V Rising Frostmaw: Location, Strategies & Rewards

Our V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror guide entails location of the boss, two strategies & rewards you get after defeating this boss.

V Bloods are priority targets in the game because defeating these will unlock new crafting recipes, structures, and some of the best vampire abilities. If you want to advance the gear progression mechanism faster, then you will need to defeat the V Rising bosses who are also known as V Blood Carriers. Finding these V Blood bosses is easier when you interact with Blood Altar and then trace them using a complex tracking mechanism.

Key Highlights
  • Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror, is a level 56 boss. He can beat you in the game with his fight strategies in V Rising
  • You can find Frostmaw at the cold passageway in the tunnel of the Hollowed Mountains.
  • You have a chance to defeat him with gear score 56 or above. So, learn his strategic moves and attack back. 
  • Use Chaos Volley, Sanguine Coil, Melee weapon, and Crossbow weapon to fight Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror.
  • When he does frost attacks, use the Blood Rite and get out of the danger zone.
  • Focus on ranged attacks because getting close to him will automatically kill you.
  • After defeating Frostmaw and having acquired its blood, you’ll unlock various rewards, which include Ice Nova as a Vampire Power and Scroll as a Recipe.

Defeating monsters or V Blood carriers unlock structures and recipes that help you in acquiring valuable resources, essential for progressing the game’s story. That is why our Frostmaw boss guide in V Rising will help you slay this nightmare that lurks in the northwest of the Hallowed Mountains region in Vardoran. 

Frostmaw Boss Location in V Rising

Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror, is a level 56 boss in V Rising who is not a regular V Blood carrier you will encounter in the game. You can find out where this boss’s location is easily by tracking him via the Blood Altar’s tracking mechanism. However, if you are eager to reach the boss quickly, then here is an image for your reference if you want to reach the boss fighter in V Rising. 

V Rising Frostmaw location
V Rising Frostmaw boss location

You can reach Frostmaw’s location by going to the location we entailed in the image above, as it will lead you to the tunnels of the Hallowed Mountains. Once you are there, you will find the cold passageways that will eventually end with you facing Frostmaw the Mountain Terror. You can, of course, walk here, but we recommend using your horse, as you can go to the area we entailed here much faster.

Recommended Level To Fight Frostmaw Boss

Frostmaw melee attacks and encounter
V Rising Frostmaw boss encounter

Frostmaw is a level 56 boss in V Rising, and he deals with both frost and melee attacks; and you should not underestimate the boss as he deals a lot of damage in quick successions as well. So, to have a chance of defeating this V Blood Carrier in V Rising, you’ll need a gear score of at least level 54 or above.

If you go beyond gear score 56 or above, then the boss fight may be a little on the easier side and will not present many challenges. However you wish to proceed, you must at least meet the minimum gear score criteria we have listed here. 

If you are not sure about taking the boss alone and trying to defeat it, then try to bring a friend into your game and team up to defeat the boss. One of you two will need to get the attention of the boss, while the second player can get in close and deal melee damage or use ranged weapons to deplete Frostmaw’s health from a distance.

Additionally, it goes without saying that if you do decide to solo or coop Frostmaw The Mountain Terror boss in V Rising, you must have an adequate supply of health recovery items.

Frostmaw Boss Fight Strategy in V Rising

This monster’s Frost attack is incredibly irritating since it will instantly freeze you, and if you take more hits, the freeze duration will lengthen, and the boss will push you and beat you with its claws.

Boss Fight Strategy 1

Frostmaw close combat
V Rising Frostmaw boss sweep melee attack

You may choose a spear or any other melee weapon for the boss fight. However, if you want to take the road of defeating the boss using a melee weapon, then there is no parallel to a spear, and it would be best for this fight as it can devastate the boss by dealing a lot of damage. Plus, using the spear also ensures you maintain a certain distance from the boss, and the spear deals more damage to enemies. 

Additionally, if you don’t want to get frozen a lot in this encounter, you’ll want to equip the Blood Rite ability to conduct the counter-attack. The Blood Rite ability heals you while simultaneously allowing you to counter the assault. The Chaos Valley is another ability that you should frequently use in this fight; you may cause scorching damage to the boss, and it will suffer a lot of damage.

