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Can’t sink your fangs into this freshly released vampire-oriented MMORPG? You’re definitely not alone in experiencing the V Rising server error. A bevy of players are all coming across to be similarly troubled where it’s getting increasingly difficult to play Stunlock Studios’ latest IP online. We’ve gone through most of the V Rising Bugs, Crashes, and Issues already, but it appears that there’s one more scenario that needs to be tended to. 

This solution-rich guide is going to cover all there is to know about most of this game’s server-related issues, including how to fix them as well. Keep on reading if you’re growing increasingly tired of instances like V Rising server full and just want to be able to play through this Swedish thriller. 

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What is the V Rising Server Error Issue?

The V Rising server error issue manifests just like any other connectivity-related hassle in the game. You’re shown an error prompt that does a brief job at explaining the name of the problem that’s preventing you from getting in. And the rest of it stays there just like that. Therefore, you’re basically on your own in affairs such as this, and no matter the number of times you try repeating that “Select” button, you’re not getting past the prompt.

The demanding part of this whole subject is that multiplayer-centric issues can arise due to a plethora of reasons. You usually have to sift through them all in order to dig out the principal root cause, which is somewhat manageable if you’re an ingrained PC user. The issue in question can possibly arise due to an official server downtime where the servers are pulled by the developers to undergo maintenance. 

It’s either that or a fault on your side of things. A faulty internet connection with an inadequate network speed can also prevent you from playing V Rising online. In other, more rare cases, a corruption in one of the major game configuration files stored on your PC is another solid reason that the V Rising server error issue manifests when it does.

Then comes the link with administrator privileges and whatnot, so you usually have to cover a fair bit of ground to get the job done. Fret not though. We’re here to take you through the error-fix process step-by-step, and if you put in the effort, you’ll certainly be done in no time. Besides, there’s one definitive fix for the problem in question that many players seem to advocate for its effectiveness. We’ve got that in this article as well. 

Now that you’re well aware of what this vexing issue truly is, let us dive right into its fixes with no further ado. The following section is going to take it from here. 

How to Resolve V Rising Server Error On the Fly

The following is our round-up of all the tried-and-tested fixes to V Rising’s multiplayer issues and how you cannot find a server to connect to. Make sure to implement all of the potential solutions ahead and follow the instructions diligently for the best results. 

Confirm Server Availability

V Rising is mediated by an official Twitter handle where regular updates are posted on a consistent basis. It’s also from here that you can stay up-to-speed with everything the devs intend for the game to undergo, may it be major season updates or timed improvements. If the title’s servers are down at the moment, you won’t be able to play the multiplayer survival title by any chance whatsoever. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep track of official updates every now and then, especially in the case of V Rising server error. Doing so will help you confirm whether the problem is arising from the side of the developers or it’s you that needs to do something. We haven’t seen it ourselves yet, but the main Stunlock Blog+ is a good place to bookmark for the latest V Rising news and stories as well.

After you’ve made it certain that the game’s servers are not offline, you can make your way toward fixing the issue yourself. This step is essential to go through first, simply because of the nature of the issue and how no potential solution will work if the servers have been pulled for maintenance from the back-end. With that said, let’s get right into the rest of the fixes that the V Rising server full issue warrants. 

Run the Steam Client With Administrator Privileges 

Providing Steam administrator privileges is the way to go if you want limitless access to the famed desktop launcher. Sometimes, when you’re not running the app as an admin, a bevy of issues are bound to surface inadvertently, thereby making the ordeal an unmitigated disaster. That is why it’s preferred to run Steam with the power of an administrator to get the literal best out of it no matter what. 

Now, there are a couple of ways you can achieve the task at hand, but let us go over the easy one for your understanding. Simply type in “Steam” in the Windows Search bar to make the application pop up on the screen.

Right after that, click on the “Run as administrator” button to finalize the process. That’s one way of launching Steam with admin privileges, but if you’re after a more permanent solution, there’s another thing to try.

