V Rising Leather: Crafting, Keely Boss, & Rewards

Our V Rising Leather guide entails the best and fastest methods to acquire leather in the game and continue building important items.

It is good to know your resources in a survival game like V Rising. The game heavily depends on acquiring resources such as farming Ghost Yarn, Scales, Cotton, and more to proceed further and level up.

The game has many different types of resources and their advanced variations that are extremely valuable. One such resource is V Rising Leather, a basic necessity in the early game. The advanced variation of leather is pristine leather.

Key Highlights
  • Pristine Leather is a valuable resource that can be crafted using Pristine Hide and Fish Oil.
  • Pristine Hide is obtained by killing werewolves in Dunley Farmlands.
  • Fish Oil can be obtained by crafting with The Devourer or looting from fishing spots.
  • Leather is an important resource early on in the game and it is required to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2 and craft armor pieces.
  • Building a Tannery inside the castle is required crafting Leather and the plan for building it
     The recipe for Leather is dropped by Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 boss often found in the Bandit Trapper Camp in Eastern Farbane Woods.

What is Leather in V Rising

Leather is one of the most important materials in V Rising. You need to get leather early on by crafting it. This material is very important as you’ll be needing it to upgrade your Castle Heart and your first crossbow.

You will also need leather to craft clothing items and armor at the Simple Workbench. Leather will help you make the Copper Castle Key. Before you build leather, you need to make a tannery and get its recipe first in V Rising.

How To Craft Leather In V Rising

To get leather in the game you have to first complete the tutorial of the game and unlock Blood Altar

Blood Altar

blood altar
blood altar

The Blood Altar is unlocked by progressing through the tutorial of the game. You will be able to craft the blood altar after you have completed the quest  “Getting Ready for the Hunt”.

This quest requires your gear to be level 15 or above. The blood altar is one of the key mechanisms of V rising as the altar displays every V-Blooded enemy throughout the world. Providing the Boss‘s name and a short description of their backstory or unique characteristics.

However, the vital information you should pay attention to is “Rewards”. This section reveals the new abilities, blueprints, and recipes, you will receive after defeating or completing a said quest.

In our case, it will reveal Keely and the rewards of defeating her which are leather crafting recipe and tannery.

This leads us to our next step which is to use the blood altar to track  Keely the Frost Archer.

Defeating Keely the Frost Archer Boss

keely frost archer location
Keely frost archer location

Keely is a level 20 boss so be sure that you have all gear to at least level 20 as Keely is quite a stubborn boss.

To reach Keely’s location you have to track the boss from the blood altar which will give a clue to its location. Which will ultimately lead you to Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods.

The challenge is to defeat Keely which is not easy as bandits and other enemies roam the area. We have also covered how to defeat Keely in our Best V Rising Unsullied Hearts Farming Methods guide. So you can refer to it to defeat the boss.

Once you have dealt with Keely you will receive recipes for leather, Traveler’s Wrap, and an Empty Canteen. And in addition to this, you will unlock a blueprint to Tannery.

Tip: While you are at it,  Bandit Trapper Camp is a great place for animals so be sure to collect animal hides as later on you will need them to craft leather in V Rising and the tannery structure.

Since our goal of retrieving the leather recipe and blueprint of the tannery has been reached, our next step is to set up the tannery and use it to craft leather.



After you’ve beaten Keely the Frost Archer, you’ll need 8 Wooden Planks and 160 Animal Hides to set up a Tannery inside your castle. Animal Hides can easily be obtained by killing animals, which are spread through the map.

Crafting Leather

Now that we have acquired a tannery it is just a matter of collecting animal hides and turning them to leather by using the tannery. 16 Animal hides equal to 1 leather

Now you can use this leather to level up your gear and Castle Heart. Which serves as the Blood-powered battery, providing energy for various structures within the castle’s interior and preventing the decay of its integral foundations. Which makes it one of the most essential items in V Rising.

By now you will have acquired the Leather recipe and the Tannery Blueprint. Thus now you can proceed further into the vampiric lore and level up even more.

This brings us to the end of the V Rising Leather Crafting Guide. Currently, V rising is a storming sensation that is taking the horror vampiric games to the next level as each day more gamers join in to experience this sensation firsthand by themself.

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