Best V Rising Abilities: Basic, Travel, ULT & Vampire

Our V Rising best abilities guide entails Top 20 abilities from basic, travel, ultimate and vampire spells you should unlock in the game.

If you ever had to play an RPG video game based on creating your own vampire, customizing skill sets, and selecting the best weapons in your arsenal, then V Rising is the perfect game for you. To achieve the Best Build in the game, it is essential that you’re well-informed on some of the Best V Rising Abilities

Key Takeaways
  • V Rising has three types of abilities which include weapon abilities, vampire skills, and character abilities.
  • Then there are different kinds of character abilities which include Blood Abilities, Unholy Abilities, Illusion Abilities, Chaos Abilities, Frost Abilities, Travel abilities, Ultimate abilities, and Vampire Abilities.
  • Blood abilities are of two types:
    • Blood Rage ability allows the character to shield and nearby allies; it also increases attack speed.
    • Sanguine Coil allows one to maintain a safe distance from enemies and allows you to heal yourself.
  • There are also unholy abilities in V Rising: 
    • Ward of the Damned ability increases movement and blocks melee and projectile attacks.
    • Pestilence ability allows launching 3 projectiles on enemies.
  • As for the Illusion Abilities players can either choose the Wisp Dance ability which allows the character to summon wisps, or the Spectral Assassin ability which allows summoning an assassin
  • There are two kinds of Chaos Abilities, Chaos Valley ability allows the character to hurl chaos bolts, and the Power surge ability allows you to cast a shield on yourself or to allies.
  • Then there are Frost Abilities, Frost bat ability allows the character sends out a projectile that explodes, and Frost barrier ability allows the character to spawn 8 waves.
  • Other than that, there are Travel Abilities; the Veil of Illusion ability will trick by making illusions on enemies, and the Veil of Frost ability will send your vampire to enemies and attack them. 
  • After that, there are Ultimate Abilities, summon fallen angel ability summons a fallen angel to fight, and the chaos barrage ability allows the vampire to launch four barrages. 
  • The last kind of ability set on our list is the Vampire Abilities, these include:
    • Rat form ability transforms a vampire into a rat.
    • Toad form ability transforms a vampire into a toad.
    • Wolf form ability transforms a vampire into a wolf.
    • Human form ability transforms a vampire into a human.
    • Blood Hunger ability allows you to see the quality of the blood of prey.
    • Expose Vein ability allows another vampire to drink your blood.

There is no limitation to what you do in the game and engage in PvP or PvE elements. However, the abilities you equip will define your overall playstyle. That is why our Best Abilities in the V Rising guide entail 20 top-tier skills you should not sleep on. 

What Are Abilities In V Rising?

V Rising has three unique types of abilities that you can select. There are weapon abilities that are tied to individual weapon types. Then there are vampire skills that are basically triggered or used when you are out of combat; hence there is no cooldown on them whatsoever. If you have just started the game, then consider reading the V Rising Best Armors guide.

Lastly, there are character abilities that actually define how you engage in combat and dominate the PvE or PvP domains in the game. Our guide focuses on the 20 best combat and out-of-combat abilities of V Rising, which basically includes Character and Vampire abilities only. 

Stats of all abilities in V-Rising:

