V Rising Gear Progression: Increase Gear Score Faster

Our V Rising Gear Progression guide is here to help you level up quickly in the game so you can take on more powerful enemies.

In most video games, you can level up your character by gaining experience points. These points are earned by killing enemies, completing tasks, and much more. However, V Rising has a different progression system, where you need to increase your overall Gear score to boost your level. Aside from building your castle, you will need to acquire powerful equipment. And today, in our V Rising Gear progression guide, we are going to talk about how you can level up in the game quickly.

Key Highlights
  • The Gear in V Rising is the luxury that increases your overall level in the game. The player comes across better gears and can acquire different weapons and armors from it.
  • If your Gear points are higher than the enemy, then you can fight and defeat them easily.
  • You can increase your Gear Score faster by picking up armor and weapons as loot.
  • The player can also defeat the toughest boss in order to craft powerful weapons and armor, which can increase your Gear Score. You can use Blood Altar for this purpose.
  • You can also visit different areas in V Rising for your overall smooth Gear Progression process.

What Is Gear in V Rising 

V Rising Gear Progression

In V Rising, you get the luxury to acquire different weapons and armor. These are usually referred to as Gear. You can also check out our V Rising weapons tier list to see which weapons are the best. As you progress through the game, you come across better Gear, which increases your overall level in the game.

The Gear score keeps increasing as you keep on finding more and more better Gear. The score can be seen either in the inventory or right next to your character’s health bar. The higher your Gear score, the more power you’ll have. 

How Gear Level Affects Combat

Now, before we get into how you can get better Gear in V Rising, let’s first take a look at how it affects things. If you come across an enemy, you’ll notice that their nameplate has a specific color. If the nameplate is orange, then you don’t need to worry about anything as this means that you can fight them with ease.

However, if the nameplate is red, you might wanna back off. A red nameplate means that the enemy is out of your level and can prove to be extremely dangerous in combat.

In other words, you will get eliminated by them before you even get the chance to take out your weapons. If this happens, you will need to first acquire some better equipment before you can fight them. There will be times when instead of a specific color, you’ll see a skull next to your target’s name. If this case, just run away and don’t even think about threatening the target.

If your Gear score is higher than the enemy’s, you will be able to fight them easily. But if the Gear score is lower, you’ll need to find some other enemies to fight and return only when you have increased your overall level.

Even if you open Blood Altar, the feature through which you can track and fight bosses, you’ll notice that some of them are greyed out with a text that says “Gear level too low!.”

V Rising Gear Progression
Blood Altar

You won’t be able to track these bosses until you acquire higher-level Gear. An important thing to keep in mind is that the Gear score does not matter when you’re taking part in PvP activities. It only holds importance when you’re doing PvE activities. 

How To Increase Gear Score in V Rising 

The next part of our V Rising gear progression guide is going to cover how you can increase your Gear score in the game. There are two methods through which you can do this. 

The first method of increasing Gear score in V Rising is by acquiring better equipment such as weapons and armors. As you make progress through the game, you’ll be also able to pick up weapons or armor as loot. However, the chances for you to get high-level equipment as loot aren’t that great, so the method isn’t going to help you a lot.

The second method is what can greatly help you with increasing your Gear score. As discussed before, getting better equipment will help you with Gear progression in V Rising, and there is no better way to get such equipment other than fighting powerful enemies.

You can use the Blood Altar for this purpose. It will let you track down some of the toughest bosses in the entire game, and defeating them will reward you with recipes through which you’ll be able to craft powerful weapons and armors. Keep in mind that for crafting, you’ll need plenty of resources, such as Glass, Cotton, and more. 

This will contribute to increasing your overall Gear score. And once you have top-level Gear in your inventory, you will be able to fight even more powerful bosses, something that will help you increase your overall score even more quickly. It is recommended that you defeat the Alpha Wolf as soon as you can in the game, as defeating this enemy will reward you with some amazing powers that you can use against others.

V Rising Gear Progression Path

V Rising Map
V Rising Map

V Rising has different regions that you can visit, but you must follow a proper path. If you follow the correct path, your overall Gear progression process will become smooth. Here are the areas which you should visit first on your V Rising Gear progression path

Farbane Woods

Farbane Woods is the starting area of V Rising. However, even though it is the starting area, it is still filled with amazing resources. The enemies you’ll face here aren’t that threatening, and you’ll be fine against most of them. In other words, you can get a great head start if you clear each corner of Farbane Woods. However, keep in mind that the place is home to plenty of bandits, and they can attack you from the shadows. Therefore, never let your guard down. 

Dunley Farmlands 

After you have successfully cleared Farbane Woods, waste no time going to the Dunley Farmlands. Just like Farbane Woods, this area also has enemies that don’t pose any serious threat and you’ll be able to take them down without breaking any sweat.

The thing which makes Dunley Farmlands worth visiting is the large Iron Mine. In our V Rising Iron Ore guide, we have talked about the exact location of this mine. As you’re wandering around in Dunley Farmlands, you will also come across plenty of horses that you can use as your mount to travel from one place to another quickly. 

Cursed Forest

This is where things will start getting a little serious as the enemies that live in the Cursed Forest are much tougher than the ones you’ll face in Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands.

While Curses Forest will help you acquire some of the best resources in the entire game, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared to visit the area first. It will be wise to first clear Dunley Farmlands so that you can acquire better Gear for this area. 

Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is where you’ll find some of the toughest enemies in the entire game, including an end-game boss who goes by the name Solarus. But as the enemies will be tougher, the rewards you’ll get will also be amazing. Silverlight Hills is also an area where you can get tons of Silver Ore.

You can check out our V Rising Silver Ore Farming guide to learn about how you can get it quickly in the game. Overall, Silverlight Hills is a pretty amazing location and is home to Brighthaven, the largest city in V Rising. Therefore, you’ll have a lot to explore here. 

Hallowed Mountains

Coming down to the final area that you’ll be visiting during your V Rising Gear progression journey, the Hallowed Mountains. After you step into this region, you’ll instantly notice that it is crawling with powerful enemies. While wandering around the Hallowed Mountains, you’ll come across plenty of bosses that you can take down to acquire amazing rewards.

However, keep in mind that out of all the regions in V Rising, Hallowed Mountains happens to be the toughest one. Therefore, make sure you spend enough time in the other regions to prepare yourself properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to last a minute here. 

What To Do With Underpowered Gear 

After you have made significant progress in V Rising, you’ll notice that you have plenty of Gear in your inventory that you no longer need. A lot of people get confused at this point as they are unable to find out what they should do with unwanted stuff. However, there are three things that you can do.

First, you can throw the item away. You can go to your inventory, click on an item, and press the spacebar. This will throw the item from your inventory to the ground. But if you’re not a fan of throwing stuff away, you can use the Devourer feature to dismantle items and get raw materials in the return.

And finally, if you have managed to get some servants under your control, you can give the Gear to them to make them stronger. As you keep on getting better Gear, it will be wise to place the old one on the servents to make them even more powerful. After all, the stronger your servants are, the better they will be able to assist you. 

V Rising Gear Progression


This was our V Rising Gear progression guide. We hope that it will help you level up quickly in the game. In any case, keep in mind that you won’t be able to increase your Gear score in a single night, as it will take days before you can hit a good score.

The developers of the game also claimed that they are planning to expand Hallowed Mountains during the Early Access period, so you’ll have even more bosses to defeat in this area in the near future. Before you leave, make sure to check out how to get Whetstone in V Rising as it can help you with building bases. 

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