V Rising Secret Weapons & How To Get Them

In our V rising secret weapons guide, you will learn briefly about the game, and regarding V rising secret weapons and how to get them easily

What Are Secret Weapons in V Rising

Forests in V rising
Fight visuals in V rising.

The game presents you with a lot of different types of weapons and V rising secret weapons, too, all of them with unique purposes and abilities, also having dissimilar stats and bonuses. Just like you can use mace for mining ores, the Axe has the ability to chop up the woods easily.

Key Highlights
  • There are different weapons in V Rising with different abilities and purposes.
  • To upgrade these weapons in the game, you need to acquire different crafting recipes. With those recipes, the players can fight their enemies and jump to the next level.
  • There are a total of seven weapons which include Spear, Sword, Axes, Mace, Reaper, Slasher, and Crossbow.
  • There are four best secret weapons in V Rising, and they cannot be crafted by the players but only found in different places.
  • Bone Crossbow is found at a bandit camp in Farbane woods. You can fire it from a distance and do damage to the enemies.
  • You can defend your castle with General’s Soul Reaper. It can be found in haunted iron mines or at the church of damn. 
  • Miner’s Mine can be obtained at Bandit camps near Farbane woods.
  • To acquire Lumberjack Axe you need to go to the Bandit camps near Farbane woods.

And the swords are great for PVP situations; that is why each weapon has its use case. Make sure to read our guide for the V Rising best weapons.

There are seven weapons in total; these are Spear, Sword, Axes, Mace, Reaper, Slasher, and Crossbow. However, to upgrade these weapons, you will need to acquire different recipes to craft the weapons. You can check out our guide about weapons in detail here.

In addition, there are Iron weapons in the V Rising, which are very helpful when it comes to damaging the opponent. Also, these weapons can only be formed at certain workstations, and you should have a 35 gear score.

How To Get Secret Weapons in V Rising

Having said that, in this guide, you will know about Secret weapons in V Rising, their stats, and where to get them. There are four secret weapons in the game; remember, they are considered some of the best weapons because you cannot craft them; they can only be found in certain places.

While you are at it consider reading our guide about V Rising Dark Silver Ingots. Those weapons are: Bone crossbow, Lumberjack Axe, Miner’s Mace, and the last one and a special one too is General’s Soul Reaper.

Bone Crossbow

The unique ability of the crossbow is that you can fire it from the distance and still inflict heavy damage on your enemies, without even coming near to them, but be cautious because its rate of attacking is slow. Although, the weapon has snapshot skill, in which you fire an intense bolt and attack the enemy and cause as much as 75% damage. However, its main attack does 115% damage to the enemy. This special Bone Crossbow requires a gear level of 6. 

The special Bone Crossbow cannot be crafted, and this weapon can only be found as a drop at bandit camps in Farbane woods.

General’s Soul Reaper

Reaper is a great weapon when it comes to defending your castle from the monsters in PVE situations. With the reaper’s swing, you can do huge damage to your foes. However, due to its slow movement, it might not be best against other players.  

General’s Soul Reaper is no ordinary weapon, and it is perhaps the coolest and most powerful weapon that V Rising has. However, it has similar abilities to Merciless iron reaper, but with some extra abilities like +6 spell power and +6 spell crit chance. The gear level of the reaper is 18. When it comes to the Secret weapons, this weapon is the most special one in V Rising.

General's soul reaper
Deadly General’s soul reaper in V rising.

Unlike other weapons that can be unlocked through research desk and study, to acquire General’s soul reaper, you need a special recipe. Orb of knowledge is required to unlock the smithy, but these are hidden recipes that can only be achieved by killing the undead general. While you are at it, why not read our guide about V Rising Gear progression.

In order to kill the undead general, there are certain places where you can find him. One of the places is haunted iron mines; another place you can approach him is at the church of damn. But be careful; he is at Level 49; killing him would be hellish. We would suggest you have at least level 50 before you challenge the enemy.  

After you murder the creepy general, you will see the item dropped on the field. It will be a recipe for a general soul reaper. Moreover, it’s not a book but a rune stone that will be visible in inventory.

After that, you can check out the smithy, you will find the recipe there, and along with that, you will find other necessary resources too, which are: 4 Greater blood essence, 24 irons ingot, 16 planks, 120 gem Dust, and 4 Regular mist stone. Place all these in the input section, and you will get your General’s soul reaper.  

Miner’s Mace

The specialty of Mace is that it is specifically used to get the minerals such as Iron. But that is not the only use case Mace has, and this weapon has the ability to hit the hardest and inflict the most damage. Also, the Miner’s Mace has crushing blow and smack abilities; with these, you can cause extra damage to your foes, and they can be used Simultaneously.

Mace does three attacks in a row, the first swipe attack does damage around 50%, and the last attack does 60% damage. To get Miner’s Mace, you need to have gear level 7. 

This upgraded version of Mace cannot be crafted through any recipe but can only be obtained at Bandit camps near Farbane woods.

V rising deadly Mace
Holding Mace visual in V rising

Lumberjack Axe

Axes are dual-wielded weapons; therefore, they are very flexible when it comes to attacking the enemy, and Axes are pretty fast too. This deadly Axe is one of the best secret weapons in V Rising. Moreover, Axe has a unique ability, which is Frenzy; it allows Axe to lean forward and completely wipe out the enemy, causing 100% damage.

Aside from that, the true use of Axe is to cut down the trees smoothly. Its special ability is slicing attack, which does the damage of 45/ 45/ and 55 damage. You need to have gear level 6 to have this weapon. 

Lumberjack is special kind of Axe, with its brute force ability and sparky design. To acquire the deadly weapon. You will need to go to the Bandit Camps in Farbane woods; only there you will find it, and the weapon cannot be crafted hence a secret weapon.


V rising is an open-world vampire-based game where you can hunt, build your own castle, and do farming and crafting. And only that, V Rising offers you various weapons that you can have in your inventory, all of which have different powers and skills. 

The inception of your adventures in Vardoran will start near Farbane woods, and you can explore the vast world alone or with your teammates. You should be aware that since you are a vampire, you should not go out in the sun or you burned down to the ashes. 

While you are at it, consider reading out guide about Best V Rising abilities. As a vampire, you can hunt and raid the bandit camps; not only that, V Rising has territories consisting of supernatural beasts that can be explored carefully.

Humans in the game can be converted into the V Rising best servants with the help of vampire powers, and with the aid of them, you can rebuild your castle. Moreover, check out our guide about V Rising building Castle in V Rising.

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