Ability NameTypeBuffs
Blood RageBlood Ability- The higher your spell power the more effective the shield is.
- 25% Increase in attack speed for 4.5 seconds.
Sanguine CoilBlood Ability- Launches a projectile that does 75% damage.
- Leeches 40% Health if it hits the target.
- Allies get healed to a 100% if it hits the target.
Ward Of The DamnedUnholy Ability- Increases the movement speed by 10%.
- Block melee and projectile attacks for 2 seconds
PestilenceUnholy Ability- Each of the 3 projectiles does 40% Magic Damage.
- On Hit it knocks back and applies the Amplify Status Effect.
- This effect increases the damage taken by enemies to 25%.
Wisp DanceIllusion Ability- 25% Magic Damage to enemies who come close to you in this state.
- The 3 whips launched as projectiles will do 50% Magic Damage.
- On Hit it applies the Weaken Status Effect.
- This effect reduces the overall damage output by 30% for 5 seconds.
Spectral AssassinIllusion Ability- On hit does 125% Magic Damage to all targets.
- On hit applies the Weaken Status Effect.
- This effect reduces the damage output of enemies by 30% for 5 seconds.
Chaos VolleyChaos Ability- Does 125% of your overall magic damage.
- On Hit it applies the Chaos Status Effect to the target.
Power SurgeChaos AbilityIncreases attack and movement speed by 25% when the shield is active.
Frost BatFrost Ability- Does 100% Magic Damage.and Applies Chill to targets nearby.
- Applies 4 seconds of immobilization in PvE.
- Applies 2.5 seconds of Chilled Status Effect to vampires in PvP.
Frost BarrierFrost Ability- Each frost wave does 50% Magic Damage to targets and Applies the Chilled Status Effect to targets.
- Increased movement by 10% for 2 seconds.
- Block All Melee and Projectile Attacks for 2 seconds.
Veil Of IllusionTravel Ability- 25% Increased Damage after your enemies become eluded for 2.2 seconds.
- The illusion throws projectiles at enemies that do 40% magic damage.
Veil Of FrostTravel Ability- Eludes the enemy for 2.2 seconds.
- The shield is applied to your character for 125% of your spell power and 25% Increased Damage Potential on your next primary attack.
- Nova Of Frost does 50% damage while also applying Chill Status Effect.
Summon Fallen AngelUltimate Ability- Summons a fallen angel for 15 seconds and applies the amplified status effect.
- This effect allows you to deal a 25% increased damage.
Chaos BarrageUltimate Ability- Unleashes 4 chaos barrages which are huge projectiles.
- On a hit, it does 75% magic damage and applies the Chaos Burn Status effect on hit.
Rat FormVampire AbilityAllows you to use stealth as your mode of travel.
Toad FormVampire AbilityAllows you to move while jumping in the air.
Wolf FormVampire AbilityIncreases your movement speed by 45%.
Human FormVampire Ability- Allows traveling in human settlements.
- Buying valuable items from merchants and selling of items to traders.
- Also consumes more blood.
Blood HungerVampire AbilityAllows the identification of blood quality and blood types of your targets before praying on them.
Expose VeinVampire Ability- Allows you to share your blood, blood quality, and blood type with other vampires.
- Helps in replenishing your ally vampires.

Character Abilities Types

When it comes to character abilities, which are actually the core elements that decide how you approach a certain combat situation, there are three key skills you get to pick abilities from. 

Basic, Travel, and Ultimate are the core abilities that shape combat in V Rising. Players can equip only two basic skills, one travel and one ultimate ability at a time. This means you can equip a total of four character abilities in V Rising to mix and match in combat. 

Character Abilities Themes

All the four skill types we listed above are further divided into five themes or elemental types in V Rising. Players can select Basic, Travel, and Ultimate abilities from Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost themes in the game. 

You must note that there is no restriction whatsoever that all four abilities in V Rising should be from a single theme. You can mix and match all four abilities to your liking and shape the combat playstyle just the way you want in the game.

This flexibility to select the best abilities in V Rising makes the whole experience dynamic, and players can make some of the best builds using various skills in the game.

Best Blood Abilities 

v rising best abilities
Blood abilities V Rising

The best part about equipping Blood abilities in the game is that they passively heal your character or nearby allies for some time. However, the overall effectiveness of the healing power is entirely dependent on either your skill power or the maximum health of the character. 

Since there are five Blood abilities you can unlock and equip at best only two, we have listed our best blood abilities in V Rising that you need to have.  

Blood Rage

Triggering the Blood Rage ability will allow your character to shield himself and the nearby allies. The potency of the shield power depends upon 110% of your spell power, so the higher your spell power, the more effective the shield is.

Additionally, the Blood Rage ability also grants your character increased attack speed, not damage, by 25% for the next 4.5 seconds. Considering you get increased speed, you can basically hit more enemies via melee damage and deal tons of damage.

Sanguine Coil

The Sanguine Coil blood ability is basically a ranged skill that allows you to maintain a safe distance from the enemy a deal a decent amount of damage as well. When the ability is triggered, your character launches a projectile that does 75% magic damage and leeches 40% health if the skill hits your target.

If Sanguine Coil connects an enemy, your ally will get healed for 100% and yourself for 40%. However, the potency of this Blood ability depends on your spell power as well. Sanguine Coil is by far the Best Blood ability in V Rising while playing the co-op mode in the game.

