V Rising Greater Blood Essence: Recipe, Crafting & Farm

Our guide entertains some of the most commonly asked questions which mainly focus on the best ways to acquire V Rising Greater Blood Essence.

The normal Blood Essence is used to power the castle’s heart in V Rising. It is used as a primary source of fuel for your castle. However, unlike the normal Blood Essence, Greater Blood Essence has a different set of uses. It is primarily used to craft end-game structures as well as to uncover hidden knowledge. It is also used to convert humans into thralls, making them the best servants in V Rising. There are different types of blood essence in V Rising. The main focus of our guide is the Greater Blood Essence.

Key Highlights
  • The Greater Blood Essence in V Rising is used to uncover hidden knowledge and crafting end-game structure in the game.
  • You can get Greater Blood Essence by three effective methods.
  • The player can get it by defeating any stronger level enemy in the game.
  • You can also acquire Greater Blood Essence by Crafting it. For that, you’ll be required 4 Unsullied Hearts which can be acquired by killing any level enemy.
  • The best way to get the Greater Blood Essence is to get its Recipes. You need to be on level  40-50 in order to get the recipes, you have to kill a boss for that.

Best Ways to Acquire Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence
Greater Blood Essence V Rising

Now, to get V Rising Greater Blood Essence, there are several ways. However, some methods are not recommended for low-level vampires. There are a total of three effective ways to gather Greater Blood Essence. So let us get started with the most basic one.

Collecting It By Defeating Enemies

Collecting Greater Blood Essence
Collecting Greater Blood Essence By Defeating Enemies

The most basic way of acquiring Greater Blood Essence is to loot it off stronger leveled enemies. Low-level enemies drop Blood Essence when killed, but if you kill a higher-leveled enemy, then it will drop Greater Blood Essence

However, it will be in small quantities. Also, when we say basic method, we don’t mean that it will be easy for low-level players. The looting method requires you to defeat level 30 and above enemies. This, in turn, means that you have to also be around the same level to stand a chance against these enemies. With it out of the way, we head toward the next method.

Crafting Greater Blood Essence With Unsullied Hearts

Blood Press
Blood Press

Crafting Greater Blood Essence is fairly simple and easier for low-level players. To craft one piece of it, you will require 4 Unsullied Hearts. These Unsullied Hearts can be acquired by killing any level enemy. However, the chances of the enemy dropping an unsullied heart upon death are very rare.

But don’t lose hope now because there are still ways to farm unsullied hearts. What we recommend you to do is that grind these hearts by killing bosses or small waves of low-level enemies.

Once you have collected these hearts, the next step will be to use the Greater Blood Essence to convert these hearts into Greater Blood Essence. The Blood Press is a default structure that you would have already acquired. The basic use of the blood press is to covert Unsullied hearts into Greater Blood Essence.

Acquiring Greater Blood Essence Through Its Recipe

Tristan, The Vampire Hunter
Tristan, The Vampire Hunter

The best way to get the Greater Blood Essence is to obtain its recipe. What this does is that it converts 150 – 200 regular Blood Essence into one Greater Blood Essence. However, to obtain the recipe, your gear progression in V Rising must be adequate and it needs to be around 46 – 50 level, as you will have to hunt down a boss.

The boss is Tristan, The Vampire Hunter, who is located in the vicinity of Farbane Woods. He is around level 50, which means he is pretty tough to take down if you are under level. Once you have defeated him, you will unlock the recipe to craft Greater Blood Essence from regular Blood Essence. You can reach him by tracking him through the Blood Altar.

We highly recommend you to use the recipe method to collect Greater Blood Essence as the other methods are quite ineffective compared to it. The amount of Blood Essence you will have acquired while obtaining the recipe is absurd. So turning them into Greater Blood Essence won’t be a problem. However, the only downside is that you have to be high level to get the recipe, as mentioned before.

Sadly we have arrived at the end of the guide. We have discussed all possible methods to acquire the Greater Blood Essence. This will provide you with ample Greater Blood Essence to keep progressing and improving your castle and game.

V Rising is a vampire lore-based survival RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Stunlock Studios. Currently, it is in its early access phase. However, the game is exclusively available on Microsoft Windows only.

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