V Rising Best Base Locations: Early, Mid & Late Game

Our V Rising Best Base Locations guide entails some of the best spots you should build your castle or second base in the game.

V Rising is the latest early-access video game that has RPG elements where you control a vampire. For the most part in the game, you will build a castle, maintaining your resources by farming scales, glass, and unsullied hearts to sustain your castle.

While the entire focus of survival is rooted around looting and plundering the resources, having the best base location will save you time and make the entire farming process a little less perilous. Therefore, feel free to learn about the V Rising Best Base Locations below!

Key Takeaways

V Rising being an RPG game, having a base is good to have for the sake of farming and having resources.

  • Consider different base locations based on your game stage: early, mid, or late.
  • Early game best locations:
    • West Farbane Woods.
    • East Farbane Woods.
    • South Dunley Farmlands.
  • Mid-game best locations:
    • Northwest Dunley Farmlands.
    • Hallowed Mountains.
  • Late-game best locations:
    • South Silverlight Hills.
    • North West Silverlight Hills.
    • Cursed Forest.
  • When choosing a base location, consider proximity to Waygate teleport points, available resources, and the number of bosses in the area.

Early Game Base Locations

West Farbane Woods- Errol the Stonebreaker (Lv. 20)
- Grayson the Armourer (Lv. 27)
- Clive the Firestarter (Lv. 30)
- Minerals
- Wood
East Farbane Woods- Keely the Frost Archer (Lv. 20)
- Alpha Wolf (Lv. 16)
- Goreswine the Ravager (Lv. 27)
- Rufus the Foreman (Lv. 20)
- Lidia the Chaos Archer (Lv. 26)
- Goreswine the Ravager (Lv. 27)
South Dunley Farmlands-- Farm
- Horse
- Fish Oil
- Wool Thread
- Scroll
- Quartz

We have listed two key locations that you should consider while building your castle in V Rising during the early game. Your choice will impact your gameplay experience, and you can either save a lot of your time or waste it by traveling back and forth to hunt bosses, collecting materials, and more.

West Farbane Woods

Base Location Bosses Resources
Near Old Vampire Gate
  • Errol the Stonebreaker (Lv. 20)
  • Grayson the Armourer (Lv. 27)
  • Clive the Firestarter (Lv. 30)
  • Minerals
  • Wood
  • Other farming resources

Farbane Woods is the starting terrain in the game, and it matters not if you start east of the location or west because the location is big. You will find lots of early-game bosses here, which will usually be around level 30 or below and should not be hard enough to kill.

Interestingly, the early game requires you to farm lots of wood, Copper Ore, and Copper Ingot. Starting from the West of Farbane Woods might be a better idea for the optimal early-game starting spot.

V Rising Best Base Locations
west farbane location

We recommend establishing your castle somewhere here, as shown in the image near the old-age vampire Waygate. It is because this area is rich in early game minerals, wood, and other farming resources that you will require to run your castle and build floors, walls, equipment, and other research items.

Besides the basic farming resources that you get here, you will also have decent access to low-level bosses in this area, and beating them will unlock your power and structure.

For example, you will find Errol the Stonebreaker just east of the old-vampire gate, as mentioned in the image above.

errol the stone breaker
Errol the stone breaker boss V Rising

Additionally, if you go a little to your North from the vampire gate, you will encounter Grayson the Armourer, and beating this boss unlocks the Whetstone recipe.

V Rising Best Base Locations
Grayson the armorer boss V Rising

At the very far west of the vampire gate shown in the image above, you will find Clive, the Firestarter boss, who is a level 30 boss in the game.

clive the firestarter boss
Clive the firestarter boss V Rising

These three early-game bosses in the game, along with the useful resources you get from nearby farming areas, make West Farbane Woods the best base location. 

East Farbane Woods

Terrain Options Bosses Resources
  • Flat Areas
  • Layered Areas
  • Keely the Frost Archer (Lv. 20)
  • Goreswine the Ravager (Lv. 27)
  • Goreswine the Ravager (Lv. 27)
  • Lidia the Chaos Archer (Lv. 26)
  • Rufus the Foreman (Lv. 20)
  • Alpha Wolf (Lv. 16)
  • Offers a variety of bosses ranging from level 16 to level 78.
  • Multiple terrain options for building, including flat and layered areas.
  • Recommended castle location in the red box for proximity to the old vampire waygate and ample space.
  • Bosses include Keely, Lidia, Rufus, Alpha Wolf, and Goreswine, each unlocking valuable abilities and structures.
V Rising Best Base Locations
East Farbane best base location – V Rising

