V Rising Leandra Shadow Priestess: Location & Rewards

This guide will cover everything you need to know to defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, is a level 46 V Blood enemy in V Rising. Defeating V Rising Leandra the Shadow Priestess, will reward players with the Blueprint that is used for Jewelcrafting Table and gives recipes for the Scourge Pendant and skeleton priest. Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, has minimal moves, making defeating her easier. You should not forget that she is a boss and drops structures and recipes over defeat. Before moving on to how to beat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, let us look at where to find her. 

V Rising Leandra
Leandra, the Shadow Priestess
Key Highlights
  • Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, is a level 46 V Blood boss in V Rising.
  • Located at the Church of the Damned in the Northern Farmlands of Dunley.
  • Prepare for her varied attack moves; use iron weapons for defense.
  • Rewards for defeating Leandra include various recipes, Spectral Assassin Vampire power, and Jewelcrafting table structure.

Where to Find Leandra, The Shadow Priestess

Where to Find Leandra
Where to Find Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

To find Leandra, the Shadow Priestess:

  1. Journey to the Church of the Damned, located in the Northern Farmlands of Dunley.
  2. Travel northward past the Bastion of Dunley to reach the Church. Beware of the level 49 undead commander patrolling the area leading to Leandra.
  3. The Boss Arena where you’ll face Leandra has significant sunlight, potentially harmful to Vampire players. Consider approaching during nightfall.

Tips for the fight:

  • Ensure your character level is 46 or higher.
  • Leandra utilizes powerful necromantic magic to raise the dead and summon skeletal minions.
  • There’s no strict strategy for defeating her, but prepare for a challenging battle.

How to Beat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

How to beat Leandra
How to Beat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

In order to beat Leandra, you should continue fighting with her until she loses all her health. Leandra is a level 46 boss, so you should also make your character stats up to 46 levels or anywhere above the level. Leandra uses a few attacks in the fight that you should know.

Here is how to go on about it:

  1. Prepare Your Character: Ensure your character is at least level 46 or higher to match Leandra’s level.
  2. Use Iron Weapons: Iron weapons are effective against Leandra; use them to both deal damage and survive her attacks.
  3. Understand Her Attacks:
    • Assassin Spawn: At the start of the fight, Leandra summons Assassins with shadow powers. Dodge or block their attacks to avoid damage.
    • Ground Projectiles: Leandra creates spear-like projectiles that shoot up from the ground. Dodge them by moving out of their path.
    • Shadow Balls: Leandra shoots three shadow balls at the player. Maneuver between the gaps, run away from their path, or move out of their range to avoid damage.
    • Spectral Assassin: Leandra sends out ghosts to overwhelm players, obscuring vision. Dodge this effect and capitalize on her vulnerability during this move.
  4. Observation and Strategy: Pay close attention to Leandra’s movements to anticipate her attacks and find openings to counterattack. Be cautious, as her attacks can inflict significant damage if they hit you.

Rewards of Defeating Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Rewards of Beating Leandra

If you beat Leandra, you will have the following rewards. 

  • Vampire Power: Spectral Assassin
  • Recipe: Scourgestone, Scourge Pendant, and Skeleton Priest
  • Structure: Jewelcrafting table

You will come across various bosses in the game, but V Rising Leandra the Shadow Priestess, is the one you need to take special care of. This guide has summarized everything you need to know about the fight with Leandra. If you learn Leandra’s moves mentioned in the guide, you will be aware of these beforehand and will be able to beat her easily. 

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