V Rising Ghost Yarn: Farming & Crafting Recipe

Our V Rising ghost yarn guide entails the best farming routine for ghost yarn and also lists the crafting recipe for this end game item.

Ghost Yarn in V Rising is quite a rare and valuable resource that you can use to craft Dawthon Armor. It’s a resource that’s really hard to get and is only available in the late game. To acquire it, you might fight bosses or spend hours farming it. However, in our Ghost Yarn guide, we’ve explained everything you need to know about this resource and how to get it. 

Key Highlights
  • Ghost Yarn is a valuable end-game item that can be obtained through two methods: farming it by killing enemies and looting chests in the Ancient Village located to the East and West of the Cursed Forest and crafting it by defeating two bosses and collecting two unique items.
  • Farming Ghost Yarn is time-consuming but guarantees a steady supply of the item while crafting it is difficult but efficient.

Methods To Acquire Ghost Yarn in V Rising

We have come across two methods in V Rising to get the Ghost Yarn item in the game.

  1. Farming Method: This classic approach involves repeatedly farming items by defeating enemies and opening loot chests. While it doesn’t guarantee a 100% drop rate for Ghost Yarn, it is one of the limited options available. You’ll need to grind and repeat the process to obtain Ghost Yarn.
  2. Crafting Method: Crafting Ghost Yarn is a more structured but demanding process. You’ll need to defeat two bosses, with one of them being a level 60 boss. Afterward, collect two unique items to initiate the crafting process, which isn’t overly difficult to find. This method takes longer but ensures a steady supply of Ghost Yarn, a valuable end-game item.

To follow the farming method, visit the Ancient Villages located both east and west of the Cursed Forest in the game’s northern area. Explore these villages, defeat enemies, loot chests and crates, and gather any collectibles you find. Repeat this process between the two villages to increase your chances of obtaining Ghost Yarn. While it may take time, it is currently the primary way to acquire Ghost Yarn in V Rising. Additionally, farming provides valuable experience and combat practice.

Ghost Yarn Crafting Recipe

v rising ghost yarn
using a loom to craft ghost yarn – V Rising
Now that you have learned what it is like to farm for Ghost Yarn in the game, and if that is not your forte, you can go with the crafting recipe route in V Rising. To craft the Ghost Yarn item in the game, you must first acquire the crafting recipe, which is not a one-check mark task you can pull off in a single go.
Follow these steps:
  1. Defeat Beatrice and Ungora bosses.
  2. Defeating Beatrice grants you the Cotton Yarn recipe, one of the required ingredients.
  3. Acquire Ghost Shrooms from Ancient Villages or as drops in the Cursed Forest.
  4. Combine Cotton Yarn and Ghost Shrooms to craft Ghost Yarn.

Defeating Beatrice:

  • Level up to match her level (38).
  • Focus on the mob of enemies she summons while hitting her with ranged attacks.

Rewards for Defeating Beatrice:

  • Vampire Power: Human Form
  • Loom Structure and Curtains
  • Recipe: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn
    beatrice the tailor
    defeat Beatrice v rising

Defeating Ungora:

  • Locate Ungora in Spider Cave (northeast Cursed Forest).
  • Beware of spiderlings and Ungora’s ranged attacks.
  • Maintain distance and focus on ranged attacks at Ungora.
    v rising ghost yarn
    boss fight Ungora V Rising

Rewards for Defeating Ungora:

  • Vampire Power: Volatile Arachnid
  • Recipe: Ghost Yarn, Silk, and Spiderling

Crafting Ghost Yarn:

  • You need 4 Cotton Yarn and 8 Ghost Shrooms per Ghost Yarn.
  • Use a crafting bench, and each Ghost Yarn takes approximately three minutes to craft.
    ghost shroom village
    ghost shroom V Rising

That’s how to craft Ghost Yarn.


Other Game Tips

V Rising is an early-access game on Steam that has taken fans of the vampire RPG video game genre by storm. The game offers most combat, building, crafting, and loot aspects associated with the vampire theme, as one would imagine. You can build a castle, acquire some of the best weapons and armor, and farm resources such as Scales, Unsullied Hearts, Silver Ore, and more. Like Soul Shards, Ghost Yarn is another valuable end-game item you will need a lot. 

Players have complete freedom to engage in the dangerous world of V Rising with PvE engagements and hunt bosses such as Putrid Rat, collect silver coins, or play PvP and hunt other vampires. The absolute choice element makes V Rising one of the greatest Vampire-based RPGs ever. While at it, consider reading V Rising Gear Progression and learn how to increase your vampire’s gear score faster in the game.

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