V Rising Gorecrusher The Behemoth: Fight & Location

Our V Rising Gorecrusher guide mentions the location of the boss, fight strategy & how to defeat the boss faster for rewards in the game.

Stronger V bosses will become available to fight in V Rising as you do gear progression and become the ultimate vampire in the game. You gain access to some of the best Vampire abilities and unlock crafting recipes and structures after eliminating these V blood carriers or bosses. As you reach the end game, V Rising Gorecrusher the Behemoth, one of the late-game bosses, will become available to take down.

Key Highlights
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth is a level 78 V Blood Boss in V Rising who can be found inside the Behemoth’s lair located in the Cursed Forest’s northern part.
  • The key strategy to kill Gorecrusher is to boost the spell power so that you can focus more on ranged damage or ranged spells while maintaining a safe distance from him.
  • Gorecrusher will perform very close-range attacks against you. Using melee weapons or Ward of the Damned at that stage can prove helpful in your defense.
  • After defeating him, you’ll unlock some rewards, which include Soul Shred of the Behemoth and Wisp Dance as a Vampire Power.

While he poses a threat during the fight, eliminating him will unlock a powerful vampire power and a unique soul shard. So, read our Gorecrusher the Behemoth boss fight guide in V Rising and learn everything about it.

One of the hardest battles in V Rising is against the level 78 boss known as Gorecrusher. It should go without saying that to have a chance, your gear level must be at least 78.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth Location in V Rising

You may determine the boss’s precise position by following the blood from the Blood Altar. However, Gorecrusher is found inside the Behemoth’s lair, which is located in the Cursed Forest’s northeast part. Because he is within the lair, you may battle him during the day without worrying about the sun. 

V Rising Gorecrusher location
location – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising

Here is an image entailing the boss’s location on the map. As you can see, all you have to do is walk towards the center of the zone and north to reach the region where the boss will spawn. 

Boss Fight Mechanics For Gorecrusher the Behemoth 

V Rising Gorecrusher raises both arms in the air and triggers his Slam attack, which basically is an Area of Effect smash strike. At this time, a red circle will appear beneath the monster, signifying the region in which you will suffer damage if you are inside the circle.

You have plenty of time to get out of the way, but the true risk arises when the attack ends since the slam will cause waves of damage that resemble earthquakes.

Gorecrusher slam attack
slam attack – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising

Next, without the subsequent waves of damage, the leaping and slamming attack pattern of the Gorecrusher boss is roughly comparable to the first one, the smash attack. Instead, the boss will leap into the air as a red circle delineating a portion of the ground that will do damage to you if you are inside it emerges. You must escape the circle as soon as possible or utilize your travel talent to get from it swiftly if necessary.

Gorecrusher punch melee attack
melee slams – Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Rising

The monster frequently roars before doing a three-times smash attack pattern, and he glows in teal before triggering the attack. The monster will then strike the ground three times, stun-inflicting each time you are hit.

As long as you keep an eye out for the roar motion and the teal light, the attack is one of the simpler ones to dodge.

The Behemoth’s right limb makes two swiping attack patterns, first to the right and then to the left while executing his swipe-and-punch attack. It would be best to stand as far away from the boss as possible when he does this because it has a rather broad angle.

The boss’s pulling back of the limb as he prepares to strike is the sole sign that an assault is imminent. Frequently, a punch forward will come after the attack.

When you see the antlers of the monster occasionally lifting up, know that the Gorecrusher boss is about to do a Short Charge attack pattern. During the attack, the boss will rush forward for a little distance, throwing you into the air and stunning you as they land. Because the boss frequently follows it with a few swipes or smash blows, you should avoid doing this at all costs.

Gorecrusher charged attack teal v rising
charged attack with teal glow – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising

Similar to the charge attack we mentioned above, V Rising Gorecrusher’s charge assault is identical to the Short Charge, but it lasts longer and is characterized by a teal trail emanating from behind the Behemoth as it charges forward. The first charge will frequently be followed by two more, so be prepared to dodge all three to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Additionally, when you have depleted Gorecrusher’s health points down to the last 50, he will initiate another attack pattern. The boss will call forth a ghostly wolf and bear when its health reaches about 60 percent.

These are stronger than typical wolves and bears, but it’s still very simple to kill them. 

