V Rising Dark Silver Ingots: How To Get Crafting Recipe

Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising are used to craft some of the most powerful weapons and you'll need plenty of them in the late game.

As a Vampire, your main goal is to build your Castle and rule over the world. But to become more powerful, you will need to get your hands on different resources. And today, we are going to write down a V Rising Dark Silver Ingots guide, in which we will explain how you can get and craft this resource.

Key Highlights
  • The Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising is the primary resource for crafting the most powerful sets of weapons in the game.
  • You need to defeat level 58 boss Octavian the Militia Captain, to get the recipe of Dark Silver Ingots. You can find him in Dunley Farmlands.
  • He’ll use both melees and ranged weapons against you. So, observe his moves and plan your defense accordingly.
  • After getting the recipe, you can craft the Dark Silver Ingots at any workbench in the game. You need 1 Scourage Bar and 20 Silver Ores to make one Dark Silver Ingot.

How To Get Dark Silvers Ingots

V Rising has plenty of resources you need to acquire for different purposes. These resources are used to upgrade the Castle or craft different items, including weapons

As for Dark Silver Ingots, they are something that is not easy to come by, and you’ll be needing them during the later parts of the game. Without them, you can not craft items to help you on your endgame journey. 

Dark Silver Ingots aren’t something that you can get as regular loot. Although you might find them inside treasure chests in Silverlight Hills, the chances of this happening are close to zero.

Therefore, crafting them yourselves is your only option for farming Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. But before you can do that, you will first need to go and defeat a powerful boss

V Rising Dark Silver Ingots
Blood Altar

In V Rising, there is a feature called Blood Altar which becomes unlocked after you have made a good amount of progress in the game. Throughout the map, you can find different bosses you can fight, such as Putrid Rat. Defeating these bosses can help you acquire some of the best items in the game, so it’s important that you visit each one.

As for the Blood Altar, it allows you to track down these bosses easily. It also lets you know what type of rewards the boss will drop upon elimination so that you can know whether it’s worth fighting them or not.

Defeating Octavian, The Militia Captain 

As for the Dark Silver Ingots, you must first get their recipe by defeating Octavian, the Militia Captain. The best part is that defeating this boss will not only reward you with the recipe of Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising, but you’ll also get the Dawnthorn armor set.

For those who don’t know, this is currently the best armor, and it can help you stay alive longer in combat. Aside from this, the other rewards include Mirror Strike Power, Dark Silver Weapons, and the Anvil used to craft weapons requiring Dark Silver Ingots.

Octavian, the Militia Captain, is found in Dunley Farmlands, a region filled with powerful enemies. Our Gear progression guide mentioned that you should visit this region after clearing Farbane Woods. By taking a look at Octavian, you’ll think of him as someone who’s old and not powerful. However, there is a reason why he’s a level 58 boss. 

V Rising Dark Silver Ingots
Octavian Location

He’s extremely powerful and won’t show you any mercy. But you must fight him to obtain Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should visit this boss during the night.

This is because the place where he resides has no shade to protect him from the sunlight during the daytime. Therefore, it’s best to turn the situation in your favor by waiting for nighttime. 

Octavian is extremely powerful because he can use both melees and ranged attacks, meaning you are not safe from him at any distance. Therefore, you must always keep your weapons out and always be ready to either dodge or land an attack.

You must carefully examine how he moves and attacks, as you can get eliminated instantly by making a wrong move.

Octavian The Militia Captain
Octavian The Militia Captain

Furthermore, ensure you are properly equipped for the fight, as having the wrong weapons or armor will put you at a significant disadvantage against him. We recommend you check out our guide on the best weapons in V Rising to select the most powerful ones for this fight. You should also use some of the best V Rising abilities against this boss to make the fight even easier. 

Another annoying thing about Octavian is that he can summon Militia Longbowmen to assist him in combat, who can target you from far away. Furthermore, the boss summons them whenever his health is low, meaning that you won’t be able to deliver the final blow on him so easily.

We suggest that you eliminate these Militia Longbowmen as quickly as possible so they don’t get in your way. But after a while, if you’re using healing and defensive spells and are continuously landing attacks on Octavian, he will drop dead.

How To Craft Dark Silver Ingots 

As mentioned, you can not obtain Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising without crafting them. Therefore, after you get their recipe, you must visit a workbench. The best part is that you can craft this resource at any workbench. You need 1 Scourage Bar and 20 Silver Ores to make a single Dark Silver Ingot.

Yes, the crafting requirements are a little high. But this is something that is expected from a resource that is used to craft powerful weapons. 

V Rising Dark Silver Ingots
Silver Ingot

Silver Ore can be acquired by going to the Sacred Silver Mines. These mines are located in Silverlight Hills, but level 55-60 enemies guard them. Therefore, you must be properly equipped before going to the mines.

We have a detailed guide about how to get Silver Ore, so you can check it out to make things easier for yourself. As for the Scourge Bar, you can craft it using 1 Stone of Sharpening, 4 Glasses, and 4 Graves of Dust. 

Gear To Craft Using Dark Silver Ingots 

Now that you’re done with learning about the V Rising Dark Silver Ingots crafting process, let’s take a look at which items can be created using this resource. At the time of writing, there are nine items in the game that require Dark Silver Ingots, seven of which are weapons. 

Item Name Crafting Requirements
Dark Silver Axe
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Crossbow
  • 20x Dark Silver Ingots 
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Mace
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dar Silver Reaper
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Sword
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Spear
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Slashers 
  • 16x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 8x Reinforced Plank
Blood Key
Golden Castle Key 
  • 26x Dark Silver Ingots
  • 400x Gem Dust
  • 8 Gold Ingots
  • 4 Primal Blood Essence

As you can see for yourself, you’ll need plenty of Dark Silver Ingots to craft these items. This means you’ll spend a lot of time in the Silver Ore mines. But since carrying around Silver has a negative effect on your character, it will take some time before you can craft a good amount of Dark Silver Ingots.

To make things easier, it will be wise to take one or two Silver Resistance Brews with you and drink them whenever you’re about to carry Silver. 

This was everything you needed to know about Dark Silver Ingots. As you can see, you’ll need this resource to get some of the most potent weapons in the game. If you’re starting out, you don’t need to worry about getting this item, as you won’t need it until you have made significant progress in the game. For now, focus on building your Castle or farming other resources such as Scales farming and Unsullied Hearts

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