V Rising Pristine Hide: Farming & Crafting Roadmap

Our comprehensive guide on how to farm Fish Oil and Pristine Hide in V Rising, and craft Pristine Leather in V Rising.

In V Rising, you must build and maintain your castle, which serves as your safe haven and primary base of operations during the day. As the night falls, you can roam the town to farm resources, progress your gear score, and get some of the best abilities in V Rising.

Key Highlights
  • Pristine Leather is a valuable resource that can be crafted using Pristine Hide and Fish Oil.
  • Pristine Hide is obtained by killing werewolves in Dunley Farmlands.
  • Fish Oil can be obtained by crafting with The Devourer or looting from fishing spots.
  • Leather is an important resource early on in the game, and it is required to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2 and craft armour pieces.
  • Building a Tannery inside the castle is required crafting Leather and the plan for building it.
     The recipe for Leather is dropped by Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 boss often found in the Bandit Trapper Camp in Eastern Farbane Woods.

You must also craft better armor as you level up to provide better protection. One cheap and easy resource to farm for armor is Pristine Hide, which is used to make Pristine Leather, so we present our guide on farming Pristine Hide in V Rising.

Pristine Leather: Before and After Update

It used to be the case that crafting Pristine Leather required Leather, Fish Oil, and Pristine Hide in the game. The problem here was that both Leather and Fish Oil were craftable resources, which caused a long waiting time to get Pristine Leather. Luckily the devs listened and pushed an update after only Fish Oil and Pristine Hide was required to craft Pristine Leather in V Rising.

tannery-pristine hide-V Rising Pristine Hide
Tannery Menu for crafting Pristine Leather (Image by eXputer)

For completion purposes, we’ll briefly go over how to craft leather as you unlock both the Tannery and Leather from the same boss, and that Leather is also required to upgrade your Castle Heart. Read about Blood Essence in V Rising, which is used to craft the Castle Heart.

How To Acquire Leather 

Leather is an important resource early on in the game. It is required to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2 to strengthen your castle and craft armor pieces. Leather needs to be crafted using a Tannery.

Keely the Frost Archer-boss-V Rising Pristine Hide
Blood Altar menu for Keely the Frost Archer (Image by eXputer)

The plan for building a Tannery and the crafting recipe for Leather are both dropped by Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 boss. She’s often found in the Bandit Trapper Camp in Eastern Farbane Woods. We’ve already covered how to beat Keely in our Best V Rising Unsullied Hearts Farming Methods guide, so you can refer to it to find how to beat this boss under her section.

Setting up a Tannery

build tannery-V Rising
Building a Tannery inside your castle (Image by eXputer)

After you’ve beaten Keely the Frost Archer, you’ll need 8 Wooden Planks and 160 Animal Hides to set up a Tannery inside your castle. Animal Hides can be easily collected in the Farbane Woods by killing wolves and bears.

craft leather-V Rising Pristine Hide
Tannery Menu for Crafting Leather (Image by eXputer)

Once you’ve set up the Tannery, you can make a Leather piece from 16 Animal Hides. You may also read our Glass in V Rising guide and learn about Quartz Farming methods in the game, as they become scarce in the endgame.

How To Get Pristine Hide 

inventory-pristine hide-V Rising Pristine Hide
Pristine Hide, as viewed in Inventory (Image by eXputer)

Now, we come to the matter at hand; how to craft Pristine Leather in V Rising. One ingredient to craft Pristine Leather is Pristine Hide, which we’ll cover below.

locations for werewolves-V Rising Pristine Hide
Notable spawn locations for Werewolves in Dunley Farmlands (Image by eXputer)

Pristine Hide in V Rising can only be obtained by killing werewolves. Werewolves exclusively spawn during the nighttime, and they spawn randomly in Dunley Farmlands.

Werewolves are extremely agile, and they will vanish into the air if you don’t attack them immediately. If you play V Rising with a clan, we recommend visiting the South-Eastern area of Dunley Farmlands as you can find a pack of werewolves there.

concept art-werewolf-V Rising
Concept Art for Werewolf. Credit: @VRisingGame (Twitter)

You need 15 Pristine Hide items to craft one Pristine Leather piece, so we recommend 2-3 farming sessions of werewolves to have at least 500 Pristine Hides in your inventory. 

