V Rising: How To Get Merciless Hollowfang

This guide provides complete information about the Merciless Hollowfang Gear in V Rising and how to obtain it.

What is Hollowfang Gear in V Rising

Hollowfang is a powerful category that includes overpowered weapons and armor. To craft Hollowfang Set, the player needs to have sufficient Leather, Wool Thread, and Cotton Yard in his inventory.

Key Highlights
  • Hollowfang in V Rising is a set that contains overpowered weapons and armor which help you survive in the game. Merciless Hollowfang is the upgraded version of Hollowfang gear which has buffs and overpowered abilities.
  • In order to get all the recipes and blueprints for Hollowfang, you have to defeat the level 37 boss Bandit King in V Rising located in Farbane Woods. 
  • Whereas, the recipe for Merciless Hollowfang can only be found in a special recipe book. You can find it in your castle or just receive it as a random drop after killing any enemy.
  • You can also get its recipe by slaying Farbane Woods Carrier, as they might drop it.

The first two are relatively easy to find in the game, but once you get your hands on Cotton Yard, you can craft the Hollowfang equipment in V Rising. The Hollowfang armor set consists of the following items.

  • Hollowfang Chestguard
  • Hollowfang Leggings
  • Hollowfang Gloves
  • Hollowfang Boots.

These four items complete the Hollowfang gear, and each item requires eight of each mentioned recipe. Wearing the entire Hollowfang gear will give you an additional synergy bonus. 

How To Get Hollowfang Gear in V Rising

To get all the necessary recipes and blueprints for Hollowfang Gear, players must defeat the Bandit King in V Rising. Once you are ready to face the sturdy boss, you can track down his location with the help of the Blood Altar, which can be crafted with 10 Blood Essence and 180 Stone.

You can also visit the north of Farbane Woods, where you will find the Bandit Stronghold. In order to barge in, you need to have strong explosives in your inventory through which you can blow up the main gate and enter the stronghold. Once you are inside, you can spot the Bandit along with his castle at the top of the stairs.

Hollowfang Gear
Recipes and Rewards

Bandit is a level 37 boss which can be defeated without much effort if you use the right strategies with the proper gear in hand. Once you defeat this boss, you will receive the following items.

  • Chaos Barrier Ability
  • Tailoring Bench Structure
  • Iron Ingot Recipe
  • Iron Weapons Recipe
  • Smithy Structure
  • Merciless Charge Ability
  • Hollowfang Battlegear Recipe

Now that you have obtained Hollowfang Battlegear Recipe, you can head to your base in order to set up the Tailoring Bench structure.

Now you can check the Hollowfang Recipe if you have all the necessary ingredients in your inventory. Once you have all the three mentioned recipes, you can start crafting the Hollowfang Gear.

The “Merciless” variant of Hollowfanng gear is the upgraded version of the standard set. The Merciless Hollowfang gear is truly a masterpiece with buffed stats and overpowered abilities.

We can call the Merciless category as the enhanced variants for Copper and Iron gear sets such as the Hollowfang set.

This variant is helpful when you have to engage in an advanced fight that requires upgraded armor and weaponry. Also, consider reading V Rising best armor guide.

The Merciless Hollow Fang gear in V Rising can not be obtained from a location or by killing a monster; rather, it can only be crafted with a special recipe book.

The recipe for a Merciless upgrade can be obtained in two ways. You can either find it in your castle if you start to explore, or you can just receive it as a random drop item after killing a monster.

Unlocking Merciless Hollowfang Gear In V Rising

The upgrade of Hollowfang gear into Merciless equipment is totally dependent on luck. If you are lucky enough, you can get your hands on the Merciless recipe for Hollowfamg gear, and once you have the required items, you can upgrade your items.

Generally, the recipe books and Merciless battle gear pieces are found in the random areas of V Rising, and the chances of obtaining this precious item are quite low.

The best way you can try to get the Merciless Recipe is by slaying Farbane Woods Carrier as they might drop Merciless Copper gear. Bosses in Dunley Farmlands can be hunted for the Merciless Iron equipment. Also, consider reading the V Rising Iron ore guide.

V Rising has plenty of monsters that drop valuable loot recipes when defeated. These recipes, in turn, can prove quite useful for crafting powerful armors and weapons such as Hollowfang Gear. V Rising is a popular multiplayer roleplaying game that is played worldwide.

This Concludes our guide on Merciless Hollowfang Gear in V Rising. We hope that all your confusion about this armor type is clear. If you love playing V Rising, you should check out the best base locations in V Rising.

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