V Rising Blood Essence: Uses, Types & Crafting

Blood essence is a crucial aspect of V Rising. So let's take a look at how to find blood essence and its various uses in V Rising.

Like any RPG, V Rising has its ecosystem for currency and progression. The main currency-like item is the Blood Essences in V Rising. The Blood Essence works a little differently than the likes of Silver Coins. Using them, you can unlock sealed knowledge, control items, and convert people into Servants.

Key Takeaways
  • Blood Essence in V Rising is the main factor that is helpful for your long-term survival and overall progression in the game.
  • There are a total of seven different types of Blood Essence that can be harvested from enemies. Every type has different qualities which describe the quality of the buffs.
  • You can use these Blood Essence in order to supply power to your castle and for crafting various components.
  • The player has to deposit all the Blood Essence into the Castle heart which can be easily crafted with 240 Stones and 30 Blood Essence.

What Is Blood Essence?

V rising blood essence
The in-game item description of Blood essences

Blood essence is essentially the main currency you will need to survive V Rising. The game puts a heavy emphasis on the survival aspect. Blood essence is vital to your survivability and, especially, for overall progression. They can be found almost everywhere in the lands of Vadoran. 

And later on in the game, you will be presented with the option to craft Greater Blood essence.

Importance And Uses

uses of blood essence
Essences are used to craft the Castle Heart, an important structure of the game

Common Uses:

  • Control Materials.
  • Converting humans into vampires.
  • Unlock veiled knowledge.
  • Power up the Castle Heart.

Blood essences serve various purposes in V Rising, primarily as a currency for crafting components and upgrading endgame gear. However, their most critical function is fueling your castle, which serves as your base of operations.

How To Craft Castle Heart?

Crafting a Castle Heart can easily be done when you build a castle for the first time. But first of all, you will need to find a good foundation for your castle. Placing the castle heart will make its room the main hub point.

While the rest of the castle will need to be built separately, you can select the castle heart by pressing the “B” key, selecting the ‘Fundamentals’ tab, and then placing the Castle Heart on the ground.

The required materials needed to craft the castle heart are as follows:

  • 30 Blood Essence.
  • 240 Stones.

Types Of Blood Essence 

Types of Blood essences
Drinking the blood of different creatures provides helpful buffs.

It is worth noting that there will be blood quality which will determine the quality of the buffs it may provide. The higher the quality, the more positive buffs of the blood.

The six different types of blood are as follows, with a detailed description of each blood quality’s buffs:

  • Rogue.
  • Worker.
  • Creature.
  • Scholar.
  • Warrior.
  • Brute.
  • Frailed.

Rogue Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Critical chance on weapon strikes increased to 10-20%.
  • 30% or higher: Movement speed increased by 8-15%.
  • 60% or higher: After using a travel skill, 100% chance to gain a critical strike on the next Physical attack. Plus, the travel skill cooldown is reduced by 12-15%.
  • 90% or higher: Increases overall damage taken by 15% for 4 seconds. 50% critical chance to expose your foe’s armor and deal extra damage.
  • 100% blood quality: Boosts all the above-mentioned buffs by 30%.

Worker Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Overall resource yield increased by 10-30%.
  • 30% or higher: Damage against resource objects like mining outcrops increased by 15-25%.
  • 60% or higher: Mount speed increased by 10-20%.
  • 90% or higher: Chance to instantly destroy a resource outcropping by 3%.
  • 100% blood quality: Boosts all the above-mentioned buffs by 30%.

Creature Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Boosts movement speed by 15%.
  • 30% or higher: Provides resistance to the sunrise debuff by 10-15%.
  • 60% or higher: Damage taken decreased by 10-20%.
  • 90% or higher: Health regeneration is increased by 150%.
  • 100% blood quality: Boosts all the above-mentioned buffs by 30%.

Scholar Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Increases spell potency by 12-25%.
  • 30% or higher: Spell cooldown is decreased by 8-15%.
  • 60% or higher: Increases the life leech spell potency by 5-10%.
  • 90% or higher: Chance to instantly reset spell usage cooldown by 20%.
  • 100% blood quality: Boosts all the above-mentioned buffs by 30%.

Warrior Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Physical Defense is increased by 10-20%.
  • 30% or higher: Weapon skill cooldown is decreased by 8-15%.
  • 60% or higher: Damage reduction increased by 7-15%.Attack power increased by 20% when at full health.
  • 90% or higher: Parry’s chance is increased by 15%. Successful parries increase attack power by 25%.
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all the above-mentioned Buffs by 30%.

Brute Blood Essence

  • Less than 30% blood quality: Primary attack life leech perk increased by 7.5-12%
  • 30% or higher: Primary attack speed increased by 7.5-15%.Additionally, provides a single gear level increase to your armaments.
  • 60% or higher: Healing received increased by 20-30%. Self-healing from attacking enemies increased by 4%.
  • 90% or higher: 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%
  • 100% blood quality: Boost all the above-mentioned buffs by 30%.

Frailed Blood Essence

This is the default blood essence that you use as your health and currency. It does not provide any buffs.

What Is Greater Blood Essence In V Rising?

V Rising Greater Blood essence
Greater Blood Essence is an enhanced tier of Blood Essence

Certain endgame structures of your castle might require high-tier components to be crafted. This is where the greater blood essences are mainly used in V Rising. It is used for many things, from building endgame-level structures and unlocking hidden knowledge.

Unsullied Hearts

Unsullied Hearts V Rising
Converting Unsullied Hearts into Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Crafting Greater blood essences requires 4 Unsullied Hearts. Unfortunately, there are no clear methods to acquire them. Players from the community have reported that V Blood Carriers have a chance to drop the unsullied hearts, but the drop rate is still rare.

From my testing, killing enemies in the world that are above level 30 has managed to drop a couple of Unsullied Hearts. To convert your hearts into greater blood essence, you will need to craft a Blood Press, which you can easily make with some wood and stone materials.

Crafting Recipe

Tristan the vampire hunter
Tristan, the vampire hunter in the V Blood carrier tracker menu

As you slowly venture toward the midgame levels, you will be able to hunt down a crafting recipe for Greater Blood essence. If you are around level 50, I highly recommend exploring the Farbane Woods to track down and defeat Tristan, The Vampire Hunter. 


Blood essence is a special mechanic of V Rising. One that presents many branching aspects that players can use to their advantage. It is not only a means of purchasing or crafting items but also a tool that you can harness into your character and make them powerful.

I recommend experimenting with different foes and extracting their blood. Doing so will provide beneficial buffs to aid you during combat for a limited time. In the future, the game might present new ways to acquire Greater Blood essences, too.

I hope this guide helped you learn the ins and outs of the Blood essence in V Rising. If there are any further questions that you want to ask or anything that I missed, please let me know in the comments below!

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