Best Unholy Abilities

Unholy ability
Unholy abilities V Rising

Similar to the healing abilities you get to use by equipping the basic Blood skills as mentioned above if you equip the Unholy abilities, you will get Amplify status effect. During this stats effect duration, the target takes 25% more damage for the next five seconds.

Since you can equip only two basic abilities at a time, that is why we have listed here the Best Unholy abilities in V Rising you should use if you have been sleeping on them. 

Ward Of The Damned

The best part about using the Ward of the Damned ability in the game is that not only do you get increased movement speed by 10%, but your character also gets a complete block of melee and projectile incoming attack for the next two seconds. 

Additionally, whenever you absorb an incoming attack, a skeleton will be summoned at the place, and enemy melee attackers will then be knocked back from you.

The Ward of the Damned is an excellent ability that you can use in the PvE and PvP segments of V Rising. Sure, it has its limitations, but you can not deny that it can be one of the best abilities while playing with friends or facing an online player.  


Pestilence is a ranged Unholy basic ability that allows you to launch three Unholy projectiles on enemies, and each one deals 40% magic damage to the targets caught in the wave. 

Also, whenever the projectiles hit a target, it is knocked back, and Amplify status effect is applied to it, which basically increases the damage taken by the target by 25% for the next five seconds.

This Unholy ability is also excellent for crowd controlling as you get to maintain a certain distance from enemies while hurling the Unholy ranged projectiles as well. 

Best Illusion Abilities

v rising best abilities
illusion abilities V Rising

The Illusion set of abilities in the game basically weakens an enemy’s attack power significantly. Every attack that your abilities land on a target will weaken their incoming attack by 30% for five seconds. So, you can call Illusion abilities debuff skills in V Rising.

We have listed here the two best Illusion abilities in V Rising that will allow you to deal a massive amount of ranged damage and control the crowd by summoning an ally for a short duration. 

Wisp Dance

Using the Wisp Dance ability will allow your character to basically summon at least three wisps that will circle around your character, creating a sort of shield barrier. Enemies that come closer to you while you are in this state will take 25% magic damage.

Additionally, when you press the ability button again to recast the Wisp Dance, all three wisps will be launched as projectiles toward the targets, each dealing 50% magic damage.

Moreover, when these wisps hit a target, the Weaken status effect is applied, and overall damage to the afflicted enemy is reduced for five seconds by 30%. Wisp Dance is an excellent ability that you must use in PvE and PvP. 

Spectral Assassin

Using the Spectral Assassin illusion ability will allow you to summon an assassin that lasts for six seconds and aids you in combat. The spectral assassin basically makes heavy attacks and does a massive amount of damage: 125% magic damage to all targets that are hit. 

Moreover, with each hit, the spectral assassin also knocks back the enemies, and that is why this Spectral Assassin is the best crowd-controlling ability in V Rising you should start using today. Also, each hit of this assassin inflicts Weaken status effect on targets, reducing their damage output by 30% for the next five seconds. 

Best Chaos Abilities

chaos ability
Chaos abilities V Rising

Similar to the debuff capability of Illusion skills we listed above, the Chaos abilities apply damage-over-time (DoT) effects on a target that is called Chaos Burn. Whenever your skills connect with a target, and they get this status effect, the overall health of an enemy will deplete for a few seconds.

That is why if you want to apply Chaos Burns on bosses in PvE or other vampires in PvP, then you must start using the two best Chaos abilities in V Rising we have listed here below.

Chaos Volley

Chaos Volley is a very basic ranged ability that allows your character to hurl two chaos bolts back-to-back, which basically deal 125% of your overall magic damage. The inflicted target or multiple targets will also get the Chaos Burn status effect applied to them.

Power Surge

Now Power Surge is definitely a top-tier PvP-oriented ability in V Rising that basically allows you to cast a shield on yourself or an ally and also remove all negative status effects as well.

When this ability is triggered, your character will get rid of all negative status effects (if any) and then will get to apply a shield on yourself or a nearby ally, whose effectiveness will depend on 150% of your spell power.

The shield basically gives you increased attack and movement speed by 25% as long as the shield lasts. 