Look for the executable Steam file application in the File Explorer region of your PC. Once you locate it, double-click on the entry, and select “Properties.” Doing so should open up a new window on your end, allowing you to click on “Compatibility” without breaking a sweat. At last, toggle on the box beside “Run this program as an administrator,” apply the changes, and click on “OK.” That’s all there is to it!     

V Rising server error
Running Steam as an Administrator

This is your green signal to launch V Rising again and see if the issue at hand still exists. The Steamworks Initialisation Failed error has been duly fixed by a plethora of players through the proper application of this stratagem, so here’s hoping that you can say the same afterward. If, however, fate has different plans for you yet, keep on reading to try the next potential solution.

Assess the Quality of Your Internet Speed 

One of the first things where the mind wanders to when encountering V Rising’s server-related issues, of course, is the internet connection speed that you have. This is because the issue in question is actually related to server connectivity, so your connection to the internet has to be put under the guillotine first before any other system process.

You should be aware of the minimum internet speed requirements to play V Rising or any other multiplayer survival hack-and-slash to avoid running into errors similar to the one at hand. Check out the following for a brief idea of the minimum internet speed that you need.

  • Download Speed: 3 Mbps or above
  • Upload Speed: 1 Mbps or up 
  • Ping: Less than 70 ms

It’s best that you take to a reputable website such as Speed test by Ookla and test your internet speed connection. That way, you’ll be able to check whether your internet checks off the minimum requirements. If you find the results satisfactory, it’s quite probable that the V Rising server full problem that you’re experiencing is much more deep-rooted than that. Don’t worry though, as we’ve got a whole swath of fixes detailed below. Continue reading for the next solution to try.

Verify Integrity of V Rising’s Files 

The Steam desktop client or the game launcher that you employ for your fix of PC gaming is nothing but feature-rich. It encompasses a certain functionality that allows it to cross-check locally stored files of a particular game with the ones that it has stored on its official servers. This makes it easy to confirm whether your copy of the game is missing important configuration files or there’s a corruption in the mix that’s causing all the trouble.

We’ll be utilizing the effectiveness of this feature to see if the V Rising server error issue can be fixed by it. If you’re fairly new to the Steam launcher and aren’t exactly sure how to verify your game files’ integrity, feel free to follow the steps listed ahead. You’ll definitely get there in no time by the time you’re done replicating the instructions outlined below. 

1. The first step is to launch the Steam app on your Windows PC. This can be done quite effortlessly from the Windows Search bar. Just type in the right word and you’ll get the software popping up in no time. 

Launching Steam
Launching Steam

2. After launching Steam, head to the “My Library” section within the app’s interface and find V Rising in the sidebar to the left. Hover your cursor over the name of the game and double-click on it to reveal more options. Finally, select the “Properties” button to get to the next step. 

V Rising server error
Opening the “Properties” of V Rising

3. After completing the previous step, a small-scale window will appear on the screen. Here, you’ll be able to “Verify integrity of game files” effortlessly by clicking on the relevant button. Follow the screenshot given below for the best results. Make sure you’re in the “Local Files” section of V Rising’s properties to get the feature to appear. 

V Rising server error
Verifying Integrity of V Rising’s Game Files

4. After clicking on the “Verify integrity of game files” option, the authentication process will begin. Wait until the operation concludes. It shouldn’t take too long—somewhere around 2-3 minutes at best. Once you’ve been notified that all the game files have been validated, start V Rising again to see if it works now. 

V Rising's Game Files Validated
V Rising’s Game Files Validated

If the issue doesn’t go away and V Rising is still not letting you play its online mode, don’t lose hope just yet. We’ve got a bunch of more fixes awaiting your trial, so let’s get right down to them below. 

Use a Wired Connection 

A wired connection is leaps and bounds above a wireless one and there are a plethora of reasons supporting this statement. Wi-Fi setups can come off as fairly inconsistent from time to time whereas an Ethernet connection is so much more robust and paves the way to a stable multiplayer experience most of the time.

