Top 5 V Rising Best PvP Weapons

Learning about the best PvP weapons in V Rising can help you dominate the match when you're fighting against real players.

V Rising allows you to engage in both PvP and PvE activities when you’re taking a break from building your castle. The first one puts you against real players, while the other one has you fighting AI-controlled enemies that even include powerful bosses, like the Putrid Rat.

During these activities, you’ll need to rely on weapons to take your enemies down. However, every weapon is unique and is meant for a different situation. If you’re trying to dominate PvP matches, you must learn about V Rising’s Best PvP weapon.

Key Takeaways
  • For dominating and killing the enemies in V Rising PvP Weapons are the best option for the players. Each weapon has its own features and abilities.
  • These are the top five PvP weapons in V Rising.
    • The Axe is used to deliver powerful messages to the enemies by its skill called Frenzy. It can also take targets from a distance.
    • Crossbow has different skills which include Rain of Bolt and Snapshot which can target an entire group of enemies with a single attack.
    • Mace does high-level strikes by using the skills of Crushing Blows and Smack.
    • The skills that come with Spear are A Thousand Spears and Harpoon. These skills can deal with 50 percent of physical damage.
    • The Sword is the highest attack speed weapon in V Rising. You can use its Whirlwind and Shockwave skill for powerful attacks.

Before we begin, here is a quick look at the comparison between the Top-tier PvP Weapons:

AxePrimary, Frenzy, X Strike68.72%
CrossbowPrimary, Rain of Bolts, Snapshot68.06%
MacePrimary, Crushing Blow, Smack68.06%
SpearPrimary, A Thousand Spears, Harpoon75.58%
SwordPrimary, Whirlwind, Shockwave64.71%

V Rising Top-Tier PvP Weapons

Having the right weapons in your hands will put you at a great advantage against your enemies. When you’re participating in PvP matches, you’re fighting against real players who are pretty skilled at the game.

To defeat them, you’ll need to come up with different strategies. While some of the best V Rising abilities can help you triumph in combat, weapons are what you’ll be using the most. But if you end up equipping the wrong weapons, all strategies will fail, and you will struggle against your enemies.  

Following are some of the best weapons for PvP in V Rising. Keep in mind that the following list is based on our personal preferences. You might find other weapons that are ideal for PvP, and that is okay as the choice varies from player to player.  


Ability NameTypeCombo/Cast TimeCooldownDPSDescription
PrimaryCombo1.56 secs0.55 secs68.72%A three-hit melee attack that deals 45%, 45%, and 55% damage with each hit.
FrenzySpell0.35 secs8 secsN/A
  • Perform a powerful attack that deals a massive 100% physical damage.
  • Puts you in a state of frenzy which allows:
    • 25% increase in movement speed.
    • 30% increase in attack speed for 0.8 secs.
X StrikeSpell0.5 secs8 secsN/A
  • Throws 2 axes at the enemies.
  • Each of them deals 85% physical damage.
  • Slows down the target for 1.5 secs.

The first weapon we would like to recommend is the Axe. There are only a few weapons in V Rising that can help you deliver a powerful message to your enemy, and the Axe is one of them. This is mainly because of its skill called Frenzy.

When used, you will perform a powerful attack on your target that will deal massive 100% physical damage. Furthermore, the skill will also make you enter a state of frenzy, during which your movement speed will be increased by 25%, and your attack speed will be increased by 30% for a total of 0.8 seconds. However, you will need first to land a successful hit on your target. The skill has a cooldown of 8 seconds. 

V Rising best PvP weapon

Axe has another skill called X-Strike, which also has an 8 seconds cooldown. This skill is for those who like to take their targets down from a distance, as it allows you to throw two axes at them.

Each one is capable of dealing 85% physical damage. But what makes this skill amazing is its ability to slow down the target for 1.5 seconds, thus providing you with the opportunity to land even more attacks on them.

