V Rising Cloaks: How To Get, Purpose & Types

This V Rising Cloaks guide will showcase the role of cloaks while also providing a few cloaks used to guard in combat!

V Rising has a sparing collection of cloaks that players can collect and use in battle. With the other armor pieces provided for the players, they can take control of enemies in war and decimate them. Like these armor pieces, players can also get their hands on V Rising Cloaks and become even stronger in combat. 

Key Highlights
  • Cloaks in V Rising are used to boost players’ performance in combat and help them defeat the enemies. They offer high attack buffs to the player.
  • There are 9 types of Cloaks cap in V Rising. Each of them has different features and abilities.
  • You can get Cloaks in V Rising by purchasing DLC packs that contain armor sets, cool-looking skins and a few cloaks.
  • The player can also obtain Cloaks through Tailoring Bench and Farming.
  • You can also craft the Cloaks and eliminate the enemies with the provided buffs.

Our guide will uncover the main purpose of cloaks, where players can get them from, and a few select cloaks that are worth it to invest in! 

Purpose of Cloaks

Cloaks in V Rising provide a certain amount of stats, which can boost players’ performance in combat and help them take control over enemies. These cloaks can offer defensive buffs and offensive buffs, which can allow players to unleash attacks at enemies and continuously unleash high damage output. 

Certain cloaks can offer high attack buffs, while others can provide HP increases, alongside staying alive for long periods. 

The defense buffs allow players to tank heavier hits from enemies, which will make enemies fear players even more due to the high tank abilities of V Rising players

How To Get Cloaks in V Rising 

There are a few select ways that players can get Cloaks, and they are pretty easy to retrieve once these methods are followed: 

  • One of the first ways to get your hands on cloaks is to purchase a DLC pack. Recently, V Rising came out with DLC packs that contain several armor sets, cool-looking skins, and changes in the appearance of a few cloaks. The cloaks that usually exist in the game are converted to capes that are way more aesthetically pleasing. By paying for these DLCs, players not only support the developers but can also access the cloaks. 
  • Another way to get cloaks in your arsenal is through mining and farming. This is usually done by letting a few servants protect your castle while the V Rising player goes out into the open-world map. While heading through the Haunted Iron Mine, players can try to fight enemies and come across a chest known as the “Golden Chest,” which will contain several resources and chances that it will also have the cloak that the players are looking for. 
  • A solid way to acquire V Rising Cloaks is through the Tailoring Bench. After reaching a certain level in the game, players will be able to use a tailoring bench, which grants them the ability to craft important enhancement materials, resources, and weapons.
  • Alongside these resources, you guessed it; players can also craft their precious cloaks and decimate enemies with the buffs provided. Each cloak will have a different recipe that we will uncover later! To fast-farm leather for your cloaks, you might want to read up on our V Rising Leather farming guide!

All Cloaks In V Rising 

When players try to use cloaks in V Rising, there is detailed information about 9 or 10 capes. In contrast, others are only mentioned by their names simply because they do not have any detailed information released yet about them! 

Immortal King’s Mantle 

V Rising Immortal King's Mantle
Immortal King’s Mantle

The first cape that we would like to mention is one of the DLC Cloaks, which has a red outlook; therefore, it looks breathtaking on the player when paired with red armor. 

As for the buffs that it provides, starting things off, it provides the player with 24 extra health, which can extend their HP bar and offer them an easier way to stay alive when they are in the arena busy obliterating enemies. 

Another important stat that the Immortal King’s Mantle will provide for the player is an enhancement to the Sun Resistance rating by 15, which means that players will be safe from the sun element for longer periods.

As players already know or might not know, V Rising players are susceptible to being ruined by the elements. Therefore any kind of resistance can prove important. 

Another significant increase that the cape will provide to the player will be 15 extra Garlic resistance. If you don’t know, garlic poisoning is also something that exists, and players need to be careful not to get poisoned. Increased garlic resistance is vital for the player’s survival to stay protected. 

An enhancement by 15 to the player’s overall Silver resistance rating also means that they can survive most of the poisoning they would otherwise be vulnerable to by silver. With increased silver resistance, it makes the player all the stronger and can stay alive in combat and harsher environments. 

As for fire attacks and fire elements in the natural environment, fire resistance is also important. Lucky for the V Rising players, they can get 15 extra fire resistance, which allows them to crush their enemies while staying unaffected by the fire attacks themselves. 

Last but not least, players in V Rising will also get 15 more Holy Resistance which means that they will be able to stay safe from Holy damage output aimed at them by the enemy. 

How To Get Immortal King’s Mantle

Perhaps the easiest way to get this cape is to simply head over to the store that is available in-game and simply purchase the DLC pack, which will offer this particular piece of armor to the player without needing to put in any extra effort. It can not be crafted, nor can it be farmed. Therefore the DLC pack is the player’s only option. 

