V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer: Location, Battle & Rewards

Our Azariel The Sunbringer guide entails the location of the boss, the best fight strategy & the rewards you get after killing him.

Among the bosses in V Rising, you will encounter Azariel the Sunbringer as you reach level 68. While he can be a menace during combat, defeating him can unlock the formula for Gold ingots. But first, we need to hunt him down. So, here’s our guide on how to find and defeat Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising.

Key Takeaways
  • Azariel The Sunbringer in V Rising is a level 68 V Blood boss.
  • Defeating him requires utilizing Vampire abilities and powers.
  • You can find him in Brighthaven Cathedral, located in the Western part of Silverlight Hills.
  • To succeed in the fight, understand his strategy and plan your weapons and defense accordingly.
  • Consider using the max holy potion to reduce damage and employ ranged weapons for assistance.
  • After defeating Azariel, you’ll earn rewards, including the Vampire power “Power Surge” and the Gold Ingot recipe.

Azariel The Sunbringer Location

V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer
Azariel the Sunbringer – V Rising boss location

The V boss ‘Azariel the Sunbringer’ is located in Brighthaven Cathedral, which is situated in the extreme western region of Silverlight Hills. We have attached an image above that showcases the exact location of the boss so that you can reach here faster instead of following the blood trail.

After going inside the Brighthaven Cathedral simply head towards level-68’s Blood Altar and follow the blood trail to reach his location. You need to select ‘Azariel the Sunbringer’ at the Blood Altar and pick the ‘Track blood’ option to obtain his blood trail.

Azariel the Sunbringer is an indoor boss, so you don’t have to worry about the sun while you battle him. Also, only experienced players should try a take on him since he is a level 68 V-Blood. If your gear score is level 65 or below, only then must you consider fighting this boss in the game. Otherwise, Azariel The Sunbringer will be a force to reckon with and challenging to defeat in V Rising. 

Azariel The Sunbringer Boss Fight Strategy

Azariel boss fight arena
Azariel, The Sunbringer boss fight

To succeed in the Azariel The Sunbringer boss fight, follow this strategy:

  1. Boost Holy Resistance: Craft a holy resistance flask before the fight to mitigate Azariel’s significant holy damage.
  2. Unlock Heart Strike: Use the Heart Strike power to dash forward and strike targeted enemies in a line.
  3. Ward of the Damned: Utilize the ‘Ward of the Damned’ spell to block Azariel’s spells, those of his peasants, and the pylons.
  4. Ranged Attacks: Equip a Sanguine Crossbow or Dark Silver for ranged attacks. Dodge Azariel’s frequent holy power attacks.
  5. Manage Minions: Azariel may spawn small minions that mimic his attacks. Prioritize taking out his pylons and peasants to prevent overcrowding in the arena.
  6. Holy Potions: Have maximum or mid-tier holy potions to reduce damage. Buffing yourself speeds up the fight.
  7. Recognize Attacks: Azariel can unleash lightning pillars, a Holy cloud of destruction, and create a protective Relic. Use ranged attacks to damage him and avoid his abilities.
  8. Final Phase: In the final phase, Azariel summons an invulnerable orb. Maintain a safe distance, use ranged attacks, and destroy the Relic to harm him again.
    Azariel The Sunbringer particle shield
    Azariel The Sunbringer blocking attacks

Rewards for defeating Azariel the Sunbringer

  • Vampire Power: Power Surge – Provides a shield for the target ally or yourself, boosts attack speed, movement speed, and removes debuffs.
  • Recipe: Gold Ingot – Used for crafting gold bars from jewelry, which are essential for upgrades and final recipes.
    gold jewelry item

Following this strategy should help you defeat Azariel and reap the rewards.

Azariel The Sunbringer pillars of light attack
Azariel The Sunbringer pillar of light

Game Tips

In the V Rising game, you play as a Vampire in a hostile environment, where the only way to survive and pull through is to hunt powerful V Bloods and extract their blood to claim their knowledge and power as your own and rule the world. While you’re at it, consider reading our Best PvP Weapons and best base locations in V Rising guides.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Azariel, the Sunbringer boss fight location, battle strategy, and rewards in V Rising. Did you find the boss yet? Did you get a chance to beat Azariel? What was your strategy in defeating this V Blood carrier? Did you find our battle strategy useful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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