it, and it will cause enemies to intake 75% of it. It will also eat off 40% of the entire enemy’s HP bar. 
  • Crimson Beam: Lastly, Crimson Beam allows players to launch a shadow projectile that deals with a potent 200% magic damage output and applies the “Fading Snare” for a total of 1 second(s). 

V Rising Mace Build 

V Rising Mace
Mace Build

Let’s wrap up our V Rising Best Builds by introducing the mace, which is considered an excellent AoE damage output-based weapon with which players can unleash deadly amounts of damage while being able to protect themselves in combat. Its damage output is rivaled that of other weapons in the game and can not be outdone by other weapons in its overall AoE damage.

Farming silver ore can be crucial for upgrades and refinements; therefore, educate yourself by reading our Silver Ore farming guide!

Weapon Abilities 

V Rising Crushing Blow
Crushing Blow Skill

For all those players in V Rising that are trying to obliterate enemies with the mace weapon, it comes with two main abilities that will deem crucial to kill off opponents, and without which the combat experience won’t be the same:

  • Smack: The first ability is Smack, and it aids the player when they are on the battlefield by allowing them to go up to them, then continuously smack them while inflicting 50% melee damage. It will also cause knockback and apply the “incapacitate” for a total of 1.2 seconds.
  • Crushing Blow: Another crucial skill that the players can use is the Crushing blow which allows players to slam against enemies, which will deal 110% melee damage. It also causes them to enter the Fading Snare mode for 2 seconds. 
V Rising Smack
Smack Skill

Other Abilities 

When mentioning other abilities that players can equip and use in battle, there are a select few that can truly benefit them, with some of them being listed below: 

  • Veil of Frost: With Veil of Frost, the player can get their hands on enemies by being able to consistently dash towards them, eluding them for 2.2 seconds, and then casting a shield around themselves that will inflict further damage. The shield will be based on 25% of the player’s total spell power possessed. The next attack launched by the player will get a 25% increased damage output. 
  • Veil of Chaos: Repeat the same total first part of the skill as Veil of Frost, and cast another shadow illusion that can be brought up when the player recasts the skill. After the illusion has been cast, it will continue to explode, which will unleash a further 50% magic damage output to enemies that are in the general radius. 
  • Purgatory: As we mentioned before, the purgatory skill basically allows the player to simply cast down an energy pillar that will slow them down as well as heal fellow party members. The heal casting will be based on 40%, and after it, it will explode, unleashing energy that inflicts 75% additional magic damage output. 
  • Ice Nova: Another useful skill for V Rising players. 

With that, our V Rising Best Builds guide is done; let us know what you think!

Photo and Build Credits: 

  • Base Build: Rodwenn 
  • Berserker Build: 04AM 
  • Reaper, Mace, Slasher, and Axe Build: Redlaf
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