V Rising Soul Shards: How To Find & Use [End Game]

Our Soul Shards guide in V Rising entails a detailed take on the usage and collection of Soul Shards from various sources & server configs.

V Rising is an open-world, survival-based MMORPG, developed by Stunlock Studios. The game revolves around a slumbering vampire who has awakened in a weakened state. V Rising incorporates vampiric lore into its mechanics, allowing you to drain blood from its victims and being unable to survive in sunlight. As you progress the game, more and more items and gear levels are unlocked for you. One such item that is unlocked near the endgame is Soul Shards

Key Highlights
  • Soul Shards in V Rising provide unique buffs and items which are extremely useful for fighting against Castle Sieges.
  • As you reach the end game, you have to build The Eye of Twilight in order to update the location of the three Soul Shards on the map.
  • You have to defeat bosses for each Soul Shard.
  • The first Shard is tied to Solarus the Immaculate, found in the North-Eastern part of Silverlight Hills.
  • Second Shard is tied to the level 78 boss known as Gorecrusher The Behemoth. He can be found in the Southern region of Cursed Forest.
  • Last boss you have to fight in the third Shard is The Winged Horror Boss. You must have the “Bat form” available to fight him.
  • After collecting all the three Soul Shards, you can use them at the base to turn the Soul Shards into Soul Shard Pylon by placing it on your Hotbar.
  • Every unique Pylon will give you buffs for a duration of 2 hours.

We do have to warn you that since the Soul Shards are an endgame item, there may be spoilers below. We’ll try to minimize the number of spoilers below but consider yourself warned.

Importance of Soul Shards

Soul Shards in the game exist on both PvP and PvE servers. These Shards provide unique, albeit temporary buffs to you, your clanmates, Castle fortifications, and servants, which is extremely useful for defending against Castle Sieges. PvE servers have multiple Soul Shards at any given instant, but in PvP servers, they only spawn once. 

As you get to the endgame in the PvP server and near the end of the story, the game gets more involved in Castle Mechanics as you will be fortifying, repairing, and upgrading your Castle Strength. A lot of clans will be vying for a limited amount of material and thus, trying to farm anything can quickly turn into large confrontations.

Friendly and Rival Clans will emerge within each server, with each clan looking to best defend their Castles. This is where Soul Shards come in.  There are only three Soul Shards in any PvP server. They are unique and only spawn once in a server. Once they are collected by a clan, others will have to try to get them via Castle Sieges.

Soul Shards Buffs

Soul Shards in game -V Rising Soul Shards
In-game description of all Soul Shards.

Soul Shard of the Winged Horror has a defensive buff of increased Silver and Fire resistance (by 50) and an offensive buff of increasing your spell Critical Strike rate by 5%, while also increasing your Spell Power by 10. 

Soul Shard of Solarus offers an offensive buff of increasing your Physical Power by 10, a 5% increase in your Primary Melee attack speed, and a defensive buff of increasing your Sun Resistance by 50. These 2 Soul Stones in V Rising are the most sought after by clans. Having even one of them in your possession is sure to cause a Castle Siege attempt.

Soul Shard of the Behemoth mainly offers defensive and neutral buffs and has been overseen by many players. However, we consider it to be an underdog, as its buffs complement the buffs from the Soul Shards mentioned above. This Shard increases your Garlic and Holy Resistance by 50, a 5% increase to your movement speed, and increases your Resource Yield by 20%.

PvP & PvE Server Configurations 

V Rising can be played in either PvE or PvP servers. You can further modify your PvP server to be a regular PvP, Full Loot PvP (referred to as ‘Hardcore PvP’ by the fanbase), or Duo PvP server. We briefly describe these servers below. Knowing the server configuration is important for finding Soul Shard items.

PvE serverRecommended for beginners. You can explore freely on your own and won’t have to worry about being looted by other players. 
PvP serverAll game mechanics of the PvE server carry over. You can also choose to be a part of or form your clan (max 4 players). Castles are also an integral part of the game as you’ll be defending your and your clanmates’ castles, as well as attacking other castles for loot and items. 
Hardcore PvP serverRegular PvP server with the added twist that when you die, you lose all the loot you were carrying. Castle raids are extremely frequent on these servers. 
Duo PvP serverPvP server but clans can only have 2 players.

How To Find Soul Shards 

The Eye of Twilight-V Rising Soul Shards
The Eye of Twilight.

