V Rising Workshop Floors: How To Unlock & Bonuses

Our guide covers everything you need to know to earn Workshop Floors in V Rising.

Customization ranges from visual improvements to rooms to increases in players’ stats. The castle building also involves creating a workshop room, library, alchemy lab, and many more. The guide discusses how to earn V Rising Workshop floors, as they are an essential part of the Workshop. While you are at it, consider reading our V Rising Floors Types guide. 

Key Highlights
  • The Workshop in V Rising is a separate room in your castle that includes your Woodworking bench, Sawmill, and Grinder for shaping and refinement of the woods.
  • Grayson will be the fourth boss that you’ll encounter in Farbane Woods. You need to take him down in order to unlock the workshop floor.
  • You can find Grayson on the way back to the armory.
  • Once you can create the workshop, you’ll get various bonuses.
  • These bonuses include an Increase in Crafting production speed and a 25% Decrease in craft items.

Workshop In V Rising

The Workshop is a separate room in your castle where you can keep Bench, Sawmill, and Grinder. All three of these will benefit from these floors. 

  • Woodworking Bench: It is a workstation for shaping wood. The equipment allows you to craft items such as crossbows and bows etc.
  • Sawmill: It is a workstation used for the refinement of wooden materials. The Sawmill in V Rising allows players to craft Planks and Reinforced Planks along with many other items.
  • Grinder: A Workstation to transform raw materials into brick and dust. You can use Grinder to create Grave Dust, Stone Bricks, and other items. 

How To Unlock Workshop in V Rising

In order to build a Workshop, you need to cover the entire room with workshop floors. You need to take down Grayson the Armorer in Farbane Woods to unlock the workshop flooring, as building a workshop without the workshop floors is impossible. 

V Rising Workshop floors
How To Earn Workshop 

Every room in the castle gives players a chance to earn new equipment or craft something new. Similarly, the workshop room also has its own benefits. Before moving on to how players will benefit from a workshop room, we will discuss how to take Grayson the Armorer down.

Taking Grayson down can be considered the first step toward making the Workshop. Our other guide also discusses V Rising bosses that you need to take down. 

How To Take Down Grayson The Armorer

Grayson the Armorer is a level 27 V Blood Carrier boss located in Farbane Woods. We have mentioned enough details for you to take down Grayson. 

Take Down Grayson
How To Take Down Grayson The Armorer

Grayson’s Location

You can locate Grayson the Armorer in V Rising is a simple task, as you need to head to the Bandit Armory. You can make your way back to the armory to find him. 

Recommended Level

You need to have a gear level of at least 27, but it is recommended to have a gear level of 30. The gear level 30 will make the fight easier, as you will have advanced armor to fight the Grayson. To increase your gear level faster, read V Rising Gear Progression guide and learn how to Increase your Gear Score Faster.

How To Defeat

Grayson will be the fourth boss that you will encounter in Farbane Woods. You can fight Grayson in a clan or solo. Use axes, swords, and spears to fight him, as he will start attacking you right after the encounter. Just remember that Grayson makes strong melee attacks. Use Veil of Blood to move out of the way of his attacks quickly.


Defeating Grayson will make you earn various rewards, including different powers ad structures. Moreover, you will be able to unlock the V Rising Workshop floors that you will need to make the Workshop room.

How To Construct The Workshop Floors

Once you successfully defeat Grayson the Armorer and unlock the workshop flooring, head back to the castle. Now, you will select a specific area to place your flooring.

Covering the entire area or room with workshop flooring will make it a workshop. When the Workshop is prepared, you will also be able to unlock the bonuses of specific equipment types. 

V Rising Workshop creation
How To Create The Workshop

Bonuses Earned

Once you create the Workshop, the following bonuses will be unlocked. 

  • Crafting production speed gets increased.
  • Materials required to craft items decreased by 25%


The Workshop is an important room in your castle, and you need workshop flooring to create it. You will take down Grayson The Armorer by following the steps mentioned in the guide above. Unlocking workshop flooring will also allow you to get various benefits. 

V Rising is an open-world survival game that revolves around vampire aesthetics. The game involves the use of maps to travel across the area and has various important quests to be completed. On top of that, the game enables players to build a castle that involves a lot of customization.

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