V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer: Location, Battle & Rewards

Our V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer guide entails the location of the boss, the best fight strategy & the rewards you get after killing him.

Among the bosses in V Rising, you will encounter Azariel the Sunbringer as you reach level 68. While he can be a menace during combat, defeating him can unlock the formula for Gold ingots. But first, we need to hunt him down. So, here’s our guide on how to find and defeat Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising.

Key Takeaways
  • Azariel The Sunbringer in V Rising is a level 68 V blood boss. You have to use your Vampire abilities and powers in order to defeat him.
  • The V Blood ‘Azariel The Sunbringer’ is located in Brighthaven Cathedral, which is situated on the Western side of Silverlight Hills.
  • In order to fight him, you have to understand his fight strategy and plan your weapons and defense accordingly.
  • The player can use the max holy potion in order to avoid damage. You can also get some help with the ranged weapons against him.
  • After defeating Azariel The Sunbringer, you’ll unlock some rewards, which include Power Surge as your Vampire power and the recipe of Gold Ingot

Azariel The Sunbringer Location

V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer
Azariel the Sunbringer – V Rising boss location

The V boss ‘Azariel the Sunbringer’ is located in Brighthaven Cathedral, which is situated in the extreme western region of Silverlight Hills. We have attached an image above that showcases the exact location of the boss so that you can reach here faster instead of following the blood trail.

After going inside the Brighthaven Cathedral simply head towards level-68’s Blood Altar and follow the blood trail to reach his location. You need to select ‘Azariel the Sunbringer’ at the Blood Altar and pick the ‘Track blood’ option to obtain his blood trail.

Azariel the Sunbringer is an indoor boss, so you don’t have to worry about the sun while you battle him. Also, only experienced players should try a take on him since he is a level 68 V-Blood. If your gear score is level 65 or below, only then must you consider fighting this boss in the game. Otherwise, Azariel The Sunbringer will be a force to reckon with and challenging to defeat in V Rising. 

Azariel The Sunbringer Boss Fight Strategy In V Rising 

Azariel boss fight arena
Azariel, The Sunbringer boss fight

Before you begin the fight, you need to pump up your holy resistance because Azariel can inflict holy damage that is significant. For that, you need to craft a holy resistance flask.

In addition to that, you will also have to unlock the Heart Strike power. You can dash forward and hit the targeted foes in line with this ability. ‘Ward of the damned’ is the key spell here, as you can block spells of Azariel, his peasant, and the pylons.

Otherwise, it gets overwhelming as Azariel throws all bells and whistles regarding holy power your way. You can, of course, use the vampire travel ability to dodge these, but the frequency of the boss’s attacks is back-to-back.

For ranged attacks, you can also equip the Sanguine Crossbow or Dark Silver. Before entering the Cathedral, make sure you utilize the Holy Resistance Flask. During the fight, this V boss might spawn multiple small minions to do greater harm. Because they replicate his attacks, these small minions can attack you from a distance.

It is recommended to focus on his personal pylons and his peasants; otherwise, the size of the arena could get you in trouble. It’s best if you deal with them before going to Azariel. They are, however, frequently killed in the crossfire.

It is recommended to have the max holy potion because that will mitigate a lot of damage, or you may at least have a mid-tier holy potion. Being buffed will speed up the fight significantly. In terms of attacks, Azariel has the ability to inflict many lightning pillars that scatter and blanket the region. He can even hurl a Holy cloud of destruction from a distance.

Azariel The Sunbringer pillars of light attack
Azariel The Sunbringer pillar of light

It can deal a lot of damage if you don’t use the Holy resistance flask. You can avoid these strikes by using ranged attacks to inflict damage on him. In addition, he can protect himself by spawning a Relic. This relic protects him from all of your attacks when he makes it.

Azariel The Sunbringer particle shield
Azariel The Sunbringer blocking attacks

In the final phase, he will summon an orb. That orb will make him invulnerable, so it is recommended to use a ranged weapon. While he’s working on this relic, he can attack you. As a result, keep a safe distance and use ranged abilities as well as weapons. You will be able to inflict harm once again after destroying the Relic.


Once you have defeated Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising, you will unlock the following rewards:

  • Vampire Power: Power Surge.
  • Recipe: Gold Ingot.

Power Surge

You get a new shield that you can use on the target ally or self that shields the target for 150% of your spell power, boosts your attack speed by 25% and movement speed by 25%, and also removes all the debuffs while the shield lasts.