Just west of the vampire waygate teleport, you will find Keely the Frost Archer, who is a level 20 boss. You will also get the Tannery structure, which will allow you to craft leather from animal hide, and you need this in the early game. Before reading further, why not go through our Pristine Hide guide? 

keely the frost archer
keely the frost archer boss V Rising

South Dunley Farmlands

south Dunley Farmlands base
South Dunley Farmlands base location – V Rising
Useful Areas Resources
  • Farms
  • Mills
  • Horse
  • Fish Oil
  • Wool Thread
  • Scroll
  • Quartz
  • Close proximity to Farbane Woods.
  • Access to farms, mills, and loot-rich areas.
    Moswich Village south Dunley
    Moswich Village south Dunley base location – V Rising
  • Offers valuable resources like horses, Fish Oil, Wool Thread, Scroll, and Quartz.
  • Features a farm near the vampire gate for obtaining your first horse, allowing faster travel.
  • Mosswick Village to the North provides various valuable loot items.
  • Consider South Dunley Farmlands if you want efficient item farming and quick access to a vampire waygate for fast travel.
V Rising Best Base Locations
horse south dunley farmlands – V rising

Mid-Game Base Locations

LocationsBossesImportant SpotsResources
Northwest Dunley Farmlands-- Dunley Lumber Mill
- Dunley Monastery
- Cave
- Horse
- Plank
- Cotton
- Copper Ingot
- Glass
- Quartz
- Mourning Lily
- Scroll
Hallowed Mountains
Three Lv. 50+ Bosses-- Minerals
- Wood

Leveling up adequately during the mid-game is very important, and you will have a tough time in defeating bosses if you are not careful with your resources or have an underwhelming gear score. That is why we have listed three key locations you should consider to build your second base and make your survival journey easier. 

Northwest Dunley Farmlands

Gear Score Requirement Useful Spots Resources
Level 35 to 45
  • Cave
  • Dunley Lumber Mill
  • Dunley Monastery
  • Horse
  • Plank
  • Cotton
  • Copper Ingot
  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Mourning Lily
  • Scroll
  • Recommended for your second base due to increased difficulty.
  • Ideal location is northwest Dunley Farmlands for proximity to Silverlight Hills.
    V Rising Best Base Locations
    northwest Dunley Farmlands – V rising base location
  • Access to a cave that teleports you to the Cursed Forest.
  • Valuable resources in this area include Horse, Plank, Cotton, Copper Ingot, Glass, Quartz, Mourning Lily, and Scroll.
Dunley Lumber mill
Dunley Lumber mill – copper ingot & plank – V Rising
V Rising Best Base Locations
Dunley Monastery V Rising

Hallowed Mountains

Nearby Locations Bosses Resources
  • Farbane Woods
  • Dunley Farmlands
Three Bosses (Level 50+)
  • Wood
  • Minerals
  • Located at the far east end of Dunley Farmlands.
  • Unique terrain suitable for building an aesthetically pleasing castle.
  • No key locations for farming resources, primarily focused on aesthetics.
  • Excellent choice for those looking to create a visually impressive vampire mansion.
  • Potential advantage in PvP servers for fortifying your castle.
  • Note that this location may already be claimed on populated servers.
V Rising Best Base Locations
hallowed mountains V Rising

Late-Game Base Locations

LocationsBossesUseful SpotsResources
South Silverlight Hills- Mairwyn the Elementalist (Lv. 64)
- Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (Lv. 68)
Army Outpost- Schematic
- Imperial Thread
- Horse
North West Silverlight HillsFour High Level Bosses- Brighthaven Docks
- Brighthaven Slums
- Brighthaven Square
- Silver Ore
- Sulphur Ore
- Reinforced Plank
- Golden Jewellery
- Fresh Fish
- Fish Oil
- Imperial Thread
Cursed ForestFive end-game bosses-- Ghost Yarn
- Ghost Crystal
- Ghost Shroom

The late-game content is very punishing if you have not expanded your castle and leveled up your gear score properly. That is why knowing the best end-game base location in V Rising will surely help you ace that challenge and overcome the mistakes you may or may not have made in the early game. 

