V Rising: How To Resolve Blocked By Border

Our V Rising Blocked by Border guide entails how you can move the castle in the game and how to resolve the blocked by border issue as well.

Among the plethora of things like crafting better armor or getting some of the best weapons in V Rising, one of the first things you’ll be doing is building a castle. As a new vampire who awakened from his slumber, you will run into several issues like how to avoid the sun, blocked by Environment while placing castle heart, tracking bosses, or how to feed on enemies. One of those early issues that you’ll face while constructing your home is “Blocked by Border”. In today’s guide, we’ll be covering the essentials about the Castle’s heart, moving Castle Heart, and the method for resolving the Blocked by Border issue.
Key Highlights
  • The main focus of V Rising is for the players to build their own castle in the game. But, some players might face the ‘Blocked by Border’ issues while constructing their castle.
  • Castle Heart is the main power source in the game. You can place the Castle heart in the right location for building the castle. 
  • You might have to move the Castle heart. But Blocked By Border can create an issue in that.
  • In order to solve this issue, you have to go into the Castle by pressing ‘B’ and remove all the buildings adjacent to the tile. This way, you’ll be able to remove the border and can easily move the Castle Heart.

Importance of Castle Heart

Blocked by Border in V rising
Building Castle Heart
Castle Heart is the fundamental material you’ll need to lay your castle’s foundation. Furthermore, the Castle heart will be the heart of your castle that will provide it with all the necessary power it needs to remain functional. Castle’s heart allows you to claim a portion of a land and place boundaries in which you’ll be building your castle.
Moreover, it’s the core of your base so if it’s destroyed or taken over everything you own will be gone, so make sure to place it in the center of your claimed land.
After Placing Castle Heart at the appropriate location, you can build walls, workbenches, blood altar, grinding machine, and more to help you in your ventures in the land of Vardoran. 

Location of Castle Heart

Castle heart can be obtained after accepting the Lord of shadows quest. For this quest, you need to be at least level 10. Upon accepting this quest, you’ll get the Castle Heart to build your fortress. Now that you have the Castle Heart, go into the Fundamental tab of the Build menu and construct it from there.

Requirements for Building Castle Heart

claiming area with good buildable space
70% buildable space
Before you start your search for the right location to place your castle heart and think about building your dream fortress to rule the land of Vardoran, there are some requirements you need to fulfill for constructing Castle Heart. To construct Castle’s heart you’ll need 30 Blood Essence and 240 stones, So before you start searching for a suitable place, scavenge these items from the forests of Forbane woods.
Keep in mind that there are certain restrictions to where you can and cannot place castle heart. Castle heart can only be planted on completely plain surfaces. So find yourself an area that doesn’t have hills and cliffs and place the heart in there. On top of that, make sure there’s at least 50% buildable space near your selected location.

How to Move Castle Heart 

Early in the game, a lot of people, due to inexperience, will place Castle heart in a place that can later pose a problem for them when you later want to expand your castle further. Luckily, the player is not permanently doomed for a silly decision he made due to inexperience in V Rising.
The method for moving the castle heart is the same as placing it somewhere for the first time. To move castle heart, go to the build menu in the fundamentals tab, select Castle Heart, and place it in the new location.
For the new location, we’ll advise that you choose a location with a large space. The higher the buildable space the better. On top of that, there is a “dismantle” mechanic in V Rising you can use to clear out the trees and stones. Dismantling can be done by pressing the “space bar” while in the build mode. 
Just keep in mind you cannot dismantle everything like rivers or cliffs. So, keeping in mind the removable things and buildable space, construct your dream castle and become the ruler of the night.

Resolving Blocked by Border Issue

While moving your castle, one of the most annoying issues you’ll face is “blocked by border”. This issue arises due to placing a border in the wrong place, and to solve this issue you’ll need to remove the border. Removing the border isn’t as simple as it sounds because anything adjacent to the tile will prevent it from removing the border.
To solve this issue, go into the build mode by pressing ‘B’ and dismantle everything you see adjacent to the tile, the border is placed. This includes all the floors, walls, and other buildings you might’ve placed there. After removing all the buildings adjacent to the tile, you’ll be able to remove the border, which in turn will allow you to move the castle heart freely now and the Blocked by Border message in V Rising will annoy you no more.
This wraps up our guide on Location, moving castle heart, and resolving the blocked border issue in V Rising. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.
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