V Rising: How To Get Whetstone? [Complete Guide]

Our detailed guide will show you how to get Whetstone in V Rising, how you can make it yourself, and whetstone-related items you can craft.

V Rising lets you build your own Castle, for which you will need multiple kinds of items. One such item is the Whetstone which is one of the most valuable items in the game. Our guide below will show you how to get whetstone in V Rising.

Key Takeaways
  • Whetstone in V Rising is used for crafting different items in the game, especially the building bases. It can be helpful in making roof slabs which is very important for the vampires in order to avoid sunlight.
  • You can find Whetstone in Bandit Strongholds.
  • Kill the Bandits, loot their bodies and they’ll drop Whetstone for you.
  • For making Whetstone, you need its proper recipe in V Rising, which will allow you to make it yourself in the Furnace.
  • You have to defeat the boss named Grayson the Armorer in order to get the recipe.

What Is Whetstone In V Rising?

V Rising: How to get Whetstone
Whetstone in V Rising

Since V Rising is all about building new bases from scratch, you will be needing a lot of resources and equipment to build bases. You will also need plentiful resources to build a castle later to restore your honor and dignity as a vampire. This is where materials like Whetstone and mirrors come into play. 

Whetstone is a very important part of crafting equipment especially when it comes to building bases. It is a base component that you will need in order to craft roof slabs. This will help you avoid sunlight in a very smart way which is the most important thing for survival as a vampire in this game. Whetstone is also important in case you want to build yourself the best gear in V Rising.

There are two ways by which you can get Whetstone. You can either farm it or make it yourself. Our guide covers both ways by which you can get Whetstone in V Rising. 


The most important objective of V Rising is finding and building all the resources you will need at the beginning of the game. This will help you prepare for your intense battles ahead. When you first start out in V Rising, the main quest line will tell you to get rid of the makeshift wooden barricades you have and build yourself an actual castle. In order to do that, you will need plenty of stone bricks.

Stone bricks can only be made by using a Grinder. In order to make the Grinder, one of the base Ingredients is Whetstone. You will need four of them along with other materials like planks and copper ingots. Whetstone is the hardest material to get among others.

But don’t worry as we have covered both ways by which you can get Whetstone to make the Grinder.

Where To Find Whetstones?

V Rising: How to get Whetstone
Make sure your gear level is sufficient before you farm Whetstone

The easiest location of Whetstone is probably the Bandit Strongholds. Keep in mind that you have to farm at least four Whetstones for the Grinder. These locations where you can get Whetstones are marked on the map images below. Any yellow circle you see on the map is a Bandit Stronghold or Bandit encampment.

  • There are many Bandit Camps around so you will have plenty of Whetstones to farm.
  • The enemies in these areas belong to levels between 20 to 30. So make sure you are skilled enough to take them down.
  • First, you will need to kill the bandits and after that, you can loot their bodies. Some of these bandits will drop Whetstones so make sure you kill most of them.
  • But the Whetstones are not the only items you can loot. The Bandit Encampments are filled with plenty of valuable materials scattered across the ground.
  • There are items for crafting in the Bandit Strongholds too.

Below are all the locations where you can farm whetstones by killing the bandits. Make sure you visit all of them and farm as many materials as possible.

Bandit Camp #1

V Rising: How to get Whetstone
Bandit Camp location

The first bandit camp you might want to visit to farm some Whetstones is located in Farbane Woods in the central southernmost part of the region. You will see the camp full of enemies right between the Infested Graveyard and Wolf Den.

Bandit Camp #2

This camp is also located in Farbane Woods. To get to this camp, go to the northeastern side of the Forgotten Cemetery in the area. There would be a landmark near the center of the Farbane woods so when you see it, know that there is a Bandit Camp nearby.

Bandit Camp #3

The third and final Bandit camp where you can farm Whetstone is found on the eastern side of Bandit Sulphur Quarry. This quarry is located in the far east region of Farbane Woods.

Bandit Armory

V Rising: How to get Whetstone
Bandit Armory Location

Besides the Bandit Camp, there are other locations where you can farm Whetstone too. One such location is Bandit Armory. You can find this Armory easily on the western side of Farbane Woods. This is also the area where you can find Grayson the Armorer’s lair.

