V Rising Gorecrusher The Behemoth: Fight & Location

Our V Rising Gorecrusher guide mentions the location of the boss, fight strategy & how to defeat the boss faster for rewards in the game.

Stronger V bosses will become available to fight in V Rising as you do gear progression and become the ultimate vampire in the game. You gain access to some of the best Vampire abilities and unlock crafting recipes and structures after eliminating these V blood carriers or bosses. As you reach the end game, V Rising Gorecrusher the Behemoth, one of the late-game bosses, will become available to take down.

Key Highlights
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth is a level 78 V Blood Boss in V Rising, located in the Behemoth’s lair in the northern part of the Cursed Forest.
  • A key strategy for defeating Gorecrusher is to enhance spell power, allowing for effective ranged damage from a safe distance.
  • Be cautious as Gorecrusher uses close-range attacks; consider using melee weapons or Ward of the Damned for defense.
  • Upon defeating Gorecrusher, you’ll receive rewards, including the Soul Shred of the Behemoth and Wisp Dance as a Vampire Power.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth Location

You may determine the boss’s precise position by following the blood from the Blood Altar. However, Gorecrusher is found inside the Behemoth’s lair, which is located in the Cursed Forest’s northeast part. Because he is within the lair, you may battle him during the day without worrying about the sun. 

V Rising Gorecrusher location
location – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising

Here is an image entailing the boss’s location on the map. As you can see, all you have to do is walk towards the center of the zone and north to reach the region where the boss will spawn. 

Boss Fight Mechanics For Gorecrusher the Behemoth 

Here is a detailed guide on the boss fight mechanics and strategy for defeating Gorecrusher, the Behemoth:

  1. Slam Attack: Gorecrusher raises both arms and performs a slam attack. A red circle appears beneath him, indicating the area where you will take damage. After the initial slam, there are waves of damage resembling earthquakes. Avoid both the initial slam and the subsequent waves.
    Gorecrusher slam attack
    slam attack – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising
  2. Leaping and Slamming Attack: Gorecrusher leaps into the air, creating a red circle upon landing that damages anyone inside it. Quickly escape the circle to avoid damage.
  3. Three-Times Smash Attack: The boss roars and glows teal before performing a three-times smash attack. Each hit stuns you. Watch for the roar and teal glow to dodge effectively.
  4. Swipe-and-Punch Attack: Gorecrusher’s right limb makes two swiping attacks, first to the right and then to the left while executing the swipe-and-punch attack. Maintain distance as it has a broad angle. The boss pulls back its limb before striking.
  5. Short Charge Attack: When the monster lifts its antlers, it prepares for a Short Charge attack. The boss rushes forward, throwing you into the air and stunning you upon landing. Avoid this attack, as it’s often followed by swipes or smash blows.
  6. Charged Attack: Similar to the Short Charge but lasts longer and has a teal trail behind the Behemoth. Be prepared to dodge all three charges if necessary.
    Gorecrusher charged attack teal v rising
    charged attack with teal glow – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising
  7. Summoning Allies: When Gorecrusher’s health drops to around 60%, it summons ghostly wolves and bears. Eliminate them first before returning your attention to the boss.
  8. Signature Attack: When the boss’s health is below 50%, it initiates a unique attack, summoning teal orbs that move around the lair and harm anything they touch.
    Gorecrusher teals
    teal orbs summoned – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising
  9. Summoning Clone: When Gorecrusher’s health falls below 30%, it summons a ghostly replica of itself with reduced health. The clone is unkillable and regenerates with less health each time.

Boss Fight Strategy:

  1. Use witch potions for healing, as this boss fight will be long and challenging.
  2. Boost spell power to rely more on ranged damage and spells while maintaining a safe distance.
  3. Utilize the Chaos Valley ability to deal searing damage over time to Gorecrusher.
  4. Equip the Ward of the Damned talent to deflect the boss’s blows.
  5. Consider using a crossbow for ranged attacks or a tier 3 or above crossbow if you’re comfortable with ranged weapons. Alternatively, if you prefer melee combat, choose a Sanguine Reaper or Spear.
    Gorecrusher punch melee attack
    melee slams – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising
  6. When you engage the boss, use Crossbow and Chaos Valley abilities on him. Dodge his charge or jump attacks.
  7. Use ranged abilities like Sanguine Touch or Chaos Volley to cause scorching damage over time.
  8. Dodge ground-based attacks like the Jump and Slam attacks by moving away from the designated area.
  9. When you hear the boss scream, attack him using Crossbow and Chaos Valley abilities.
  10. Use Ward of the Damned to temporarily stun the boss when he rushes at you.
  11. When Gorecrusher summons a wolf and a bear, quickly eliminate them with your skills or by firing arrows at them.
    Gorecrusher bear and wolf summons
    wolf and bear summoned – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising
  12. When the boss’s health reaches 50%, he will summon blue particles that will spread over the battlefield. Avoid touching them as they will harm you. After the particles dissipate, his right arm will light up, and he will strike with a melee assault that you can deflect with your shield ability.
  13. When the boss’s health drops further, he will summon his own spirit, which has the same attacks. Quickly use Crossbow and Chaos Valley on it as soon as it spawns to kill it.
  14. The spirit will be knocked down, but when the monster summons blue particles again, the spirit will rise with half its HP. Defeat it again and harm the boss.
    Gorecrusher spirit summon replica
    Gorecrusher spirit summoned V Rising

With these mechanics and strategies, you can effectively defeat Gorecrusher, the Behemoth.

Gorecrusher defeated v rising
gorecrusher the behemoth defeated V Rising

Gorecrusher the Behemoth Rewards

soul shard Gorecrusher
soul shard of behemoth V Rising

If you have been wondering how to unlock the Wisp Dance-ability in V Rising, then your answer lies in defeating Gorecrusher in V Rising, The Behemoth V Blood Carrier. Once you have defeated this boss, you will unlock the following:

  • Item: Soul Shard of the Behemoth
  • Vampire Power: Wisp Dance

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Gorecrusher the Behemoth. Now that you have learned about the boss’s location, fight mechanics, and the best strategy to defeat the boss, are you ready to confront the behemoth? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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