Phantom’s Veil 

V Rising Phantom's Veil
Phantom’s Veil

For V Rising players wondering how exactly the Phantom’s Veil works, they will be surprised to know that the veil itself is one of the Non-DLC V Rising Cloaks veils with the same stats as the Immortal King’s Mantle. These stats include: 

  • Max health increased by 24
  • Sun resistance enhancement by 15
  • Silver resistance enhancement by 15
  • Garlic resistance increased by 15
  • Fire resistance gets buffed by 15
  • Holy resistance gets boosted by 15. 

How To Get Phantom’s Veil 

Compared to its Immortal King’s Mantle counterpart, the Phantom’s Veil can easily be crafted as many times as the player desires. And while the crafting process isn’t really easy, once the player gains access to the recipe, the next steps follow through. 

To get the recipe to craft the veil, V Rising players will need to head over to the Cursed Forest area. Players will be able to head a little deeper in and encounter the Foulrot The Soultaker, a boss at level 62 and is a part of the six main bosses that players will come by in the same area. 

The boss itself will have Mist Trance powers, and after defeating it, players will get the Recipes for the Spectral Dust, Banshee, and of course, the Phantom’s Veil. to craft it, the players will also need 4 Ghost Yarn and 4 Spectral Dust. With that being out of the way, let’s move on to our next DLC veil!

In order to actually use these drapes against enemies, they need to be paired with some solid builds, which is why our V Rising Best builds can guide you!

Immortal King’s Drape 

V Rising Immortal King's Drape
Immortal King’s Drape

Subsequently, the next V Rising Cloaks on our list include both the Immortal King’s Drape, the DLC pack cape, and the Traveler’s Wrap, which is its non-DLC copy.

Both of them are identical, with the only difference being that the Traveler’s Wrap is a lit bit more dull-looking than the other. 

After getting your hands on the Immortal King’s Drape, players will understand that the cloak itself isn’t all that special and will be typically used in early-mid games; however, it will not provide a lot of buffs for the late-game players. However, it does not mean that it is completely useless. 

The first buff that the cape itself will provide for the V Rising players is that it will increase the overall HP of players by 12, which may not seem like a lot.

However, when players are busy taking out enemies in the arena and continuously facing tougher bosses, whether they are single-target or crowd-control, they are also susceptible to enemy attacks. 

This can severely deplete the player’s HP, and it is crucial to stay protected and alive at all times. Therefore the extra HP can be important when the player is on life support. 

Another enhancement to the player’s overall stat provided by the V Rising cape is a +15 increase to the Sun Resistance. As we mentioned before, elemental damage can be harsh to the player and can cause them to get not only poisoning but, over time, it can cause their Health Points to be depleted, which ultimately means that players meet their demise. 

To prevent that, the 15 Resistance increase can prove vital for survival, especially when players are out and about trying to farm to progress through the game. Read our Dark Silver Ingots in V Rising guide and learn effective ways to farm and collect this resource in the game.

How To Get Immortal King’s Drape 

To attain the Immortal King’s Drape, V Rising Players will need to acquire the crafting recipe by purchasing the DLC pack provided and released by V Rising themselves recently. From the pack, players will attain the recipe and require 5 Cloth and 5 Leather to craft the drape. 

Traveler’s Wrap 

V Rising Traveller's Wrap
Traveller’s Wrap

The free version of the Immortal King’s Drape is the Traveler’s Wrap, which players can consider as sort of an early game V Rising Cloaks since it will essentially provide enough protection whereby players will be able to carry forth unto the mid-game. The stats for this one are the same, with them being: 

  • +12 Max HP
  • +15 Sun Resistance. 

How To Get Traveler’s Wrap 

As for searching for the cloak in the game, players will be able to encounter it when they venture into the main Farbane Woods area, which is quite far away from the main base where the player will be residing in. After traveling for a while, players will be able to enter the Woods area and come across a boss named Keely The Frost Archer. 

The boss itself is not difficult since it is only level 20. Therefore, it is quite easy to defeat, and its main power includes him having Frost Bat. After defeating the boss, players will gain access to an Empty Canteen, some Leather alongside the Traveler’s Wrap. 

Now that you have got the recipe use 5 Cloth and 5 Leather to craft it using a worktable and a crafting bench, and you have the wrap with you! Ghost Yarn is used in many important crafting projects in the game, so why not check out our V Rising Ghost Yarn guide and learn how to farm and craft it.

Hunter’s Cloak 

V Rising Hunter's Cloak
Hunter’s Cloak

V Rising players will be able to come across yet another excellent cloak in V Rising, which will essentially provide the player with 18 extra health, which will help the player simply survive in combat. 

With that, players will also experience Sun Resistance, Garlic Resistance, and Silver Resistance, all of which will be enhanced and buffed up by 15, which essentially means that the player will be more protected from these poisons. 

If a player for some reason does manage to get poisoned by garlic, not only can get it to be lethal for their HP, but it can also lead to their death, which is something you do not want to do in the game. 

For that reason alone, Hunter’s Cloak is truly one of a kind, with it being able to carry the player through id-game as well since the stats are pretty solid.

There are a select few abilities that can make the player overpowered in battle, and they are all listed in our V Rising best abilities guide!

