8 Best V Rising Ultimate Abilities: PvP, AoE, DPS & More

Our V Rising Ultimate Abilities guide entails the best healer, DPS, AoE, and DPS vampire ultimate powers you should unlock & dominate foes.

In V Rising, equipping yourself with the best ultimate ability will bring out the real vampire monster out and tear enemies apart. That is why we have curated the best V Rising ultimate abilities guide so that you can learn about the top-tier ones. 

Key Highlights
  • There are different Healer, Pvp, AoE, and DPS Ultimate abilities in the game. You can acquire these abilities by defeating specific bosses and then use each ability to dominate them.
  • There are two best Healer Abilities in V Rising, including Crimson Beam, which deals with 150% magic damage, and Heart Strike, which heals the player and also deals with 150% magic damage.
  • The two best AoE Ultimate Vampire abilities include Mirror Strike and Merciless Charge. Both of these vampire powers help in repeatedly striking the enemies and also deal with magic damage.
  • Chaos Barrage and Frost Vortex are the two DPS Ultimate Abilities. Chaos Barrage helps you deal with bosses which have slow speed, while Frost Vortex allows you to deal with massive damage.
  • PvP Ultimate abilities include Arctic Leap, which can destroy the vampire online, and Volatile Arachnid help you cast three spiderlings that will chase your enemies.

Most of the abilities we have listed here are mid to end-game ultimate vampire powers and you will need to invest a considerable amount of time in the game to get these. That being said, some of the powerful ultimate abilities in the game are unlocked at the late game.

So, regardless of how or when you unlock these, we have made a list of ultimate abilities based on the roles or situational usage. Also, consider reading V Rising Wiki

Best Support/Healer Ultimate Abilities in V Rising

There are two best ultimate abilities in V Rising that we think most of the players will use to dominate enemies and bosses in the game. The two of these vampire ULT abilities not only deal damage to your target but also regenerates your lost health. 

Crimson Beam

V Rising Ultimate Abilities
Crimson beam – best ultimate ability V Rising

Whenever you trigger the Crimson Beam ultimate in the game, your vampire character unleashes a red beam towards the target. This beam lasts for a short time and is not auto-locked onto a target but manually maneuvered at enemies. 

Crimson Beam deals 150% magic damage to single or multiple targets caught in the ultimate ability’s path. However, when the beam connects with enemies, it will heal your vampire character for 100% of the spell power for four seconds. That is why each target hit will heal for 25% of overall spell power.

The spell power is very critical to the overall damage dealing and health recovery ability of Crimson Beam Ultimate in the game. The more spell power you have, the higher your health recovers when the beam contacts with a target.

The best part of using Crimson Beam as a go-to ultimate ability in V Rising is that you will rely very less on the blood pool or healing items to recover your health. If you have a blood pool that gives you lots of passive buffs, then you don’t have to consume that blood to regenerate health; just use Crimson Beam and you will recover a decent amount of health back. If not then use this ultimate ability plus healing items and reserve your passive blood buffs for enemies to strike down.


In order to obtain the Crimson Beam, the best support or healer ultimate ability in V Rising, you will need to extract V Blood from Raziel The Shephard boss. He is a level 60 boss in the game so you can unlock this ability during mid to late game. 

If you don’t know where to find Raziel The Shephard in V Rising, then visit Dunley Monastery and you will find him at the far end of this place. Here is an attached image for the location of the boss if you want to reach him faster in the game.

Raziel location
Raziel The Shephard – V Rising boss location

Heart Strike

V Rising Ultimate Abilities
heart strike – best ultimate ability V Rising

Heart Strike is another top-tier support or healer ultimate ability in V Rising that most players use once they reach Cursed Forest or late-game. Similar to Crimson Beam, this ability too deals damage to a target plus heals the vampire character for the lost health as well. Also, consider reading V Rising Unsullied Hearts guide.

When Heart Strike ultimate ability is triggered, your character dashed forward and strikes enemies in a singular direction. If the attack connects with a target, the enemy will be dealt with 150% magic damage. 

