V Rising Leandra Shadow Priestess: Location & Rewards

This guide will cover everything you need to know to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

Who is Leandra the Shadow Priestess

V Rising Leandra
Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, is a level 46 V Blood enemy in V Rising. The defeat of Leandra the Shadow Priestess rewards players with the Blueprint that is used for Jewelcrafting Table and gives recipes for the Scourge Pendant and skeleton priest.

Key Highlights
  • Leandra, the Shadow Priestess is a level 46 V Blood boss in V Rising.
  • You can find Leandra at the Church of the Damned, which is a dark place in the Northern Farmlands of Dunley.
  • She’ll use different attack moves on you. Observe her moves and plan your defense using iron weapons in order to win the fight.
  • After defeating Leandra, you’ll be rewarded with different Recipes, Spectral Assassin as your Vampire power and Jewelcrafting table structure.

Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, has very limited moves, which makes it easier to defeat her. You should not forget that she is a boss and drops structures and recipes over defeat. Before moving on to the details of how to beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising, let us have a look at where to find her. 

Where to Find Leandra the Shadow Priestess

Where to Find Leandra
Where to Find Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Leandra ruled the Church of the damned, which is a dark and lonely place in the Northern Farmlands of Dunley. Leandra began using her powerful magic to raise the dead and create skeletal minions. Leandra reigns supreme as Necromancer Queen, as it is surrounded by these skeletal structures. 

To find Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising, you will travel to the Church of the damned. To reach this landmark, players will trek the Northward past the Bastion of Dunley. You should be aware of the level 49 undead commander that patrols on the way leading to Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

Moreover, Leandra’s Boss Arena has much of the sunlight, which can cause damaging effects on the Vampire player. Try to travel to Leandra when nightfall begins in V Rising. 

Now, we will discuss some tips to make the fight with Leandra more manageable, as there is no strict way to defeat her. Just make sure you are on player level 46 or more when you begin this mission. The Blood Essence in V Rising is like the main currency of the game, and our guide has covered everything you need to know about it. 

How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess

How to beat Leandra
How to Beat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

In order to beat Leandra, you should continue fighting with her until she loses all her health. Leandra is a level 46 boss, so you should also make your character stats up to 46 levels or anywhere above the level. Leandra uses a few attacks in the fight that you should know.

You should use iron weapons in this battle; only then will you be able to defeat and survive Leandra. 

Following is a detailed explanation of Leandra’s attacks that will help you know her moves in the fight.

Assassin spawn

At the beginning of the fight, Leandra starts to use her shadow powers to summon Assassin. Although they have low health, they have the ability to deal with the damage. Leandra’s shadow powers will first try to attack you and then dissolve you to the ground. The tip to protect your character from the attack is to dodge them by evading the attack or blocking it. 

Ground Projectiles

Another move of Leandra is to create projectiles that are like a spear. These projectiles have an upward motion and shoot up from the ground. The animation of these projectiles is quite obvious, so you can see their formation before their launch. You can counter these by dodging them; the simple way is to get away from them. 

Shadow Balls

Leandra prepares three shadow balls and then shoots them at the player. The centered shadow ball travels in a straight line to hit the player while the ones at the side move in a curved path towards the player. Although the range of the shadow balls varies, all three of them connect and reach the same location.

The attack is a bit strong, as it covers a good area and has an AoE attack. There are three tips to protect your character from this attack:

  1. You can move between the gaps of these balls.
  2. You can run away from their hitting spot.
  3. Get out of the attack range, as it will protect you from the effect of damage. 

Spectral Assassin

The attack sends out ghosts toward the players to overwhelm them. The ghosts are opaque, and they turn the screen black which makes it difficult to see. The main tip here is to dodge the effect by paying attention to Leandra’s moves.

If you carefully observe her movements, you will get an opportunity to make her the target of your hits. Leandra will be most vulnerable during this move of sending ghosts, so try to utilize it in the best way. While making your moves, you should be careful because Amanda’s moves can cause so much damage if they hit you. If you want to unlock new technologies in the game, our guide on V Rising Research Desk has you covered. 

Rewards of Defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess

Rewards of Beating Leandra

If you beat Leandra, you will have the following rewards. 

  • Vampire Power: Spectral Assassin
  • Recipe: Scourgestone, Scourge Pendant, and Skeleton Priest
  • Structure: Jewelcrafting table

You will come across various bosses in the V Rising, but Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, is the one you need to take special care of. This guide has summarized everything you need to know about the fight with Leandra. If you learn Leandra’s moves mentioned in the guide, you will be aware of these beforehand and will be able to beat her easily. 

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