V Rising Iron Ore: How To Get, Make & Harvest

Our detailed guide will show you how to get Iron Ore in V Rising along with important items you craft using Iron Ore in the game.

Iron Ore is one of the crafting materials in V Rising that can be extremely difficult to find. If you start exploring without any pointers, you can spend hours on end in the huge world of Vardoran. While some items can be made by the players or crafted using a Simple Workbench, complex items like Iron Ore can only be mined. 

Key Highlights
  • Iron Ore in V Rising is used to create different items including weapons and armor in the game. 
  • The walls of the Haunted Iron Mine are filled with Iron ore for you to farm.
  • You can find the Haunted Iron mine in the second region at the center of the map. Kill the enemies and enter the Mine for farming Iron Ore.
  • Another area for you to farm Iron ore is Ancient Village and Lurker Dwelling.
  • For harvesting the iron ore, you need a powerful weapon. The player can get the Merciless Cooper weapon either by unlocking it or by enemy drop.
  • The player can also use iron ingots in order to craft powerful iron weapons.

Why is Iron Ore important

V Rising: How to get Iron Ore
Mining Iron Ore in V Rising

This precious metal is no doubt a very crucial part of V Rising. You can use Iron Ore to create plenty of stuff including weapons and armor in the early or mid-game. But perhaps the most important use of it is in fortifying and building your Castle stronger. You can find iron and iron ore in 11 different locations in the Vardoran.

Make sure you stack up on Iron and Iron ore by farming it to keep your equipment and gear updated. But finding the locations of Iron Ore mines can be quite difficult. So make sure you read our guide below to find out how to get iron ore in V Rising. 

Iron Ore Locations

V Rising: How to get Iron Ore
All iron ore locations on the map

Because Iron Ore holds such importance in V Rising, the developers of the game made sure that you don’t find it easily, but don’t worry, as we have explained in detail where you can find all the possible areas with iron ore resources in V Rising in our guide. 

Haunted Iron Mine

The first and perhaps one of the best places for you to mine Iron Ore is none other than the Haunted Iron Mine. The reason why many players prefer this place as their sole source of iron resources is that it has more than 40 iron ore veins. Players can extract iron from the iron ore veins.

The Haunted Iron Mine is located in the second region at the center of the map. You can find this mine in the southern part of the Dunley farmlands which is also home to many other important resources like Whetstone and Stone Dust.

There are many other important resources in this region as well including the Hell’s Clarion and the Bone. You can get to this area quickly by using the two Vampire Waygates located nearby to travel faster. 

While getting iron and iron ore at the beginning of the game is a good idea to make your journey ahead easier, keep in mind the location is filled with deadly enemies waiting to attack you. Since all these enemies are high leveled, we suggest that you only go farming for iron in this mine once you have reached level 36 or higher in V Rising. 

Before you enter the mine and start farming, make sure you get rid of all the enemy mobs and skeletons in this area. This is because they would hinder your iron farming. Once you have killed all the enemies nearby, head inside the mine. Kill the enemies here as well. The walls of this mine are filled with iron ores for you to farm.

Ancient Village And Lurker Dwelling

This is the second-best area to farm iron in case you’re looking to stack up on iron ore as much as you can. The Ancient Village and the Lurker Dwelling can be found in Vadoran on the northernmost part of the map. But keep in mind that this area does not contain much iron ore for you to farm as compared to the Haunted Iron Mine.

There are three iron ore mining spots on the eastern part of the Cursed Forest which is located by the Ancient Village and Lurker Dwelling. Keep an eye out for the deadly enemies nearby. Make sure your gear score is high because the enemies here are even stronger than the ones you faced in the Haunted Iron Mine. It is recommended that you avoid combat and sneak past the enemies. The two iron ore veins are to the east of the two locations.

Since they are located on the coast, sneaking past the enemies here would be a piece of cake. Once you have mined these two iron ores, head to the third one. The third iron ore vein is found in the Lurker Dwelling. The enemies here are the worst, including the Night Lurkers and a Cursed bear. Make sure you equip the best weapon possible before you go for the third iron ore vein. While you’re at it, consider reading our guide on Silver Coins.

Locations With Single Iron Ore Veins

While the two locations we mentioned above had more than two iron veins for you to farm, there are certain locations that only have a single iron ore vein. These areas are located in the Dunley Farmlands. Even though the iron ore is pretty insufficient in these areas, if you need more iron ore, you can mine the iron ore veins here.

