V Rising Putrid Rat: Location & Boss Fight

This guide covers everything you need to know about the location of materials, tracking, loot and the boss fight of Putrid Rat in V rising.

Just like any other survival game, to succeed in achieving your goal, you’ll need skills or abilities to make your character stronger. These skills can be acquired either through exploration or by slaying the monstrosities that plague the land of Vardoran. Today, one of the most important early game skills we’ll be covering is the Putrid Rat form in V rising.

Key Highlights
  • Putrid Rat in V Rising is another boss you have to defeat in order to get onto the next level and for getting different rewards.
  • You have to Summon and locate Putrid Rat. You need three items for summoning which include Twilight Snapper, Fish Bones and Grave Dust.
  • Fish bones are random drops from the enemies or sometimes found in the treasure chests of bandit camps.
  • For locating Grave Dust, you can go to the common one’s “desecrated graveyard” or “forgotten cemetery” to kill the necromancer which will give you plenty of Grave Dust. You can also find it in the treasure chest of bandit camps.
  • Twilight Snapper can be located by fishing or they can also be found in the treasure chest.
  • In order to fight the boss, you have to thoroughly understand his attack moves and plan your defense accordingly.
  • After defeating him, you’ll be rewarded with the ability Putrid Rat From.

Putrid rate is one of the many bosses you’ll encounter in V rising. It’s relatively easy to beat, but the fact that the fight takes place in such a small, confined place can make it quite challenging.

Finding And Summoning Putrid Rat In V Rising

Lore about putrid rat
Putrid Rat’s rewards and lore showcased in the blood altar.

One of the first things that distinguish the Putrid Rat from other V blood carriers is that there is no option to track it from the Blood Altar. The reason is that you have to summon the Putrid rat and to do that, you’ll need to build a Vermin Nest. To build the Vermin Nest, go into the Refinement sub-tab of the Production tab and construct it from there.

Construction of Vampire nest
Vampire building a Vampire Nest in his castle
Menu of Vampire Nest
Menu showcasing the craftable materials required for Putrid Rat summoning

After you are all done with the construction, click on the Vermin Nest, and you’ll see the three items required to summon the Putrid Rat. The three items are Twilight Snapper, Fish Bones, and Grave Dust. Finding materials in a giant open world can be a very tedious task which might turn a lot of people off, but don’t get frustrated over it since we have done the task of finding the items already.

Location of Fish Bones

Fishing for Fish Bones
Vampire Fishing for Fish Bones during the night

To get the Fish Bones, the first thing that you’ll need to do is build a woodworking bench and craft a fishing pole. The next thing you’ll need to do is to go to these blue-colored areas or the rivers visible on the map. There isn’t anything particularly different about any of the rivers, so just go to the river which is closest to you. And finally, to get a Fish Bone item, you’ll need to do, you guessed it, fishing!

Fishing in V rising isn’t particularly different from the rest of the games on the market. You drop the fishing rod, wait for the splash, and then pull it out. It’s random, so after some trial and error, you’ll most probably end up with some Fish Bones.

Fish Bones are also a random drop from enemies and sometimes can be found in the treasure chests of bandit camps, but getting them through fishing has the highest success ratio.

Below, we have listed a few of the bandit camp locations.

Bandit Copper Mine Location
Marked spot of Bandit Copper Mine
Bandit Armory Location
Location of Bandit Armory
Location of Bandit Logging Camp
Bandit Logging Camp Location

Remember that for the Putrid rat, you’ll need 4 Fish Bones.

Location of Grave Dust 

The second item you’ll need for summoning the Putrid Rat is Grave Dust. Slaying the necromancers in the graveyards and cemeteries will get you plenty of Grave Dust. You can visit any of the graveyards closest to you since this one is also a random drop from the enemies.

Exploring Forgotten Cemetery
Searching for necromancers in Forgotten Cemetery
Grave Dust in Forgotten Cemetery
Vampire acquiring the grave dust after slaying the necromancers in Forgotten Cemetery

Still, for the sake of convenience, we’ll mark and mention two graveyards here. The most common ones are the “desecrated graveyard” and “forgotten cemetery”.

Location of Forgotten Cemetery
Forgotten Cemetery Location
Location of Desecrated Graveyards
Desecrated Graveyards Location

In the similar vein to fishing bones, Grave Dust can also be found in treasure chests of the bandit camps, but then again, getting them by slaying the necromancers is the fastest way to do it.

The amount of Grave dust that you’ll need to summon the Putrid rat is 8.

Location of Twilight Snappers

Twilight snappers are the most difficult to get your hands on since, just like Grave Dust and Fish Bones, this is also a rare drop. They aren’t a random drop from the enemies, but just like the previous two materials, there are two ways to get them.

The first way is by fishing. Just like we have mentioned above, you go to the blue-colored areas on the map and go fishing there. Compared to Fish Bones, this one is a much rarer drop, so keep fishing during all times of the day or night until to get your hands on it.

Fishing for twilight sapper
Vampire fishing for twilight sapper during the day
Getting the twilight sapper for Putrid Rat summon
Vampire acquiring the twilight sapper

The second method is again the same as the above two materials. Twilight snappers can be found in treasure chests of bandit camps.

Luckily, you need only 1 twilight snapper to summon the Putrid rat.

Now that the hunt for the materials is over. Head over to the Vermin Nest and summon the rat.

Putrid Rat Boss Fight

Once you summon the Putrid rat, you’ll have at least 20 seconds before the boss appears. So make sure to utilize this wisely and apply all the necessary buffs or use summon for additional help. Also, our recommended level to fight putrid rats is level 30

The move set of the Putrid rate isn’t anything crazy. It mostly does a forward headbutt attack and occasionally a poisonous AOE attack. These two attacks particularly aren’t hard to evade. The attacks are heavily telegraphed and give plenty of room to punish back after a successful evasion.

Putrid Rat telegraphing its headbutt attack
Headbutt attack charges up.
Putrid rat during its headbutt attack animation
Putrid Rat delivering headbutts
Poisonous AOE attcak
Putrid Rat telegraphing its Poisonous AOE attack

After a considerable amount of damage is done, Putrid Rat retreats into the ground and summons a large quantity of smaller variants of itself. This move can be a game-changer and can turn the tides of the battle against you.

The correct way to counter this attack is by taking out the minions first instead of focusing on the main rat. Once the minions are out of the way, you can focus on the Putrid Rat again. After this, there isn’t anything new in the fight; just rinse and repeat, and eventually, you’ll take it out.

Mini Putrid Rats Summoned
Putrid Rat summoning Its smaller variants during the fight

Putrid Rat Boss Fight Rewards

After slaying this overgrown foul beast and extracting its blood, you’ll be rewarded with one of V rising’s most useful ability, the “Putrid Rat Form”.

Harvesting Blood Putrid Rat's blood
Vampire Extracting the Putrid Rat’s blood to obtain its abilities.

This ability lets you transform into a rat and sneak into or get around enemy encampments unnoticed. However, taking any form of damage will reveal your true self to your enemies. Furthermore, getting too close to your enemies can also make them notice you. So make sure to stay out of harm’s way and keep your distance from the enemies while sneaking around in the Rat form.

Transformed vampire in Putrid Rat Form
Vampire transformed in Putrid Rat Form.

This wraps up our guide on Location and summoning guide of Putrid Rat in V rising. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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