V Rising Fish Oil [How To Get & Farm It Faster]

Our V Rising Fish Oil entails the best methods to get fish oil in the game and why you should start collecting fish in the game.

If you’ve played V Rising, you’ll know that scavenging materials and farming resources is the core gameplay of the game, and through it, you acquire some of the best armor and weapons. Similarly, Stunlock Studios has also given equal importance to Gear progression, as a higher gear score level will allow you to slay challenging bosses and unlock the best vampire abilities in V Rising. That is why Fish Oil is one such resource in the game that is not only essential in crafting your late-game gear but is also important for gear progression.

Key Highlights
  • Fish Oil in V Rising is used for tanning and refining animal hides. It is also used to craft certain resources including Pristine Leather in the game.
  • You can obtain and farm fish oil by fishing, salvaging and killing the monsters in Dunley Farmlands.
  • Fish Dismemberment using the Devourer is another method to get Fish oil. Craft the Devourer back to your castle and feed it fish. For each fish, you’ll get fish oil, fish bones or fish scales.
  • Defeat Rufus The Foreman for getting the crafting recipe of woodworking bench. So, you could craft the fishing pool and fish oil afterwards on the woodworking bench.

Crafting Mechanics in V Rising 

Stunlock Studios has gone to great pains to create a unique crafting system that allows players to advance through the game at their own pace and make the most of every place they visit. Some things need players to go back to previous parts of the game because they aren’t available in every location.

While being a vampire has both advantages and disadvantages in V Rising, there are certain resources available for those who want to live the undead lifestyle. Fish oil is one of these resources, and it may be utilized as a crafting ingredient. 

Fishing oil may be utilized to upgrade gear and craft certain important resources because the crafting system is so well tied to the resources. So, here’s how to acquire Fish oil in V Rising, according to our instructions.

V Rising contains a fatty component called fish oil, which is used for tanning and refining animal hides. You need fish oil so that you can craft Pristine Leather, which is an end or late-game resource essential or vital for crafting high-tier gear in the game. Without this, you will be stuck with your weak gear, and hence the overall gear score will be lower to fight bosses.

As a result, Vampire adventurers will not require Fish Oil during the early and middle phases of their game. Fish Oil, on the other hand, is an item that players will need to know how to cultivate as they reach the later stages of V Rising. 

How To Get Fish Oil in Vardoran of V Rising

V Rising Fish Oil – How to get

Fishing and salvage are two of the finest ways to obtain fish oil. Fish oil may also be obtained directly from several boxes strewn throughout the map. You may receive it as a drop by going to Mosswick Village. You may also get Omega three (fish oil) by beating select foes in addition to these techniques.

In V Rising, there are two main ways to obtain Fish Oil. The first technique is to obtain loot from open-world locations, particularly those found in containers. Fish Oil is marked as Important Loot at important places such as Dunley Farmlands’ Mosswick Village and Silverlight Hills’ Brighthaven Docks. 

As a result, Vampire adventurers looting the chests, shelves, and boxes in these two areas are likely to find Fish Oil. There is no fixed drop rate; however, players who have been playing V Rising since its release have realized that fish oil also drops from wooden boxes that you can easily find in the villages of Dunley Farmlands. 

Additionally, as mentioned above that there is no guarantee that you break these wooden crates and still get fish oil out of each one of these present at Mosswick Village and Brighthaven Docks. That is because the drop chances are lower and random for fish oil in these areas. 

Obtaining Fish By Using Fishing Pole

V Rising Fish Oil fishing pole

Fishing and fish dismemberment using the Devourer is the second way to get Fish Oil in V Rising. Vampire adventurers must first obtain a Fishing Pole before fishing in Vardoran. This non-combat item may be made at a Woodworking Bench, which can be found after killing a particular V Blood Carrier.

In order to get your hands on Woodworking Bench, you will first need to be at gear score 18 or above so that you can fight Rufus the Foreman, who is a level 20 Boss. You can find Rufus the Foreman in the Bandit Logging Camp of Farbane Woods area of Vardoran.

Assuming you have beaten Rufus The Foreman and extracted V Blood out of him, well, in that case, not only will you get a Woodworking bench but also Blood Rage vampire power. The fight with this boss is not difficult if you are running with a ranged weapon and ranged vampire abilities. Otherwise, the contraptions Rufus The Foreman throws in the arena are enough the trouble for melee players. 

Once you have acquired the blueprint for Woodworking Bench Structure, you must visit your castle and construct it. After that, you will be able to craft a Fishing Pole. In order to craft the fishing pole, you will need the following resources:

  • Planks x8 
  • Coarse Threads x4 
  • Copper Ingots x4

Players can take their Fishing Pole to a fishing area in the Farbane Woods after they get it. The bubbles rising from the water identify these locations.

Devourer The Fish For Fish Oil

V Rising Fish Oil devourer structure

Assuming you have defeated Rufus The Foreman, received the crafting recipe for the woodworking bench and made the fishing pole as well. Also, you have acquired plenty of fish via fishing in the ponds located throughout Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. So, what’s next?

Well, now you need another structure called Devourer. This structure basically deconstructs and recycles whatever resources or products you put into it. In simple words, it converts one product into two or more than two raw materials.

In order to unlock the Devourer structure in V Rising, you must first be at a gear score level of 24 or above and defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer. She is a level 26 V Blood Carrier in the game and can be found near the northwest highways of Farbane Woods that lead towards the south entrance of Silverlight Hills.

Once you have defeated Lidia, the Chaos Archer, you will receive or unlock the following items: 

  • Vampire Power: Chaos Volley
  • Structure: Devourer
V Rising Fish Oil devourer feeding fish

Now that you have plenty of fish collected in your inventory, the next step is to craft the Devourer back at your castle and feed it fish. You will notice that for each fish, you can get the components or basic materials such as Fish Oil, Fish Bones, and sometimes you also get Fish Scales. Getting fish oil via this process is guaranteed, and that is why you must find as many fish as possible to feed the devourer.

V Rising Fish Oil devourer fish output

Vardoran’s map has a plethora of fishing sites. Fishing in V Rising is easy, and all players need to do is reel in their fish at the correct time. When Vampire anglers have acquired enough Fish, they may use the Devourer to start creating Fish Oil. 

Why Do You Need Fish Oil in V Rising

Fish Oil may appear to be a pointless resource at first glance, as there is no incentive to use it in the early and mid-game phases. When you reach the later stages of the game, however, having Fish Oil on hand will be quite beneficial because it will reduce the amount of resource grinding necessary to obtain those final tiers of equipment upgrades. 

In V Rising, gathering fish oil is no easy task. In the game, it’s required to use for tanning and improving animal hides. Now, what good does fish oil offer? Well, to put it in simple words, you need this valuable resource that is not easy to acquire just to craft Pristine Leather. 

It is because the pristine leather is used for late-game to craft high-end gear, which becomes necessary to increase gear score and defeat challenging V blood Carrier bosses in V Rising.

If you desire to acquire the Fish Oil, you must have traveled far enough in V Rising to reach the Dunley Farmlands region. Then it’s only a matter of conquering the monsters and adversaries in the Dunley Farmlands area to gather and obtain Fish Oil. Fish Oil will be a chance drop, but with a little patience, you can easily build up a large amount.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get fish oil in V Rising and why do you need it in the game? Have you found our methods helpful? What is your go-to method to acquire fish oil in V Rising? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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