V Rising Winged Horror: Location & Boss Fight

Our V Rising Winged Horror Boss Guide entails the best strategies and the recommended setup to take down the Boss.

In this game, you have to progress your castle and character, and like every survival game, you have to defeat bosses. In V Rising there are Leandra the Shadow Priestess, Putrid Rat, and many more.

One such end-level boss is the V Rising Winged Horror. This guide will help you on your journey to defeat the winged horror.

Key Highlights
  • The Winged Horror is a level 78 V-blood hefty boss which you need to fight. He may be found by using the Blood Altar in order to take him down.
  • He can use different attack moves on you. So, you need to be ready with all the weapons to defeat him.
  • He can use Charge Attack, Ariel fire Orb and Frost Attack.
  • For fighting Winged Horror, start the fight using Chaos Valley and Rains of bolt. This will make a good startup impact on the fight.
  • After defeating Winged Horror, you’ll be rewarded with frost attack that does 100% magic damage. It will give the enemies deadly chills.

V Rising Winged Horror Location

Winged Horror Location
Winged Horror Location

The Winged Horror is a wandering V-Blood Boss who may be found by using the Blood Altar to track it down. Ultimately it will lead you to The Dread Peak in the Farbane Wood’s easternmost section.

The Winged Horror is a level 78 V-Blood Boss, so your gear level needs to be at least level 78 or more. There is another early game boss in Farbane Woods, Keely Frost Archer and if you defeat her you will unlock leather.

Recommended Gear Set

Recommended Setup
Recommended Setup

This is a pretty hefty boss so you should have some of the best gear in the game. Read our V Rising Gear Progression guide and learn an easy way to upgrade your gear score.

Firstly you will need a ranged weapon like a crossbow or a simple bow which should be of high level. Next, you require some of the best armor sets and the best weapons in V Rising. To craft these weapons and armor you will need some resources like Unsullied Hearts, Glass, Soul Shards, and more.

The best abilities you must have are the ability to block any type of attack thrown your way. For that, we recommend Ward of the Damned.

Another ability you require is the Veil of Chaos for traveling, and for damage use the Chaos Valley and Rain Of Bolts. Lastly for the ultimate ability use the Heart Strike ability to gain Health Points (HP) while dealing damage.

Winged Horror Boss Fight Strategy

Winged Horror
Winged Horror

The Winged Horror is an end-level boss so naturally, it has a large health bar and tremendous power. Another factor that makes him a difficult boss is that you have to fight him in the sun as he will be roaming outside.

Start the fight by using the Chaos Valley and Rain of bolts on the Winged Horror. It will put a burning effect on the boss. Since you have the burning effect started, quickly follow it with arrows from afar. This will be the strategy for the fight.

Charge Attack

The Winged Horror has several attacks and he opens the fight with a Charge Attack. For this attack, he summons two energy orbs and rushes toward you with immense speed.

Dodge the Charge attack by strafing away from the attack. He also shoots star-shaped energy balls which bounce off the ground. Be sure to avoid these by dashing or using the Ward of the Damned.

Aerial Fire Orb

Another powerful attack the Winged Horror uses is the Aerial Fire Orb. He will fly upwards and shoot fire orbs on the ground which will last a couple of minutes. Be sure to not step into the fire as this will put a burning effect on you and you will be devastated by the Winged Horror. He shoots the orbs around the area and flies up from so try to avoid that area.

If you see red circles starting to appear, it means that he using the fire orbs. After dodging the attack he will land back on the ground and instantly use Chaos Valley followed by a barrage of arrows to do some serious damage to the Winged Horror.

Frost Attack

The boss uses an AOE Frost Attack which is indicated by a circle like the fire orb. The effect lasts for a few seconds, so avoid the area for a few seconds. If you get near the attack you will get chills.

He will still use the other attacks and some of them have burning effects. If you want to remove the effect get hit by the frost attack this will give you chills instead of burning and thus will return your speed. To use your consumables and healing abilities wait for the boss to be air bourne.

Now you have to just keep your distance from the Winged Horror and its AOE attacks and from afar use your abilities and arrows to deal damage to him.

Boss Fight Reward

Frost Vortex
Frost Vortex

Once you have defeated the boss feed on his V Blood to unlock the Frost Vortex ability. The Frost Vortex enables vampires to use a frost attack that does 100% magic damage. As well as pulling them towards the center of the storm. It lasts for a couple of seconds. It will also give deadly Chills to enemies.

This brings us to the end of our V Rising Winged Horror Guide in which we discussed the location, powers, and the recommended setup to defeat the level 78 Winged Horror

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