Additionally, your character will be healed for 150% of your spell power and the health regeneration lasts for the next 3.5 seconds. When the healing effect completes, a blood nova erupts near you that deals 150% magic damage to the target and nearby enemies as well.

So, the reason we think Heart Strike ultimate ability is one of the best vampire power in V Rising is that not only does it strike a target to deal damage but it heals you and does an AoE attack at the very end. This multifarious approach to the use of ultimate ability makes it a go-to option during the late game in V Rising.

Even though Heart Strike does an AoE damage in the last moment, the ultimate ability is very limited to use at a single target, unlike Crimson Beam which can be connected with multiple enemies. If your target is a large-sized enemy, then you will hardly miss attacking it.

On the contrary, Heart Strike also works the best when you unleash it against a mob who is approaching you from a single direction; you can connect the attack very easily towards most or all of them. The usage of Heart Strike is very situational. 


In order to obtain Heart Strike ability in V Rising, players will need to defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief who is located on the North side of Dunley Farmlands. This location is the last stop before entering the Cursed Forest. If you do not where the location is exactly, then here is an image for your reference to find the boss faster in V Rising. 

Willfred location
Willfred The Werewolf Chief – V Rising boss location

Best AoE Ultimate Abilities in V Rising

AoE basic and ultimate abilities are very useful against fighting a mob or tough enemies that come at you in groups. Luckily, we have shortlisted the two best AoE ultimate vampire powers in V Rising that will unleash havoc on enemies by dealing massive AoE damage. 

Mirror Strike 

V Rising Ultimate Abilities
mirror strike – best ultimate ability V Rising

Mirror Strike is by far the best AoE ultimate in V Rising that shines best when enemies have circled around you. When you trigger this vampire power, your character will dash forward to strike one enemy and then repeatedly strike more enemies in a circle. 

Using the Mirror Strike ultimate, your character will deal 600% of your magic damage split across all targets. The ultimate ability lasts for three seconds and it takes out most enemies or makes them weak for the final killing blow.

Besides dealing the raw physical damage on targets, each hit weakens the enemies by 30% for the next five seconds, allowing you the freedom to deal 30% extra damage to the target. You can also use the trigger button or recast to end the effect of the Mirror Strike ability early than intended. 

The usage of Mirror Strike is very situational but there is no doubt that its usage is efficient when you trigger it near a group of enemies as opposed to a single boss. However, if the boss has a large size, then you can get the most of this ultimate ability in the game. 

Mirror strike is also useful while playing PvP as when you are invaded by at least two players, you can trigger this ability after the invader’s travel ability is on cooldown; the PvP opponent will have a hard time escaping. The multifarious usage of  Mirror Strike makes it not only useful in every situation but one of the best AoE ultimate abilities in V Rising


In order to acquire Mirror Strike ultimate ability in V Rising, you will need to visit Bastion of Dunley located in east of Dunley Farmlands. Once you’re there, you will need to defeat the leader of the village called Octavian the Militia Captain.

This is a level 58 boss and you must at least be at gear score 55 to beat Octavian the Militia Captain successfully. Here is an image to the boss’s location.

Octavian location
Octavian the Militia Captain – V Rising boss location

Merciless Charge

V Rising Ultimate Abilities
Merciless Charge – best ultimate ability V Rising

Merciless Charge is one of the earliest ultimate abilities in V Rising that you will unlock and may use till you reach mid-game. It is still an AoE vampire ultimate ability but it does not work in a circular attack pattern. Instead, when you trigger it, your vampire charges in a direction of your choice and charges forward with chaos magic damage. The attack will connect to targets it finds in its path, which is why we think it is the second-best AoE and early ultimate ability in V Rising. 

When you trigger Merciless Charge, your character charges forward in the direction of your choice and deals 125% chaos damage. This unique attack also pushes enemies in front of you. Merciless Charge ultimate ability also stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds.

