V Rising Garlic: How To Get Resistance & Remove Debuff

Our V Rising Garlic guide entails everything you need to know about garlic debuff in the game and how to negate its effects as well.

What is Garlic Debuff in V Rising

V Rising Garlic
v rising garlic status effect

Garlic Debuff in V Rising affects a Vampire whenever the Vampire gets in contact with it. The more you get exposed to Garlic, the more Debuffed you get, making your character weaker. If the stacks reach the highest, which is 100, then you will take 100% more damage than the standard hit. This debuff seriously puts you in harm’s way, and you can be killed in a few quick blows.

Key Highlights
  • The Garlic in V Rising makes the Vampire more vulnerable to damage whenever they get in contact with it. The more you get exposed to Garlic, the more you’ll get Debuff.
  • The fastest way to remove debuff in V Rising is to increase your Garlic Resistance.
  • You can obtain more increased Garlic Resistance in Bear form. You can get the bear form by defeating Ferocious Bear in Farbane Woods.
  • If you want to achieve at least 90 Garlic Resistance, then you must wear a clock and drink garlic potion before changing into Bear form. The garlic potion will give you a massive boost against the garlic debuff.

The Garlic Debuff strongly weakens your Resistance Points, and the higher Garlic Debuff stacks applied to you, the greater the effects of the debuff, making you prone to attacks. The garlic debuff builds up to 100 times, and each number increases your damage absorbed by 1%, and the debuff lowers your damage output also by 0.5 percent.

Garlic exposure makes you weaker and makes you more vulnerable to damage. When not exposed, the impact fades with time. Also, it makes you stink, increasing the range at which foes may detect you. So, not only do you take an increased or multiplied damage, but you are easy to be spotted by humanoid enemies, dogs, and wolves as well. This not only makes combat hard but also stealth a challenging task as well.  

How To Remove Garlic Debuff in V Rising

Currently, there is no instant way to get rid of garlic debuffs with V-Rising, but there are some things or steps through which you can get rid of garlic debuff faster. The only way to get rid of Garlic debuff faster is by increasing your garlic resistance; the higher your garlic resistance is, the quicker its debuff will go away.

Bear Form

bear form for extra resistance
v rising garlic resistance bear form

With no garlic resistance, Garlic debuffs tick down by one stack every 20 seconds while in normal vampire form. While you are in the bear form, the garlic debuff ticks down by two stacks per 20 seconds. You can top it off if you drink ‘Minor Garlic Resistance Brew’ and then take the form of a bear.

Doing so will tick down the garlic debuff in V Rising by three stacks every 20 seconds, which is a significant improvement in the early game. It is because the Bear Form is a vampire power that increases all resistance by 25 and regenerates health at a significantly quicker rate.

Running around the fields of Dunley Farmlands in bear form can be very beneficial as you get increased resistance towards garlic while in this form. In order to obtain the Bear form, you will need to defeat Ferocious Bear, which is located at the far east end of Farbane Woods.  

Minor Garlic Brew And Garlic Resistance Potion

garlic brew to get rid of debuff
v rising minor garlic brew

As mentioned above, Minor Garlic Resistance Brew gives you little resistance to the garlic debuff. To get this crafting recipe, you will need to defeat Polora the Feywalker. Once you do that, you will unlock the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew that boosts Garlic Resistance by 25 points or percentage for 1200 seconds.

Next, the quickest way is to drink one of the full resistance garlic potions, and that is going to give a massive boost against the garlic status effect. This is by far the easiest method to increase your resistance to garlic. However, to craft garlic potions, you will need to have certain items first.  

V Rising Garlic
v rising garlic potion

Garlic Resistance Potion, on the other hand, is obtained after defeating Clive the Firestarter in the Farbane Woods. Consuming the Garlic Resistance potion on the go allows you to increase the Garlic Resistance by 30 points or percentage for the next 1200 seconds.

Equip Garlic Resistance Items

Additionally, here is the list of potions, armor pieces, and other useful and rate items that will grant you nearly +15 Garlic resistance. Having these resistance items equipped will not only slow down the garlic debuff buildup, but it will also allow you to lose garlic debuff stacks really fast. 

  • Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak: 
  • Ashfolk Wildfire Cloak
  • Beatrice’s Scarf
  • Cardinal’s Cloak
  • Crimson Ward
  • Garlic Resistance Potion
  • Hermit’s Shawl
  • Hunter’s Cloak
  • Immortal King’s Cloak
  • Immortal King’s Mantle
  • Manna Shawl
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
  • Phantom’s Veil
  • Purple Feathered Cape
  • Razer Serpent Cloak
  • Razer Serpent Mantle
  • Royal Mantle of Ashfolk Kings
  • Royal Veil of the Jester
  • The tail of the Archfiend
  • Thousand-Stich Cloak
  • Toki Feathered Cape
  • War-Torn Wine Cloak


Similar to other debuff or elements, your vampire character is weak against them; Garlic debuff is the real threat as it builds up to an alarming level and takes a considerable time before it wears off. Even if you die and are reborn, the garlic debuff is still applied to you. This is at least the case in the current version of the game, and it can change in the future because if your character dies, then all status effects must be removed.  

That is why if you want to achieve at least 90 Garlic Resistance, then you must wear the cloak and drink Garlic potions before turning your vampire character into Bear Form. Of course, you’ll regain any lost health during this time, but being passive, ideally in your castle, will assist you in escaping from being assaulted.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about V Rising garlic resistance debuff. How do you cope with this debuff in the game? Which item that we have listed is your favorite? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. Before you go, make sure to go through our V Rising Wiki guide.


Being a Vampire, you are weak towards some elements such as sun, silver, holy damage, and last but not least, garlic, which is one of your biggest enemies. While having played the game as a Vampire, you will realize how painful Garlic debuff can be, how quickly it stacks, and how challenging it is to get rid of it and not take significant damage. That is why we have curated this guide that will help you learn everything about the garlic debuff in V Rising and how to remove it faster. Also, consider reading our V Rising Best Armors guide.

V Rising is a Multiplayer Vampire themed survival game in which the player needs to gather resources, defeat enemies and build a castle and an army of the best servants. Of course, the whole plot of the game is to shun weakness and become the ultimate vampire, and that is why you must know the ways to overcome the garlic debuff. While you’re at it, consider reading the best ultimate abilities and best vampire powers in V Rising guides.

Usually, throughout your excursions, you will come across small places in Dunley Farmlands that use garlic to shun out vampires from entering their little villages, cotton farms, and other important places.

However, if you do not ignore these places and still enter, then you’ll get an in-game notification to the right side of your blood pool, entailing that you’ve been exposed to the Garlic debuff status effect. Before reading further, why not take a quick look at V Rising bosses and the best weapons in V Rising guides.

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