V Rising Paper Press: Get Paper, Scrolls & Schematics

Paper Press is a crafting station used to craft Paper, Scrolls & Schematics in V Rising. We will explain where to use all these resources.

Paper Press is one of the crafting stations which is used to craft Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics in V Rising. In this guide, we will inform you of everything related to Paper Press. 

Key Highlights
  • Paper Press in V Rising is one of the crafting stations which is used to make Paper, upgrade it into Scroll and then upgrade Scrolls into Schematics.
  • In order to unlock the Paper Press, you’ll need its recipe which is a random drop from the enemies. Obtain the Study Research Desk and discover the paper press in the research desk by using its recipe.
  • You can get the paper by killing the enemies. The enemies that drop paper are mostly located in Farbane Woods
  • The players can also get a huge amount of paper, scrolls and schematics from bandit camps.

V Rising offers variety in gameplay whether you want to build your castle, kidnap people to make them your slaves, indulge yourself in a relaxing fishing session, or grind for materials such as farming scales to upgrade your armor or glass to craft glass bottles and windows for your castle.

Importance of Paper Press in V Rising

The Paper Press is one of many crafting stations in V Rising, and you can use it to make Paper. You can also use it to upgrade Paper into Scrolls and then upgrade Scrolls into Schematics. Each of these resources represents a tier of crafting that you will progress through. 

There are 3 tiers in total. Once you upgrade an item to the “merciless” rank then it will reach the end of that tier. In this guide, we will explain where to use each of these resources obtained from the Paper Press.

Paper Press, Paper, Scrolls, Schematics V Rising
Paper Press menu

How To Unlock Paper Press 

In order to get the Paper Press, players will need to find the Paper Press recipe which is basically a random drop. Unlocking the Paper Press will be different for every player, some may find the recipe with ease while some would have to grind a bit to get the Paper Press Recipe in V Rising.

Once you have obtained the recipe then players will need to obtain the Study Research Desk. Players will obtain the Study Research Desk as a reward for defeating Nicholaus The Fallen. We would recommend being at least level 37 before fighting that boss

After obtaining the Study Research Desk then players need to discover the Paper Press in the Research Desk by using the Paper Press Recipe. Then they will be able to craft the Paper Press crafting station.

Why Do You Need Paper in V Rising

Paper Press
Research Desk Menu

Paper is used for discovering tier 1 armors, magic, consumables, weapons are more at the Research Desk. The Research Desk uses 50 papers to discover tier 1 items randomly.  You can also discover these items by finding their recipes in the world of V Rising. They can be found in random chests or can be dropped from enemies.

How To Get Paper

Players can craft Paper by using the Paper Press in V Rising. The materials required to make paper are

  •  4 Plant Fibre 
  • 12 Sawdust.

Aside from crafting, Paper is also found in the world of V Rising. Paper is found randomly in the chests of bandit camps. Players just need to kill all the enemies at a bandit camp, loot all their chests, and players will most likely get paper. Players can also receive paper as a loot drop after killing enemies.

Getting Paper is easy and players shouldn’t have any trouble trying to obtain it. The chances for enemies to drop paper after being killed are relatively common and most of the enemies that drop paper are generally located in the Farbane Woods. Consider reading our V Rising Best Weapon guide as they are sure to help you kill your enemies faster and elevate your experience.

What Are Scrolls Used For in V Rising

Paper Press
Study Crafting Station menu

They are used for discovering tier 2 armors, weapons, consumables, and more which include items such as Iron Weapons and Hollowfang Battlegears. Scrolls are used in the Study Crafting Station and require 75 scrolls to discover any one of the tier 2 items available in the Study Crafting Station. On the subject of iron, consider reading our V Rising Iron Ore guide.

Aside from discovering them using scrolls, players can also look for their recipes which can be found in random chests or loot drops from enemies in the world of V Rising.

How To Get Scrolls

Similar to Paper, players can craft Scrolls by using the Paper Press in V Rising. The materials required to make a scroll are

  • 12 Gem dust  
  • 4 Paper 

Aside from crafting, Players can also find Scrolls in random chests in bandit camps. Of course, the bandit camps which contain scrolls will have tougher enemies compared to the bandit camps that have paper. A few of the bandit camps that contain scrolls are found in Dunley Farmlands.

Once you have discovered all the items in the Research Desk then we would recommend upgrading all of your remaining paper to scrolls. Letting paper just sit in your inventory or chest would be a waste.

Where Do You Use Schematics In V Rising

Athenaeum menu

They are used to discover the highest tier of structures, armor, weapons, magic, and consumables. The highest tier includes items such as the Dawnthorn Regalia and Dark Silver Weapons. Schematics are used in the Athenaeum and require 100 schematics to discover any one of the highest tier items available in the Athenaeum. Also, read our V Rising Silver coins guide.

Just like Scrolls and Paper, You can also look for recipes in the world of V Rising to discover the items in the Athenaeum without having to discover them by using schematics.

How To Get Schematics

Players can craft Schematics by using the Paper Press in V Rising. The materials required to craft a Schematic are 

You will need to acquire the Schematics recipe before you are able to craft Schematics in V Rising. The recipe is obtained after defeating one of the late-game bosses. Similar to Scrolls and Paper, you can obtain schematics from bandit camps but of course, the bandit camps that have Schematics will consist of tougher enemies compared to the bandit camps that have scrolls or paper.

Crafting Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics are only recommended if you have an excessive amount of materials and can spare the resources to craft these items. But apart from that, players should be able to get an ample amount of paper, scrolls, and schematics from bandit camps.

V Rising is available now on PC exclusively through Steam. The game is still in early access but it has already passed the 100,000 concurrent player mark. Do let us know what you think about the V Rising in the comment section below.

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