Gigabit routers, in particular, are much faster than even the latest iteration of Wi-Fi, which is Wi-Fi 6, and boast consolidated security. Lesser traffic interruptions, more dedicated bandwidth, and little to no network outages are some of the defining features of an Ethernet connection.

Set up a wired connection with your console or PC and fire up the game. Try getting into a server in V Rising and see if you can make your way inside a multiplayer server without disconnecting. Many players have reported that they experience a significant bump in multiplayer connectivity after slapping on an Ethernet connection. Here’s hoping that you can say the same by the time you’re done switching your wireless connection on your end. 

Delete Your Autosave Files – Definitive Fix for V Rising Server Error 

People who have managed to figure out what truly causes the server error issue in V Rising cannot help but think of the matter as nothing but ridiculous. There’s a distorted autosave file of the game that’s actually preventing players from getting into the multiplayer portion of V Rising. Therefore, if you’re looking to get back on track and start playing the vampire-focused title online, you need to dive deep into its configuration files. 

That way, you can finally delete that one file causing you all this distress. The fix that we’re going to talk about has now propagated across V Rising community forums, thereby helping out thousands of different similarly troubled players on the fly. With no further ado, follow the steps listed ahead and promptly fix this server-centric hassle in the game. 

  1. 1. The first step is to get to the “AppData” folder on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. This directory is probably present inside one of your hard drives, but it can be stored in other sections as well. To dig it out in all its exactness, use the “Run” utility by pressing the Windows key followed by pressing “R” on your keyboard. Once the “Run” window pops up, type in “appdata” and press the “Enter” key.
    V Rising server full
    Searching for the “AppData” Folder
  2. Right after that, you’ll be taken straight inside the “AppData” folder on your Windows PC. The next step from here pertains to clicking on “LocalLow.”
    V Rising server error
    Clicking on “LocalLow”
  3.  After clicking on “LocalLow,” you’ll be taken to a brand-new directory. Scroll down from here and spot the “Stunlock Studios” folder. Click on it to get to the next step.
    Selecting the "Stunlock Studios" Folder
    Selecting the “Stunlock Studios” Folder
  4. V Rising server error
    Selecting the Main “VRising” Directory
  5. Continue by selecting the “Saves” folder. You’re almost at the end now.
    V Rising server error
    Accessing the “Saves” Folder of V Rising
  6. Clicking on “Saves” will take you to yet another folder. Select “v1” from here to continue ahead.
    V Rising server error
    Clicking on the “v1” Folder of V Rising
  7. After completing the last step, you’ll be taken to an area where all of your manual saves in V Rising will be available at your disposal. Our goal here is to delete the most recent autosave that happened in the game. For this purpose, you’ll have to go inside each folder and click on the “ServerHostSettings.json” file. That way, you will be able to see the name of the save file in a more understandable format as compared to the last one.
    V Rising server error
    Selecting the Right Save File
  8. After figuring out the save file that’s most recent in your copy of the game, delete the “AutoSave” folder as shown in the screenshot below. Just make sure that you’re erasing the most latest save file for the best results.
    V Rising server error
    Deleting the Most Recent Autosave of V Rising

You should be able to get the game up and running once again after getting rid of the most recent V Rising save file. If a bevy of players have been implementing this fix to have their way with the title, then it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to do the same as well. 

With that said, the worst case scenario is that the above described method doesn’t do the trick for you either. If this turns out to be true, then you’ll have to implement a series of network related measures. Let’s get into all of them ahead. 

Disable IPv6 

IPv6 is commonly known in the world of IT as an internet protocol that’s responsible for device communication and connectivity to the web. It’s the latest protocol version and a direct successor to the IPv4, which currently stands as the norm in this domain. Some players experiencing the V Rising server error issue report that disabling IPv6 somehow manages to resolve the problem. 

We’re not exactly sure how this works out. It probably has something to do with the internet configuration of Stunlock Studios’ dedicated servers but what we do know is that the effort is definitely worth it. You can potentially resolve the false V Rising server full issue this way, and ultimately resume your fun adventures in the land of Vardoran. The following steps are going to illustrate how to disable IPv6 on your Windows PC.