As you reach the end game, you’ll be given the option to build The Eye of Twilight, which requires 4 Gold Ingots and 4 Spectral Dust. Once you place The Eye of Twilight in your castle, your map will be updated with the spawn location of the three Soul Shards. You can also indulge in our Best Scales Farming Methods guide.

map locations of all soul shards-V Rising Soul Shards
The 3 Soul Stones at their spawn location.

Note that the map actively tracks the Soul Shards, and anyone with The Eye of Twilight can see the instantaneous location of all three Soul Shards. This is how rival clans will know that you have Soul Shards, after which they can strategize and attack accordingly.

Soul Shard of the Behemoth tracking-location-V Rising Soul Shards
 Soul Shard of the Behemoth, is shown on the map when it is inside a castle.

Each Soul Shard is tied to high-level bosses, so we recommend that you’re at least 80-item level to ensure your success. For the sake of brevity, we only detail our recommendations against the bosses, based on our encounters with them.

Our advice is that you fight these bosses with your clanmates, as tackling them one-on-one will prove to be quite difficult. Not to say that soloing them is impossible, it’s just that in a race against time to collect the Soul Shards, your priority should be defeating the bosses as quickly as possible.

Solarus The Immaculate Boss

Solarus The Immaculate boss-V Rising
Solarus the Immaculate.

At spawn, the Soul Shard of Solarus is tied to Solarus the Immaculate. This boss is in the North-Eastern part of Silverlight Hills. The road to Solarus is long, populated with enemies which will swarm you as you make your way to him. You’ll also need to have Holy Resistance flasks to shield yourself from the Holy Radiation in the area.

Solarus boss fight-Divine Angel-V Rising
A level 80 Divine Angel joins the Solarus boss battle.

Solarus is an 80-item level boss. He has a variety of strong melee and ranged attacks, so you and your teammates will need to be on your heels around him. Occasionally, an 80-item level Divine Angel will also join the fight, so you and your clanmates can alternate between Solarus and the Divine Angel.

Gorecrusher The Behemoth Boss

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The Soul Shard of the Behemoth is tied to Gorecrusher the Behemoth when first spawned in the Southern region of Cursed Forest. He is a level 78 boss, with a range of dash and charge attacks. There aren’t any special tips against him, but we do recommend that you and your clanmates ‘attack and retreat’ him. The Behemoth does like to do a mid-air slam attack, so be on the lookout for it.

Did you know we have compared all weapons in V Rising! You can read about them in V Rising Weapons Tier List.

The Winged Horror Boss

The Winged Horror boss fight-V Rising Soul Shards
The Winged Horror.

This dragon-like resides in a difficult-to-reach area in Hallowed Mountains. To initiate this boss fight, you and your clanmates need to have the ‘Bat Form’ available. It has an extremely powerful, fire-based attack that will restrict you from getting in close range of it. You can also read about Putrid Rat Boss.

fire attack-The Winged Horror-V Rising Soul Shards
The Winged Horror’s fire attack.

It is in your best intention to attack The Winged Horror from range, dodging his fireball attacks. Many of his minions will also join in the fight, so be sure to alternate attacking between yourself and your clanmates.

How To Use Soul Shards In V Rising

If you thought the game was done throwing curveballs toward you, you have another one coming! Once the bosses are defeated, and all three Soul Shards in V Rising have been collected, one of your clanmates (or you) will have to physically carry the Soul Shards to your castle.

Soul Shard Carry

soul shard in game description-V Rising Soul Shards
Soul Shard’s debuffs, as listed in the game.

You won’t be able to use any of your powers, mount a ride or go through any cave passages whilst carrying the Soul Shard. You’ll take additional 25% damage and your movement speed will be reduced by 15%. It is essentially impossible to solo carry the Soul Shard to your Castle.

The clanmates will need to defend the Soul Shard carrier not only against the enemies along the way but also against rival clans who will be able to see a Soul Shard moving on their maps.

Soul Shard Pylon

Once you bring the Soul Shards to your castle, the game won’t tell you what to do it. You need to place the Soul Shard on your Hotbar and use it at the base to turn it into a Soul Shard Pylon.

Soul Shard Pylon-V Rising Soul Shards
Soul Shard of Behemoth Pylon.

Each of the three unique Pylons in the game gives you and your clanmates the buff for a duration of 2 hours, with an infinite amount of uses. If you’re unsure about which weapon to use, you can read our Best Weapons in V Rising guide.

With that, we conclude our comprehensive guide on V Rising Soul Shards. We hope that this guide answered all your queries about Soul Shards. You can voice your thoughts about V Rising in the comment section below.

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