V Rising Scourgestone: Farming & Crafting Method

Looking for ways to obtain Scourgestone quickly, follow this V Rising Scourgestone Farm Guide to help you get your hands on it easily.

What is Scourgestone

Scourgestone is a material that you can find in the game through killing and looting enemies. It is used in recipes for a wide variety of objects. Using a Scourgestone, you can craft magical items, consumables, and some of the best weapons in V Rising. These weapons can be useful for increasing your Gear progression and also improving your character overall.

Key Highlights
  • Scourgestone in V Rising is used in the recipe of various items in order to craft different weapons, magical items, and consumables.
  • You can farm Scourgestone in different locations, which include Ancient Village in the Land of Cursed Forest, Haunted Iron mine, and Church of damned in Dunley Farmlands and Golden chests.
  • The players can obtain the recipe of Scourgestone by defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess, and craft it in the furnace.
  • After obtaining the Golden chest, you can craft different materials through the recipes.

Best Locations To Farm Scourgestone

V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm

There are many locations where you can find or loot a Scourgestone in the game. In some places, you have to kill mobs. And in other places, you can find it in the chests. Here are examples of some places where you can find Scourgestone. 

  1. The best locations for V Rising Scourgestone Farm are in the ancient villages in the land of Cursed Forest. The easiest way is to explore houses in that area. The chests that are hidden there and containers that are scattered have a high chance of dropping Scourgestone. The mobs at the ancient village also have a chance of dropping the scourgestone after eliminating them.
  2. Located in the Dunley Farmlands, is a place called Haunted Iron Mine. At the bottom, you can find mobs with the name Skeleton Commander. Eliminating that monster has a high chance of Scourgestone drop.
  3. Also located in the Dunley Farmlands, the Chruch of the Damned, is also a place where you can find Skeleton Commanders who have a high chance to drop a Scourgestone.
  4. Golden chests have higher chances of having Scourgestone in the loot.
V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm

Alternate Ways To Obtain Scourgestone

Abandoned Farms all around the map have scarecrows in them. At times when you hit a scarecrow, they actually turn out to be disguised monsters.

These scarecrows that are monsters have a small chance of dropping Scourgestone. They can drop 1, 2, or none at all, but they are easy to kill off, making them a less risky source of farming. It is always worth eliminating them whenever you spot an abandoned farm.

You can also have your servant go and farm Scourgestone for you. You can do so after leveling up your servants and sending them to farm in areas where it can be found. This method is easy and effortless but you can not obtain Scourgestone in a lot of quantity this way.

However, these servants can also farm more items along with the Scourgestone that can be used to craft it later on. While you’re at it, why not go through our Pristine Hide guide.

Scourgestone can be found, looted, and gathered through servants. But, as we touched on it earlier, it can also be crafted as well. The recipe to craft scourgestone can be obtained later in the game by completing a quest. “Leandra the Shadow Priestess” possesses the recipe for it and once you defeat her you can craft Scourgestone.

V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm

Crafting the Scourgestone

In the game, V Rising, you can craft materials through recipes that you can obtain after clearing quests. Once you have obtained the recipe for Scourgestone, you can craft it in the furnace. Items required to craft it are given below:

  1. Whetstone x1
  2. Glass x3
  3. Grave Dust x3

Obtaining Whetstone For Crafting Scourgestone

The recipe for crafting whetstone can be obtained after defeating Grayson the Armourer. The items required to craft a whetstone are 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust.

You can mine for these resources fairly easily, in fact, Copper is an initial resource you need to advance in the game.

You can obtain it by finding copper veins that look like stone pillars but with a more golden hue than the gray bland color of the stone.

Acquiring Quartz For Crafting Scourgestone

The recipe for crafting Glass in the furnace can be obtained after defeating Christina the Sun Priestess. You would need 15 Quartz in order to craft 1 glass in the furnace. Quartz can be mined at a lot of places such as Dunley Monastery.

There you can also have a chance of finding Glass itself instead of materials to craft it from. And also at the Dawnbreak Village, which has a guaranteed chance of spawning a good amount of Quartz.

Getting Grave Dust To Craft Scourgestone

The Grave Dust can be obtained through various methods. For example, they can be farmed by defeating any undead enemies throughout the game map. It can also be found in containers and chests in cemeteries and graveyards anywhere on the whole map of V Rising.

One more way to farm Grave Dust is by building Tombs in the game. You can build Tombs after defeating Goreswine the Ravager. The way they work is that they spawn mobs according to the items you put into them.

After putting 12 Mourning Lilies, Tombs can spawn Ghouls. These Ghouls have a chance to drop Grave Dust when they are eliminated.

One more method to obtain it is to put bones in the grinder. This method requires you to use 100 Bones in a grinder to obtain 1 Grave Dust. This is not the most suitable method for obtaining this resource, and as such is not recommended.


V Rising has multiplayer support, so you can play with other players online. Starting the game V Rising, you get to customize the characteristics of your character and make it as unique as you prefer.

This is pretty basic for most games in the RPG genre these days. Being a vampire in an unfamiliar forest, you have to avoid the sunlight as much as you can and be careful of your blood supply. Also, consider reading our Blood Essense guide before you leave.

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