  1. Get started by making haste to your device’s “Settings” app.
V Rising server error
Opening Settings on Windows 10

2. Once you’re in the main “Settings” panel, click on “Network and Internet” to get to the next step. 

Clicking on "Network and Internet"
Clicking on “Network and Internet”

3. Right after that, select “Change adapter options” to get to the next page. Here, you’ll select whatever connection type is it that you’re using at the moment. For instance, I’ve got my PC set up on Wi-Fi, so I’ll be clicking on the Wi-Fi section. Other options include LAN, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Once you’ve figured out the connection type, right-click on it and choose “Properties.” 

Opening the Properties of the Network Connection
Opening the Properties of the Network Connection

4. After you click on “Properties,” another window will appear on the screen for you. This is where you’ll scroll down a little (be sure to stay under the “Networking” tab) and find Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPv6. Once you’ve got it in your sights, uncheck the box beside it and click on “OK” to finalize the process. 

Unchecking the IPv6 on the Windows 10 PC
Unchecking the IPv6 on the Windows 10 PC

That should do it for disabling IPv6 on your Windows PC. The time is nigh to log in to V Rising’s servers again and see if this potential solution managed to resolve the hassle at hand. If nothing has come to fruition still, keep on reading for more fixes, and don’t lose hope just yet.

Utilize the Command Prompt 

The Command Prompt in Windows 10 or Windows 11 can possibly help you get around V Rising’s multiplayer connectivity hassle. This is especially true when you’re trying to play the title online and you just can’t get past the initial loading screen. We’re simply going to employ the Command Prompt utility here to run a number of different commands and refresh your IP address. 

Doing so will help you have a smoother connection and have better luck playing the title online. Follow the steps outlined below, therefore, to learn one of the most effective functions of the Command Prompt and avoid V Rising’s server-centric issues for days on end. 

  1. The first step is to open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC. Use the Windows Start menu or the Taskbar area if you have the app pinned there to get this done. In addition, make sure you run the app as an administrator for the best results. 
V Rising server error
Running the Command Prompt as an Administrator

2. As soon as the Command Prompt is up and running, use the following command and press the “Enter” key. This first piece of text will help us flush our DNS, meaning that it’ll clear away any remnant IP addresses that might possibly be affecting our entanglement with V Rising’s online servers.

ipconfig /flushdns
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache

3. Right after that, we’re going to input another command. This time, we’ll be registering a new DNS instead of clearing it. Use the following and enter it into your Command Prompt. The process can take a while, so do sit tight. We’ll also be creating a perceivable report and it’ll pop up in the “Event Viewer” menu after 15 minutes or so. 

ipconfig /registerdns
Registering a New DNS
Registering a New DNS

4. The next step is to renew your DNS. Use the following command to go through with it painlessly. 

ipconfig /renew
Renewing the IP Address
Renewing the IP Address

That’s about it for learning how to utilize the Command Prompt for the sake of resolving V Rising’s multiplayer problems. If, however, you still cannot get past the initial error prompt, keep on reading to employ other types of fixes.  

Allow V Rising Through Windows Firewall 

One of the first things that you should go after for verification is your built-in Windows Firewall settings. From what it appears to be, V Rising is being treated as some sort of a threat to your Windows PC and isn’t being allowed to run like it wants to. This is where trouble springs up and V Rising goes to sleep as soon as you click on it.

Fortunately, there is a way to test whether it is Windows Firewall that isn’t letting the RPG breathe in peace. Follow the steps given ahead to learn the process of allowing an app through the Windows Firewall program. We’ll do our best to explain the operation in simple-to-understand terms. 

  1. Your first task is to open the “Firewall and network protection” section of Windows Security on your PC. You can do that by simply searching for it using the Windows Start menu. Complete this to get to the next step.
Opening "Firewall and network protection"
Opening “Firewall and network protection”

2. Once done, a new window will launch and it’ll be a part of the Windows Security department, as mentioned earlier. You now have to click on “Allow an app through firewall” to get to the next step. 

