V Rising Athenaeum: How To Unlock & Craft

Our Guide entails the location of the Athenaeum in V Rising and the different crafting options available in the game to get Athenaeum.

Athenaeum is a research workstation in V Rising and is a very good station at that. It is a high-tier research workstation that offers many recipes for overpowered items. Recipes for Bloodmoon armor and Sanguine weapons are some of the few high-level stuff it offers. 

Key Takeaways
  • Athenaeum in V Rising unlocks recipes, mainly for Bloodmoon armor and Sanguine weapons.
  • Defeat the level 60 boss Raziel, the Shepherd, to access Athenaeum blueprints.
  • Construct Athenaeum with 40x Scrolls, 12x Scourgestones, and 8x Reinforced Planks after defeating Raziel.
  • Athenaeum crafts and unlocks various items, enhancing crafting speed.

How To Farm Schematics

Following are the methods of obtaining schematics in V Rising;

  • Search containers
  • Farm enemy mobs
  • Craft schematics

Crafting schematics in V Rising requires the use of a Paper Press. Paper Press can be unlocked through study, and our guide details its crafting. Paper for Paper Press can be easily looted from bandit camps scattered in Farbane Woods.

How To Unlock Athenaeum in V Rising

V rising athenaeum
In-Game Image of Athenaeum

Players must beat an in-game boss to unlock the Athenaeum blueprint and some items to build it. The boss in question is Raziel the Shepherd, a level 60 boss who is quite tough. Raziel is located in the Dunley Monastery of the Dunley Farmlands. This boss can deal a large amount of Holy damage. Craft Holy Resistance Potion before fighting him to tank his attacks.

Beating Raziel The Shepherd

V rising athenaeum
Raziel the Shepherd Boss Room

The boss room of Raziel can become a bit of a problem as it contains many obstacles and fodder enemies. Players are advised to defeat these enemies and destroy the obstacles before fighting Raziel. Otherwise, it will become hectic to dodge many of Raziel’s AOE attacks.

Use as many long-range abilities to deal damage because close-up combat almost always results in death. Use Power Surge to counter his HP-draining move. After you’ve defeated Raziel, he will drop blueprints for Athenaeum in V Rising.

Building Athenaeum 

Athenaeum isn’t a direct reward for defeating Raziel. Instead, you get blueprints from it. The following items are required to construct the Athenaeum from its blueprints;

  • 40 x Scrolls 
  • 12 x Scourgestones 
  • 8 x Reinforced Planks 

You should check out our detailed guide on farming and crafting Scourgestones. Scrolls are easily obtainable in the overworld or can also be crafted. Planks are also easy to come by in V Risingbut you can still get more from Saw Mill. Now that you have acquired all crafting materials build your Athenaeum. Get ready to obtain some of the best crafting recipes available in V Rising from this research bench.

Structure Recipes Of Athenaeum In V Rising

V Rising allows you to build your very own castle. This can be done both on a private or a public server. However, finding enough space on a public server can become quite tedious. Building castles requires you to build basic structures. Recipes for such structures come from research stations.

Athenaeum unlocks recipes for the following structures;

  • Jeweler Chamber Room
  • Jeweler Chamber Flooring
V rising athenaeum
In-Game Area of Jewelers Chamber Room

It will take less time to craft stuff whenever you do it inside the Jeweler Chamber Room. This room will give you the bonus of crafting at faster speeds. The jeweler chamber also gives bonus buffs to the gem-cutting table and Jewel Crafting Table. Chamber flooring is required to build the Jeweler Room completely.

Armor Recipes of Athenaeum

Armour is an important part of gameplay in V Rising. Not only does it increase your defense, but it also boosts your stats and gives you buffs. Armor is categorized into 8 gear levels; the higher, the better. Athenaeum provides us with the best and most powerful armor recipe. Following Armor recipes are unlocked by obtaining Athenaeum;

  • Bloodmoon Chestguard
  • Leggings of Bloodmoon
  • Bloodmoon Gloves
  • Boots of Bloodmoon
armor in v rising
Bloodmoon Armour in V Rising

The Bloodmoon armor is a gear Level 8 armor and is perfect for the endgame. If you wear 2 pieces of this armor, then it will increase your movement speed by 6%. If you wear all 4 pieces, then it will also boost your attack speed by 6%. The following items are needed to craft any one part of Bloodmoon Armor;

  • 1 Dawnthorn Gloves
  • 12 Imperial Thread
  • 8 Silk
  • 1 Primal Blood Essence

Weapon Recipes of Athenaeum

V Rising contains a variety of weapon types. It includes swords, axes, maces, spears, crossbows, reapers, and slashers. Every weapon type has a different buff attached to it. Swords and Slashers boost physical damage to vegetation by 25%.

Axes boost physical damage to Wood by 25%. Maces boost physical damage to minerals by 25%. Spears boost physical damage to creatures by 25%. Reapers boost physical damage to the undead by 25%. 

Athenaeum once again provides us with the recipes for the best weapons in each class type. The following weapon recipes are unlocked from Athenaeum in V Rising;

  • Sanguine Sword
  • Sanguine Crossbow
  • Sanguine Reaper
  • Sanguine Slicers
  • Sanguine Axe
  • Sanguine Mace
  • Sanguine Spear
weapons in v rising
Every Class of Sanguine Weapons

The following items are needed to craft any one type of Sanguine Weapon;

  • 1 Dark Silver Axe
  • 4 Flawless Saphire, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Miststone, or Amethyst, depending upon your weapon type
  • 4 Primal Blood Essence
  • 12 Pristine Leather

Magical Item Recipes

Athenaeum provides us with the best magic items that boost our magic stats and the power of our spells. Recipes for the following magical items are obtained from Athenaeum;

  • Nightstone of the Beast
  • Jewel of the Wicked Prophet
  • Shard of the Frozen Crypt

Nightstone of the Beast boosts our magic level and damage of spells. Jewel of the Wicked Prophet is one of the best jewelry items in V Rising. It increases movement speed by 5%, weapon attack speed by 10%, and spell power by 27.9%. The following items are needed to craft the magical items mentioned above;

  • 4 Flawless Amethyst, Saphire, or Ruby, depending upon the magical item you craft
  • 8 Gold Ingot
  • 1 Corrupted Artefact

Consumable Recipes

Consumables are items in V Rising that either recover your health, boost your damage, or just give a general buff upon use.

The following consumable recipes are accessed through Athenaeum:

  • Witch Potion
  • Potion of Rage

 Witch Potion boosts the power of our spells by 8 for 20 minutes. That is a huge boost for sorcerers in V Rising. On the contrary, Potion of Rage boosts our physical strength by 8 for 20 minutes, which is viable for a physical build.

V rising potion crafting
Alchemy Table in V rising to Craft Potions

Once you’ve obtained their recipes from the Athenaeum, these potions can be crafted at the alchemy table. Fierce Stinger Fish is needed to craft Potion of Rage, and Swamp Dweller Fish is required to craft Witch Potion.

Before you proceed further, try checking out our guides on Best Servants and Best Base Locations in V Rising.

V Rising gets regular updates too and new content is always being added. This concludes our guide on Athenaeum in V Rising. We hope it helped you to take advantage of Athenaeum and you were able to craft the strongest items in V Rising.

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