V Rising Frostmaw: Location, Strategies & Rewards

Our V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror guide entails location of the boss, two strategies & rewards you get after defeating this boss.

V Bloods are priority targets in the game because defeating these will unlock new crafting recipes, structures, and some of the best vampire abilities. If you want to advance the gear progression mechanism faster, you must defeat the V Rising bosses, one of which happens to be the Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror.

Key Takeaways
  • Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror, is a level 56 boss. He can beat you in the game with his fight strategies in V Rising
  • You can find Frostmaw at the cold passageway in the tunnel of the Hollowed Mountains.
  • You can defeat him with a gear score of 56 or above.
  • Use a build consisting of Chaos Volley, Sanguine Coil, Melee weapon, and Crossbow weapon to fight Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror.
  • When he does frost attacks, use the Blood Rite and escape the danger zone.
  • Focus on ranged attacks because getting close to him will automatically kill you.
  • After defeating Frostmaw and acquiring its blood, you’ll unlock various rewards, including Ice Nova as a Vampire Power and Scroll as a Recipe.

Frostmaw Boss Location In V Rising

V Rising Frostmaw location
Frostmaw boss location

Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror, is a level 56 boss who is not a regular V Blood carrier you will encounter in the game. You can discover this boss’s location by tracking him via the Blood Altar’s tracking mechanism. However, if you are eager to reach the boss quickly, here is an image for your reference if you want to reach the boss fighter in V Rising. 

You can reach Frostmaw’s location by going to the location we entailed in the image above, as it will lead you to the tunnels of the Hallowed Mountains. Once there, you will find the cold passageways that eventually end with you facing Frostmaw the Mountain Terror.

Recommended Level To Fight Frostmaw

Frostmaw melee attacks and encounter
Frostmaw boss encounter
  • Frostmaw is a level 56 boss, dealing frost and melee attacks.
  • Minimum gear score recommended is level 54.
  • Higher gear scores make the fight easier but aim for at least level 54.

Boss Fight Strategy 1: Frostmaw boss sweep melee attack:

  • Choose a spear for high damage and distance.
  • Equip Blood Rite for counter-attacks and healing.
  • Use Chaos Valley for additional damage.
  • Utilize Heart Strike ultimate ability when available.
    Frostmaw close combat
    Frostmaw boss sweep melee attack.

Frostmaw boss ice laser attack:

  • Immediately use Chaos Valley to initiate damage.
  • Evade triple frost bolt attack by moving.
  • Counter boss’s attack upon thawing.
  • Dodge AoE frost wave and use Chaos Valley.
  • Watch for Ice Storm, avoid freezing ground.
  • Sprint or use charged Blood Rite to avoid 180-degree ice attack beam.
    Frostmaw laser beam attack
    Frostmaw boss ice laser attack

Frostmaw boss ice blast ground attack:

  • Use Blood Rite or sprint to evade ice attack beam.
  • Close in for Thousand Spear’s ability at low HP.
  • Continuously use Chaos Valley and Spear’s ability.
  • Strategically use Ultimate ability for damage and healing.
  • Focus on dodging frost attacks with Blood Rite and maintain distance.
    V Rising Frostmaw iceblast attack AoE
    Frostmaw boss ice blast ground attack

Boss Fight Strategy 2:

  • Recommended for ranged attackers.
  • Avoid melee combat due to high risk.
    Frostmaw chaos barrier deflect
    Frostmaw boss ice missile attacks
  • Use Chaos Volley, Sanguine Coil, and tier 3+ crossbows.
  • Focus on defense and wait for openings.
  • Attack with Chaos Barrier during vulnerabilities.
  • Stay within combat range to maintain strategy effectiveness.

Frostmaw Rewards

Assuming you have defeated Frostmaw and have acquired its V Blood, you will also unlock the following rewards once the boss is slain: 

  • Vampier Power: Ice Nova.
  • Recipe: Scroll.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror boss in V Rising. Did you manage to beat this boss in the game yet? Do you find our strategies helpful? What was your go-to strategy while defeating this boss in the game? We would like to know these answers, so let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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