Gold Ingots

You have also unlocked the gold bars which you get from smelting down jewelry. By this time, you certainly have been hoarding that stuff for a while now and craft the gold bars that are used for many recipes, such as upgrading and for your final recipes.

Why Gold Ingot Is Important In Late Game V Rising?

gold jewelry item v rising

In V Rising, obtaining Gold Ingots is not a required step for plot development or character progression, for that matter. Instead, by infusing Gold Ingot with your weapon and armor set pieces, you will earn passive weapon boosts and improved resistance on your armor set pieces, which will eventually come in handy while fighting end-game bosses such as Matka, The Winged Horror, and more.

That is why, in order to become the ultimate vampire in Vardoran, you will need to rely on gold ingots in large quantities, and obtaining the crafting formula or the recipe after defeating Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising is the simplest method to obtain an endless supply of gold ingots with no effort.

Gold Jewelry Farming Locations

Now that you have a slight idea of why gold ingot is a vital material in the late game, to craft this resource, you will need Sulphur and Jewelry items, 8 pieces of each to make one gold ingot. Sulphur is available from Farbane Woods to Dunley Farmlands and just about anywhere in the game. However, Jewelry is pretty scarce.

Silverlight Hills

The hardest humanoid foes may be found at Silverlight Hills, one of the two ending locales in V Rising. You must try to kill Paladins and Wizards that frequent the zone in order to farm money or enhance your chances of earning Gold Ingots quicker in V Rising.

Because it is home to Paladins, Wizards, and the elite tier foes, Brighthaven Cathedral is one of the greatest places to farm jewelry in V Rising. Even with your fancy vampire ultimate skills and some of the greatest capabilities, you’ll feel helpless in this part of the game’s terrain.

If you have a 60 or higher gear score, you can only farm jewelry in Silverlight Hills and then earn Gold Ingots in V Rising. Otherwise, these high-tier opponents would just annihilate you with fatal melee and ranged strikes.

More places where you’ll likely run with Paladins and Wizards are the Fortress of Light, Brighthaven Square, Sacred Silver Mine Harpy Nest, and Emberleaf Grove. So, if you’ve climbed up enough in V Rising, don’t be afraid to take on these foes and earn gold jewelry for yourself.

You should also be aware that most of the regions in Silverlight Hills will include Holy sigils, and you will be subjected to Holy radiation harm if you enter or remain within for an extended period of time. To have a chance against the status condition, you will need to have unlocked the Holy Radiation resistance potion or flasks in V Rising, as well as certain tier-three armor set pieces, and focus only on murdering foes for jewelry.

Dunley Farmlands

Secondly, if the Silverlight Hills section of V Rising is too much for you, farm for jewels in Dunley Farmlands. After fighting V-Blood Carriers in Dunley Farmlands, you have a good chance of getting jewelry. Even if there’s a slim probability that the chests here may contain jewels, you should try to open every box you come across and not be afraid of it.

The majority of the monsters in Dunley Farmlands are level 40-55, making it a fantastic mid-game place to farm for precious materials that can considerably improve your gear score.

Additionally, if you want to hear our thoughts, we recommend continuously killing Beatrice in V Rising if you want to farm gold from the Dunley Farmlands sector of the map. The chances of jewelry falling are low, but you don’t have many alternatives if you aren’t leveled enough for the tasks in Silverlight Hills.

If you have already defeated a boss in the location, you should be aware that you can return to fight the same monster after some time has passed and still have a fair chance of dropping.

Game Tips

In the V Rising game, you play as a Vampire in a hostile environment, where the only way to survive and pull through is to hunt powerful V Bloods and extract their blood to claim their knowledge and power as your own and rule the world. While you’re at it, consider reading our Best PvP Weapons and best base locations in V Rising guides.

V Bloods help you unlock some of the best vampire abilities, plus crating recipes or structure unlocks that help you progress the journey of becoming the ultimate vampire. Players can craft blueprints, making them incredibly valuable targets for your character.

While you can trace their scent, knowing where these dangerous foes live is considerably easier. Before you continue reading, why not check our V Rising Wiki guide and learn everything about the game.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Azariel, the Sunbringer boss fight location, battle strategy, and rewards in V Rising. Did you find the boss yet? Did you get a chance to beat Azariel? What was your strategy in defeating this V Blood carrier? Did you find our battle strategy useful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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