Even though you will need the usage of the Power Surge ability the most in PvP encounters, you can also exploit it while fighting bosses in the game and get the upper hand.

Best Frost Abilities

v rising best abilities
Frost abilities V Rising

The Frost set of abilities completely halts the enemy’s movement, and you are given free time to attack back the target when they are immobilized for a few seconds completely.

This status effect called Chill works in the PvE and PvP segments of V Rising. However, while applying the Frost Status effect on other vampires only, the duration is halved compared to the PvE enemy’s counterparts. 

To inflict a Chill status effect on a target, you will first need to hit a target using the basic skill, and the enemy will get covered in a frost layer. When you hit back the target again with the Frost ability, the Chill status effect gets applied, and the target is immobilized temporarily. 

Frost is by far our best-themed ability in V Rising, and we have listed the two best basic skills you should have in your arsenal while roaming the lands at night.

Frost Bat

Frost Bat is a projectile-based ability in V Rising, and it basically allows your character to send out a projectile that will explode upon impact, covering the Frost layer to targets caught in the explosion. 

The ability also deals 100% magic damage and applies Chill to nearby targets. In PvE, the enemies will be immobilized for four seconds. However, if you use Frost Bat in PvP, the vampires will be applied the Chilled status effect for 2.5 seconds only.

Frost Barrier

Triggering the Frost Barrier ability will allow your character to spawn nearly eight waves of Frost, each of which deals 50% magic damage to targets struck by the barrier and get a Chilled status effect applied to them. 

Furthermore, the movement speed of your character is also increased by 10% for two seconds, and you will get to block all incoming melee and projectile-based attacks for two seconds only. 

Best Travel Abilities 

Now that we have entailed all the best abilities from Blood, Unholy, Chaos, Illusion, and Frost elements, you must also learn the best travel abilities as well. Since you can equip only one travel ability at a time, we have listed just two travel abilities that we think are far better than the rest three that we did not list here. 

However, it is just a personal preference, and you may happen to like the travel abilities that we did not list here. Or, you may also be agreeing to the choice of best travel abilities in V Rising we listed here.  

Veil Of Illusion

Most travel abilities in the game are designed for your character to do a quick dash, and get out of harm’s way to get closer to opponents from a distance for a melee strike. However, Veil of Illusion is by far our best travel ability in V Rising. It is because after using this ability, your character pulls a parlor trick at your opponents by confusing them or distracting them by spawning an illusion.

The way it works is when your character dashes towards the input direction, your enemies are eluded for 2.2 seconds, and after that, the next attack that you will deal will land a 25% increased damage. 

Moreover, each dash spawns an illusion that basically throws projectiles on targets surrounding your character, and they deal 40% magic damage. Whenever you press the recast input, your character will be teleported back to the starting position and can spawn the next illusion wherever your character was in the last position.

Veil Of Frost

By now, you must have a clear idea about the impact of the Chill status effect in V Rising. You can practically immobilize your targets for a couple of seconds and render them useless against you in combat using Frost-based basic abilities. However, Veil of Frost is the travel ability based on the Frost theme, and this, too, like most basic and ultimate attacks, does not disappoint. 

Triggering Veil of Frost in the direction of your selection will send your vampire character toward enemies, eluding them for 2.2 seconds. After that, a shield will be applied to your character for 125% of your spell power. 

Additionally, your character will also deal with the next primary attack with a 25% increased damage potential and will also conjure a nova of frost. Now, this nova deals a massive 50% damage to a target and also applies the Chill status effect. You can also inflict the status effect on multiple enemies as well. 

Best Ultimate Abilities 

Ultimate abilities in V Rising deal a massive amount of damage and are also the only class of abilities to have a longer cooldown duration. You will do enormous damage, but you will also need to decide where to use the skill and make the most of the situation. 

That is why one must not undermine the potential of using ultimate abilities in the game, as they can turn the tide of a rough situation in your favor. Since you can equip only one ultimate skill in the game at a time, we have recommended the two best ultimate abilities in V Rising; you should definitely try not to sleep on them.

Summon Fallen Angel

Summon Fallen Angel ultimate ability falls under the Unholy class of skills in V Rising, and we think this is by far the top-tier ULT ability in the game right now. It is because when you trigger it, you will summon a fallen angel that will fight side-by-side with you for 15 seconds. 