Clicking on "Allow an app through firewall"
Clicking on “Allow an app through firewall”

3. You now have to make a couple of clicks in the following window that opens after completing the last step. Click on “Change settings” first to make the “Allow another app” option accessible. Once done, click on the latter and see yourself opening another window. 

Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall
Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall

4. A small-scale window will open up just after you complete the next step. This is where you’ll have to click on “Browse” and search your computer for the main V Rising executable game file application. From what we can gather, you have to add two distinct processes of the game in this step: the main “V Rising” app and its sidekick “VRisingServer” file as well.

Browsing the Local Storage for Required Files
Browsing the Local Storage for Required Files

5. Once you have found the V Rising executable file application along with the other one, select them both and add them to the list of inclusive apps. This will take you back to the previous small-scale window where the V Rising game files will be listed with specific names under the “Apps” section. Click on “Add” to allow both of the apps through Windows Firewall. You’ve made most of the progress completing this step. Continue the hustle to get to the bottom of it all.

V Rising server full
Adding the Application to Windows Firewall

6. You’re quite not done yet. You just have to go through one more simple step now to finalize the process. Check the box for “Public” and “Private” connections for Windows Firewall on the “Allowed apps” window. You can do this for the V Rising executable file and the other related file easily. Lastly, don’t forget to click on “OK” as soon as you’re done to save your progress.  

That’s about it for this potential solution for the V Rising server error issue. Now that you’ve finally allowed the game through Windows Firewall, launch it on your end to see if it brings favorable results. If you still cannot run the game online, the source of this issue probably resides elsewhere. Continue the read to discover more ways of returning to the world of Vardoran. 

Forward Your Router’s Ports 

One of the first potential fixes that will help you find your way with the V Rising server issue in the game revolves around forwarding some of your internet router’s ports. Out of all the other fixes that people have tried, this one does really set things in motion. However, you don’t have to forward all of your router’s ports to get the game’s multiplayer to start working again. 

Instead, we’ve managed to pick up a handful of these that you need to tend to specifically for V Rising. According to this official Steam Support page, all the relevant port-forwarding components have been laid out for players who are struggling with connectivity issues. Under the “Dedicated for Listen Servers,” Steam advises us to have the following ports opened: 

  • TCP local port 27015 (default): SRCDS Rcon port
  • UDP local port 27015 (default): gameplay traffic

If you know your way around internet routers and are already familiar with the concept of port-forwarding, then do check whether the relevant ports that need to be opened are already available for your copy of the game or not. Otherwise, you can simply get in touch with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get them to tend to the matter themselves. 

Port-forwarding is definitely the way to move forward with the V Rising server full issue. Many players were able to resolve the problem just by having the required ports opened. With that said, if you still cannot get the game to work, keep on reading to try what is possibly the ultimate fix for most pertinent issues. 

Reinstall V Rising

If you’ve tried all the fixes out there and then some, and nothing so far seems to be giving you a ray of hope, try uninstalling V Rising. The file size of the game is just about 7 GB, so it truly won’t take a surreal amount of time to install again. The goal here is to perform a complete reinstallation of this vampire-centric title, so everything that went wrong during its first installation is readily tended to.

Again, this method should be used as a last resort type of solution. We say this simply because of the extra hassle involved in deleting the title from your PC first and then getting it back on the system again. With some spell of luck and fortune, the V Rising server error issue will cease to exist by the time you’re done reinstalling it.

The vast majority of players who were troubled by this irksome bother finally managed to get inside multiplayer servers after reinstalling the title. It truly is the ultimate way of getting your games back on track if nothing else comes to fruition.  

However, with all of the above being said and done, V Rising is a fresh release and still going through its “Early Access” phase. This is a clear indication that some pertinent bugs, issues, and other errors are still being hammered out from the title. In doing so, a couple of instances have been left unattended and players are seeking a solution to the game-breaking bugs hindering the core V Rising user experience.

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