V Rising Solarus The Immaculate: Boss Fight

Our V Rising Solarus guide entails the location of the boss, the best strategy to beat and the mechanics you should learn & defeat the boss.

Solarus the Immaculate is a level 80 V Blood Carrier in V Rising, and to defeat him, you must do gear progression properly and have at least a 78 gear score or above to defeat this boss. This guide will teach you where to go to locate Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising and how to slay the boss.

Key Highlights
  • Solarus the Immaculate is a Level 80 V blood boss in V Rising. In order to defeat this powerful boss, you must have at least a gear score of 78 or above.
  • He can be found on the eastern side of the Silverlight Hills
  • He’ll use three basic moves against you: charge attack, create sparks, and slashing sword chain attack. He can also summon a Divine Angel to fight you.
  • For fighting Solarus, you must come prepared with all the options for a spell and physical damage. You can also use long-range attacks and melee weapons against him.
  • If you have defeated Solarus, you’ll receive the Solarus Soul Shard as a reward which can increase your sun resistance by 50%, melee attack speed by 5%, and physical power by 10%.

Solarus Boss Location in V Rising

V Rising Solarus location
Location – Solarus The Immaculate V Rising

Solarus, the Immaculate, is found in V Rising on the eastern side of the Silverlight Hills. This level 80 V Blood can be discovered in the Fortress of Light. Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising can be found at the precise place on the map’s image above. As you can see, you must follow the eastern road north to get to the region where the boss will spawn.

Also, the boss combat engagement occurs within the cathedral, and you won’t have to worry about scheduling because the sun will not be an issue. 

Solarus is definitely worth going the extra mile as he rewards you with a huge experience payout and great loot. He is, nonetheless, a dangerous opponent who should not be underestimated. Before taking on him, ensure you have lots of healing supplies and a strong team.

Solarus Boss Movesets & Tricks You Should Know

V Rising Solarus, the Immaculate’s boss fight, is divided into three stages. Beginning with phase one, he has three movements and acquires another when his HP is low.

Solaris Moves

His first basic move is a charge, where he takes a few seconds before unleashing himself on you. After the charge attack, Solarus approaches you to deal damage and stun you for the next attacks. 

Solarus boss fight
Holy waves on both sides – Solarus The Immaculate V Rising

When you approach her after the charging attack pattern, he unleashes two lines of flare-like light beam attacks, which basically deal with Holy damage over time. That is why you must try to stay or dodge in front of the boss so as to avoid these attacks and not get touched by one. The second move he makes is to create sparks that fly behind him and then out toward you, doing damage over time.

Solarus boss fight phase 1
holy waves circling – Solarus The Immaculate V Rising

The final of Solarus’ basic strikes is a slashing sword chain attack that sends out a ranged sword attack when the second swing is executed; the sword later returns to the boss.

Solarus boss fight sword attacks
Dual blades – Solarus The Immaculate V Rising

The greater threat V Rising Solarus presents in this phase is when his health reaches 60% and he moves towards the center of the stage. After that, the boss initiates a new move set or Holy power called Luminance, which allows him to shoot two circles that further rain down Holy damaging light in the boss battle arena.

Solarus boss fight phase 1 ending V Rising
Luminance attack – Solarus The Immaculate V Rising

Solarus At 50% Health

When Solarus the Immaculate has lost half of his health points in V Rising, he will once again move towards the center of the boss battle area and will summon a Divine Angel to aid him in the fight. The Divine Angel has three basic moves and acquires another when her HP is low. Her initial strike is to fire four balls of light in quick succession against foes, dealing damage and knockback. 

Solarus boss fight phase 2
A level 80 Divine Angel joins the Solarus boss battle.

The angel charges you with a spear that causes tremendous damage in the second assault. The angel’s final basic move is a three-hit melee attack chain in which she swipes twice before hitting in line with four distinct hits.

Now, assuming you have depleted Angel’s health points to down the last 40%, she uses a similar attack pattern as Solarus and fires a Holy beam of lighting from the sky. To worsen the situation, the Angel fires an enhanced version of this attack pattern that consists of much more Holy damaging lights. 

Solarus boss fight healing V Rising
Solarus healing and divine angel replicating his attacks

Additionally, the Angel and Solarus will initiate a new attack pattern called the Pillars of Light. These lights will wander across the stage, forcing you to evade them while fighting the angel since the Solarus will remain in Immune mode until you destroy the angel.

