V Rising Silver Ore Farming [Definitive Guide]

All you need to know about Silver Ores in V Rising. We cover farming and carrying methods for Silver, and Dark Silver Ingot crafting.

As the night falls and all manners of folklore and mystical monsters roam the land in V Rising, you can explore, progress the story and find resources for your crafting needs. One such resource is silver, which is needed for crafting weapons, machinery, and armory. Silver in V Rising can be collected as an ore, currency, or Dark Silver Ingot. So, consider this our thorough guide on farming Silver Ore in V Rising.

Key Highlights
  • Silver Ore is essential for crafting Dark Silver Ingots and higher-level items.
  • The optimal farming location is the Sacred Silver Mine.
  • Use the Silver Resistance potion to defend against Damage over Time (DoT) effects.
  • Upon reaching level 62, gain resistance for Silver ore, improving efficiency

Importance of Silver 

ingame description silver ore-v rising silver ore
In-game description of Silver Ore.

Silver, a naturally occurring metal in V Rising (and the real world), is the next metal of choice for weapons and armor after Iron. It is the primary resource to farm for players in the 55-68 item level bracket. While Silver Coins are mainly used for trading purposes, Silver Ore is the base ingredient to forge Dark Silver Ingots, which are, in turn, used for crafting higher-level items. Silver and Scales in V Rising are significant in the late game, so it is best to start farming them from the get-go.

Farming Silver Ore 

silverlight hills- silver ore spots-v rising silver ore
Silver Mining Nodes in Silverlight Hills.

Silver deposits above the ground in the form of Silver Mining Nodes. These nodes need to be destroyed to collect Silver Ores.

Silver is a rare item but only found in Silverlight Hills. Traversing through these hills, you occasionally come up on several Silver Mining Nodes. Another rare item is Unsullied Hearts in V Rising, so be sure to read our guide on obtaining them.

location-sacred silver mine-silverlight hills-v rising silver ore

However, the Sacred Silver Mine North of Silverlight Hills is the best place for silver ore farming. The mine is under the protection of the Church of Luminance, and 55-60 level guards heavily guard it. You can break into the mine by transforming into a rat. The Rat form is unlocked by killing the Putrid Rat and draining its blood.

rat form-sacred silver mine-v rising silver ore
Rat form, exploring the Sacred Silver Mine.

We recommend you transform into a rat, go deep into the mine, and work your way outwards. Our recommended weapon to take into the mine is a high-level Mace or a Sword due to their fast attack speeds and extra damage to a resource. Our detailed V Rising weapons Tier List provides a comparison of all the weapons you need to know.

Best Strategy for Sacred Silver Mine

By the nature of the resource you are farming, you and your clan should devise a proper plan for attacking Sacred Silver Mine. You may also run into rival clan members on PvP servers, as this is the only place on the map where Silver occurs. Add in the ~60-level enemies in the mine, and you’re looking at a tough fight.

enemy level 60 inside-sacred silver mine-v rising silver ore
56 and 60-level enemies inside the mine.

As explained above, our advice is to have the rat form available. In the rat form, you can scout ahead and see how many enemies are currently present inside the mine and how many you can successfully kill by taking minimal damage to your health in your quest for silver ore Farming.

enemies attacking rat form-sacred silver mine-v rising silver ore
Enemies will attack you, even in Rat form.

Time is of the essence inside the mine. If you stay in one place for too long, you will get swarmed by enemies in all directions, and they will be using Silver Weapons. If your clan has 4 members, break yourself into teams of two and keep some distance between the two teams.

One team can lead the way, with the second team following the path. When attacking, we recommend that you alternate between your attacks, i.e., when the first team attacks, the second team hides in the shadows and provides support if needed.

Carrying Silver Ore in V Rising

So, you’ve killed the enemies inside the mine. What’s next? You’ll need to carry the Silver Ores back to your Castle. Silver has a passive DoT; if you carry over 250 Silver Ores, you’ll lose health over time. Carrying Silver Ores also restricts you from fast traveling, using Waypoints, and slows you down, just like Soul Shards.

Damage over Time-silver ore-v rising silver ore
Silver Ore’s Damage over Time.

The straightforward way to carry the Silver Ores back to your Castle in V Rising is to have two of your clan members carry them while the remaining two defend them. You’ll also need to periodically move the Silver out of your inventory to regain your lost health, reclaim the Silver, Blood Mend, and continue.

Blood Mending to regain health-v rising silver ore
Blood Mend to regain health.

But we can be smart about it. There is a way to defend yourself from the DoT dealt by Silver Ore in V Rising in your inventory, which will allow all your clanmates to carry Silver, maximizing your farm. This is possible by using a Silver Resistance Potion. We briefly go over how to get this potion below.

Silver Resistance Potion

Raziel the Shepherd, as seen on the Blood Altar.

The recipe for Silver Resistance Potion is dropped by Raziel the Shepherd, a level 60 boss inside the Dunley Monastery. You also need to kill Ungora the Spider Queen, a boss deeper inside the Cursed Forest, to unlock the crafting recipe for Ghost Yarn and collect Ghost Shrooms, both of which are required to craft Silver Resistance Potions.

Bear Form

Alternatively, you can also turn into a bear to negate the DoT effect of the Silver. This works if you’ve mapped out the way back to your castle, and you can sustain the damage enemies may deal you in the way. However, if there are numerous enemies in the way, you’ll need to turn back into your vampire form to fight them, and as soon as you do, you’ll start to lose your Health to the DoT effect.

Importance of Dark Silver Ingots

dark silver-crafting-v rising silver ore
Dark Silver Ingot crafting screen.

Silver Ores in V Rising can’t be used as-is for crafting purposes. You’ll need first to craft Dark Silver, which is safe for vampires, which you can use to craft weapons and armor. One Dark Silver Ingot requires 1 Scourgestone and 20 Silver Ores. Octavian, the Militia Captain, a level 58 boss, drops the crafting recipe for Dark Silver Ingots.

We also recommend you go to Cursed Forest, as the enemies in the abandoned village will drop Grave Dust, Scourgestones, and Spectral Dust. You also have the option to kill Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, to unlock the recipe for crafting Scourgestones, which depends upon Glass in V Rising, so be sure to stockpile on it. As you craft higher-level gear and upgrade to level 62, you will develop a basic resistance to Silver Ores, making farming easy.

And this concludes our guide on everything you need to know about V Rising’s Silver Ore Farming.

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