As for its third attack, it’s a three-hit melee attack that deals 45%, 45%, and 55% damage with each hit. Overall, the Axe is one of the best PvP weapons in V Rising for solo combat and group combat, and you can instantly drain your opponent’s health by using its skills. 


Ability NameTypeCast TimeCooldownDPSDescription
PrimarySpell1 sec0.55 secs68.06%Releases a projectile that on hit does 115% physical damage.
Rain Of BoltsSpell0.4 secs8 secsN/A
  • Rain Down bolts on your enemies.
  • A total of 5 bolts are released into the air.
  • Each of them does 40% physical damage.
  • Also inflicts the enemies with a 1.5-second fading snare.
SnapshotSpell0.5 secs8 secsN/A
  • Quickly releases a bolt toward your enemy
  • Does 75% damage.
  • Interrupts casts.
  • Inflicts enemies with a 2-second fading snare.

Now, while it’s pretty fun to take your targets down by getting up close and personal with them using melee weapons, there are times when you will need to stay at a safe distance from them. This is because other players might have some tricks up their sleeves, and you might get eliminated instantly because of them. This is where the Crossbow comes in. 

The Crossbow happens to be the best-ranged weapon in V Rising because of how amazing it is. Unlike all the other weapons in the game, this one does not have any attack combo, and you will need to rely on its single shot for the most part, which deals 110% damage. However, what makes the Crossbow an ideal weapon for PvP in V Rising is its skill called Rain of Bolts.

Best PvP Weapons in V Rising

As the name implies, the skill lets you rain down bolts on your enemies. When used, you will fire a total of 5 bolts into the air, which will come down on your targets to hit them. Each one can deal 40% physical damage and can also inflict a 1.5-second fading snare.

On the other hand, the Crossbow has another skill called Snapshot, which lets you quickly fire a bolt toward your target to deal 75% damage. Snapshot can also interrupt the cast and cause a fading snare for two seconds. Both skills have a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Overall, we think that the Crossbow is easily another among the list of the top PvP weapons in the game, and it can prove to be useful in both solo and group combat. With the Rain of Bolts skill, you can target an entire group of enemies in a single attack.


Ability NameTypeCombo/Cast TimeCooldownDPSDescription
PrimaryCombo1.74 secs0.61 secs68.06%A three-hit melee attack that deals 55%, 55%, and 60% damage with each hit
Crushing BlowSpell0.7 secs8 secsN/A
  • Slam the weapon into the ground
  • Deals 110% physical damage
  • Inflicts enemies with a 2-second fading snare
  • Can be used against 1 or multiple targets as well
SmackSpell0.35 secs8 secsN/AHit the enemy in front of you to deal 50% physical damage while pushing them away from your location

Mace happens to be the hardest-hitting weapon in V Rising, as no other weapon can come close to the amount of damage it deals with each hit. This has earned Mace a spot in the best PvP weapons. However, as the damage, it deals with each strike is high, it is slow.

Mace has a skill called Crushing Blow, which allows you to slam the weapon into the ground to deal 110% physical damage to the targets. It also inflicts a 2s fading snare on the enemy.

This attack lets you target multiple enemies at once, but you can also use it against a single target. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds. 

V Rising best PvP weapon

As for its second skill, it’s called Smack, and it’s perfect for times when you want to create a distance between yourself and the enemy. When used, you will hit the enemy in front of you to deal 50% physical damage while pushing them away from your location. You can use this opportunity to either make a quick run if you’re low on health or consume an item. You can check out our V Rising item tier list to learn about the best consumable items in the game. 

Overall, the Mace is an amazing weapon, which lets you target both single and multiple targets. However, you will need to get used to its slow speed, which is something expected from a hard-hitting weapon. 


Ability NameTypeCombo/Cast TimeCooldownDPSDescription
PrimaryCombo1.02 secs0.70 secs75.58%A three-hit melee attack that deals 40%, 40%, and 50% damage with each hit.
A Thousand SpearsSpell0.35 secs8 secsN/A
  • An attack that hits the enemy eight times, dealing 30% physical damage.
  • If you recast this skill during the effect, a thrust attack will be performed which does 50% physical damage. 
  • Pushes enemies away.
HarpoonSpell0.7 secs8 secsN/A
  • Throws the spear at your enemies and pulls them towards your direction.
  • Does 70% physical damage on hit.