You can also equip the Heart Strike ultimate ability and use it whenever the opportunity arises.

When you get to the boss’s position, use the Chaos Valley ability to attack him and deliver damage to him right away. The boss possesses a frost bolts attack that fires three bolts at the same time. You can avoid this assault by running away or just moving, but you will be immobilized if you are hit by any of them.

Frostmaw laser beam attack
V Rising Frostmaw boss ice laser attack

If you notice the monster approaching, overuse the Blood Rite ability so that when you unfreeze, the boss will attack you while you are in your counter ability, doing damage and healing you.

The monster also has an AoE strike in which it crashes into the ground, causing a frost wave to envelop it. You’ll want to avoid the AoE strike. Because Chaos Valley does scorching damage to the boss over time, you can spam it on it.

Furthermore, when you spot the boss rushing you, you must know that he is about to strike you with frost damage that will also freeze you. In situations like this, you must use the Blood Rite ability to counter 

For ranged vampire abilities, we recommend picking up the Chaos Valley and using the Chaos Valley as long as you can on this boss. If it’s on cooldown, you maintain distance, and when using the ability as soon, as it becomes available. 

You may use the Thousand Spears ability on him when you get close enough, and it will swiftly deplete his health. Once you are done, make a comeback by attacking Frostmaw the Mountain Terror with Chaos Valley. 

Moreover, the boss also has another attack up his sleeve; Frostmaw causes an Ice Storm attack, which slows down your movement speed and allows the boss to get in close and deal melee damage. During this attack, the ground will begin to freeze, and ice spikes will emerge from it.

You can also see the frozen ground, and you must keep away from the spikes since they can hit you and freeze you. While in the ice storm, you can use all of your skills.

V Rising Frostmaw iceblast attack AoE
V Rising Frostmaw boss ice blast ground attack

When the boss’s HP is low, he will begin to utilize the ice attack beam, which he will shoot at 180 degrees, but if you sprint in time, the beam will miss you, and you will not be frozen, or if you have your Blood Rite ability charged, you may use it as well. 

Also, send the Chaos Valley barrage at Frostmaw The Mountain Terror whenever you can, and then use Spear’s ability as well in the mix. When he is steady, or you can predict his movement, only then should you trigger the Ultimate ability. Doing so will not only deal damage to the boss, but it will also heal you back in the process.

That is pretty much our first strategy to beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror. Remember, concentrate on his frost attacks, and when the attack is about to interact with you, use the Blood Rite and get out of the tough spot and maintain distance. Then hit the boss with the Chaos Valley. Rinse and repeat, and you will take the boss down and can extract the V Blood out of him.

Boss Fight Strategy 2

Our second strategy favors the ranged attacking players and strictly discourages melee combat. As soon as you see the boss, Frostmaw will chase you down on the Hallowed Mountains’ frozen paths. The first and foremost attack that the boss unleashes on you will be ice missiles that cause a lot of damage. As mentioned before that, if you are level 54 or below, then these ice missiles will most likely kill you.

Frostmaw chaos barrier deflect
V Rising Frostmaw boss ice missile attacks

Additionally, the ice missile attack not only does physical damage but also splash one as well. That is why you must avoid these iced-spike attacks at all costs regardless of under level or at par with the boss’s level in V Rising.

Keeping these strong attack patterns under consideration, we recommend using Chaos Volley, Sanguine Coil, and crossbow weapon of tier 3 or above for the boss fight.

In this scenario, the best approach is defense. Wait for his piercing strikes and Frost Nova AOE damage before attacking him with Chaos Barrier. Furthermore, focus on ranged attacks because it’s pointless to approach Frostmaw because he’ll kill you instantaneously. 

However, don’t go too far away from the combat since this will restart the combat engagement with the boss, and your strategies will be in vain.

Frostmaw Boss Rewards in V Rising

Assuming you have defeated Frostmaw and have acquired its V Blood, you will also unlock the following rewards once the boss is slain: 

  • Vampier Power: Ice Nova 
  • Recipe: Scroll

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror boss in V Rising. Did you manage to beat this boss in the game yet? Do you find our strategies helpful? What was your go-to strategy while defeating this boss in the game? We would like to know these answers so let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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