Gorecrusher bear and wolf summons
wolf and bear summoned – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising

Many of their assault maneuvers will be the same as those of their normal counterparts. When Gorecrusher summons the wolf and bears in the boss fight, the boss remains motionless and impervious to harm, allowing you a chance to eliminate the other foes first and then return the attention to the boss.

Furthermore, Gorecrusher will do its signature attack when the health has dropped below 50%. This unique attack, similar to the Wisp Dance skill you’ll learn after killing the boss, will happen when the boss has about 40% health left. Several summoned teal orbs will start to move around the lair and harm everything they come into touch with.

Gorecrusher teals
teal orbs summoned – Gorecrusher the behemoth V Rising

Lastly, The V Rising Gorecrusher will summon a ghostly replica of itself with reduced health at the conclusion of the battle. The attack is triggered when the boss’s health drops below 30%, and he summons the clone, which is unkillable since it will regenerate whenever its health is low, albeit each time it will have less health. Also, consider going through our V Rising Quartz, Glass, Scourgestone, and Ghost Yarn farming guides.

Gorecrusher spirit summon replica
Gorecrusher spirit summoned V Rising

Boss Fight Strategy of Gorecrusher the Behemoth 

This boss will take a lot of damage and time to kill, so you must carry many witch potions with you. The key strategy here will be to boost the spell power so that you can rely more on ranged damage and ranged spells while maintaining a safe distance from the boss’s melee strikes.

Attack & Defence

Gorecrusher will sustain searing damage over time if you utilize the Chaos Valley ability. Additionally, you should have the Ward of the Damned talent since it will enable you to deflect the boss’s blows.

You can attack him with swords or axes, but using a crossbow is advised because it can hurt him far away. Whatever weapon choice you choose is up to you; if you are comfortable with a ranged weapon, pick a tier 3 or above crossbow.

Melee & Ranged Combat

On the other hand, if you have excellent control over melee combat in V Rising, pick a sanguine reaper or spear. Why not read our V Rising Best PvP Weapons on weapons selection and learn which one to use in PvP engagements?

When you reach the boss, you want to utilize the Crossbow ability combined with the Chaos Valley and the Witch Potion on him. He will suffer some damage as a result, after which he will charge or jump attack you.

To cause scorching damage to him over time, you must rely heavily on ranged abilities, which is why Sanguine Touch or Chaos Volley will be the perfect match here.

Carefully Dodge Attacks

When V Rising Gorecrusher falls to the ground, you must rush away from the Jump attack’s radius, shown on the ground by a red circle. He also has a slam strike with a similar radius, but it will cause the ground to crack and explode; thus, you must also avoid the cracks.

If you hear him scream, go back and use the Crossbow and Chaos Valley abilities to hit him. Gorecrusher also performs and very close-range attack in which he thumps on the ground next to him while screaming.

He will also be temporarily startled if you use your Ward of the Damned ability to prevent his rush at you.

During the fight, the Gorecrusher will spawn a wolf and a bear. The bear with slow movement speed will deal melee and an AoE attack that will deal massive damage. On the other hand, the wolf rushes towards you to deal damage, similar to Lidia’s The Chaos Archer’s wolf attack. 

With your skills or by just firing arrows at them, you can quickly kill them both. He will summon blue particles that will spread over the battlefield when his HP reaches 50%; however, they will dissipate shortly.

It shouldn’t touch you since doing so will harm you. When all the particles have vanished, his right arm will light up, and he will strike you with a melee assault that you may deflect with your shield ability.

Gorecrusher defeated v rising
gorecrusher the behemoth defeated V Rising

He will call his own spirit, which has the same attacks when his HP becomes further lower. The spirit’s health will fast deplete if you use the crossbow ability and Chaos Valley on it as soon as it spawns to kill it.

The spirit will be knocked down, and when the monster summons blue particles again, the spirit will rise, albeit with half its HP. Then you must defeat him once again and harm the boss.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth Rewards

soul shard Gorecrusher
soul shard of behemoth V Rising

If you have been wondering how to unlock the Wisp Dance-ability in V Rising, then your answer lies in defeating Gorecrusher in V Rising, The Behemoth V Blood Carrier. Once you have defeated this boss, you will unlock the following:

  • Item: Soul Shard of the Behemoth
  • Vampire Power: Wisp Dance

That is pretty much everything you need to know about V Rising Gorecrusher the Behemoth. Now that you have learned about the boss’s location, fight mechanics, and the best strategy to defeat the boss, are you ready to confront the behemoth? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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