If you’ve been playing PvP in V Rising, you might have noticed that the opponents sometimes try to run away to catch a breath. This can annoy you a lot, especially if you’re pretty close to taking them down. But with the Spear, you don’t have to worry about this as it can help you eliminate the distance between you and your target.

The first skill that the Spear comes with is called A Thousand Spears. When used, you will perform an attack that will let you hit your enemy eight times, dealing 30% physical damage.

If you recast the skill during the effect, you will perform a powerful thrust attack that will deal 50% physical damage. Furthermore, it will also push the enemy away and will prevent them from launching a counterattack quickly.


The second skill is called Harpoon. If you see that an enemy is trying to run away, you can use Harpoon to throw a Spear at them and pull them toward your location.

The Harpoon will also deal 70% physical damage after getting stuck into the enemy, thus making it easier for you to finish off the target when they get near you. The Spear also has a melee-attack combo of three hits, with the first two hits dealing 40% damage and the third one dealing 50% damage.

Overall, the Spear is an excellent weapon in V Rising for PvP. However, keep in mind that both of its skills focus on taking down a single target, so you shouldn’t expect this weapon to help you do wonders against a group. But its quick attacking nature makes it something that can help you instantly annihilate your target.


Ability NameTypeCombo/Cast TimeCooldownDPSDescription
PrimaryCombo1.15 secs0.55 secs64.71%A three-hit melee attack that deals 35%, 35%, and 40% damage with each hit
Whirlwind Spell0.35 secs8 secsN/A
  • Spin with your sword and inflict damage on nearby enemies
  • Time period of the spin is 1.1 secs
  • 35% physical damage dealt every 0.25 secs
ShockwaveSpell0.7 secs8 secsN/A
  • A powerful shockwave that will deal 75% damage to anyone who gets hit by it
  • Launches the enemy in the air for 1.6 secs
  • Recast the ability during the effect to transport yourself toward the enemy and deal 3 strikes.
  • Each strike does 25% physical damage

Now, coming down to another best V Rising PvP weapon that gets the job done is Sword. At the time of writing, the Sword has the highest attack speed among all the other weapons present in the game, which makes it the most powerful weapon to use. It is an excellent weapon that you can use against a single or a group of enemies.

The Sword has a skill called Whirlwind, and as its name implies, you can spin around and slice all nearby enemies.

You will keep on spinning for around 1.1 seconds, during which you’ll deal 35% physical damage every 0.25 seconds. This can help you quickly take down an entire group of enemies, and you can also use it to get out of critical situations quickly.

V Rising Best PvP Weapon

The second skill that comes attached to the Sword is Shockwave. By using it, you can send out a powerful shockwave that will deal 75% damage to anyone who gets hit by it.

However, what makes this skill one of the best in V Rising is its ability to launch the enemy into the air for 1.6 seconds. You can then recast the ability during the effect to teleport yourself to the target and hit them with three powerful strikes, with each one dealing 25% physical damage. This is something that makes Shockwave the most powerful skill offered by any weapon in the game. 

As you can see for yourself, the Sword is an excellent all-rounder weapon that you can trust in multiple situations. With the Whirlwind skill, you can drain the health of multiple enemies at once, while Shockwave can help you quickly annihilate a single enemy.

The Sword also has a three-hit melee attack, which deals 35%, 35%, and 40% damage with each hit. Overall, if you want to dominate every PvP match, we will recommend that you get the Sword without any second thoughts. 

This concludes our V Rising best PvP weapon guide. For the short answer, the Sword currently holds the top spot in the list. However, all the other mentioned weapons are also amazing, and you might find them better for your playstyle.

We’ll make sure to update the list if the developers decide to add new weapons to the game. Before you leave, make sure to check out how you can get Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising as well. 

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