The third part of this combat occurs after you slay the angel. The Solarus will become immune and cease to heal. The Angel will respawn as a Fallen Angel and battle alongside you against Solarus. 

Solarus boss fight phase 3
divine angel turning into fallen and breaking Solarus shield

Solarus in V Rising will retain his original sword-slashing two-hit move set, but it will be much more lethal during this phase. So, earlier, he used a two-hit combo using his sword, but now, Solarus will perform a four-hit sword combo that also results in the splitting of blades into two more when he executes the last swing of the combo.

At 50% HP, he starts summoning the Pillars of Light from his phase 2 immunity stage and uses the vengeance bullet move from phase 1.

The essential thing to remember in the final phase is that if the Fallen Angel dies, you’ll be put on a time restriction; if you go too long, he’ll re-summon the Divine Angel, and the conflict will continue from phase two.

This time restriction is approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds. So, either make sure Fallen Angel doesn’t die or kill Solarus as soon as it does in V Rising. Also, consider reading V Rising Iron Ore and Whetstone guides. 

Solarus The Immaculate Best Boss Fight Strategy

The most important thing for you players to do is to arrive as prepared as possible for this clash. Make sure you have potions for increasing spell damage, physical damage, and so on when you enter this encounter. 

Preparing For Battle

Additionally, you mostly want to obtain the buff potions for this boss fight. For DPS and damage over time, you must pick the Chaos Valley ability and the Sanguine Touch because the former is excellent, and DPS and the latter will return some of your health. 

Since you will be relying on using ranged vampire basic abilities, we recommend finding a quality blood pool of Scholar’s Blood that has at least 90-100% because you’ll be utilizing a lot of spells. The combat becomes simpler if you utilize a higher amount of Scholar Blood.

Suggested Movement

You just need to hurt him with spells and evade his spark’s assault by moving and dashing in the initial round. If you are running with a melee weapon, then you will occasionally get a chance to get close to the boss and land a couple of hits before he can aggro you. On the subject of weapons, consider reading our V Rising Best PvP Weapons guide.

You don’t have to battle the Divine Angel right away in the second phase, and you only have to fight the Solarus and evade the angel’s strikes. When Solarus’ health reaches 10%, he will transform into the Immune form and begin recuperating. 

If you wish to combat the angel and destroy her, use the long-range attack as well. The third part of this combat begins when you defeat her.

The Divine Angel will transform into the Fallen Angel, breaking the Solarus’ immunity, and you will then have to destroy the V Rising Solarus.

Watch Out For These Solarus Moves

You should know that Solarus does a jumping attack in this phase, and you must avoid it at all costs; otherwise, your vampire character will be stunned, and you will be open to more incoming combo attacks by Solarus. This attack will also most likely be the one to kill you if you are not smart about dodging it.  

Solarus boss fight Aoe attack
Solarus AOE attack to dodge

So, avoid it and keep hitting him with spells and the Sanguine Touch. Just make sure Fallen Agnel doesn’t die because if she does, you have to defeat Solarus in under two and a half minutes, or you’ll have to restart the fight from the beginning.

Solarus boss defeated
Solarus The Immaculate defeated V Rising

Rewards For Defeating Solarus The Immaculate

Solarus boss rewards V Rising
Solarus The Immaculate rewards V Rising

Assuming you have beaten Solarus the Immaculate, in that case, you will have a new vampire ultimate ability called Summon a Fallen Angel. This will clearly be quite handy since you may utilize the summon to aid you in combat.

Depending on your server configuration, if you defeat Solarus the Immaculate first in a PVP server or extract his V Blood while playing in a PVE server, then you will receive the Solarus Soul Shard. This is if your server configuration allows it. Otherwise, you will be the only person possessing Solarus’ soul shard, and other PvP players can steal it from you by killing you or invading the castle you built

Solarus soul shard
Soul shard of Solarus V Rising

Players can use Solarus’ soul shard back at the castle to get a two-hour boost that basically increases your overall sun resistance by a massive 50%, melee attack speed by 5%, and physical power by 10%. This is huge considering the fact that Solarus right now is the end-game boss that can change if Stunlock Studios introduce more content in the game down the road.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about V Rising Solarus the Immaculate’s location; boss fight strategy or mechanics, and rewards in V Rising. Did you manage to beat the boss? Do you find our guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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