V Rising: How To Get Scourgestone [Farming & Crafting]

Looking for ways to obtain Scourgestone quickly, follow this V Rising Scourgestone Farm Guide to help you get your hands on it easily.

Scourgestone is a material that you can find in V Rising through killing and looting enemies. It is used in recipes for a wide variety of objects. Using a Scourgestone, you can craft magical items, consumables, and some of the best weapons in V Rising. These weapons can be useful for increasing your Gear progression and also improving your character overall.
Key Takeaways
  • Scourgestone in V Rising is crucial for crafting weapons, magical items, and consumables.
  • Obtainable from various locations: Ancient Village in Land of Cursed Forest, Haunted Iron Mine, Church of Damned in Dunley Farmlands, and Golden Chests.
  • Recipe for Scourgestone acquired by defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess, then crafted in the furnace.
  • Golden Chest unlocks various materials and recipes for crafting.

Best Locations To Farm Scourgestone 

V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm

There are many locations where you can find or loot a Scourgestone in the game. In some places, you have to kill mobs. And in other places, you can find it in the chests. Here are examples of some places where you can find Scourgestone. 

  1. Ancient villages in the Cursed Forest: Explore houses and search chests and containers for a high chance of finding Scourgestone. Mobs in this area also drop Scourgestone when defeated.
  2. Haunted Iron Mine in Dunley Farmlands: Eliminate Skeleton Commanders at the bottom of the mine for a high chance of obtaining Scourgestone drops.
  3. Church of the Damned in Dunley Farmlands: Similar to the Haunted Iron Mine, defeat Skeleton Commanders in this location for a chance to acquire Scourgestone.
  4. Golden chests: These chests have a higher likelihood of containing Scourgestone among their loot.
V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm

Alternate Ways To Obtain Scourgestone

Step By Step Guide to Getting Scourgestone:

  1. Defeating Scarecrow Monsters: Hit scarecrows found in abandoned farms across the map. Some of these scarecrows are actually disguised monsters that have a chance to drop Scourgestone when defeated.
  2. Send Servants to Farm: Level up your servants and send them to farm in areas where Scourgestone can be found. While this method is easy, it yields a limited quantity of Scourgestone.
  3. Crafting: Obtain the recipe for crafting Scourgestone by completing a quest for “Leandra the Shadow Priestess.” Once obtained, craft Scourgestone in the furnace using the following materials:
  4. Obtaining Whetstone: Obtain the recipe for crafting Whetstone by defeating Grayson the Armourer. Craft Whetstone using 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust.
  5. Obtaining Glass: Obtain the recipe for crafting Glass by defeating Christina the Sun Priestess. Craft Glass in the furnace using 15 Quartz. Quartz can be mined at locations such as Dunley Monastery and Dawnbreak Village.
  6. Obtaining Grave Dust: Farm Grave Dust by defeating undead enemies, looting containers and chests in cemeteries and graveyards, or building Tombs after defeating Goreswine the Ravager. Tombs can spawn Ghouls that drop Grave Dust. Additionally, grind 100 Bones in a grinder to obtain 1 Grave Dust, although this method is less efficient.
V Rising Scourgestone Farm
V Rising Scourgestone Farm


V Rising has multiplayer support, so you can play with other players online. Starting the game V Rising, you get to customize the characteristics of your character and make it as unique as you prefer.

This is pretty basic for most games in the RPG genre these days. Being a vampire in an unfamiliar forest, you have to avoid the sunlight as much as you can and be careful of your blood supply. Also, consider reading our Blood Essense guide before you leave.

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