South Silverlight Hills

Bosses Useful Spots Resources
  • Mairwyn the Elementalist (Lv. 64)
  • Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (Lv. 68)
Army Outpost
  • Schematic
  • Imperial Thread
  • Horse
  • Suitable for late-game due to high-level enemies and valuable loot.
  • Build your castle in the southern region for access to endgame resources.
    south Silverlight hills
    South Silverlight Hills base location – V Rising
  • Bosses in the area include Mairwyn the Elementalist and Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (both above level 50).
  • Valuable loot items in the region include Schematic, Imperial Thread, and Horse.
horse location
horse location – V Rising

North West Silverlight Hills

Bosses Recommended Base Location Resources Useful Spots
4 Bosses (High level) Unoccupied Empty Land
  • Silver Ore
  • Sulphur Ore
  • Reinforced Plank
  • Golden Jewellery
  • Fresh Fish
  • Fish Oil
  • Imperial Thread
  • Brighthaven Docks
  • Brighthaven Slums
  • Brighthaven Square
  • Ideal for endgame with a gear score of 55 or above.
  • Recommended base location to the north of Brighthaven Cathedral.
  • Provides access to the Sacred Silver Mine for Silver Ore, Sulphur Ore, and Reinforced Plank.
  • Valuable resources available in the area include Silver Ore, Sulphur Ore, Reinforced Plank, Golden Jewellery, Fresh Fish, Fish Oil, and Imperial Thread.
  • Access to merchants and the ability to farm silver coins make it a top choice.
V Rising Best Base Locations
northwest Silverlight Hills – V rising base location
polora boss
Polora boss V Rising

Cursed Forest

northeast Cursed Forest
Northeast Cursed Forest – V rising
Base Location Bosses Resources
Southeast of Cursed Forest 5 Bosses (End-Game)
  • Ghost Yarn
  • Ghost Crystal
  • Ghost Shroom

As mentioned before that, Cursed Forest has late-game content in V Rising. Along with the bosses, the enemies and the field bosses that roam the Cursed Forest are also challenging to defeat, and roaming this part of Vardoran on foot is a risky adventure no vampire should make. 

  • Valuable endgame resources such as Ghost Yarn, Ghost Crystal, and Ghost Shroom.
  • Build your castle to the southeast of the Cursed Forest for easy access to new map expansions when they become available.
  • Five endgame bosses in the area offer valuable loot and recipes.
V Rising Best Base Locations
Map Expansion end game V Rising

Choose your late-game base location wisely, considering the difficulty level, available resources, and your overall gameplay strategy.

Importance Of Base Location In V Rising

build castle V Rising
Why you should build a castle at the best location?

Setting up the perfect base location in V Rising helps you in three key progressions: early game, mid-game, and late game. As mentioned before that, to survive in Vardoran as a vampire who feeds on blood for life scavenges on resources to thrive, and obliterates bosses for new powers, then having a base at the center helps. Here are some important points you need to consider first.

  • During the early game, a lot of resources such as Whetstone, stone, copper, wood, and other basic elements will be useful to your journey in V Rising.
  • However, this changes in mid-game when you no longer need these materials to level up your gear score and craft some of the best weapons, armors, rings, and more.
  • Additionally, when you reach the end game and get access to the human population towns or cities, you will need silver coins, gold, and other useful currencies to trade with merchants. Also, you will unlock your human form in the late game.

Keeping all the developments listed above under consideration, it is in your best interest to know which is by far the best base location in V Rising during the early, mid, and late games.  Of course, you can always create another base, but managing both will be a hassle and juggling resources back and forth from both bases will be an exhausting experience. 

Server Configurations Impact On Base Locations 

Depending on your server selection or config, you can have a hard time finding the most accessible base in V Rising. It is because if you are playing in PvE or PvP serves with more than 20 players, there are good chances that all the sweet spots for the base locations we have listed below will be taken by other players online.

It happens because the open world is shared between all the players in a server, and building a castle reserve the land for you; no other player can have the same base as the first one in Vardoran. 

However, if you are playing V Rising solo or in a single-player mode, then it is a completely different story. You are the only vampire in Vardoran who roams the land, feeds on the living, harvests resources, and enclaves servants in your own castle.

So, basically, you will have the entire map at your disposal to run around and do whatever a vampire needs to do, and you can pretty much set up a base anywhere you like.

Factors To Consider While Building Base

Building a base in V Rising can be a little tricky since there are a lot of different elements that you need to consider. Without a full assessment, you may face setbacks in your playthrough. Therefore, if you plan to pick a spot on your own for your Vampire’s base then here are all the things you should take into account:

  • Distance from key places.
  • Closeness to Waygate teleport.
  • Available resources in the area.
  • List of bosses within the vicinity.


We have entailed multiple reasons that will impact your decision to build your castle or set up a second base in the vast open world of V Rising. It is entirely up to you now where you want your castle to be, now that you have learned briefly about the strategic advantages and disadvantages of each location in the game.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best base locations. Was our guide helpful to you? Which is your favorite area in the game to build a castle? For us, the East Farbane Woods in V Rising is the perfect spot to build and run a castle in the early game and northwest Silverlight Hills in the late game. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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