Is it not amazing? Wait, this gets better. The attacks that the Fallen Angel does on targets apply Amplify status effect, allowing you and the summon to deal increased damage of 25% for the next five seconds. 

You must realize by now how much potential this ultimate has while you are facing a tough boss in PvE or vampires invading you in online PvP mode. For 15 seconds, you get an ally that basically deals damage and applies Amplify status effect. We believe there is no other ultimate ability that could parallel Summon Fallen Angel in V Rising.

Chaos Barrage

The Chaos Barrage is very different Ultimate in nature if you compare it with the Summon Fallen Angel we listed above. This ULT is from the Chaos class of skills in V Rising, and applying the Chaos status effect inflicts damage over time on enemies, which is the real beauty of this elemental class in the game. 

After triggering the ULT Chaos Barrage, your vampire character will launch four chaos barrages, which are basically big-sized projectiles onto targets. The damage received by the enemies will be 75% magic damage on a direct hit. 

Additionally, each hit is basically an AoE attack that also applies the Chaos Burn status effect to enemies caught in the attack zone. 

So, not only the Chaos Barrage ULT ability is a quick method of dealing massive damage to enemies. You can pretty much use it against stronger enemies who approach you from multiple directions. 

Best Vampire Abilities

vampire ability
Vampire abilities V Rising

Unlike the character abilities that we have listed above, the vampire powers or abilities in the game do not come with a skill cooldown. It is because these abilities are not used while you are engaged in PvE or PvP combat, and you can use the vampire abilities or powers once you are out of combat.

The vampire powers are also used for stealth purposes. You can use these skills to avoid engaging with a powerful enemy or take a human form and roam in a human settlement. You can take the form of smaller animals such as a toad and rat to escape or not get spotted easily.

All in all, the vampire powers are there to help you explore the game’s world, and they are not connected with the combat mechanics of V Rising.

Rat Form

Triggering the rat form basically transforms you from being a vampire to a rat. You can use this vampire ability to make it hard for your enemies to detect you while blending into the environment easily. However, if you somehow take some damage, your rat form will get canceled, and you will return back to the vampire form in V Rising. 

Toad Form

Similar to the rat form, triggering the toad form allows you to transform from a vampire to a toad instantly. While in this state, you will move by jumping in the air, making it hard for your enemies to identify you. Then again, if you take damage, the toad form will end you will return as a vampire in the game.

Wolf Form

The Wolf form basically allows you to navigate V Rising’s open world at a must faster pace. If fast traveling is not your thing, then you should definitely unlock the Wolf Form vampire ability, allowing your character to turn from vampire to wolf instantly upon triggering the skill.

While in Wolf Form, your overall movement speed is increased by 45%, and if you take a hit, then you will revert back to a vampire state from being into a wolf one. 

Human Form

Similar to other forms that we have listed above, the advantages of turning into Human Forms are multifold. For starters, when you turn from a vampire into a human form, you can basically roam through the human settlements in V Rising.

Additionally, most merchants in the game sell valuable items that you can purchase from them if you interact in Human form. You can also sell items by dealing with the traders present in human settlements.

However, some humans will see through your disguise, and you must remain away from them. While remaining in the Human form, you also consume more blood, so you will need to keep an eye on that as well. 

Blood Hunger

In V Rising, your vampire can see the blood quality and blood types of their prey before hunting them down. This only becomes possible if you unlock the vampire ability called Blood Hunger. Once you have this skill, you will spot enemies easily having various blood types and blood qualities, making it easier for you to feed on targets you really want to. 

Expose Vein

Expose Vein vampire ability works the best in PvE scenarios in V Rising. It is because the ability lets other vampires in your party drink your blood and replenish it. So, basically, you will split your blood pool percentage with the person you are playing the game in PvE. 

Doing so will share the blood type and blood quality with another vampire, and not just the blood itself only. 

The abilities or skills that we have listed above are not the absolute ones, and players can pick any combination based on their liking or the playstyle they will prefer in the game. That said, our best skills list is open for further discussion and unwelcome for any criticism. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Best Abilities or Skills in V Rising. Did you find our list helpful? Which abilities theme has been your favorite so far in the game? For us, it is definitely the Unholy one. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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