This ultimate is useful against a single or group of enemies if approaching you from a uni-direction. Also, you can use the ultimate ability in PvP as well but online players can use the travel ability to dodge or predict the incoming attack. 


If you want to obtain a Merciless Charge, then you will need to defeat Quincy The Bandit King who is inside Bandit Stronghold located North of Farbane Woods. However, before you approach Quincy, you must defeat Clive the Firestarter and acquire the Minor Explosive Box recipe. Otherwise, without the explosive device, you will not be able to enter the Bandit Stronghold because it is barged tight by a wooden gate. 

Once you have unlocked the recipe as we mentioned here, then head towards the Bandit Stronghold location as shown in the image here

Quincy The Bandit King – V Rising boss location

Quincy the Bandit King is a level 37 boss, so you must have at least a gear score of 34 or above to defeat the boss without much trouble. 

Best DPS Ultimate Abilities in V Rising

Now that we have learned about the most used AoE and healer ultimate abilities, it is time that you know which two are the best DPS ultimate vampire powers in the game. 

Chaos Barrage

V Rising Ultimate Abilities
Chaos Barrage – best ultimate ability V Rising

We think Chaos magic spells are excellent for high DPS and therefore if you want the highest DPS ultimate ability in V Rising, then you should not sleep on Chaos Barrage. When you trigger this ultimate vampire power, your character hurls a series of four Chaos Orbs that will deal 75% magic damage on impact with a target. 

The movement speed of Chaos Orbs is decent and they are bigger in size too, which means you will hardly miss your target. Other than the direct hit damage, another 75% damage is dealt to the target when the Chaos Burn status effect is applied and it lasts for a few seconds. 

Since Chaos Barrage is a DPS ultimate ability in V Rising, it shines the best when you use it against bosses, especially the ones that have slow movement speed and are large in size. 

You can use it however you see fit in PvE, however, if you are using Chaos Barrage against online players in PvP, then you will need to strategize your attacks in order to land the ultimate on an invading vampire.

The easiest way to hit a PvP player with Chaos Barrage would be to trigger the skill after the opponent has travel ability on cooldown. Doing so will ensure that you hit at least three out of four Chaos Orbs. 


If you want to obtain Chaos Barrage in V Rising, then you will need to defeat Jade The Vampire Hunter. She roams at the center of the Dunley Farmlands map and is a level 62 boss in the game. In order to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter and obtain the Chaos Barrage ultimate power, you will need to be at least at a gear score of 58 or above. Or else, you will have a slim chance of defeating this boss. 

Frost Vortex

V Rising Ultimate Abilities frost vortex
frost vortex – best ultimate ability V Rising

Another high DPS ultimate ability in V Rising that freezes opponents and allows you to deal massive damage is the Frost Vortex vampire ultimate. When you trigger Frost Vortex, your vampire character will jump in the air and will land while conjuring a frost storm. This attack causes nearby opponents to be pulled to the center of the storm while getting 100% magic damage.

The Frost Vortex storm lasts for six seconds and does 480% total magic damage and applies a chill status effect on enemies caught in its AoE zone. 

Since this is another excellent DPS vampire ultimate ability in V Rising, its usage must be made wisely. Otherwise, you will end up not damaging enemies at all as this is an AoE attack and you must unleash it near a group of enemies to make the most of it. 

Once again, if you want to use Frost Vortex against vampires in PvP then make sure you use it when the opponent has exhausted travel speed ability usage After that, anticipate or predict the opponent’s movement and trigger the ultimate ability accordingly. 


In order to obtain Frost Vortex ultimate in V Rising, you will need to defeat the Winged Horror, which is one of the end-game bosses in the game. This is a level 78 boss in V Rising, so you will need to have at least a gear score of 75 or above to be able to defeat the Winger Horror in the game. 

Other than that, you cannot just walk up to the arena of this boss and fight. You will need to have a vampire power that can help you scale heights such as bat form. Once you have that, you can go to the far east of Farbane Woods. Here is an image where you can find the Winged Horror in V Rising.

