V Rising Terah Location & How To Defeat Her

This guide entails all you need to know about the location, boss fight, and rewards of Terah's The Geomancer in V Rising.

Just like any action RPG, there are formidable bosses you have to face in order to obtain some of the best armor or weapons in V Rising. These bosses in the game are called V Blood carriers. That is our guide entails all you need to know about the V Rising Terah location, the boss fight, and the rewards.

Key Highlights
  • Terah the Geomancer is the most formidable level 48 V Blood Boss in V Rising. You must be on level 46 or above to fight Terah.
  • She can be found strolling in the Bedrock Pass, located in the Northwestern part of Dunley Farmlands. You can also track her through the Blood Altar tracking system.
  • As for Terah’s attack strategy, she can use different spell attacks, shower rocks from the sky, summon two golems, and can send a barrage of ground spikes toward you. Being aggressive, dodging her, and attacking back is the key.
  • After defeating Terah, you’ll unlock some rewards, which include a Recipe for Siege Golem Stone, Vampire power of Spectral Guardian, and Structure Gem Cutting Table.

Location of Terah The Geomancer 

Your encounter with Terah the Geomancer is inevitable in the land plagued by monstrosities and creatures that come out when the sun is down. Unlike the Putrid rat, Terah the Geomancer can be tracked from the Blood Altar.

Tracking the boss through Blood Altar can be a hassle, and if you don’t want to go through that, keep following our guide. 

If you’re looking for V Rising Terah’s location, she can be found strolling in the Bedrock Pass. It’s located in the North-Western part of the Dunley Farmlands. The location of Bedrock Pass is marked on the map below:

Duneley Farmland's Location
Location of Dunley Farmland in V Rising
Bedrock pass's location
Location of Bedrock Pass in Dunley Farmlands

Terah The Geomancer Boss Fight

Basic info on Terah The Geomancer
Blood Altar’s info on Terah the Geomancer

Terah, the Geomancer, is of the most formidable V Blood carriers you’ll face in V Rising. So naturally, having your best abilities and gear on you is a given. We’ll recommend having ranged weapons and spells on you. Also, ensure you are at least level 46 or above before facing Terah the Geomancer.

This is a multiple-phase boss fight with a wide variety of attacks, so make sure to read till the end in order to trump this foul beast. 

Phase 1

The fights start with Terah in her normal form. Nothing really crazy here. She only has one spell attack while in this phase, which can be dodged easily. So being aggressive here is recommended.

Ranged Magic Attack
Terah is using spell attacks in normal form

Phase 2

After a handful of damage is done to her, she transforms into a huge golem, where things get tough. While in Golem state, one of her other attacks is to shower rocks from the sky. A red circle will be drawn around the region where the rock will fall. Stay out of these rings to avoid this attack.

Terah telegraphing Rock Shower Attack
A simpler Rock Shower attack telegraphed by Terah the Geomancer in V rising.

Shortly after Terah is done with this attack, she’ll summon two smaller golems. The smaller golems are fairly easy to beat since they have only one attack, which is also very telegraphed. We recommend removing the smaller golems before you focus on Terah again. Furthermore, keep your eye out for the attacks Terah will do while you focus on the smaller golems.

Mini Stone Golem Varients
Golem summoned smaller variants of herself to fight by her side

After taking out the golems, you can focus on Terah in her golem form. In this phase, there are a couple of attacks you need to watch out for because getting caught in them can be very devastating for you.

The first attack is the same as her smaller golems. Terah will try to hit you with a forward slash attack with her arm, which is fairly telegraphed.

Another one of her attacks will cause spikes to emerge from the ground, injuring you severely. And lastly, the rock shower attack is a little faster than before.

Terah telegraphing a basic attack
Forward arm slash attack telegraphed by Terah.
A normal spike attack by Terah
A normal, less deadly ground spike attack by Terah in V rising

Other than that, there is nothing new to her in this phase, so she keeps dealing damage until she transforms into her normal form again.

Phase 3

Terah, when she transforms into her normal form again, will regenerate some of her health, but luckily she doesn’t have any addition in her attacks. So repeat the same strategy for her normal form as we have mentioned above in Phase 1.

Again, after dealing a considerable amount of damage to her, she’ll transform again into the golem. Most of her move set remains the same, except there is one new attack Terah can execute now in V Rising.

Her new attack is sending a barrage of ground spikes toward you. Similar to Terah’s previous attacks, this attack is also telegraphed. Terah will make a loud screech before making this attack. So prepare to dodge as soon as she starts telegraphing her attack.

Barrage of ground spike attacks
Terah, the Geomancer, shoots with a barrage of ground spikes

Another thing you’ll notice is that she is a little more aggressive here than in her golem state in phase 2. So be on your guard and be quick in your reactions.

One thing to keep in mind is that her rock shower attack has two types. One is where she slams the ground, throwing rocks around you.

Another is she dives into the ground and showers rock on you for a little longer at a swift speed. Keep in mind these patterns and prepare to dodge them as soon as she starts telegraphing these two attacks.

Terah telegraphing Rock Shower Attack
A deadlier Rock Shower attack telegraphed by Terah the Geomancer in V rising.

After dealing considerable damage to Terah again in V rising, she’ll transform into her normal state again, where she can be killed for good.

Are you struggling with Terah’s location in V Rising and defeating strategy? Maybe you don’t have the proper build. So, consider reading our guide, V Rising’s Best Builds.

Rewards For Defeating Terah The Geomancer 

Just like all the other V Blood carriers, after defeating and extracting the blood of Terah, the Geomancer materials and recipes are very useful in your ventures in the land of Vardoran.

Blood Extraction
Vampire Extracting the Blood of Terah, The Geomancer to obtain her powers

Once you defeat Terah the Geomancer, you get the recipe for Siege Golem Stone and Regular Gems. You gain the Vampire Power of Spectral Guardian. You also gain the Structure Gem Cutting Table.

Again, as a reminder for battling Terah the Geomancer, ensure you have a good ranged weapon, and at least one ranged spell. Terah is sluggish, but her strikes are powerful. Maintain your distance.

This wraps up our guide for V Rising Terah Location & How To Defeat Her. Let us know what you think about this fight in the comments below.

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