V Rising: How To Get Cotton? [Farming Methods & Usage]

Our V Rising Cotton guide entails the best cotton farming strategies, crafting Cotton Yard, and how to grow Cotton from Seeds in the game.

V Rising puts you in control of a vampire who must build a castle, equip some of the best weapons, explore the town, and get stronger. To power up, you’ll need to find powerful items like Soul Shards and craft better weapons and armor by farming the in-game resources. One such resource you’ll need to farm early in the game is Cotton. So today, we explain Cotton in V Rising and how to best farm it. 

Key Takeaways
  • You need to farm Cotton in V Rising, which is used for crafting armor pieces in the game to defend yourself.
  • In order to farm Cotton, you have to kill the V Blood Beatrice the Tailor Boss, to obtain the recipe for Cotton Yarn and Loom.
  • You can find Beatrix roaming around Dawnbreak Village.
  • Build up your own Cotton stock and start Farming.
  • For growing your own Cotton, you’ll need a clear field near your castle, a Grass floor, and Cotton seeds.
  • You can unlock the grass floor by killing Polora the Feywalker. You can also get cotton seeds by destroying the container of the cotton farm. They’ll drop the Cotton Seeds.

Importance Of Cotton In V Rising

destorying cotton crops- cotton v rising
Cotton Crops in Dunely Farmlands.

In V Rising, Cotton exists as a crop. You gather raw cotton from them and make Cotton Yarn, which is then used for crafting armor pieces. Plays within the 32-45 item level bracket need to farm cotton, as this is the point where the game starts to throw formidable enemies and bosses toward you.

Many passive damage types like Holy Radiation and Garlic Poisoning will also be introduced in this item level bracket, so you’ll need to get better armor by farming Cotton in the game to defend yourself. 

Farming Cotton In V Rising

dunely farmlands cotton farms- cotton v rising
In-game description of a Cotton Farm.

Raw Cotton is found in Cotton Farms, which are scattered throughout the Northern area of Dunely Farmlands. You can also visit the Dunely Lumber Mill to find unprocessed cotton and many other resources. Many of the Cotton Farms will be protected by Garlic Poison and we’ll explain how to deal with it in a later section.

In order to make Cotton into Cotton Yarn, you’ll need access to a Loom and the crafting recipe for Cotton Yarn, both of which are dropped by Beatrice the Tailor. We briefly detail how to beat this boss below, after which, you can better utilize your Cotton Resource in V Rising. Learn how to unlock the Rat form by killing the Putrid Rat boss.

Beatrice The Tailor Boss

blood altar beatrice boss- cotton v rising
Blood Altar menu for Beatrice the Tailor.

Beatrice doesn’t have a set spawning location, so you’ll need to track her using your Blood Altar. This boss is a unique one as she is an elderly woman. She roams around the Dawnbreak Village, and once you track her down, she will try to flee from you.

people attacking player-beatrice boss- cotton v rising
Enemies in the area will focus their attacks on you as you follow Beatrice.

Beatrice doesn’t initiate you directly in combat, instead of calling upon people nearby to defend her from the vampire. We recommend you kill her with either a Mace or a Reaper, as they provide a ranged area of attack, allowing you to inflict damage even when she’s running away from you.

Just follow her around and inflict as much damage on her as you can. She is a level 38 boss, so this game of cat and mouse will carry on for a long time. After you drink her blood, you’ll unlock the ability to shapeshift into an elderly woman and unlock the plan for building a Loom and Cotton Yarn crafting recipe in V Rising. She also has a one-in-eight chance of dropping an Unsullied Heart in V Rising.

Crafting Cotton Yarn

Once you beat Beatrice and build a Loom, you’ll be able to convert the Cotton in the game into Cotton Yarn.

Loom- craft cotton yarn- cotton v rising
Loom Menu to Craft Cotton Yarn.

One Cotton Yarn will require 20 Cotton, so be sure to build up your Cotton stocks. Once you’re set up, you can churn out Cotton Yarns with minimum effort. Cotton is also important in midgame as it is a cheap resource to farm and once you start to get servants, you can equip them with better armor, crafted from Cotton.

Growing Cotton In V Rising

grass floor-crop planting- cotton v rising
Grass Floor enables you to plant Crop Seeds.

Cotton in V Rising, and other fibers like wool, exist in the game as a crop. This presents you with the unique opportunity to grow your cotton and become self-sufficient in it. This will also enable you to trade it with merchants in the latter part of the game. In order to grow your own cotton, you’ll need a clear field near your castle, Grass Floor and Cotton Seeds.

The Grass Floor and Minor Garlic Resistance Potion recipe is unlocked by killing Polora the Feywalker, which we briefly cover below.

Polora The Feywalker

blood altar-polora boss- cotton v rising
Blood Altar menu for Polora the Feywalker.

Polora the Feywalker is a level 34 boss. You’ll need to track her from your Blood Altar.

She is a relatively easy boss. You’ll need to look out for her Energy Orb attacks as they stun you for a couple of seconds. She also calls upon several of her minions, so prioritize them as soon as they spawn.

Garlic Resistance

all player resistances-cotton v rising
Various Resistances viewable in Character Menu.

Once you kill Polora, you’ll unlock the plans for Grass Floor and the recipe for Minor Garlic Resistance Potion. This potion buffs your Garlic Resistance by 25 points for 20 minutes, enough to clear multiple farms of Cotton inV Rising.

For a permanent increase in your Garlic Resistance, you can craft Hunter’s Cloak, which adds 15 points to your Sun, Garlic, and Silver Resistance. The recipe for this is dropped by Beatrice and costs 8 Cotton Yarns to craft.

Cotton Seeds

At the time of writing this guide, information is still scarce about Cotton Seeds. The best way right now to collect Cotton Seeds is to destroy any and all containers you may find in the near vicinity of Cotton Farms and Dunely Lumber Mill, as they can randomly drop Cotton Seeds.

Bosses like Tera the Geomancer, Mairwyn the Elementalist, and Quincy the Bandit King can also drop Seeds, so you can defeat these bosses when you’re at least at item level 51. Many farms also have a hidden Scarecrow Boss, so be sure to attack any scarecrows you see in the Cotton Farms.

Once you have the seeds, you need to place them on your bar, then press the corresponding number and your Cotton Crops will be planted. Once you have enough Cotton, you can trade it with merchants for Silver Coins.


The game is currently redefining what games can offer in an Early Access stage. V Rising rose to half a million players within 3 days of its launch, thanks to its unique vampiric mechanics and lore built into this MMORPG-style survival game. MMORPGs have been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of years, but where this game shines is in its mechanics. 

This concludes our all-inclusive guide on Cotton in V Rising. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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