Bandit Stronghold

V Rising: How to get Whetstone
Bandit Stronghold location

This stronghold is full of loot. You can find it in Farbane Woods at the central northernmost spot. This is also the location where you can find Quincy the Bandit king’s lair.

Bastion Of Dunley

The Bastion of Dunley area is also full of whetstone drops and you can find them in the northeast of the region. It lies directly above the third Farmlands Waygate of Dunley in V Rising.

The number of items differs in every location. While there are whetstones everywhere, you will also find additional items lying around like paper, copper ore, and other items you will need for crafting. When you think you have enough whetstones, you can head back to your base and then start working on the roofing of your castle or the Grinder.

Making Whetstone In V Rising

While you can find Whetstone in V Rising, you can also make it yourself in the Furnace. This is why it is important to set up a furnace at your base before you do anything else. When you interact with the furnace, you will see there is actually a recipe available for Whetstone.

While you can see the recipe and the materials required, you cannot actually make it until you find the special blueprint for it.


Fighting Grayson the Armorer

To get the recipe you will have to defeat a boss called Grayson the Armorer. You can open the Blood Altar menu and scroll all the way down to see this boss’s stats. The level requirement for this boss is level 27. So until you reach this level, you won’t be able to fight this boss.

If you are level 27, head to the Bandit Armory, located in Farbane Woods. You will find the lair of Grayson the Armorer here. When you have defeated the boss, you will get many rewards like the Crimson Aegis Power. Along with this, you will also get the ability to craft Whetstones, statues, and workshop floors.


Stone Dust Location in V Rising

The recipe for Whetstone is very easy. Following are the materials you need to craft a Whetstone.

  • 1 Copper Ingot.
  • 12 Stone Dust.

The materials are fairly easy to require. The furnace is the most basic thing you will set up at the beginning of the game. For the Stone Dust, you can get it while making your way to the Bandit Armory at the Vampire Waygate. There is plenty of stone dust there that you can farm.

For the copper ingots, you will need to smelt copper ores in the furnace that can be found while exploring the world of V Rising. You will need to smelt 20 copper ores to get one copper ingot.

Now to craft the Whetstone with these materials, interact with the furnace inside your base. Transfer both of these materials to the furnace and let it be. After a while, you can interact with it again and get Whetstones.

Whetstones can significantly improve the quality of your Castle so it is recommended that you farm as many Whetstones as you can. You can create stone bricks from it to turn your wooden base into a castle.

Items To Craft With Whetstone

The most important items you can build using the Whetstones are a grinder and the roof slabs for your castle. While the grinder requires Whetstone directly to be built, the roof slabs are made of stone dust. You can only get stone dust by using the grinder.

Here is how you can make the Grinder using the Whetstone.

Making A Grinder

Grinder in V Rising

The grinder is an important part of V Rising. A good thing about it is that its recipe and blueprint will unlock automatically during the game’s tutorial so you won’t have to locate the blueprint for it or fight a boss to unlock it. The grinder is a must-build because it is how you’ll make resources stone and its by-product stone dust as well.

In order to make a Grinder, first, go to the building menu and open the production tab. You will find it under the refinement category. To power up the Grinder, you will need a Castle Heart. The resources required to build the Grinder are:

  • Four Whetstones.
  • Four Copper ingots.
  • Eight Wooden Planks.

Once you have all the materials you need to build this, head back to the Refinement category. Scroll through all of your equipment until you see the materials listed above. Now select all the materials you need and place them anywhere on your base. It’s better that you place them near Castle Heart.

The grinder is very important to make a you cannot complete the Build Your Castle task without it, which requires you to complete a room or an area of your Castle. This quest only is completed by installing floors and reinforced walls and then adding a roof to it to protect you from sunlight.

Once you have added the roof to the room you will complete the objectives of the mission and unlock a new blueprint for crafting. This will help you progress and help you fortify your Castle to avoid getting burned by the sun.


This concludes our guide on how to get Whetstone in V Rising along with its farming methods and Whetstone-related items. Hopefully using our guide you can get Whetstone by both methods, either finding it in the Bandit camps or crafting it yourself. We would recommend that you try to farm the Whetstone from Bandit camps because you will need to progress a lot in the story.

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