How To Obtain Fish Oil

The second ingredient to craft Pristine Leather is Fish Oil in V Rising, which we’ll cover below.

ingame description-fish oil-V Rising Pristine Hide
Fish Oil inside your Inventory (Image by eXputer)

Fish Oil in V Rising can be obtained by 2 methods: crafting Fish Oil via The Devourer and looting the Fish Oil.

Crafting Fish Oil

Before you can start crafting Fish Oil in V Rising, you need to beat 2 bosses.

Rufus boss-fish oil-V Rising Pristine Hide
Blood Altar menu for Rufus the Foreman (Image by eXputer)

Rufus the Foreman is a level 20 boss. He drops the crafting recipe for a Fishing Pole, a Crossbow, and other reagents. You can track him using your Blood Altar. He can be easily beaten as he is a lower-level boss.

making fishing pole-fish oil-V Rising Pristine Hide
Woodworking Bench menu for making Fishing Poles (Image by eXputer)

Once you beat him, you can make a Fishing Pole on your Woodworking Bench. Once equipped with a Fishing Pole, you need to go out and fish. We have already covered the Fishing Methods under our Best V Rising Scales Farming Methods guide, so we encourage you to refer to it.

Lidia boss-blood altar-V Rising
Blood Altar menu for Lidia the Chaos Archer (Image by eXputer)

The second boss to beat is Lidia the Chaos Archer, a level 26 boss. You need to track her via your Blood Altar, as she doesn’t have a set spawn location and is often roaming in the Farbane Woods. Lidia is a worthy boss, owing to her devastating ranged attacks and Chaos Orb attacks, which deal huge splash damage.

Our recommendation is to wield a melee weapon and fight her in close quarters. You can also read about the V Rising Weapons Tier List and learn which is the best and average weapon in the game.

making fish oil from the devourer-V Rising Pristine Hide
The Devourer menu for making Fish Oil (Image by eXputer)

Once you’ve killed Lidia, you’ll receive the structure plan to build The Devourer, which can tear apart items and turn them into raw materials. You can build it for 12 Wooden Planks and 6 Copper Ingots. Dump all of your fish into it, and you’ll receive Fish Oil and other raw material like Fish Bones. 

Looting Fish Oil

In the early game, you may choose to craft Fish Oil in V Rising, but that method is slow, and as you progress, it’ll become cumbersome for you first to go and fish and then break it down into Fish Oil. The yield of Fish Oil via The Devourer is acceptable in the early game, but at higher levels, many players prefer to loot Fish Oil in V Rising.

location of mosswick village-dunley farmlands-V Rising Fish Oil
Mosswick Village location (Image by eXputer)

The best place to quickly get some Fish Oil in the game is to visit Mosswick Village in Dunley Farmlands. Apart from that, if you’re out Farming Cotton in V Rising, you can find and destroy any containers nearby to find Fish Oil.

You only need 3 Fish Oil in V Rising to craft one piece of Pristine Leather in the game, so one visit to the Mosswick Village should be enough to complement 500 Pristine Hides.

How to get Pristine Leather

crafting pristine leather-V Rising Pristine Leather
Tannery Menu for crafting Pristine Leather (Image by eXputer)

If you’ve followed the guide till now, you’ll set up your Tannery and collect a substantial amount of Fish Oil and Pristine Hide in V Rising. All that’s left now is to dump all your Fish Oil and Pristine Hide into the Tannery to start crafting Pristine Leather in the game.

Pristine Leather is the highest quality leather in the game and, as such, an excellent resource for making high-level armor for yourself and your servants.

You can also read about the Best Armor V Rising has to offer. You’ll want to equip your servants with Pristine Leather armor better to defend your castle during a Castle Siege attempt.

If you’re looking for the best way to defend your castle in the endgame, read our V Rising Soul Shards guide to add significant buffs to your Castle defenses.

This concludes our guide on how to farm Pristine Hide in V Rising and craft Pristine Leather. The game has been topping the charts recently with its unique survival-based MMORPG gameplay. The gameplay is especially charming to its players because of the vampiric lore elements interwoven into the game mechanics.

Did you farm this item, or have you been crafting it so far? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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