How To Get Hunter’s Cloak 

While it is not that difficult to search and attain Hunter’s Cloak, players can come across it when they travel through the open areas until they come face to face with the Dawnbreak Village, which is further located in the Dunley Farmlands. Upon going in, turn left, and enter the first house you can encounter, where a mini-boss by the name of Beatrice the Tailor will be located. 

She is quite easy to overcome, and with a few hits of your weapon, you can easily take her out. She is level 38, and she will have a human form, which means she can also attack you.

She will hand over some Cotton Yarn, Cloth, and the infamous Hunter’s Cloak upon defeating her. 

After getting the recipe, players will require 6 Cotton Yarn to craft these V Rising Cloaks which can be converted from the cotton yarn that Beatrice will give you. 

Immortal King’s Cloak 

V Rising Immortal King's Cloak
Immortal King’s Cloak

As for the DLC counterpart of Hunter’s Cloak, travelers in V Rising can get the cooler version of the cloak, which will have the same stats as the Hunter cape. However, the only difference is its overall appearance and how it can change the player’s overall outlook. 

The cape itself functions the same and can also carry the player through the mid-game and even end-game content: 

  • +15 Silver Resistance 
  • +15 Garlic Resistance 
  • +15 Sun Resistance 
  • +18 Max HP.

The only way to get the cloak itself is to go to the in-game store and pay up to unlock the DLC pack. While you’re at it, why not take a look at our V Rising Best armor that can surely be paired with these drapes too!

Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak 

V Rising Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak
Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak

Some other solid V Rising Cloaks include the Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak, which is considered a blood-bound cloak, and it is one of the best that players can come across, as it is not only overpowered, but it has amazing protection. Players will ultimately feel protected when they are under the guard of the cloak itself. 

The V Rising cloak’s first buff will grant the player is a simple buff to their max HP. This will be all the more important when players face tougher enemies and bosses that they aim to obliterate. The cape itself will enhance their overall HP to not feel like they will die out. 

The next stat provided for the traveler is an increased Sun Resistance by 15.

As mentioned, there is a high chance that the player might be susceptible to nature’s dangers, and they always need to be cautious and on high guard. Being under the protection of the cape will ensure their survival. 

Another important stat that the player can not miss out on is their Garlic Resistance, and with Garlic poisoning lurking around every open corner, V Rising players need to be on their utmost guard and will have to stay in the cape at all times. 

Right along, the next buff that the players will gain is increased 15 Silver Resistance, which is vital as well for the player to progress through the game. 

How To Get Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak

One of the easiest ways to get the cloak in V Rising is to head over to the Haunted Iron Mine, an abandoned mine filled with chests that can be looted. If players head in through the secret entrances and fight off mobs, they will come across treasure chests that they can open, and they might come across the cloak. 

Thousand Stitch Cloak 

V Rising Thousand Stitch Cloak
Thousand Stitch Cloak

Coming round to a close with the cloak collection, another pretty gorgeous and useful for end-game bosses and battels is the Thousand Stitch Cloak, which essentially is an orange cloak. The outlook is absolutely beautiful and makes the player look incredibly elegant while still being able to take over enemies and obliterate them. 

As for the stats, they are pretty similar to the other ones provided for the mid-game to end-game cloaks for players, as it will also be able to buff up the player’s Health Bar by adding 15 extra HP. this ensures proper survival at least until the end of the battle and aid the player in achieving victory. 

With that, the Sun Resistance will again be puffed up by 15, making it a bit easier to venture out into the open-air while mining, farming, or simply grinding mobs to get their loot to stock up in your base. 

With the 15 Garlic Resistance, it makes the player a hell of a lot stronger in combat and stays safe from any type of Garlic poIsoning that could otherwise prove dangerous for the player when they are ut and about. 

Lastly, another enhancement that the players will experience is Silver Resistance, without which players can also conquer demons easily. 

How To Get Thousand Stitch Cloak 

There is only one way to get the cloak, which is by going into the Haunted Iron Mines once again and trying to come across a golden chest that does not spawn every time the player enters the mine. 

Therefore, acquiring these V Rising Cloaks can be a bit of a major issue as it highly depends on your luck and the timing at which you arrive at the mine. However, if you are lucky, opening these chests will give you a few important resources and the recipe for the cape. 

V Rising players can craft the Thousand Stitch Cloak after they get 4 Cotton Yarn pieces. After crafting it, they will be able to use it in the arena whenever they desire. 

Hermit’s Shawl 

V Rising Hermit's Shawl
Hermit’s Shawl

Last but not least, we will wrap up by introducing Hermit’s Shawl, which players in V Rising can use in the middle of their gameplay, whether they are newer players or older veteran testers, and managed to get them early on in the tests. 

The infamous shawl itself can be adorned around the player’s neck and will hone a few tears in it, showing the player’s wear and tear while also allowing the player to stay guarded in its protection. 

With the stats being 18 extra health and 15 of the Silver Resistance, Garlic, and Sun Resistance, the cape is pretty useful. It can be found in the same Haunted Iron Mines mentioned before. We will get done with our V Rising Cloaks guide; let us know what you think! Read our V Rising Blood Essence guide!

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