V Rising: All Dark Silver Weapons & Gear

Our detailed guide entails all the weapons and gear you can make from Dark Silver in V Rising as well as their crafting recipe.

V Rising is an open-world game that allows you to explore five different regions as a vampire. You can get Secret Weapons in V Rising and craft items like leather, dark silver, and tannery in V Rising. The game will also allow you to fight hardcore bosses like Octavian The Militia Captain and Winged Horror in V Rising. 

As a Vampire, you will learn to differentiate between different Blood Types in V Rising. Moreover, you can farm resources like Fish Oil and Gold Jewelry in V Rising that will help you survive. Your weapons and abilities In V Rising can be upgraded by using these items. 

Our guide today will focus on the weapons you can craft from Dark Silver in V Rising. It is one of the most essential items in V Rising.  Before you go any further check out our guide on Holy Radiation in V Rising. 

What Is Dark Silver In V Rising? 

Dark Silver is a mixture of Scrougestone and Silver Ore. It is one of the refined crafting materials in V Rising that can be used to make gears and weapons. High-end weapons like the Dark Silver Mace, Dark Silver Crossbow, and Dark Silver Sword can be crafted using the Dark Silver in V Rising.

The Dark Silver Armament comes next to the Merciless iron in our weapons tier list. This Mark’s the importance of weapons and gear crafted from the Dark Silver in V Rising. These weapons will help you fight end-game bosses like Solarus The Immaculate in V Rising.

Dark Silver Ingots

Before the Vampires of Vardoran can craft the weapons, they need to unlock the recipe of Dark Silver by defeating Octavian the Militia Captain. It is to be noted that the level 58 boss can be found in Dunley Farmlands in the northern arena of Bastion of Dunley. There are a lot of servers in V Rising that you can set up.

 dark silver in v rising
Crafting Dark Silver

Dark Silver Weapons and Gear in V Rising 

Many items and weapons require certain materials to be crafted in V Rising. Dark Silver is a part of many recipes of weapons and gear that will help you in the endgame. The weapons crafted from Dark Silver can help you take down bosses like Gorecrusher in V Rising.

Following is a list of every item in V Rising you can craft using Dark Silver. 


One of the key items that involve Dark Silver and is required in the early game is Anvil. It is a workstation where you can craft different weapons in V Rising. 

anvil crafted using dark silver in v rising

Crafting Recipe 

You will need the following items to craft Anvil in V Rising. 

  • 32 Dark Silver Ingots 
  • 12 Reinforced Planks 
  • 1 Primal Blood Essence 

Dark Silver Sword 

One of the best end-game weapons in V Rising that you can craft is the Dark Silver Sword. 

Crafting Recipe 

Following is its crafting recipe. 

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots 
  • 8 Reinforced Planks  

Dark Silver Axes 

Axes crafted from Dark Silver are considered the best weapon in V Rising due to their durability. 

Crafting Recipe  

You will need the following ingredients to make a Dark Silver Axe 

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots 
  • 8 Reinforced Planks 

Dark Silver Mace  

The best part about Dark Silver is that it allows you to make strong melee weapons like the Mace.

Crafting Recipe  

The following items will help your craft one Dark Silver Mace. 

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots  
  • 8 Reinforced Planks 

Dark Silver Spear 

If you’re looking for a highly damaging weapon to craft in V Rising, then the Dark Silver Spear is the best option to go for 

Crafting Recipe  

The following recipe will help you craft a Dark Silver Spear weapon in V Rising. 

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots  
  • 8 Reinforced Planks 

Dark Silver Reaper 

Reaper made of Dark Silver has extra durability and it can feel more damage on the enemies. 

Crafting Recipe  

Following is the crafting recipe for Dark Silver.

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots 
  • 8 Reinforced Planks 

Dark Silver Slashers 

Slashers are great for dealing consistent damage.  

Crafting Recipe  

Following the recipe below, you can make your very own Dark Silver Slasher in V Rising. 

  • 16 Dark Silver Ingots  
  • 8 Reinforced Planks  

Golden Castle Key 

Using this key you can destroy a Castle or seize control of that castle. 

Crafting Recipe  

  • 12 Primal Blood Essence  
  • 40 Spectral Dust 
  • 80 Dark Silver Ingots  
  • 24 Gold Ingots 
  • 80 Reinforced Planks 

Level 4 Castle Upgrade  

You can upgrade your Castle in V Rising to level 4  using Dark Silver. 

upgrading your castle using dark silver in v rising
Upgrading your castle using Dark Silver

Crafting Recipe  

  • 24 Dark Silver Ingots  
  • 1 Gold Ingot 
  • 12 Spectral Dusts 

 This concludes our guide on the weapons crafted using Dark Silver in V Rising. 

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