V Rising Ghost Yarn: Farming & Crafting Recipe

Our V Rising ghost yarn guide entails the best farming routine for ghost yarn and also lists the crafting recipe for this end game item.

Ghost Yarn in V Rising is quite a rare and valuable resource that you can use to craft Dawthon Armor. It’s a resource that’s really hard to get and is only available in the late game. To acquire it, you might fight bosses or spend hours farming it. However, in our V Rising Ghost Yarn guide, we’ve explained everything you need to know about this resource and how to get it. 

Key Highlights
  • Ghost Yarn is a valuable end-game item that can be obtained through two methods: farming it by killing enemies and looting chests in the Ancient Village located to the East and West of the Cursed Forest and crafting it by defeating two bosses and collecting two unique items.
  • Farming Ghost Yarn is time-consuming but guarantees a steady supply of the item while crafting it is difficult but efficient.

Methods To Acquire Ghost Yarn in V Rising

We have come across two methods in V Rising to get the Ghost Yarn item in the game.

  • The first is the classic rinse-and-repeat process of farming items by killing enemies, opening loot chests, and more. It does not guarantee a 100% drop chance of Ghost Yarn in the game, but since the options are very limited, you will need to repeat the grinding process to farm Ghost Yarn.
  • The second method involves crafting the Ghost Yarn in V Rising. However, it is not easier said than done, as you will be required to beat two bosses, and one out of these two is a level 60 boss in the game. After that, you will be required to collect two unique items to begin the crafting process, which is usually not hard to find.

The Ghost Yarn method is a little longer than farming Ghost Yarn. However, once you finish the entire process, you will have a steady supply of this valuable end-game item that otherwise is hard to obtain in V Rising.

So, grind your gears, level up your character, and slay the two bosses listed below.

Ancient Village To East of Cursed Forest

As mentioned above, you can obtain V Rising Ghost Yarn in the game at two locations, and the first one that you need to look at is in the Cursed Forest. This place is located on the Northside of the game’s map. Once you are at the Cursed Forest location in V Rising, you will come across two Ancient Villages: East of the Cursed Forest and its West. 

Now, both villages are not exactly far from each other, and you can go back and forth between them to plunge all crates or chests, kill enemies, and devour everything that moves in front of you.

You will need to repeat this process of killing and looting chests to increase your chances of dropping Ghost Yarn in V Rising. There is no guarantee that each kills or loot from chests will give you the valuable item you are eyeing, but the chances are there for Ghost Yarn to drop.

Ancient Village West of Cursed Forest

Assuming you have roamed, killed, and looted everything you could find in the Ancient Village to the East of Cursed Forest, now head to the Ancient Village located west of Cursed Forest.

Once you are there, repeat the process of killing enemies, opening loot chests and crates, and collecting any collectibles you see on enemies. 

After you are done with the Ancient Village to the west of Cursed Forest, you must go back to the first Ancient Village, and the distance is decent enough for the enemies and loot chests to respawn back.

Now, you must repeat the entire process here and then return to the Ancient Village west of Cursed Forest again. Rinse and repeat this routine, and you will have a decent chance of farming Ghost Yarn in V Rising.

This farming route will consume a lot of your time, and you may think it is not worth it, but you must know there is currently no other way to farm Ghost Yarn in the game.

Besides, you will get more XP and get the hang of combat while killing enemies in both Ancient Villages while carrying out the farm routine.

Ghost Yarn Crafting Recipe

v rising ghost yarn
using a loom to craft ghost yarn – V Rising
Now that you have learned what it is like to farm for V Rising Ghost Yarn in the game, and if that is not your forte, you can go with the crafting recipe route in V Rising. To craft the Ghost Yarn item in the game, you must first acquire the crafting recipe, which is not a one-check mark task you can pull off in a single go. 

You must defeat Beatrice and Ungora bosses in V Rising to unlock the complete Ghost Yarn recipe and start crafting this item without wasting time.

How To Craft Ghost Yarn

Defeating Beatrice may seem optional, as it does not directly unlock the Ghost Yarn crafting recipe for you. However, you obtain the Cotton Yarn crafting recipe after beating Beatrice, one of the two ingredients required to craft the Ghost Yarn item in V Rising.

