V Rising: Unsullied Hearts Farming Methods

Our guide on farming Unsullied Hearts in V Rising entails how they work, the best ways to find & the best alternatives for Unsullied Hearts.

A lot of the V Rising mechanics revolve around blood, best weapons, and other sanguinary items because, after all, you’re a vampire. One such item is an Unsullied Heart, which has proven quite challenging for the players to collect. So, here is our guide on Unsullied Hearts farming without further ado. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Unsullied Hearts in V Rising is used for crafting gear and other items.
  • There are multiple ways to get Unsullied Hearts, these include:
    1. You have to defeat the boss named Alpha Wolf. Once you have killed him, make sure to drain his blood. The 25% of Unsullied Heart will be dropped there.
    2. The second boss is Keely the Frost Archer which you have to defeat to get the Unsullied Heart.
    3. The final boss you have to defeat in order to farm Unsullied Hearts is Lidia the Chaos Archer. Drain her V Blood and get the dropped Unsullied Heart. Lidis is the best option for farming the heart.
  • You can also Farm Unsullied Hearts by fighting high-level enemies in the game.

Importance Of Unsullied Hearts In V Rising

Ingame description of Unsullied Hearts.

In your quest to upgrade your V Rising castle, the game will explain ‘Blood Essence’, which powers the Castle Heart. Halfway through the game, you will be required to obtain ‘Greater Blood Essence’, which requires you to collect Unsullied Hearts. 

Unfortunately, there are currently only two ways to farm Unsullied Hearts, and none of them are easy. Below we the two best ways to farm Unsullied Hearts at the time of writing and a way to bypass the Unsullied Hearts altogether.

Obtaining Unsullied Hearts From Bosses

What do bosses in survival games and rare items have in common? Any player of survival games will answer that these bosses horde rare items; making you kill them to collect said rare items and they’d be absolutely right! By now, the player has identified three such bosses in V Rising, having a 1-in-4 chance to drop an Unsullied Heart.

Alpha Wolf

alpha wolf-boss-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Alpha Wolf

The first boss in our Unsullied Hearts farming guide is Alpha Wolf.

The buffed-up-on-V-Blood wolves roam in the woods and they often have dens, meaning that you can encounter 1 or 2 Alpha Wolves via minimum wandering in the woods. They die rather quickly but can be dangerous if other enemies swarm up on you.

alpha wolf-blood drain-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
An Alpha Wolf being drained of its V-Blood.

Once you kill the Alpha Wolf, be sure to drain it of its blood. The Unsullied Heart has a 25% chance of dropping and it may drop before, or after draining the wolves of their V-Blood. Alpha Wolves roam in different areas depending on the time of night in the game, so there isn’t concrete data available on their roaming patterns.

Keely The Frost Archer

Keely the Frost Archer is the second boss in our farming guide. She is a required boss in the game story, as killing her will allow you to set up a tannery to produce leather. If you fight here when your level is 20 or above, she has a ~17% chance of dropping an Unsullied Heart.

Keely the Frost Archer-boss-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Keely the Frost Archer, on the Blood Altar menu.

Start tracking her blood from the Blood Altar and then you follow the red mist to her. Alternatively, you can refer to the picture below as she is often found at the Bandit Trapper Camp.

Keely the Frost Archer-boss location-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Spawn location for Keely the Frost Archer.

Keely mainly deals in ranged damage so bring your best dodging skills to this boss fight. If you get hit, her attacks will temporarily freeze you, allowing her to get in close and deal greater damage. Just keep your distance, dodge, attack her, get back, and repeat.

Lidia The Chaos Archer

The final boss that we think is the best to farm Unsullied Hearts is Lidia the Chaos Archer. She doesn’t have a precise location, so you’ll need to go to the Blood Altar to track her blood. She is usually found somewhere in the Farbane Woods. You may encounter Alpha Wolves along your journey, so keep an eye out for them, killing them to enhance your chance of getting an Unsullied Heart.

Lidia the Chaos Archer-boss-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Lidia the Chaos Archer, on the Blood Altar menu.

She also has devastating ranged attacks and Chaos Orb attacks, so we recommend wielding a melee weapon. During the fight, do not put a great distance between yourself and Lidia. Stay behind her, dodge/block her melee attacks, and be attentive to the Chaos Orbs, as they deal huge splash damage. You can also read about the V Rising Weapons Tier List and learn which is the best and average weapon in the game.

Lidia-boss-chaos attack-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Splash Damage from Lidia’s Chaos Orbs.

Once you’ve killed her, drain her V-Blood to obtain her abilities. She also has a 25% chance of dropping Unsullied Heart, so our best option is farming Lidia the Chaos Archer (and any Alpha Wolves in the way) to farm Unsullied Hearts in the game. 

Farming Unsullied Hearts From High-Level Enemies In V Rising

map-Farbane Woods-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Map of Farbane Woods.
  • Farm Unsullied Hearts in V Rising by defeating high-level enemies, starting from around level 20 and progressing up to level 25.
  • Players have reported success in obtaining Unsullied Hearts from enemies in ‘Farbane Woods,’ particularly bosses and level 23-plus enemies.
  • Equip yourself with the best gear and cycle between Bandit Trapper Camp and Bandit Sulphur Quarry for potential Unsullied Heart drops.
  • Explore Dunley Farmlands and defeat enemies in the area for a chance to obtain multiple Unsullied Heart.
map-dunley farmlands-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Dunley Farmlands and other Northern regions, V Rising.

Best Alternative To Unsullied Hearts

If you have been especially unfortunate in acquiring four Unsullied Hearts, do not worry, for there is another way to get Greater Blood Essence without the need for Unsullied Hearts. You may have to play cautiously, without high-level gear and items, till the latter part of the mid-game section.

Near the end of the mid-game section, you’ll face Tristan the Vampire Hunter. 

Tristan the Vampire Hunter-boss-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

We recommend having at least 30 item level and Iron Weapons. The fight will be difficult, no doubt, but many players are solo-ing the boss fight at a 30-item level to completely bypass the Unsullied Hearts requirement. 

Once you kill him, you will get a crafting recipe for Greater Blood Essence, which does not require any Unsullied Hearts. Using this recipe, you only need 200 Blood Essence (the regular one) and the Blood Press. 

recipe-Greater blood essence-V Rising Unsullied Hearts
Recipe for Greater Blood Essence.

This concludes our guide on farming Unsullied Hearts in V Rising. Be sure to let us know in the comments below how you collected Unsullied Hearts and any tips you may have to share with other readers.

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