V Rising Octavian: Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Our V Rising Octavian The Militia Captain guide entails location of the boss, fight strategy & the rewards you get after defeating the boss.

We’ll be covering Octavian the Militia Captian’s location, boss fight strategy, and rewards you get after defeating the boss. He’s one of the most crucial captains in the game and we’ll make sure that your battle with him goes smoothly. 

Key Highlights
  • Octavian the Militia Captain is another boss you need to defeat in V Rising
  • You can find Octavian the Militia Captain heading toward the Bastion of Dunley, which is located northeast on road in Dunley Farmland.
  • To take down Octavian, you need to increase the level of gear to 58. 
  • He can use different types of attacks to eliminate you. So, you need to learn about his moves to survive in the game.
  • You can use Enchantment Brew, bows for damage, and Extract his blood in order to defeat him.
  • After defeating Octavian in V Rising, you’ll get different rewards including some vampire powers and recipes.

A Little About V Rising

V rising is a brand new open-world multiplayer survival crafting game, and a vampire-themed RPG. It has got the typical progression path of many other survival games if you have played anything in this genre before. V Rising includes many entailed and detailed fight scenarios in all of the survival games.

The game V Rising gets more interesting because you essentially play as a newly awakened Vampire in an aggressive world, stripped off of your power, and must venture out into a gothic open world and navigate all sorts of strengths. The sole way of survival is by collecting blood and running your castle so that you and your peers can easily strengthen the power and basically dominate the world.

V Rising allows you to traverse the extensive land of Vardoran and hunt for very common to very rare materials in order to craft items and advance the survival journey.

Some of the useful resources you will farm are Glass, Scales, silver ore, iron ore, and many more. Before reading further, make sure you read our V Rising Best Blood Types & Qualities guide.

Octavian the Militia Captain Location In V Rising

Octavian boss location V Rising

In this guide, we cover how to defeat Octavian the Militia Captain, and what you get once you defeat him. In V rising often many players get confused as to where to find the Bosses, let alone Octavian the Militia Captain.

Just like you would find another boss, you can find Octavian the Militia Captain by tracking their blood scent, but it is much easier and feasible to know the exact location of the Boss.

For the location of this Boss, we will be heading over to Bastion Of Dunley, which is located northeast on road in Dunley Farmlands.

Here you fight and ultimately defeat Octavion right here at ‘X’ as shown in the image above. This area is bustling with guards so you have to get through them to reach Octavion.

Recommended Level To Defeat Octavian The Militia Captain

Octavian boss description

Since V Rising includes many entailed and detailed fight scenarios in all of the survival games, players must increase their level of gear to at least the standard of Octavian which is level 58 in order to take him down.

Once players have found him, they will need to take him down to gain access to new skills and learn new crafting plans. After defeating Octavian, you will unlock one of the best ultimate abilities in V Rising and you can also craft some of the best weapons as well after extracting V Blood from this boss.

Octavian The Militia Captain Attack Mechanics

You need myriads of defensive and healing spells to dodge his hard attacks like horizontal slash and healing spells to heal yourself accordingly.

You will also need healing potions/ healing items to stay topped off. Although Octavian may seem a giant and tempting enemy, he may not be that difficult to tackle if you know what you are doing and you know how to handle him.

His attacks are perfectly curated and telegraphed so as far as you maintain your distance, you should be able to dodge him and his ads quite easily.

Octavian The Militia Captain In V Rising uses a total of five different types of attacks. While you’re at it, consider reading V Rising Solarus The Immaculate Boss Fight guide.

Horizontal Strike

Octavian boss fight attacks

It is the second most basic attack he uses to send four rolling swords/ projectiles horizontally which deals with a lot of damage and knocks off the player. 

Overhead Strike

Octavian boss slash attacks

As you captivate his attention, he will be mostly using two basic attacks. Overhead strike hits foes in front of him and discharges out a rolling sword/ projectile. If you are hit by this projectile, your health will be knocked off substantially by launching you into the air.

Summoning Militia Longbowman

Just when Octavian starts to lose his health points by a few points he will start calling Militia Longbowman. 

He Yells, “TO ME!” 

Octavian yells “to me!” to summon upon the archers they use archery to combat against you so you have to knock down them as well. 

Octavian’s Ultimate Ability

Octavian boss fight attacks patterns

Lastly, Octavian possesses an ultimate ability whereby he starts spinning and throws spinning projectiles/ swords in every possible direction which deals with massive damage.

Traversing and dodging him is your best option rather than engaging him. He uses this ability multiple times so beware of it. Before you continue reading further, why not take a quick look at our V Rising Gorecrusher The Behemoth Fight & Location guide.

Octavian The Militia Captain Strategy

As this boss is not easy to fight neither is it hard depending upon your strategy. So to fight, muster all the courage you can to fight with him. You can use Enchantment Brew which essentially increases spell power by 4 for 1200 seconds.

He is a melee boss so you can use a bow or whatever seems comfortable to the players. Because using the bow can be helpful in predicting his moves and dodging his attacks. 

Beware of his overhead and horizontal projectiles because if you get attacked by those you will get pulled to him and if you don’t have a dash up he will hit you for a giant chunk of hp. 

Octavian boss fight

As the fight progresses he summons archers who will smack your hp level down. Further progressing in the game he uses his ultimate ability mentioned above in the guide whereby he discharges projectiles in horizontal and overhead directions which are really hard to dodge but you have to steer them off to prevent substantial health damage. 

Dashing and steering off from anything the boss forwards at you and with your bow causing him substantial damage, you will finally be able to defeat him. Finally, extract his blood, and there you go. That is how you defeat Octavian The Militia Captain In V Rising.

Octavian boss defeated

He’s a very difficult boss to fight, not to scare you off, as he is a level 58 V- Blood. You are probably going to be killed a couple of times before you actually defeat him.

After you have knocked him off you get Dark silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia, your tier seven gear and your tier seven weapons. The more people fight him, his abilities will change and he will summon more ads. And ultimately it will get a lot more difficult.

We have mentioned above what builds are used to successfully defeat this boss, and probably are easily accessible to every player. 

So you should use Veil of Blood, which is your basic dash ability. The reason why we take this is that it heals your five per cent of maximum health and you need to stay topped off at all times if you are able to end this fight because at the end he summons myriads of ads who are archers.

Veil of Blood V Rising

Next, you need Sanguine Coil, which is another ability which can keep you topped off by giving you a lot of healing.

Sanguine Coil

Another thing you would not necessarily require but can avail advantage of is Blood Rite Staple because it gives you decent healing. If you end up miss playing and you don’t dash at the right time this ability can save you because it can heal you right after you counter.

On a tier six gear you will have a General Soul Reaper, which you acquire from a mini-boss inside the iron mine. Also, consider reading our V Rising Frostmaw boss fight Location, Strategies & Rewards guide.

Blood Rite

Octavian Boss Fight Rewards

Once you have defeated Octavian, the Militia Captain here is everything that you will unlock: 

  • Vampire Power: Mirror Strike
  • Structure: Anvil 
  • Recipes: Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia and Dark Silver Weapons 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Octavian the Militia Captian boss fight. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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