V Rising: How To Get Fish Oil & Farm It Faster

Our Fish Oil entails the best methods to get fish oil in the game and why you should start collecting fish in the game.

If you’ve played V Rising, you’ll know that scavenging materials and farming resources are the core gameplay of the game. That is why Fish Oil in V Rising is one such resource in the game that is not only essential in crafting your late-game gear but is also important for gear progression.

Key Takeaways
  • Fish Oil is used for tanning and refining animal hides. It is also used to craft certain resources including Pristine Leather in the game.
  • You can obtain and farm fish oil by fishing, salvaging, and killing the monsters in Dunley Farmlands.
  • Fish Dismemberment using the Devourer is another method to get Fish oil. Craft the Devourer back to your castle and feed it fish. For each fish, you’ll get fish oil, fish bones, or fish scales.
  • Defeat Rufus The Foreman for getting the crafting recipe of a woodworking bench. So, you could craft the fishing pool and fish oil afterward on the woodworking bench.

How To Get Fish Oil In Vardoran?

Fish Oil – How to get

You can obtain Fish Oil through various methods:

  1. Fishing: Fishing is one of the primary ways to acquire Fish Oil. You can fish in various locations in Vardoran by casting your line into the water and catching fish.
  2. Salvage: Salvaging items is another method to collect Fish Oil. Look for salvageable items in the game world and salvage them to potentially obtain Fish Oil.
  3. Loot from Open-World Locations: Explore the open world and search for containers, chests, and boxes. Fish Oil can be found as loot in these locations. Notably, look for Important Loot markers in places like Mosswick Village in Dunley Farmlands and Brighthaven Docks in Silverlight Hills.
  4. Defeating Enemies: Fish Oil can also be obtained as a drop by defeating certain enemies in the game. Keep an eye out for foes that may drop Fish Oil.
  5. Wooden Boxes in Villages: Wooden boxes found in villages, particularly in Dunley Farmlands, can yield Fish Oil. Check these boxes for potential loot, including Fish Oil.

While there isn’t a fixed drop rate for Fish Oil, exploring these methods will increase your chances of obtaining it in V Rising. Fish Oil is a valuable resource used for crafting, so gathering it is essential for advancing your character in the game.

Obtaining Fish By Using A Fishing Pole

V Rising fishing pole

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Crafting a Fishing Pole: First, you’ll need to craft a Fishing Pole. To do this, you must have access to a Woodworking Bench. You can obtain the blueprint for the Woodworking Bench by defeating Rufus the Foreman, a level 20 Boss located in the Bandit Logging Camp of Farbane Woods. Make sure your gear score is 18 or higher before facing him. Once you defeat Rufus and extract V Blood from him, you’ll receive the blueprint for the Woodworking Bench and the Blood Rage vampire power. Construct the Woodworking Bench in your castle.
  2. Crafting the Fishing Pole: With the Woodworking Bench in place, you can craft the Fishing Pole. You’ll need the following resources:
    • Planks x8
    • Coarse Threads x4
    • Copper Ingots x4
  3. Fishing: Once you have the Fishing Pole, you can head to fishing areas in the Farbane Woods. These areas are identifiable by bubbles rising from the water. Use your Fishing Pole to fish in these locations.

Fishing and using the Fishing Pole is one of the ways to acquire Fish Oil. It’s a non-combat activity that adds depth to the gameplay, allowing you to gather valuable resources for your vampire adventure.

Devourer The Fish For Fish Oil

V Rising Fish Oil devourer structure

Assuming you have defeated Rufus The Foreman, received the crafting recipe for the woodworking bench, and made the fishing pole as well. Also, you have acquired plenty of fish via fishing in the ponds located throughout Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. So, what’s next?

  1. Crafting the Devourer: Assuming you have defeated Lidia the Chaos Archer and unlocked the Devourer structure, you can now craft it at your castle. You will need to have a gear score level of 24 or higher to unlock Lidia. Once you’ve defeated her, you’ll receive the Chaos Volley vampire power and unlock the Devourer structure.
    Devourer feeding fish
  2. Feeding the Devourer: Collect a substantial amount of fish from fishing sites throughout Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. The more fish you gather, the better. Now, place the fish into the Devourer at your castle. When you do this, the Devourer will process the fish and yield various materials.
    Devourer fish output
  3. Fish Oil Production: Each fish you feed into the Devourer will yield components like Fish Oil, Fish Bones, and sometimes Fish Scales. Fish Oil production is guaranteed, making this an efficient method to acquire it.

Fishing is a straightforward activity, and with the Devourer, you can efficiently convert your collected fish into valuable resources like Fish Oil. This method provides a steady source of Fish Oil for your vampire adventure.

Why Do You Need Fish Oil?

Well, to put it simply, you need the Fish Oil to craft Pristine Leather. 

It is because the pristine leather is used for late-game crafting of high-end gear, which becomes necessary to increase gear score and defeat challenging V blood carrier bosses.

Crafting Mechanics

Crafting plays a significant role in your progression, and Stunlock Studios has designed a unique crafting system that allows players to advance at their own pace while exploring various locations. Crafting resources like Fish Oil are crucial for upgrading gear and crafting essential items.

Here’s an overview of the crafting mechanics, with a focus on Fish Oil:

  1. Resource Availability: V Rising’s crafting system is intricately linked to the resources available in the game world. Certain resources, like Fish Oil, become more critical as you progress further into the game.
  2. Fish Oil’s Role: Fish Oil is a valuable crafting ingredient used for tanning and refining animal hides. It is a key component required to craft Pristine Leather, which is essential for creating high-tier gear in the late game. Upgrading your gear is crucial for increasing your overall gear score and facing formidable bosses effectively.
  3. Early and Middle Game: During the early and middle phases of your gameplay in V Rising, Fish Oil may not be a primary concern. Your crafting needs and gear requirements may differ at this stage.
  4. Late-Game Importance: As you advance to the later stages of V Rising, Fish Oil becomes increasingly important. To craft high-tier gear, particularly Pristine Leather, you’ll need to know how to obtain Fish Oil efficiently.

In summary, Fish Oil is a resource that becomes vital in the late game of V Rising. It is used to craft Pristine Leather, which is essential for improving your gear and increasing your overall gear score. To prepare for the challenges of the late game, it’s essential for players to understand how to acquire Fish Oil effectively.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get fish oil and why you need it in the game? Have you found our methods helpful? What is your go-to method to acquire fish oil in V Rising? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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