The second ingredient you will require to craft Ghost Yarn in the game is the Ghost Shroom. Getting the shroom item is relatively easy as you will need to farm it by visiting the Ancient Villages, and you can obtain it easily. You can also acquire Ghost Shrooms as an item drop from the witches of the Cursed Forest region of V Rising

So, to sum up, the process of how to craft Ghost Yarn in V Rising, you need the following two items:

  • Ghost Yarn Recipe= Cotton + Ghost Shroom

Defeating Beatrice For Loom & Cotton Yarn

beatrice the tailor
defeat Beatrice v rising

Starting with Beatrice, the Tailor, is a relatively easy boss in V Rising. However, she is a level 38 boss, and you will need to level up at par to make the boss fight an easy win. Otherwise, you will have a hard time defeating Beatrice in the game. 

Unlike most bosses in V Rising, when you fight with Beatrice, she will not attack you directly. However, she will run away a lot and lure you into the mob, which is a lot in numbers, and focusing on the mob first and Beatrice later is the key to trouncing this boss. 

However, you can not ignore the main target here and clear out the mob, as Beatrice will summon more if you keep wiping all. So, you must strike a perfect balance between hitting a ranged attack at Beatrice and melee with the mob. This way, you will slowly drain the boss’s health and be able to do crowd control. Read our V Rising Weapons Tier List and see which is the best in the game.

Assuming you have triumphed over the crowd of Dawnbreak Village and managed to beat Beatrice in V Rising, you will be rewarded with some of the best crafting materials in V Rising.

Rewards for Defeating Beatrice

  • Vampire Power: Human Form
  • Structure: Loom and Assortment of Curtains
  • Recipe: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn

Defeat Ungora

v rising ghost yarn
boss fight Ungora V Rising

Now that you have defeated Beatrice and acquired Loom Structure and Cotton recipe: the two most important items for crafting Ghost Yarn in V Rising. It is time you must also defeat the spider boss Ungora in the game and progress further crafting process. 

First, you will need to locate the boss, and for that, you will need to go to Spider Cave in the northeast Cursed Forest. Once there, you will find Ungora, The Spider Queen, at the forest’s center in the location we listed. 

Like Beatrice, Ungora too will spawn minions, but they will be much harder to deal with than the human minions that Beatrice spawns. Typically, while fighting Ungora in V Rising, she will spawn spiderlings once her health is depleted by more than 25%. This is our observation during the boss fight, which may or may not be the case.

ungora the spider
Defeat ungora V Rising

Ungora makes range attacks by sending waves of spider venom projectiles, while hen minions mostly will try to get in range of you and deal with melee attacks.

Ungora will also throw large AoE venom bombs that will continue damaging you if you stay in the AoE circle. Dodging this attack will not be a problem as it is pretty slow.

Also, if you stay for too long near Ungora, the spide will jump in the air and deal with a slam attack with a larger AoE circle. Dodging this one shouldn’t be a problem, as you can see the attack easily by the circle forming around the spider queen.

The trick here is to maintain your distance from spiderlings and focus on dealing with ranged attacks at Ungora. Also, you will get a small window of opportunity to deal with two to three melee chain attacks on Ungora. 

Once you are done with the spider queen boss, you will be rewarded the vampire power to summon your spiderling and get the Ghost Yarn recipe.

Rewards for Defeating Ungora

  • Vampire Power: Volatile Arachnid
  • Recipe: Ghost Yarn, Silk, and Spiderling

Collect Cotton Yarn and Ghost Shrooms To Craft Ghost Yarn

ghost shroom village
ghost shroom V Rising

Now that you have all the necessary crafting recipes acquired after defeating Beatrice and Ungora’s boss, it is time you get down to crafting V Rising Ghost Yarn. However, you will need at least 4 Cotton Yarn and 8 Ghost Shrooms to craft one Ghost Yarn.

Just go to your crafting bench and start making each Ghost Yarn will roughly take three minutes that can be spent passively. 

You must know everything about farming and crafting Ghost Yarn in V Rising. Did you farm this item, or have you been crafting it so far? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

Other Game Tips

V Rising is an early-access game on Steam that has taken fans of the vampire RPG video game genre by storm. The game offers most combat, building, crafting, and loot aspects associated with the vampire theme, as one would imagine. You can build a castle, acquire some of the best weapons and armor, and farm resources such as Scales, Unsullied Hearts, Silver Ore, and more. Like Soul Shards, Ghost Yarn is another valuable end-game item you will need a lot. 

Players have complete freedom to engage in the dangerous world of V Rising with PvE engagements and hunt bosses such as Putrid Rat, collect silver coins, or play PvP and hunt other vampires. The absolute choice element makes V Rising one of the greatest Vampire-based RPGs ever. While at it, consider reading V Rising Gear Progression and learn how to increase your vampire’s gear score faster in the game.

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