V Rising Highland Lotus: Planting & Farming Guide

Our guide on Highland Lotus V Rising entails the best ways to get Highland Lotus and the steps to plant and harvest it.

V Rising is a vampire RPG video game that enables its players to build castles, get weapons and armors, and craft various items, including Glass, Scourgestone, Ghost Yarn, and Paper. Similarly, Highland Lotus in V Rising is an end-game resource that players need to craft Silk. In our guide, we have covered the best ways to get the Highland Lotus, farm it, and the best locations to find it.

However, once you progress in the game to the later parts, you will need the Highland Lotus to farm Silk, which helps to upgrade sets of armors.

Key Highlights
  • Highland Lotus in V Rising is an endgame essential for the players to craft Silk. All the resources in the game are present in different locations.
  • You can find Highland Lotus around the Silverlight Hills. You can also Buy them with your Silver coins and by roaming around the streets of the Silverlight Hills.
  • For Planting Highland Lotus need to purchase the seeds, set up the resource farm, unlock the recipes by beating level 34 V Blood Polora the Feywalker and the seeds will be harvested in a couple of days.
  • Farming Highland Lotus will require you to explore the Northern and Southern Happy Nest. They have the Highland Lotus that you can harvest.

In the game, you can find resources at different locations but creating your own resources is the best way to progress. Thus, our guide entails everything you need to know to get Highland Lotus. 

Best Ways To Get Highland Lotus

How to Get Highland Lotus
Best Ways to Get Highland Lotus

Resources in V Rising are located at different locations, so you can either get them by looking around these areas or creating them yourself. Players can get Highland Lotus in different ways; some of the best ways to get it are mentioned below.

Finding Around Silverlight Hills Regions

Obtaining Highland Lotus in V Rising is not an easy task; the resource is so difficult to find around Silverlight Hills Region. This is one of the possible locations to get Highland Lotus, like all other potential locations to get Highland Lotus are guarded by Harpies. As these are high-level Harpies, so they can deal with magic-based attacks and powerful Melee in some cases. 

Buying With Silver Coins

If you are one of those players who are looking for ways to avoid combat attacks, then buying Highland Lotus with Silver Coins is the best option for you. You should start stacking up the Silver Coins, as Highland Lotus can be bought for a Hefty penny. 

Roaming The Streets

One way to find Highland Lotus is to roam around the streets of the Silverlight Hills Region. It is not a reliable way, as there is only a chance to find the desired resource. You might come across resources you do not need right now. 

It would be best if you destroyed every crate or barrel that you find in your way, and you will find various resources doing this. Moreover, you can stack up a variety of resources during the process, including Highland Lotus, Whetstone, Silver Ingots, and Iron Ore

How To Buy And Plant Highland Lotus

How to Buy Highland Lotus
Buying and Planting Highland Lotus Seeds

Buying and Planting Highland Lotus seeds in V Rising are not that difficult. It requires you to follow a few steps mentioned below in the guide. You will start by purchasing the seeds, setting up the resource farm, unlocking the recipe, and then end it by harvesting. 

Purchasing The Seeds

Purchasing the seeds will require players to go to the Brighthaven slums in the Silverlight Hills. They will visit Ottar the Merchant here to buy the Highland Lotus Seeds. Buying these seeds is not that cheap, as each seed will require 200 Silver Coins. 

Collecting Silver Coins is one of the challenging tasks in the game. There is no limit to buying the number of Highland Lotus seeds, but you need to collect enough Silver Coins before visiting Ottar the Merchant. 

Set Up Resource Farm

The next step after purchasing the seeds is setting up the resource farm. There are a few requirements you need to fulfill before setting up the farm. You need to have the following things to set up a resource farm.

  • Some plant seeds
  • A garden area

Make sure to have the garden area within your castle.

Unlocking The Recipe

You will place the seeds on the action bar to plant them. Press the key assigned to the specific slot to plant seeds. These seeds can be placed either on the normal dirt/grass or in the Garden area. 

One important thing to note here is that these Garden floors will not unlock automatically. The requirement is to beat a 34 level V Blood, Polora the Feywalker. It will result in unlocking the recipe.


After planting the seeds, you will wait for a couple of in-game days. The seeds will grow in the fully grown plants, and then these plants will have flowers. This will be a sign that plants are ready to be harvested. 

How To Farm Highland Lotus

Farming Highland Lotus
How to Farm Highland Lotus

Farming Highland Lotus involves exploring the two Harpy Nests locations. One is the Northern Harpy Nest, and the other one is the Southern Harpy Nest. The name Harpy Nest itself shows that the location is filled with Harpies. Most of them are high-level Harpies such as level 60 Harpies, Harpy Sorceress and Scratcher. 

Considering that you will encounter this situation in the later parts of the game means that the enemy you will encounter will be stronger than before. Moreover, it is recommended to use nothing else than iron weapons to face these enemies. You should wear a Merciless Hollow Fang Vestment to protect yourself. 

All these precautions are to make sure you have enough DPS against Harpies that are there in large numbers. Finally, the last thing to make sure of is to have plenty of Velmin Salve and Rats to heal quickly and stay alive in the process. 

Northern Harpy Nest

The Northern Harpy Nest has eight Highland Lotus plants that you can harvest. The Harpy Nest is safer as it is more spaced out. As a result, it is difficult to draw the attention of Harpies in this spaced-out region. 

Southern Harpy Nest

The Southern Harpy Nest is much similar to the Northern Harpy Nest, except for the fact that it only has seven Highland Lotus plants that you can harvest in V Rising. Additionally, if you are careless, you may stumble upon the V Blood, Morian the Stormwing Matriarch. The V Blood resides on the top of the nest, so you need to take care of it. 

All the resources in V Rising are important for various purposes. Similarly, Highland Lotus is essential for farming Silk. If you follow the steps mentioned in the guide, you will be able to get Highland Lotus easily. 

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