The Dunley Monastery

A single iron ore vein can be found just outside the Dunley Monastery. This iron ore vein is located in the southeastern region of the map.

The Bastion of Dunley

The second iron ore vein is located near the Bastion of Dunley. To get to this iron ore vein, head directly to the south of the Militia Camp. This came is located in the west of the Bastion of Dunley. You will see a minable iron ore vein nearby.

North of the Haunted Iron Mine

The last iron ore is found near the Haunted Iron Mine. Make your way to the north of the Militia Camp and Militia Encampment to get to this iron ore vein. This camp is located to the north of Haunted Iron Mine.

You can also find iron ore by defeating enemies and looting their dead bodies. Every once in a while an enemy would drop iron ore. They are also found in golden chests scattered around the map.

Harvesting Iron Ire 

When you reach the iron ore vein, you will have to harvest the iron from it. This is a challenge in itself because mining iron ore from iron nodes requires a powerful weapon. If you struck them with a regular weapon, you will see a message that pops up on your screen saying “Attack level to low”.

The regular copper armaments are not enough to break the iron nodes. The players would need equipment or gear made from the Merciless copper, which is basically a stronger and upgraded version of the standard copper equipment. You can get the Merciless Copper by two methods, either by the random research unlocks or enemy drops.

Getting Merciless Copper From Research Desk

 Iron Ore
The Merciless Copper Mace

After you have progressed far enough in the game, you will be able to build an item called the Research Desk. The desk can be made by using the following materials.

  • 8 Planks
  • 80 Stone 
  • 120 Animal Hide

When you interact with the Research desk, you can consume 50 pieces of paper and learn a random technology or a craft-able item’s blueprint. If you are lucky enough you will get the blueprint of Merciless Copper armor or weapon. This desk will unlock the paper press too, which you can use to make paper in V Rising.

Getting Merciless Copper From Enemy Drops

Another way you can get Merciless Copper to farm iron ore in V Rising is through the Bandits and the Blood Bosses found in the Farbane Woods. If you are lucky enough you will receive a Merciless Copper schematic from one of the mob drops. But since both of these methods are RNG-dependent, it will take a lot of time for you to get the blueprints.

Once you have acquired the Merciless Copper weapon, you can then use the upgraded armament you have to mine the iron ore from iron nodes. While a Merciless Copper Mace is the best for this job, you can also use an ax or even a sword to mine the iron ore.

How To Make Iron Ingots

iron Ore
Fighting Quincy the Bandit King

The recipe to make the iron ingots are dropped by Quincy the Bandit King. You will also unlock Smithy, by which you can make powerful weapons using a plank and iron ingots. It is important that you convert the iron ores into iron ingots as you cannot make anything directly with the iron ores. This process is quite easy and you don’t need a lot of time for it.

To create the iron ingots, you will need a smelter. You probably would have one on your base by now. Put the iron ores into the smelter. After a while, it will convert them into iron ingots.

Important Iron Ingot Related Materials

 Iron Ore
You will unlock many iron-related recipes by defeating this boss

Once you have made enough iron ingots in the game, you can use them to craft powerful iron weapons. This includes weapons like the Iron Reaper, Iron Crossbow, and Iron Slasher. 

Below is the list of all Iron Weapons you can build using 20 Iron Ingots and 16 planks

  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Mace
  • Iron Spear
  • Iron Reaper
  • Iron Slasher
  • Iron Crossbow.

This concludes our detailed guide on how to get Iron Ore in V Rising along with the weapons you can build using it.

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Stunlock Studios came out with their latest hit, V Rising which lets you play as a bloodthirsty Vampire who just woke up from his slumber. V Rising is all about gathering resources through mining or crafting items like glass. Or even killing some dangerous enemies to get items like the Unsullied Hearts using the best weapons in the game. Iron Ore is also one of the most important crafting items in V Rising. 

This important item should be obtained as soon as possible because this item is needed to make other items in V Rising. It is also one of the items that you will need to ensure your survival as a Vampire. This is why we have curated a detailed guide that will show you how to get Iron Ore in V Rising, and what items you can make with Iron Ore. On the subject of ore, consider reading our V Rising Silver Ore guide.

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