V Rising Paper Press: Get Paper, Scrolls & Schematics

Paper Press is a crafting station used to craft Paper, Scrolls & Schematics in V Rising. We will explain where to use all these resources.

Paper Press is one of the crafting stations which is used to craft Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics in V Rising. In this guide, we will inform you of everything related to Paper Press. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Paper Press in V Rising serves as a crafting station for making Paper, upgrading it to Scrolls, and further upgrading Scrolls into Schematics.
  • Unlocking the Paper Press requires obtaining its recipe, a random drop from enemies.
  • Obtain the Study Research Desk and discover the Paper Press in the research desk using its recipe.
  • Paper can be acquired by defeating enemies, primarily found in Farbane Woods.
  • Bandit camps yield significant amounts of paper, scrolls, and schematics.

Paper Press 

The Paper Press is one of many crafting stations, and you can use it to make Paper. You can also use it to upgrade Paper into Scrolls and then upgrade Scrolls into Schematics. Each of these resources represents a tier of crafting that you will progress through. 

There are 3 tiers in total. Once you upgrade an item to the “merciless” rank then it will reach the end of that tier. In this guide, we will explain where to use each of these resources obtained from the Paper Press.

Paper Press, Paper, Scrolls, Schematics V Rising
Paper Press menu

How To Unlock

  • Find the Paper Press recipe, a random drop; varies in difficulty for each player.
  • Obtain the Study Research Desk as a reward for defeating Nicholaus The Fallen; recommended minimum level 37.
  • Discover the Paper Press in the Research Desk using the Paper Press Recipe.
  • Craft the Paper Press crafting station.

Why Do You Need Paper?

Paper Press
Research Desk Menu

Paper is used for discovering tier 1 armor, magic, consumables, and weapons are more at the Research Desk. The Research Desk uses 50 papers to discover tier 1 items randomly.  You can also discover these items by finding their recipes in the world. They can be found in random chests or can be dropped from enemies.

How To Get

  • Crafting Paper:
    • Use the Paper Press.
    • Materials needed: 4 Plant Fiber, 12 Sawdust.
  • Finding Paper:
    • Randomly in bandit camp chests; defeat all enemies and loot chests.
    • Paper also drops from enemies; common drops, particularly in Farbane Woods.

What Are Scrolls Used For?

Paper Press
Study Crafting Station menu

They are used for discovering tier 2 armor, weapons, consumables, and more which include items such as Iron Weapons and Hollowfang Battlegears. Scrolls are used in the Study Crafting Station and require 75 scrolls to discover any one of the tier 2 items available in the Study Crafting Station. On the subject of iron, consider reading our Iron Ore guide.

Aside from discovering them using scrolls, players can also look for their recipes which can be found in random chests or loot drops from enemies.

How To Get

To craft Scrolls, players use the Paper Press, needing:

  • 12 Gem dust
  • 4 Paper

Additionally, Scrolls can be found in random chests in bandit camps, typically in tougher camps like those in Dunley Farmlands. Once all items are discovered in the Research Desk, it’s advisable to upgrade remaining paper to scrolls rather than letting it sit idle.

Where Do You Use Schematics?

Athenaeum menu

They are used to discover the highest tier of structures, armor, weapons, magic, and consumables. The highest tier includes items such as the Dawnthorn Regalia and Dark Silver Weapons. Schematics are used in the Athenaeum and require 100 schematics to discover any one of the highest-tier items available in the Athenaeum. Also, read our Silver Coins guide.

Just like Scrolls and Paper, You can also look for recipes in the world of V Rising to discover the items in the Athenaeum without having to discover them by using schematics.

How To Get

To craft Schematics, players use the Paper Press and require:

The Schematics recipe is obtained after defeating a late-game boss. Like Scrolls and Paper, Schematics can be obtained from bandit camps, though camps with Schematics will feature tougher enemies. Crafting Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics is recommended only with excess materials; otherwise, players can acquire these items from bandit camps.

V Rising is available now on PC exclusively through Steam. The game is still in early access but it has already passed the 100,000 concurrent player mark. Do let us know what you think about the V Rising in the comment section below.

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