Winged horror location
The Winged Horror – V Rising boss location

Best PvP Ultimate Abilities in V Rising

Now that we have listed some of the best AoE, DPS, and healer or support type of ultimate abilities in V Rising, now you must learn about the PvP ones as well. You can use the six above-mentioned ultimate abilities for PvP as well. However, we think the two ultimate vampire powers we have listed below are the best when it comes to killing invading vampires in the game.

Arctic Leap

V Rising Ultimate Abilities frost vortex
arctic leap – best ultimate ability V Rising

Arctic Leap is by far the best ultimate PvP ability in V Rising that can destroy vampires online. Not only this vampire power deals massive magic damage but it also applies a freeze status effect in PvE and PvP as well, making it one of the top-tier ultimate abilities in the game.

When you trigger the Arctic Leap, your vampire character jumps into the air, and lands on a place you specify while triggering the attack. All enemies caught in the strike range of this ultimate attack will take 225% magic damage.

Additionally, an ice nova appears from the point of impact that freezes enemies in PvE for six seconds, allowing you the freedom to deal more damage using melee weapons or basic vampire abilities. While you’re at it, why not give our V Rising Weapons Tier List a quick read. 

While playing PvP, the enemy vampires are frozen for three seconds instead of six in PvE. The best time to use Arctic Leap in PvP will be when your opponent has used the travel speed and can no longer escape or dodge your attacks faster.

In PvE, you must use Arctic Leap on humanoid bosses that summon lots of minions. If you manage to catch multiple enemies, including the boss, inside the AoE attack of this ultimate ability, then you will deal massive damage and will probably kill the minions as well.


If you want to acquire Arctic leap ultimate ability in V Rising, then you will need to defeat the Terrorclaw the Ogre boss. He is located south of Hallowed Mountains and here is an image of the location to find the boss faster in the game.

terror claw location
Terrorclaw the ogre – V Rising boss location

Terrorclaw the Ogre is a level 68 boss in V Rising and if you want to have a great chance of defeating this boss, then you must increase your gear score up to 66 or above. Otherwise, you emerging as victorious is a hard bargain when you fight fighting Terrorclaw the Ogre. 

Volatile Arachnid

V Rising Ultimate Abilities volatile arachnid
volatile arachnid – best ultimate ability V Rising

Another excellent PvP ability in V Rising that you will unlock near the end game is Volatile Arachnid. This ultimate vampire power from the Unholy skill tree is best for PvP and PvE scenarios as well. When you trigger this ultimate, you can cast up to three spiderlings that will run after your target, either enemies in PvE or attackers in PvP, and will explode. 

Each spiderling explosion deals 100% magic damage and spews a toxic fume in a small AoE circle. Whenever an enemy or PvP vampire online player comes in contact with these toxic fumes, they get 20% magic damage every 0.8 seconds. 

The toxic fume effect also slows down opponents by 25%, allowing you to get in close and unleash melee attacks or hit them with ranged basic vampire abilities. 

Even though your PvP online vampire attacker is smart and dodges the explosion of spiderlings, you can use the toxic fumes to your advantage and hurl ranged attacks at enemies. You can use this as a decisive technique to lure your opponent in and take damage. 


In order to obtain Volatile Arachnid ultimate in V Rising, you will need to head to the Cursed Forest and defeat Ungora the Spider Queen. She is a level 60 boss in the game and you should have a gear score of level 58 or above to beat this boss without much trouble in V Rising. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best support, AoE, DPS, and PvP ultimate abilities in V Rising. Which one is your favorite Ultimate in PvE and PvP? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comment section below.

Other Game Tips

V Rising is the latest early access vampire fantasy theme-based RPG video game that favors random loot drops, farming resources, gear progression, and spilling the guts of V Blood carriers. You will need to farm glass, iron ore, and silver ore and get silver coins to increase your gear score by acquiring some of the best weapons and armor in V Rising.

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