The New V Rising Patch Adds Free DLC, Weapon Changes, And More

The 0.5.44979 Patch titled "Halloween Update: Bloodfeast" makes redeeming changes to the games mechanics.

V Rising is an online Survival Game that has been developed by Stunlock Studios. The title entered early access in early 2022 and since then it has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. The game is a settlement-building survival game set in the survival genre and in an open-world setting.

You play as a newly resurrected vampire who spawns in a new location after you take control of your character, your job is to gather materials set across its dense world. Although the emphasis in the story at the start is minor, it sets itself as light-hearted in its story.

The game has always been keen and fast in its new patches to the game afloat and balanced. In its new patch, there have been many new items, balances, and overall bug fixes.

First, up in the new V Rising, we have weapon balances that target both nerfs and buffs. The Axes Frenzy Cast time was increased and the hitbox radius was reduced as well as the range.

Another important change is with the Spear. The Thousand Spears Reduced spear channel duration was reduced and the damage per hit was also reduced. The attack now hits all enemies in the area rather than only one. These changes reduce the damage and stun duration for single-target attacks but make the spear overall stronger when hitting several targets.

Next, we have some spell changes, forMirror Strike, Arctic Leap, General Freeze, Crimson Aegis, Crimson Beam, Corpse Explosion, Volatile Arachnid, Spectral Wolf, Spectral Assassin, Chaos Burn Effect, Veil of Chaos, Aftershock, and the Void spell.

There is also a new DLC that is surprisingly free. The Haunted Nights Castle Pack DLC can be redeemed by navigating to the DLC section of the steam page, clicking on the Haunted Nights Castle Pack, and then redeeming it for no cost. By unlocking the DLC and by completing the Journal Quest “Lord of Shadows” you unlock access to the following new items.

Finally, we arrive at the general changes. Changes to Golems like rebalancing how Siege Golem’s health is calculated. By default, Siege Golems will have 250% more health. The Golem’s health also scales based on the player’s current health to a minimum of 50% of the total health.

Another thing to add is the default time-slot setting and its change due to the current player base being low. For when PvP raiding is active has been reduced to 18:00-22:00 local server time from 17:00-23:00.

This is the gist of the patch and how it changes the gameplay of the game entirely. The patch, although minor ends up changing many things about the game and makes newer more reputable changes to the title.

The game is currently on sale, so if you want to play the game now is the perfect chance to start the game and join in on the hype train for this dense title filled with lore and combat.

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